Elegant And Beautiful Computer Armoires to Make Working Easy at Home

Today computer has become a part of our life. Right from desktop computer to the smallest size PC – like a palm computer, you have computers in all sizes. Most commonly either we have a desktop or a laptop. Spacious houses have a separate room for the computer – a den or library. But if you have a small apartment, a computer armoire will be a good idea to house the computer and peripherals. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, there are some peripherals which are essential along with the computers. With the usual CPU mouse and keyboard for the desk-top computers, you may have printers, modem, and fax machine (optional). A computer armoire will help you in keeping all these organized and neat keeping things uncluttered and orderly.

What are the criteria to look for before purchasing a computer armoire? First check out what are all the peripherals you are having that need to be arranged in the armoire. Measure the exact size of the CPU, printers and the speakers. Also decide whether you want to keep the paper supply for the printers and other items – like clips, pins, files and file covers, pen and pencils in the armoire.
You should decide how tall should be the desk. If you have a desktop computer, you would need a drawer at a lower level for the keyboard and mouse. In case you are going to use a laptop mostly, you may need to have a lower desktop so that you are seated ergonomically correctly while working either with a desktop PC or a laptop and typing height is perfect for you.

Also check whether the shelves and cubby holes are roomy and well designed to accommodate the printer. Do they have sufficient room for feeding the paper and changing the cartridge etc and have provision for wire connections etc? And other consideration will be where you are going to keep the armoire? In the living room or in the bedroom and how big a space can you spare for the armoire?
Here are some beautiful and functional computer armoires from Furniture from Home. Look how beautiful is the executive type black and cherry armoire! And the modular style armoire in black is looking totally sleek! The white distressed looking armoire with return is stunningly beautiful and functional too! All of the armoires are exquisitely crafted and smoothly and beautifully finished.

I am sure you also are keen to have a beautiful computer armoire. Go online and check out and bring home a great looking computer armoire!

Traditional Style in Solid Wood
traditional-in-style- and-in-solid-wood

Simply Elegant Armoire in White

Natty Looking Computer Armoire and Chair

Modular and Classic Look in Black Finish

Hutch, Desk and Shelf in Traditional White

Cute Looking Computer Table and Chair

Contemporary Style Wood Armoire in Espresso Finish

Chic and Sophisticated Looking Computer Armoire

Beautiful Armoire in Black Cherry and Gold

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Outstandingly Creative Award Winning Designer Chairs

designer dining chairs

Verner Panton is a well known figure these days because of the mind blowing creative and stylish designer chairs that he has been launching lately. The plastic chair shown below is created out of one piece and was the first product independently developed by Vitra. It arrived on the market in 1967 and later become an icon of furniture design. Most of the time the chair manufacturing technology was based on method using rigid polyurethane foam. With the progress in plastics technology, the Panton Chair could be manufactured by injecting the material of polypropylene, which is fully recyclable. This method makes it less expensive and hence possible for wide range of public. The last version of the chair was produced in collaboration with the designer at the end of the 1990s. Vitra launched a national Panton Chair Competition. In the search for the best customized Panton Chair, architects and designers were asked to implement their own vision of the classic icon. Shown below are the winners of the competition and some other designs we liked.

Funky Designer Creative Chairs
designer dining chairs

Transparent Designer Creative Chairs
designer office chairs

designer office chairs

Steel Looking Plastic Designer Creative Chairs
creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

Designer Creative Chairs

Award Winning Designer Creative Chairs

creative chair designs

Funky Designer Creative Chairs

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Free-Standing Kitchen Islands Make Welcome Additions to Kitchen Furniture

Do you want a spacious and gorgeous-looking kitchen? Would you like a clutter-free working area with enough storage space? Would you love to have all your appliances neatly set in the kitchen counter-top – easy for efficient cooking? Then free-standing kitchen cabinets & kitchen islands are the most needed kitchen furniture for you.

If your kitchen has plenty of floor space, kitchen islands will work best for you. Free-standing islands and cabinets can make all the difference to your kitchen. Along with accommodating a number of appliances, they can have enough storage space below with counter top space on top. They make your kitchen smart, efficient and a highly enjoyable workspace.

There are a number of options for you to select your kitchen islands. You can have ready-made stock kitchen cabinets. But if you like something special that will be suitable just for you, then you should check kitchen furniture stores for cabinets that can be semi or fully custom-made as per your desire. The field is wide open with various designs, styles, colour and materials for counter tops like wood, glass, marble etc. to suit your needs.

Designing kitchen islands can be exciting. Look at those images with a cooking tops fitted into the countertops with a chimney above, with sinks and dishwasher fitted for convenience. Or take that free-standing cabinet in the living area serving both as a work-area as well as storage space. Won’t you love that futuristic big kitchen island in your kitchen?

A kitchen cabinet can multi-task very efficiently as a breakfast counter, serve as a bar, or even as a workplace. It can have an extended countertop space where you can sit and have snacks, breakfast etc. You can plan to have open counter shelf areas or drawers fitted to store your cutlery and crockery. Imagine using it as a bar for impromptu cocktail parties!

The kitchen islands or free-standing cabinets are the most happening and hot additions to your kitchen furniture. They look stylish and sleek, yet have simple classy lines that will make your kitchen elegant and chic. When checking them out, look out for classy options. Discuss with your interior designer/decorator to understand how best to make the islands work best for you.

This kitchen furniture will add value to your home. Kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen a dream kitchen in every possible way. They make a style statement about your interior decor, about your kitchen furniture and your housekeeping efficiency as well. Check out today for options to make your dream kitchen come true!

Beautiful Island Cabinet for Living Room

Spacious-Looking Wooden Island Cabinet

Marvelous Marble Topped Big Kitchen Cabinet

Convenient Kitchen Design Island with Appliances Built-In

Wooden Kitchen Designs Island Suitable For Snack Counter

Gorgeous Looking Kitchen Design Island

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Attractive Mirrors to Add Lustre And Beauty

Mirrors are very important part of home furnishings. After you have got the kind of furniture you want for the home, you can think of mirrors as additional accent features to make the home more lit and spacious. There are diverse ways you can use mirror to embellish your home and use the magic that mirrors make it happen with lights – both natural and artificial.

Mirrors have the effect of expanding space – almost doubling what is available. If one of the walls is entirely made of mirror, you will always feel that the room is bigger than actual due to the reflected space and more so if the room is well lit. Placing lamps strategically along the mirror will give an added effect to the dimensions, in a very pleasant way.

Though putting up decorative mirrors against the windows or patio doors is a very good idea, make sure that the mirror does not always reflect harsh sunlight – it can make the room rather warm and stuffy. If the window or patio door opens to a green area or a flower bed – that can make an aesthetic decoration with beautiful green leaves and flowers reflected in the mirror.

Today the trend is to keep large scale mirrors in the living room or bedroom just adjacent to the walls. Mirrors ornately decorated, or with etching done as borders are the hot favourites now. The antique finish frames make the mirrors look glamorous and really grand-looking. Keeping it along a free wall of living room adds character and dimension to the room.

Another particularly favourite place to keep a nicely framed mirror is on the mantle shelf or above the fireplace. This will form the focus of the entire living room and give a warm reflected look of all the living room furniture, decorative items etc. Reflecting the light and interiors, it will make the room look larger and warmer as well more gorgeous.

Huge mirrors kept hanging or against the wall are believed to bring good fortune to the home owner and family. Especially in dining rooms, they bring wealth and prosperity. Likewise in bathrooms they are the source of positive energy and as soon as you get up in the morning and go into the bathroom, the positive energy will charge you to manage the entire day effectively.

Here are some beautiful mirrors from Wicker Home-Patio Furniture. Check what appeals to you most?

White Wood and Wicker Framed Mirror

Unique and Elegant Cane Framed Mirror

Two Wicker Framed Mirrors with Holders

Square Shaped Frame for Your Living Room

Oval Shaped Wicker Framed Mirror in Bath

Heart Shaped Wicker Framed Mirror

Awesome Looking Octagonal Frame in Wicker
awesome-looking-octogonal-frame-in wicker

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Bedroom Furniture Designs – Lavish Beds

If you are looking to design a tasteful bedroom then you should have a good close look at the post below. Barbara Hawthorn who has twenty five years of expertise in the interior design, urban planning and project management has firmly established her firm’s name. She has recently cemented her company’s name specializing in trend resistant designs. Her original designs combine modern and comfortable furnishings with amazing art and antiques with an exceptional use of lights. Today we, furniture arcade would like to present you some bedroom designs from her.

Classy Stylish Bedroom Furniture Design

Classy Attractive Bedroom Furniture Design

Classy Cool Bedroom Furniture Design

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Ottoman – with Storage – Great Accessories for Relaxing Comfort

Winters are great times to enjoy a leisurely and laid-back kind of life. Enjoying the warmth inside and having festivals around the corner can be nice family bonding times. It is the time when friends and relatives visit each other and a lot of entertainment takes place. All houses are spruced up and decorated afresh to welcome the coming festive season.

People love to put their foot up when they like to relax. When you can actually relax in a good sofa with lots of room and a firm seat and a supporting back, you need a foot stool or an ottoman to put your feet up. Ottoman has come down the centuries as the most favoured foot rest in the living room when you want to relax.

Most of the ottomans come with a base frame – wooden or metal – and an upholstered top portion. The base frame can have solid legs or castors attached so you can glide it along to where you want it. Most of the ottomans today have either side open storage space or more commonly by lifting the top seat portion for additional storage.

Ottoman come in any shape – round, square, rectangular, semi circles, triangular even – and they generally are upholstered in matching colours and patterns to the sofa set, sectionals or the single sofas. There are cocktail ottomans – long bench like ottomans where you can serve coffee, tea or preferably cocktails for an evening party.

Ottomans provide extra seating also. If you have an empty wall without any other furnishing you can have a longish ottoman built to order with storage underneath to store the extra blankets, cushions and books etc. Today wicker ottomans are in much demand as they are light and easily portable even outdoors where it is used for storing, seating and serving.

If you have a roomy recliner sofa, with an ottoman that can be attached to it, you can have additional bedding for an overnight extra guest in the living room. Well matched ottomans and sofas can look very elegant and stylish adding to the style quotient of your living room furniture and can even be the focus of the living room décor.

Here are some beautiful looking ottoman selections from Pearson Company. With matching sofas, the ottomans just look very handsome and sophisticated. Which is your favourite?

Wonderful in Checks in Yellow

Stripes in Gold and Green

Soft and Cuddly Looking Sofa and Ottoman

Recliner and Ottoman in Floral Pattern

Pretty Prints in Pink and Wood

Pretty Looking Prints with Maroon Flowers

Cheerful Looking in Cherry Coloured Leather

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