Customized Entertainment Center for Housing TV And Media Appliances

A customized entertainment center is the perfect way of accommodating, managing and displaying your TV and other media electronic appliances. It can be the focus around which you can develop the decor of your living room. It will be the centre for fun-times for the whole family. If you opt for modular type units, you can expand it as you add the latest and more advanced equipment to your present collection. A comprehensive entertainment center should optimally house TV/home theatre system, CD/DVD players, game consoles, docking system for MP3 players and stereo system with built-in speakers; it should have integrated wire connection and cord manager, built-in surge protector strip; it must come with drawers, shelves, cabinets for storing remote controls, disks, game cartridges, DVD/CD collection books; may have display shelves, CD racks etc.

There are many options available in the market like utilitarian TV stands, cabinets, armoires, wall-units, and consoles. A free-standing TV stand may be the simplest form of an entertainment unit with just space for your TV with some shelves underneath for CD player and storing your disks etc. If you have a wall mounted TV, having a cabinet underneath to house your other electronic appliances/home theatre etc may make it stylishly complete. Armoires, wall units and consoles are bigger-sized and grander looking units and accommodate a lot more along with all your electronic items as well as large-size TVs. They can have doors like in armoires to hide the equipment or can have open shelves to display all your nice gadgets like in consoles. They can look casual, contemporary, traditional or modern in decor and made from materials like wood, hardwood, wood composite with veneer, or metal and glass.

Do you listen to music a lot or see more movies? Or use the game console more? These choices, your lifestyle and your home size will decide the type of entertainment center that will be best for you. Make a list of your electronic appliances, their sizes and their components etc. Check out what style will suit your living room decor. It is best to seek expert advice from your interior designer so that you can decide on what will suit best your particular needs. Here are some wonderful entertainment units from FURNITURE FROM HOME. Look at the handsome construction of the units. The exquisite workmanship, perfect finish and attention to details make each one of them elegant, beautiful and fabulous looking. Drawers, cabinets and other extra features make them complete entertainment centers.

Go online and check out all the options. Talk to your furniture expert and bring home a beautiful and customized entertainment center to have great TV times.

Regal Looking Unit with Two Side Bookcases
regal-looking-unit-with two-sided-bookcases

Pretty Looking Unit in Antique Finish

Grand Looking Entertainment Unit in Black

Graceful White Beauty with Glass Display Shelves

Fabulous Looking Media Shelf with Side Shelves

Classic Looking Eco Friendly Wood TV Unit

A Wheat Finish Wooden Wall Unit with Bookcases

A Stunning Looking Unit in Solid Wood

An Elegant Wall Entertainment Unit with Side Niches

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Beautiful Kitchens with Sleek Counters And Cabinets

Cooking counters and kitchen island counters are most important décor aspects of the kitchen. A kitchen is not complete without a cooking counter. Formerly cooking counters along the walls were the usual way counters were constructed. So, many a time kitchens – especially if they are small in size – used to look cluttered and congested.

Wooden Backsplash Kitchen Counter
Wooden Backsplash Kitchen Counter

Wonderful Wood Finish Kitchen
Wonderful Wood Finish Kitchen

Today sleek looking kitchens are possible with well planned kitchen counters – both cooking counters and working counters. With beautifully designed counters, kitchens look sleek and contemporarily stylish and beautiful. Well planned counters make cooking easier and more convenient. You can have a better organized working area with customized counters.

Pretty Looking Designer Shelves
Pretty Looking Designer Shelves

Here you can see beautiful counters designed by Viola Park renowned for her innovative designs and using latest and cutting edge technology as well better and greener materials for creating the counters. Not only the cooking counters with shelves, drawers and cabinets underneath are most convenient, the countertop shelves are also make the kitchen better organized and clutter free.

Handsome Looking Kitchen Utility
Handsome Looking Kitchen Utility

Kitchen islands are also available from the stable of Viola Park. Islands are with castor wheels to move them where you want them and with ample storage – like drawers, shelves with wooden doors and glass doors and a sleek and very useful countertop to be used for working tasks related to cooking like cutting veggies and mixing floors etc.

Glass and Wood Kitchen Counters
Glass and Wood Kitchen Counters

For cooking counters and utility counters, you can choose the finish, color and materials from a wide range. Sinks and storage options built in to the counters make the kitchen a smart kitchen. Backsplashes along the work area, washing area help to contain water splashes and other spills easily and maintain the kitchen more neatly.

Designer Kitchen Cooking Counter
Designer Kitchen Cooking Counter

The shelves above the counters can be open or with doors. Doors are sliding or hinged doors. You can choose wooden doors or glass doors. A mixture of glass doors for keeping your cutlery and wooden doors for other stuff can be a good idea. Open type shelves are also available for counter top shelves and can be finished in color and material to match the counter and counter tops.

Cute Designer Kitchen Layout
Cute Designer Kitchen Layout

Wood finish cabinets under the counters are a popular choice. You can add a splash of color with making one of the shelf doors in a deep shade or with some designs. Backsplash in matching or contrast finish can add to the overall beauty of the counters and kitchen as well.

Beautiful Designer Kitchen Island
Beautiful Designer Kitchen Island

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Wonderful Looking Rugs for Luxurious Look

Many a time, the interior decoration looks incomplete despite the best looking furniture, opulent looking upholstery, gorgeous wall décor, sumptuous lighting and shimmering draperies. The reason may be an absence of carpet or rugs in the living room or bedrooms that can give the last finishing touch to the interior décor. Turtlemat one of the designers of luxurious rugs and mats add wonderful decor to homes. Once you have added a glorious looking carpet or area rung, the home will look complete.

Rugs and Matching Ottomans

When we look at rugs or carpets, they can be made of either natural fibre or they can be made from synthetic fibres or a combination of both of these for more durable and stylish look. Normally nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic or wool can be used to make rugs or carpets. Some rugs are handmade at hand loom and others are made at power loom and some are made totally by hand.

Rug Covered Ottoman and Seats

Wool is the most expensive fibre for making carpets. But the natural soft feel of the wool and its beauteous look more than compensate for the cost. Acrylic fibre can look very much like wool. This is a sturdy fibre that gives long service even if rough-used as bathroom throw rugs etc. This fibre is not adversely affected by moisture and is colour fast and mildew resistant.

Pretty Looking Rugs with Matching Cushion

Polyester fibre can produce soft and thick rugs that look quite elegant and luxurious. Cut-pile carpets made of poly-fibre can look very beautiful and give long durable service retaining the look and good feel easily. Likewise rugs made from nylon and polypropylene fibres are very popular as they are more reasonably priced than wool and used as area rugs for both outdoor and indoor use.

Narrow Long Running Rugs

When wool and synthetic fibres are blended to make carpets, they have the soft texture of original wool and are sturdy, moisture proof and resistant to mould, moisture and other hazards like the synthetic carpets. They are combined to create myriad coloured rugs in jewel tones of copper, and gold along with turquoise blue and emerald green.

Hand Knotted Wool Rugs Stretched Out

The blended rugs can have floral designs like paisley or roses or can have leaves and medallions that are the traditional motifs used for rugs and carpets. Golden brown and ecru are one of the most favourite combinations. Stripes, checks, abstract designs, floral and borders are some of the designs that look attractive and elegantly match any kind of furniture and wall décor.

Hand Knotted Woollen Rugs

Complete Set of Rugs and Rug Covered Ottoman

More Colourful Looking Rugs

Canvas Backed Rugs

Here are some rugs from Gan-Rugs. See what you like best?

Artistically Shaped Rugs

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Charming Coffee Tables For Living Room


Living room normally gets the best of our furniture. We pick out living room sofas and sectionals with lot of care and attention. We plan for the exact space available and needs of the house and ask the advice from an interior expert or a designer of your choice. We get the best of furnishings and upholstery as well as accessories like coffee tables for the living room.

Coffee tables are accessories and very important additions to living room furniture. Many times we need one extra one for convenience sake over and above what comes with sofas. You can mix and match a new modern looking coffee table with traditional style sofa sets or contemporary style furniture. A glass topped coffee table or side table goes perfectly with any kind of décor.

Most popular coffee tables come as wooden base tables with glass tops. There are full solid wood console tables and coffee tables which add such a nice touch to the entire room. There are metal frame tables also available and look very sleek and elegant. Clean cut designed metal console tables and coffee tables are much in demand.

What size should an ideal coffee table be? The height should not be more than 18 inches. If it is less than 15 inches it may be too low and not very convenient. Higher tables are actually more preferable. Normal dining table high console tables when set against a wall can hold extra glasses etc when you are entertaining guests at your home.

You can choose the coffee table to be nearly the same height or just a little lower than the sofa seat for conveniently keeping the cup-saucer or glasses etc. If you are going to keep the coffee table as central table, it should be about two-thirds of the length of your sofa set to give a harmoniously blended look with the other sofa and accent chairs.

Also you should check for enough moving space in and around the coffee tables for easy movements. Many tables have shelves underneath for storing magazines and other items. Coffee tables are used as display tables also for your photos, curios and beautiful flowers

Here are some beautiful coffee tables and central tables at La-Z-Boy. Look at the beautiful metal frame console table which is set against the sofa. The outward curved side table looks very elegant and imposing. How do you like to have one such in your home?

Tables in a Group of Three
table-in-a group-of-three

Glass Topped Sofa Table

Glass Topped Oval Cocktail Table

Elegant Looking Set of Three Tables

Beautiful Sofa Table

Beautiful Round Cocktail Table

Beautiful Entertainment Console Type Table

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Beautiful Christmas Themes for Your Dining Room


Getting ready for Christmas celebrations this month? What are your plans? Have you done all the preliminary cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up your entire home. Do all your rooms look spacious and ready to get set for the festival season? What are your plans for your dining room and dining table this Christmas and the New Year day?

Getting ready for Christmas decorations and party, celebrations, and party & fun times can be quite exciting. It can be quite stressful and exhausting also. To plan months ahead is not always possible and the last minute rush seems unavoidable as there are just too many things to do and days seem to be speeding so fast as of they have a pair of wings.

One of the most important aspects of the festival is the Christmas dinner and Christmas lights decor. Maybe you have a lot of friends and relatives visiting you and you may be planning for an elaborate dinner. How have you prepared for this? Have you done your grocery shopping already? You can have an exhaustive list drawn up that you may need for the baking and cooking of the Christmas feast.

Also you must get your dining room ready for the feast. Do you have a big-size formal dining room or is it a living room-dining area combination. Is the table large and sufficiently big to accommodate all the family and guests? I hope you have got enough sideboards and console tables that can take up the load of soft drinks, wine and other condiments.

Have you planned for any new purchases to make the decor complete. You can always go in for extra cutlery, china, and other accessories around festival time when they offer great deals and discounts. Many a time when we set aside a chunk of our savings for celebration time expenditure, we can buy our day-to-day needs also so that we have everything ready.

Many a time, purchasing new cutlery and crockery is best done just before Christmas. Stores offer festival discount and some of them can offer year-end sales also. You can buy something special just for Christmas and maybe other items also. Think of the joy and happiness we may have by the special dinner enhanced with new crockery and cutlery!

Here is some pretty looking china in Christmas theme from Sainsbury’s. These are beautiful fine china dinnerware for your dining table or these can be given as gifts which will be cherished forever. Check what you like most?

Soup Boat with Santa
christmas decor ideas

Happy Celebration Times – Christmas
commercial christmas decorations

Dinner Plate with Christmas Theme
vintage christmas decorations

Christmas Time Tableware
indoor christmas decorations

Christmas Theme Teapot
christmas decoration ideas

Bowl with Santa Motif
country christmas decorations

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Mosaic Tile Art Brings Beautiful Masterpieces to Your Walls

Tile mosaics have been around for centuries bringing color and beauty to our home. It has retained its original charm and elegance remaining as popular and in demand as it was. There are many names used to describe it – like mosaic art, tile art, mosaic art tile or glass art. Ceramic pieces, small pebbles, glass pieces/tiles, and various small things go into making a mosaic. Apart from the tiles that make up the flooring and walls in your homes, mosaic tile work can be done on wooden tables and other surfaces to make them look ornamental and elegant. Counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, serving counters, bar tables – there are so many places where mosaic tile work brings a touch of color and iridescence with a play of light.

Mosaic art pieces have gained a lot of popularity recent times. Murals, wall hangings or other wall panels made from mosaic depicting masterpieces of art are very popular. Customizing with mosaic tiles, today you can have your personal digital photography transferred into mosaic art for display in your home with glass, grouts and tiles of your choice in a contemporary style. Today there are decorative tiles/murals from other tiles like ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Each of the have distinct and individual characteristics that make them look remarkable and very elegant. The finish can be matte, satin or glossy depending on the location or theme. The gloss tile looks best for decorative purposes and the matte finish is for art and photo products.

Other prosaic uses for mosaic and other tiles are in the kitchen counter tops, flooring, bathroom tiles, kitchen back splash and even restaurant/bar backdrops. Today beautiful mosaic tiles are used as ceiling tiles – creating beautiful and artistic patterns – creating a stunning look to the entire room adding more depth and character to your interiors and overall ambiance. Here are some beautiful samples of mosaic art work from Top Hat Tile. All of them are reproductions of ancient masterpieces by famous artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci, Raphael and Vermeer. Unlike ancient times when it was so difficult and time consuming, today modern technology has made this ancient practice simpler and faster.

You can get online and explore the innumerable options available right from mosaic tile art to glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles. There are geometric patterns, psychedelic designs and other themes for you to choose. You can do so many things with these tiles – from making over your home to beautifying the home.

Raphael’s Putti Angels of Madonna

Napoleon on his Horse

Mona Lisa in Mosaic Tile

Michelangelo’s Banishment of Adam

Last Supper Wall Panel

Girl with Pearl Ear-Ring – Vermeer

Facsimile of Masterpiece Scream

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