Charming Coffee Tables For Living Room


Living room normally gets the best of our furniture. We pick out living room sofas and sectionals with lot of care and attention. We plan for the exact space available and needs of the house and ask the advice from an interior expert or a designer of your choice. We get the best of furnishings and upholstery as well as accessories like coffee tables for the living room.

Coffee tables are accessories and very important additions to living room furniture. Many times we need one extra one for convenience sake over and above what comes with sofas. You can mix and match a new modern looking coffee table with traditional style sofa sets or contemporary style furniture. A glass topped coffee table or side table goes perfectly with any kind of décor.

Most popular coffee tables come as wooden base tables with glass tops. There are full solid wood console tables and coffee tables which add such a nice touch to the entire room. There are metal frame tables also available and look very sleek and elegant. Clean cut designed metal console tables and coffee tables are much in demand.

What size should an ideal coffee table be? The height should not be more than 18 inches. If it is less than 15 inches it may be too low and not very convenient. Higher tables are actually more preferable. Normal dining table high console tables when set against a wall can hold extra glasses etc when you are entertaining guests at your home.

You can choose the coffee table to be nearly the same height or just a little lower than the sofa seat for conveniently keeping the cup-saucer or glasses etc. If you are going to keep the coffee table as central table, it should be about two-thirds of the length of your sofa set to give a harmoniously blended look with the other sofa and accent chairs.

Also you should check for enough moving space in and around the coffee tables for easy movements. Many tables have shelves underneath for storing magazines and other items. Coffee tables are used as display tables also for your photos, curios and beautiful flowers

Here are some beautiful coffee tables and central tables at La-Z-Boy. Look at the beautiful metal frame console table which is set against the sofa. The outward curved side table looks very elegant and imposing. How do you like to have one such in your home?

Tables in a Group of Three
table-in-a group-of-three

Glass Topped Sofa Table

Glass Topped Oval Cocktail Table

Elegant Looking Set of Three Tables

Beautiful Sofa Table

Beautiful Round Cocktail Table

Beautiful Entertainment Console Type Table

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Beautiful Christmas Themes for Your Dining Room


Getting ready for Christmas celebrations this month? What are your plans? Have you done all the preliminary cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up your entire home. Do all your rooms look spacious and ready to get set for the festival season? What are your plans for your dining room and dining table this Christmas and the New Year day?

Getting ready for Christmas decorations and party, celebrations, and party & fun times can be quite exciting. It can be quite stressful and exhausting also. To plan months ahead is not always possible and the last minute rush seems unavoidable as there are just too many things to do and days seem to be speeding so fast as of they have a pair of wings.

One of the most important aspects of the festival is the Christmas dinner and Christmas lights decor. Maybe you have a lot of friends and relatives visiting you and you may be planning for an elaborate dinner. How have you prepared for this? Have you done your grocery shopping already? You can have an exhaustive list drawn up that you may need for the baking and cooking of the Christmas feast.

Also you must get your dining room ready for the feast. Do you have a big-size formal dining room or is it a living room-dining area combination. Is the table large and sufficiently big to accommodate all the family and guests? I hope you have got enough sideboards and console tables that can take up the load of soft drinks, wine and other condiments.

Have you planned for any new purchases to make the decor complete. You can always go in for extra cutlery, china, and other accessories around festival time when they offer great deals and discounts. Many a time when we set aside a chunk of our savings for celebration time expenditure, we can buy our day-to-day needs also so that we have everything ready.

Many a time, purchasing new cutlery and crockery is best done just before Christmas. Stores offer festival discount and some of them can offer year-end sales also. You can buy something special just for Christmas and maybe other items also. Think of the joy and happiness we may have by the special dinner enhanced with new crockery and cutlery!

Here is some pretty looking china in Christmas theme from Sainsbury’s. These are beautiful fine china dinnerware for your dining table or these can be given as gifts which will be cherished forever. Check what you like most?

Soup Boat with Santa
christmas decor ideas

Happy Celebration Times – Christmas
commercial christmas decorations

Dinner Plate with Christmas Theme
vintage christmas decorations

Christmas Time Tableware
indoor christmas decorations

Christmas Theme Teapot
christmas decoration ideas

Bowl with Santa Motif
country christmas decorations

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Mosaic Tile Art Brings Beautiful Masterpieces to Your Walls

Tile mosaics have been around for centuries bringing color and beauty to our home. It has retained its original charm and elegance remaining as popular and in demand as it was. There are many names used to describe it – like mosaic art, tile art, mosaic art tile or glass art. Ceramic pieces, small pebbles, glass pieces/tiles, and various small things go into making a mosaic. Apart from the tiles that make up the flooring and walls in your homes, mosaic tile work can be done on wooden tables and other surfaces to make them look ornamental and elegant. Counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving counters, bar tables – there are so many places where mosaic tile work brings a touch of color and iridescence with a play of light.

Mosaic art pieces have gained a lot of popularity recent times. Murals, wall hangings or other wall panels made from mosaic depicting masterpieces of art are very popular. Customizing with mosaic tiles, today you can have your personal digital photography transferred into mosaic art for display in your home with glass, grouts and tiles of your choice in a contemporary style. Today there are decorative tiles/murals from other tiles like ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Each of the have distinct and individual characteristics that make them look remarkable and very elegant. The finish can be matte, satin or glossy depending on the location or theme. The gloss tile looks best for decorative purposes and the matte finish is for art and photo products.

Other prosaic uses for mosaic and other tiles are in the kitchen counter tops, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen back splash and even restaurant/bar backdrops. Today beautiful mosaic tiles are used as ceiling tiles – creating beautiful and artistic patterns – creating a stunning look to the entire room adding more depth and character to your interiors and overall ambiance. Here are some beautiful samples of mosaic art work from Top Hat Tile. All of them are reproductions of ancient masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Vermeer. Unlike ancient times when it was so difficult and time consuming, today modern technology has made this ancient practice simpler and faster.

You can get online and explore the innumerable options available right from mosaic tile art to glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are geometric patterns, psychedelic designs and other themes for you to choose. You can do so many things with these tiles – from making over your home to beautifying the home.

Raphael’s Putti Angels of Madonna

Napoleon on his Horse

Mona Lisa in Mosaic Tile

Michelangelo’s Banishment of Adam

Last Supper Wall Panel

Girl with Pearl Ear-Ring – Vermeer

Facsimile of Masterpiece Scream

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Terrific Looking Teen Rooms

As children grow, their tastes and likings also change a lot. What appealed to them when they were young and pre-teens are no longer of interest to them but they are interested in something fresh and fanciful. As they grow, they love a youthful and chic look with a sophisticated finish where they can bring their friends easily and happily.

Youth want rooms where they like to stay their waking/sleeping hours while inside the home. Here is where they stay doing their home work, projects and other study related activities. Here is where they relax, listen to music, go online and chat and connect on the social media and generally enjoy themselves. Here is where they bring their friends for group activities.

Though girls might have liked Barbie doll like décor in their younger days, they might have outgrown it and may want something more upend and modern. Likewise the cartoon or jungle themes might have been outgrown by the boys when they are turning into grown up guys. So their rooms also should reflect what they are today and what their needs are today.

Small or big, each teenager loves privacy and that their room is self sustaining. They like to have their work area, media center, play station and study area all within the same room. If they have been involved while the room’s décor is being planned and once they feel that the room is theirs, they may keep the room tidy and neat all on their own.

Here are some images of teen room designs and ideas by Eugene Zhdanov. You can see the how stylish and elegant these rooms are and how well floor and wall space are utilized to create a harmonious and happy blend. The wall colors are a mix of neutral and lively vibrant shades creating a pulsating and elegant stylish effect.

One of the rooms has the work area elevated on a platform which can hold the trundle bed when not in use. There are other storage shelves also built in to the platform for extra storage. The other room has a window seat converted into a work credenza holding a computer and other study related material with an executive chair.

Bigger rooms can have seating accommodation like sofas and accent chairs along with study area, beds and work-out areas as shown here? Which of them is your favorite?

Teen Room Workout Area
Teen Room Workout Area

Simple Elegant Teenager Room
Simple Elegant Teenager Room

Handsomely Furnished Teen Room
Handsomely Furnished Teen Room

Gorgeously Colorful Teen Room
Gorgeously Colorful Teen Room

Elegant Youth Study Area
Elegant Youth Study Area

Dorm Like Teen Room
Dorm Like Teen Room

Cute Teen Room Window Desk
Cute Teen Room Window Desk

Beautiful Teen Room
Beautiful Teen Room

Attractively Set Up Teen Room
Attractively Set Up Teen Room

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Barcelona Chair Replica

Beautiful, enchanting and highly stylish! Barcelona chair is one of the most creative furniture ideas that occurred to man! Another breakthrough in the décor and furniture market is Barcelona chair replica. At first Barcelona chair was designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition, it was super hit design! Since then various other designers have come up with their own version of the beautiful Barcelona chair. The demand for a mid-century furniture design is very high and hence the Barcelona chair is an iconic design since then.

Choices in Barcelona Chair

If you wish to give your living room or office a new and refreshing look then you would definitely want to choose the Barcelona chair.  There is a huge variety of color and material to select from.  The Barcelona chairs, sofas, ottomans and coffee tables are most sought after for home use as well as offices.  You get to buy your barcelona chair online too, there are several leading brands that offer beautiful and modern furniture online, and send them right at your doorsteps without any extra cost.


Although replica is not the original design, yet you get some absolutely strong and sturdy furniture options in Barcelona chair designs that are durable and are exact replicas of the original Barcelona chairs. They are inspired by the original and strive to create the best quality furniture for you. Each design does give you an amount of exclusivity as you can order your chair as per your design needs. Some brands even take your suggestion on the fabric choice of the chair and the designs are also worked out as per your needs.

Best option in modern furniture

If you are bored of the setting of your living room furniture or wish to re-decorate your living room interiors then the best option is to make a stunning addition to the décor by adding a stylish barcelona chair. This would not only augment the look of the room but also add a new dimension to your interiors giving your home a refreshed look that did not really empty your pockets. You can place a barcelona chair that matches the interior of your living room or office or even of a contrasting color and design. This is a great way to break the monotony of the interior and you would believe me when you hear the surprised admirations of your friends who step in.

A great addition to your interiors

Here are some fabulous designs in Barcelona chairs, sofas, stools that would not only steal your heart but inspire you to do something to re-invent your own home interiors too. Inspirations are surplus, one need to check what is best for their home and interiors and create an ambiance that is breathtaking and uplifting. Just let your imaginations run wild and create a great look for your home and interiors. This will be interesting and exciting at the same time.

Graceful Interiors

Front Room

Classy Interiors

Barcelona chair in good quality 3(1)

White and Stylish

Barcelona Chair-White Leather 3

Modern Interiors

Barcelona Chair-White Leather

Natural Beauty





Making Loft Homes More Comfortable

Lofts are huge and open draughty kind of places. Most lofts are high ceilinged and with windows that are large from floor to ceiling main source of light and ventilation. For the past few decades lofts have been popular with artists and students who did not mind the industrial type of interiors that may not be exactly the way traditional homes are built.

But today lofts are eagerly sought after by people who like the very unique features that characterize a loft – like high ceilings and large open spaces. Architects and designers are cashing on the very shortfalls of loft areas and make them into beautifully open and lit structures that have plenty of ventilation and airy spacious feeling.

A loft can be best converted as an open type design house. Large and spacious living areas contain the seating arrangements, dining areas with table chairs and open type kitchens that make the large areas cozy and homely. Smaller size segregated bedrooms are created – sometimes at a higher mezzanine level and furnished with preferably simple and suitably low hung furniture.

Decorating a loft house may need advice from an interior decorator for bringing in a touch of coziness and warmth. If you are retaining the original loft walls, they can be made to be with distressed look that will add depth to the whole atmosphere. And wooden flooring can be used for creating warmth and elegance to the interiors.

Here you can see images of a loft home that has furniture from B & B Italia. Look at the great looking living room with beautiful looking luxurious sectional in soft purple with ottomans in red, white and mauve making the room pretty. A contemporary style open wall supported shelf unit makes for storage purposes, finished in white and goes well with the light grey walls of the loft. Accent chairs in gray look cozy across the purple sectional.

The dining table is long and simple in design. Accent chairs in plastic in varied colors are used as dining chairs. More such chairs are used to pair with the wooden working table that has a unique triangular top.

The maroon color is repeated in the bedroom for bed frame upholstery. Low platform bed with metal frame with wooden headboard and wooden nightstand make the room comfortable. The bedroom is made cozier with a rug and recliner – a chaise lounge for relaxing with a pedestal lamp nearby completing the ambiance of the loft.

Handsome Chaise Lounge in Cream

Gorgeously Furnished Dining Area

Fashionably Chic Accent Chair in Grey

Elegant Looking Dining Table

Delightful Sectional and Ottomans

Contemporary Style Working Table

Beautiful Purple Metal Bed

Accent Dining Chairs Adding Grace

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