Beautiful Kitchens – Great Elegant Features of Your Home


Today the concept of kitchens has changed greatly in the past few decades. Instead of just a stove, shelves to hold utensils and a wash area, today’s kitchen cabinets look sleek, sophisticated with all modern gadgets and electrical appliances. Beautifully furnished kitchens are available today with pretty-looking kitchen countertops, cabinets and other perquisites. Today’s modular kitchens are the rage – especially for people with small houses and studio apartments. Today kitchen countertops and kitchen islands are designed for holding all the electrical appliances like a hob, cooking range with a grill and an electric oven, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and water dispenser, and other appliances like mixers etc.

Other facilities like sinks with running cold and hot water, a dishwasher are also comfortably planned and accommodated so that the housewife has everything needed conveniently in one place and arranged in a clutter-free attractive way. This kind of arrangement helps in optimizing space most advantageously and economically. Today’s modular kitchens also have beautifully finished storage spaces for holding all your groceries, ready-to-eat foods and other spices, vessels, cutlery, crockery and pans and pots etc. Cabinets that match your kitchen islands and wall decor in color, finish and look with high quality hardware like knobs and handles are an attractive addition to your beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful cabinets, open shelves floating and wall supported, étagère, wine shelves, pot and pan holders, bakers shelves are all storage options that you can add to your kitchen storage space and utility of your kitchen as well as making the kitchens most convenient for preparing food – for just your family or even when you have party times.

Here are some beautiful kitchens presented by Metrika. Look at the minimalistic style kitchen so chic and neat with all the appliances arranged in a space conserving way. And the contemporary style kitchens are very attractive looking. With dining area options of the kitchen counter tops along with bar stools, these are ideal for a small house or studio apartments.

Kitchens are the heart of our homes – the hub where all our family gather to spend quality time together eating nourishing food lovingly prepared in the comfortable kitchen. Kitchens help greatly in creating dinner times as family fun times and bonding times. Hope you have as nice and as pleasant a kitchen as seen here?

White and Wood Decor Kitchen

Sleek Looking Black Finish

Mocha and White Décor

Elegant Looking Kitchen

Contemporary in Red White

Colourful in Modern Minimalistic Style

Beautifully Finished in Red and Wood

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Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Platform Beds

What are platform beds? Platform beds are part of Asian or Oriental type of décor that has become very popular today. Platform beds are trendy and look really neat, elegant and sophisticatedly simple. They are best for minimalist bedroom décor as they are not overwhelmingly big, demanding attention and eating up both floor and vertical space.

Traditional beds have been always bigger and taller. They look imposing and more so if they are four posters with stands and net curtains etc. The main focus of the bedroom will be the bed always but the traditional beds are more demanding and attention grabbing than these low slung platform beds which many associate with Japanese idea of arranging bedrooms.

The complete bed furniture set that are called Asian décor has low slung bed, low slung and chic looking nightstands also at the same level as the bed. Platform beds are fuss free in construction with just four legs and a platform of slats that form the basic support for the mattress. Mattresses are placed right on the platform made by the wooden slats without any spring box etc.

Original Asian type platforms did not have either headboards or foot boards. But today most of the beds have headboards and some have extended overhanging board running all around that serves as an extra nightstand. Some platform beds are made with drawers underneath for storing some extra linen and stuff – essential for small minimalist décor homes.

For bedrooms done in minimalist décor, platform beds are the best choice. Modern and contemporary style platform beds come with simple but comfortable headboards that have classic clean cut design lines. The bedroom looks clutter free and elegant.

Here you can see images of beautiful looking platform beds for bedrooms done in contemporary minimalist design from the renowned Italian designers Jesse. The bedroom décor is minimalist and contemporary with low slung platform beds with matching night stands, and dressing chest. With area rug and bed side lamp, the décor looks sophisticated, simple and elegant.

Most of the platform beds have headboards, made of wood but in different finishes. Some are in the natural wood finish; some are finished black with matching nightstands and dressers. Some of the platforms are upholstered beds for extra comfort and with padded and covered headboards. The mattresses are firmly seated on the platform and the effect is minimal and contemporary with highly sophisticated elegance.

Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor
Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor

Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor
Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor

Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor
Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor

Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed
Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed

Full White Platform Minimalist Bed
Full White Platform Minimalist Bed

Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor
Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor

Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Bed
Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Be

Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed
Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed

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PaperStone® Panels – Sustainable New Multipurpose Material

It is our duty as responsible human beings to contribute whatever little amount possible to control the carbon footprints that are ravaging the ethnic balance of our universe. There are many earth- and environmental friendly ideas that spring up in every walk of life in an effort to a more holistic way of living for a healthier and happier world. With the awareness for sustainable materials on the rise, more new sustainable materials are used in furniture making and for home decor purposes. Paper Stone is the new kid in the block which seems to satisfy the people’s green ethics and desire for sustainable alternative to wood greatly. Paper Stone Panels look elegant, sophisticated and traditionally classic too.

What is Paper Stone? As per Wikipedia – ‘Paper Stone is a Certified (FSC, Smartwood, Rainforest Alliance) post-consumer, recycled paper architectural surface material made with 100% petroleum-free, phenolic resins.’ It seems to satisfy even strictest green ethics in that it is made from recycled paper and 100% free of fossil-fuel resins. There are actually two grades available – ‘original’ and ‘certified’- both are great looking materials that can be used as countertops, for cladding, for wall paneling, ceiling and flooring and as substitute for wooden panels in all types of furniture manufacturing. The panels are quite durable and look extremely pretty in elegant colors with utilization of natural pigments.

Paper Stone ages well, over time with use – much like all popular hardwoods from which beautiful classic furniture are usually crafted. A seasoned Paper Stone product has a softer look and more glowing richer lustrous look and appears extremely elegant and attractive. No wonder Paper Stone has become the favorite choice of more and more renowned designers. Paper Stone countertops in the kitchens and on kitchen islands have become the favorite worktop in colors like denim Paper Stone elegant gray, brown, or soft beige. The patina and finish are superlatively good and elegant. Paper Stone panels can be used for the doors and shelves of the storage accessories like cabinets, racks etc to complete the look.

Likewise bathroom decor also can benefit greatly by using Paper Stone panels. The panels come in classic, contemporary, traditional as well as modern styles and they come as prefabricated panels that can be fitted as easily by any DIY enthusiast. Paper Stone is a great option as table tops, chair seats and other furniture use also.

I am sure you also would like to check out how PaperStone® can beautify your home.

Tabletop, Cutting Board from PaperStone

PaperStone Kitchen Countertops Shelves

Gorgeous Looking Kitchen with PaperStone

Elegant Looking Kitchen with PaperStone

Countertop Made of PaperStone

Countertop and Shelf Door from PaperStone Panels

Beautiful Bathroom Vanity with PaperStone

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Teenager Room Interiors And Furniture Decor

Cambrass is well known company for kids and teen room furniture and decor. This time Cambrass has come out with very amazing and trendy teen bedroom designs. They are not the normal boring teen room designs but really funky and attractive. They bring a lot of vigor and fun to the room and these are very important factors for a teen so that his mind remains happy and creative. An atmosphere can play an important role in the upbringing a kid and it has a great effect on his mind. To help keep your child’s mind sharp and creative start off by making his room creative and funky and it will automatically add the same zeal in his life too.

Interiors Designs For Kids Bedroom Furniture

Interior Designs For Teenager Children Bedroom Furniture

Interiors Designs For Children Bedroom Furniture

Interiors Designs For Kids Bedroom Furniture

Interiors Designs Bedroom Furniture For Teenagers

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Feng Shui Tips for Fabulous Looking Baby’s Rooms

Planning for the arrival of a new baby can be the most exciting and beautiful time for the whole family. We plan from cot, mattress, wall décor and other furniture so that baby’s rooms not only look like a dream-come-true baby’s room but also the most comfortable place for the baby and the new mother for the time to come. Today, parents are thinking just beyond comfort level and cool looks of the nursery. They want the rooms to look inspiring and interesting. They want baby’s room to have a theme and co-ordinate all the furniture to follow the theme. Right from the wall décor to bed linen every thing matches just so and looks extremely pretty and nice.

The other thing the parents are now concerned is that the baby’s room should be harmonious in all ways. Not just to look harmonious in placement of furniture and arrangement of accessories, they want the baby’s room to have positive energy flow and the room is in harmonious alignment with all the natural five basic elements for health and happiness. Understanding that good Feng Shui helps health, prosperity and positive growth, parents are keen that baby’s room should have good Feng Shui. The parents realize that baby growing in a room with good Feng Shui is, less fussy, more healthy, easy-going and comfortable. They sleep better; are not startled or restless than normal.

What are the important points to observe for good Feng Shui in baby’s room? Check that baby’s room is in a calming and peaceful location. And the baby’s crib is placed in a good location against a wall and not against a window or in line with a door. Check that the baby’s crib is not adjacent to a toilet or bathroom etc. The other things that can bring good Feng Shui for the baby’s room is pastel and soothing wall decor. Check out for colours that are mutually harmonious if you want to bring dual colour scheme. Check out that there is no sharp-edged furniture pointing at the baby’s head or frightening kind of wall décor in the baby’s room.

Finally make sure that the baby’s room has the most harmonious and pleasant kind of lighting that will not be glaring to the soft eyes of the baby. Here are some images of very prettily done nursery from Creations Baby.

Traditional in Style with Creamy Vanilla Finish

Sleigh Style Crib and Accessories in Chocolate

Pretty White in Cottage Style Collection

Full Collection in Traditional Style

Full Collection in Espresso Finish

Crown Mouldings and Bracket Feet

Antique and Wonderful in Black

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Welcome To Green Ideas – Include Gorgeous Driftwood Furniture in Your Decor


Today the green movement is gathering momentum and doing our bit for the preserving and promoting the green trend is most important. The aim is to reduce, reuse & recycle – whatever natural treasures we have – like woods, water without wasting as well contain the craze people have to dump old things and get more and more new non-sustainable products. Driftwood can be called the ultimate green product. Felled by no human hands, treated with no harmful chemicals, the driftwood is the embodiment of green sustainable material. Captivating the imagination of multitude of people cutting across language, nationality, creed or age, driftwood is a favorite medium to create unique masterpieces of artwork, furniture and other accessories.

Where do driftwoods come from? Most of the driftwood is washed ashore on the coastal shores in various areas. Also in deep forests, where rivers rub/scour the banks on which trees have grown, over time some limbs of trees get loosened and flow along the water as driftwood. Also driftwood can come from thick woodlands with streams and lakes. It is deadwood, cured by water mostly. Sometimes without falling into water, dead tree limbs in forests or hilly terrain can become like driftwood which can be used in the same way. Sun, rain and wind bleach it effectively. Whatever be the way, driftwood embodies timelessness and the eternal power of elements over the flora, fauna and human beings. And it brings a whiff of blue oceans, green forests, sun and sand.

Inspired by the unique shapes sculpted by water, wind and sun, there are myriad ways drift woods get shaped – as furniture, as sculptures, mantle frames, mirror frames and as well displayed in their natural glory also. Artists use their imagination along with things like glass, resin and clay to make unique and wonderful looking sculptures, lamps, wall hangings as well as furniture like glass topped tables, chairs etc. Here are some wonderful looking coffee tables, mirror frames, console tables etc from All Driftwood Furniture. Pine, cedar, walnut or oak – any tree’s driftwood works fine. Knots and gnarls in the wood add to the character. Look at the beauty of sun-bleached natural bone-like look of the driftwood. Each one of them is unique and hand crafted beautifully and carefully.

If you are thinking of a DIY with driftwood, cleaning, soaking, sterilizing and other preparations ought to be done. Or you can get some ready-to-use from pet store. Wherever you get it, you are sure to love driftwood furniture.

Wonderful White Dining Table

Vertical Frame for Mirror

Glass Topped Coffee Table

Driftwood in Natural Glory

Driftwood Christmas Tree Illuminated

Dining Table Round from Driftwood

Console Table atop Two Driftwood Pieces

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