Room Dividers Offer Privacy And Add Beauty to Your Interiors

When there is a temporary need for dividing or separating a room, building a wall may be too much expensive and too permanent a solution. Especially when structural changes are not possible as in rental homes and you need privacy only for temporary use – like when guests are coming etc, use of partitions, dividers or separators offer a handy and easy solution. More than curtains or divider screens, glass or wooden separators are cute, stable and look cozy. Room dividers or separators offer the best solution for ensuring privacy in studio apartments also. If you have a huge drawing or living room, glass or wooden separators can help you separate a study or a work area from the living room. When you want privacy, you can use these separators to create a room within a room – like for dressing or sleeping undisturbed. These partitions, especially with glass screens, do not block light.

Think how convenient and nice it will be to divide one big room so that two teenagers/older children have small but their own space to work and study without disturbance! Also you can conveniently separate dining section from drawing room, dressing area from sleeping area in your bedroom without too much expense. You can plan a different decor and arrange for different lighting to give a distinctly different look entirely for each section! There are a number of dividers available like wood panel dividers, glass panel dividers – both standing and sliding type with aluminium frames, end panels, liners, track-sets etc, curtains and screens and Japanese dividers. Sliding glass dividers are most preferred as they occupy less space, are portable and versatile, and do not block light. In some cases you can make the divider do extra duty as a bookcase or a small vanity-shelf to hold some essentials.

It is believed that room dividers are originally from China – sometime since seventh century, but they have continued to be popular and in demand. Here are some beautiful room dividers/separators from Sliding Door Company. They look so sleek and sophisticated; divide the room so prettily and without blocking light and mostly air movements. Some are sheer glass and some are sand-blasted glass. They look so elegant and beautiful – framed to perfection. Don’t you think glass dividers are great for dividing a room without sacrificing light or space? Get online and check out the options. Talk to your interior decorator or local furniture mart to know what will be your perfect divider which will add to your home decor and ambience!

Sectioned off Bedroom

Pretty Room Separator for Some Private Space

Privacy Assured with Dividers

Dining Section Separated by Glass Sliding Door

Conference Room Divider

A Delightfully Separated Bedroom from Drawing Room

A Sliding Door Divides Work Area from Drawing Room

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Gala Green – Great for Kids Room Design

Decorating kids’ rooms have always been challenging. Getting to know the likes and preferences of the preteens, tweens and teens is not very easy. What remained a favourite last month does not stay popular for long. As new fads and fashions come up, children keep changing their mind and certainly do not like old and traditional kids’ furniture as much as the latest and trendy. Modern and minimalistic style is quite popular and modular furniture is the hot favourite. Children do not like staid and laid back kind of style. They want vibrant, groovy and chilled out colours on the walls. Fashionably trendy and sophisticated furniture is what they want in their bedroom. And they want their personal space open, airy and well lit.

Whether small or big, whether single occupancy or shared with siblings, children want their ideas translated while buying furniture for their room, selecting the wall colour and décor and other furnishings as well. They want a room done up in a style that will make them proud of it and where they can bring their friends confidently, and proudly. What are the features that can make the room lively and youthful looking? Instead of making white or pastels as the only colour for the walls, getting a contrast colour theme can make the room come alive. No youngster will ever like to have all white or cream walls and all dark and stuffy looking plain furniture and accessories.

Think of giving completely different wall colour combinations for the walls. Instead of one colour give a backsplash of another deeper shade. Think of getting the cabinet doors done in dual tones – two contrasting or matching colours. Get some area rugs to match the wall colour. You can have the bedstead in contrast to the wall colour or cabinet doors. Green is a beautiful shade to give as a contrast to the basic colours. Think how beautiful a green backsplash will look on cream walls. Green cabinet doors and green coloured chair-table will look very pretty in a room done with beige and cream. Green shaded bed linen, green colour area rugs, green coloured cushions – all these can make the room sprightly and very young.

Here are some beautiful images from Colombini Casa of kids’ room where green is used as backsplash, in cabinet doors, in furniture like table-chairs, bed frames, floating shelves and wall supported shelves. Don’t you think your children will love to have green in their rooms?

Blue Green Kids Room Furniture
kids furniture ideas

Kids Room Green Furniture
kids room design

Green Kids Room Furniture
kids furniture concepts

Green Kids Room Design
kids room design

Green Kids Room Design Ideas
kids room concepts

Green Kids Room Design
kids furniture

Kids Room Design Ideas
kids room design

Kids Room Design Ideas

Kids Room Ideas

Kids Room Furniture Concepts

Kids Room Design Ideas

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Elegant European Low-Slung Platform Beds For Bedroom Furniture

Have a smaller-size bedroom? Are you concerned that a large-framed bed will hog the space and make the room look cluttered? Want a firmer bed? Hoping to have some extra storage space? Then the best option for you will be the simple but classic-lined low-slung platform beds.

The Western Europe, Scandinavian and Japanese interior designers use low-slung platform beds to create classic-lined, elegant looking trendy contemporary bedroom designs. These beds are one of the favorites for people interested in Zen-sensitive themes with the clean-cut classic looks. Low platform have such a stylish and chic look. These minimalistic-looking favorites lie low to the ground – hugging the ground – taking very less vertical space. They can be either on four short legs or sitting squarely on a rectangular frame that holds the so-needed storage space. They are generally in wood – painted or just polished.

Actually you can discuss with your interior designers and create a classic-looking simple elegant wooden platform bed or a leather covered masterpiece in wood. You can custom-make them with head-board details like lighting, storage space or underneath storage space. Think of having the platform having edges around the bed as a nightstand to hold a cool tall glass while you are relaxing!

One other advantage is that you can splurge on the mattress that goes on the platform bed. You do not have to spend on a box-spring mattress or stuff like bed-skirts etc. Just buy your choicest mattress and decorate it in classy cushions, soft and satiny pillows, comforters, duvets etc.
These trendy-looking beds are the favorites for small bedrooms for children – even toddlers. Imagine a safe low-slung bed – where the child may feel safer than on a higher bed! Imagine the bed having a couple of roll-out drawers for storing the toys, storybooks and extra blankets. What a nice way to start the child enjoy his/her own space!
Platform beds can be lofted too like under a sloped ceiling or under staircases etc. That is a great way to make it a study-cum-bed room for your kid. Think how much nice it would be to have a desk or a workplace underneath the bed that can delight your teenager to have a place of his own.
Do visit your favorite home interior designer to look out for these low-slung platform beds. You will see that they offer a firmer bed than usual. Check out all the options available for yourself and then decide to bring home a low-slung elegant European platform bed. Enjoy the elegance of trendy looking low-slung platform beds. Make your bedrooms look elegant & more spacious with these ground-hugging platform beds!

Wonderful Low Lying Smart Beds

Rich Low Lying Bed And Bedroom Furniture And Designs

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Ideas And Bedroom Designs

Lavish And Luxurious Bedroom Furniture And Bedroom Designs

Wonderful Low Lying Smart Beds

Beautiful and Low Lying Beds Bedroom Furniture

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Some Accent Chairs You Can Add to Your Home Furniture

Accent chairs are beautiful and add value to your home furniture. Whenever you want to bring fresh color to brighten any room in your room, adding any type of upholstered accent chairs can shift the focus from old staid furniture and alter the look. And it is easier to change the upholstery of one or two pieces to renew their look time to time.

The most convenient thing about accent chairs is it can be fitted anywhere. Find a corner or near the windows and recliners and armchairs will do the trick, they blend well everywhere. Designers create accent chairs so that either they will blend well or stand bold and strike a contrast with their distinct looking upholstery, design and accessories like cushions, small bolsters that can be used with accent chairs.

If you have an old upholstered chair that can do with a makeover, you can do it with some material left over from the draperies you used for the windows in the room. Or you can plan the room make over with new draperies and buy extra drapery materials so that the accent chairs can have slip covers matching with the drapery material to give a lift to the decor.

When you use accessories like cushions, bolsters with the accent chairs, have them to match the window curtains or door drapes. You can have the cushion covers made from the same material as curtains also in a matching of contrast color to the upholstery of the accent chairs. Having covers made to match curtains is easy way to quick change of looks.

Matching footstools or ottomans are also available with accent chairs now days. Small size foot-stools with storage underneath, upholstered in the same material as the accent chairs make a full set for relaxing while you can read your favorite paper or magazine. Good looking, non-fading and spill proof materials are used for easy maintenance.

Any corner can be made cosy with accent chairs to relax with a book. They also have gaming chairs and lounge chairs If it is near a window, it is all the more better. You can have a nice low coffee table nearby with a table lamp or so for providing enough light for reading. Here are some beautiful looking accent chairs from Villa Nova. All look strikingly attractive and beautiful with nice looking upholstery of floral prints or stripes.

How would you like one for your home?

Vibrant Looking Accent Chairs – Drapes

Stripes in Pink Shades

Floral Pattern Matching Curtains Cushions

Floral Prints – Accent Chairs

In Elegant White to Match Sheer Drapes

Checks in Pastel Shade

Beautifully Upholstered with Cushions

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Simple And Elegant Furnishing Can Make Bedrooms Spacious And Stylish

The bedroom is the most important area of your home. By putting too many furniture in the bedroom you can make it too crowded for comfort. Reduce the number, but compensate by making your bed big and roomy and add complementing accessories in the same style and material and you can have a stunning looking bedroom which may look simple but very stylish.

Many a time, we load the bedroom with a huge double bed, dressers, a lounger, desks, side tables, coffee tables, end tables and even an entertainment center there. The room looks stuffed with barely any space to move about. With so much furniture, the room starts to look smaller and cramped. And instead of relaxing you, the bedroom makes you feel cramped and crowded! A more relaxing kind of furnishing your bedroom is to furnish it minimalistically. Keep the accessories to a minimum that will make the room bigger and more spacious. Just a couple of sideboards near the bed and maybe just one corner étagère in the corner should be enough. Get matching sideboards and end tables and that should be enough.

You can get customized beds with specially done headboards like with built in lights and drawers. The bed can have a nightstand board running all around for you to have your nightcap and your books etc. Make the room relaxed looking with pastel or light shaded wall color and add beige or white area rugs under the bed to give an elegant and roomy look. You can have a built in or walk in wardrobe with glass doors for your clothes. Wall decoration can be kept to a minimum with just a wall hanging and just a floating mirror with a simple looking dresser in the same style as your bed. Also keep the lighting to a simple task light and bedside lamps to accentuate the light and airy look you would be giving the room.

Here are some stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant wooden low hung platform beds from Answer Design. Look at the beige color bed with sheen of lacquer adding to the lovely look of the entire room. How pretty the black bed looks with headboard details. And all the sideboards, dressing tables all match the bed to add to the ambiance. Just talk to your interior decorator and know how to make your bedroom look simple and yet stunningly beautiful. You can make a beautiful relaxing bedroom which can be soothing and tranquil.

Stunning Looking in Black Finish
stunning looking in black finish

Pretty Looking with Reading Lamps
pretty-looking-with -reading-lamps

Low Slung Wooden Bed in Black

Elegant in Beige with Sideboards

Beautiful with Matching Side Tables

Beautiful in Mahogany Finish

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Amazing Modern Leather Beds Designs

Shown below are the most recent collection of modern leather beds introduce by the famous designer De Sede who has taken designing of beds to the next level. These leather beds are creative and attractive but the best part if the functional use of them. These beds headboards on both the sides and both of them can be adjusted to the desired position. Because of this practical presence it makes the bed even more luxurious. Any type of position that you would like to sleep or sit in depending on your mood can be adhered to. The headboards can be completely removed and can be placed anywhere on the bed. It can be used as a pillow too because it is a soft cushion type headboard.

Modern Luxurious Comfortable Bed For Bedroom

Modern Luxurious Attractive Bed For Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Comfortable Leather Bed Design

Modern Leather Bed Design Ideas

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