Beautiful Looking Bistro Breakfast Tables

Bistro tables are beautiful additions to living room, kitchen or patio of your home. Anywhere you are thinking of entertaining, you will like to have a bistro table there to add elegance and chic look to the area. Especially if you are thinking of small scale entertaining, bistro tables are the tables of choice. For just a friend or two, bistro tables are best.

Bistro tables are very popular in commercial entertainment area also. Whether it is roadside cafes, small pubs and ice-cream parlours etc, bistro tables are the most favoured. They are the ideal tables for as a foursome or a two some eating surface – either with chic and sophisticated bar stools or elegant looking tallish sleek chairs.

Bistro tables are taller than normal dining tables. The elegant looking famous Paris style bistros are quite tall and chic – smallish and with flowing lines. Mostly paired with tallish bar stools, these tables are the European favourites – especially in the road side cafes – where under cute sun shades, people sit and have coffee, and breakfast leisurely.

Bistro tables come in all styles. Elegant looking classic bistros in metal with scroll work find favour with a lit of people even today. Glass topped and acrylic based bistros, wood and glass combo bistros, and pure wood bistros and now even bamboo bistros are available with sleek looking stools – with and without footrest and hand supports.

Bistro tables can be custom made with your choices – traditional or vibrantly modern; frames – like metal or wood. The most popular ones are now with glass topped and metal or wood frames. Bistros completely made of polycarbonates are also very popular as much as bamboo bistro and cane bistros – made from natural canes or synthetic resins.

There are stools available that can match the frame of the bistro tables and the design as well the finish of the table. Upholstery – leather, microfiber or pure cotton are the choices you can find for stools or tall chairs to go with the bistro. They can be swivel seats, or stationary seats – with foot rest and back support options as well handles to the sides.

Here are some beautiful looking bistros from Humble Abode. Look at the scroll work based metal bistros with elegant looking bar stools. Don’t you think you would love to have one for your home?

Wooden Bistro with Central Pedestal

Scroll Work and Metal Frame

Glass Topped Frame on Bronze Finish Frame and Chairs

Espresso Finish Bistro Table and Stools

Copper Finish Top and Metal Frame

Black and Brown Combo Bistro

Bistro with Tubular Frame and Wood Top

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Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Great

Interior decoration is all about making your home look great. All the rooms in our home are of equal importance when we think of allocating budget for furniture but most of the times, living room gets special attention. Living room is the face of our home – the place all the visitors see first and where all entertainment and partying are done.

Getting a set of good furniture is the first step towards making your living room look great. Lovely looking sofas, smashing kind of sectionals, great coffee tables, stunning looking wall décor and decorations, window treatments including curtains, drapery and other accessories all combine to make your living room elegant and extremely beautiful.

Stunning Sectional with Flared Arms in Faux Leather

Many a time, wall colour can make a lot of difference to the ambience of the room. Getting a warm colour or a light pastel shade can be a good background for all your furniture and furnishing. Light cream or beige colour walls can make a nice backdrop for hardwood furniture especially if your sofa set pieces have a finish of glossy dark mahogany or rosewood stain.

With Tailored Looking Sofa and Toss Pillows

If you like to make a quick splash of colour on the walls – to change the focus from some sober shades of walls like gray, or dull cream, or off white etc, it is best to get on one wall some wall posters or wall decals. Having a wall poster or a wall decal or even putting up wall paper in a contrast shade brings a splash of colour to the living room.

Wide Sloped Arms and Contrast Toss Pillows

Beautiful looking furniture is the most important part of interior decoration and living room is no exception. Three-piece and two-piece sofas, matching ottoman and a sectional can make perfect seating arrangement for the room. Sturdy and smart looking hardwood furniture in a style to match your home style will look good in your living room.

Sofa in White Finish with Pillow Top Arms

Other accessories that are needed will be beautiful and functional coffee tables, side tables, occasional table sets along with some colourful rugs and carpets. Toss pillows in contrast shades in silks, velvets and other colourful fabric will make the room festive and colourful. Window treatments in matching shades also make the room beautiful.

Microfiber Upholstery with Welted Trim

Here are some images of elegant and beautiful looking living rooms from Furniture. Look at the camel backed sofas with matching rug. How lovely the sectional looks with contrast striped cushions and a matching ottoman. I am sure your living room furniture looks this great?

Elegantly Rolled Arm Sofa in Black Chenille

Camel Backed Sofas with Button Tufted Details

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Stunningly Beautiful Decorative Accessories Arrangement

As soon as you enter any room, there is a certain point that attracts your attention. It could be an architectural element, a furniture piece or some ornamental decorative accessory. This eye catching, attention grabbing point in the room is called focal point. A room can have one main focal point and other secondary focal points. The focal point should be highlighted in such a way that it is inviting to enter that room and pleasing to remain in that room for a longer time. You can use your decorative accessories to create attractive focal points in a room. A good focal point makes a room lively and memorable. A room without focal point has no character, no strength to attract people.

You can group up a few decorative accessories to make stunningly beautiful arrangements. Proper display of accessories enhances the looks of a room. You can make your room look stylish and elegant by proper choice and arrangement of accessories such as mirrors, lamps, wall art, rugs, vases, antique pieces, coffee table books, sculptures and figurines, pillows and cushions. Keep in mind certain rules while arranging your rich artifacts to make them look dazzling. The most important rule is: do not overcrowd the space with too many decorative pieces. You need to choose a great composition with the correct balance of size, shape, color and texture.

Display an assortment of accessories of different sizes and shapes. Place tallest accessory at the back and small ones in front. Arrange them in artistic manner, so that they grab attention. An appropriate color scheme binds them well and they look good as a group. Sometimes asymmetric arrangement looks interesting. A beautiful wall art with a stunning flower arrangement in front of it looks gorgeous. Layering your accessories with different colors and textures creates depth. While arranging photos, proper lighting will highlight them. Candlesticks look beautiful in front of mirrors. Flower arrangement with some shiny little objects looks lovely. While grouping similar accessories always choose odd number of items. For example three vases would look good instead of two. If you would want to display two vases, choose different height and similar shapes. If you want to display a collection of different accessories, make sure that they complement each other. They should highlight each other in some way. Even a simple arrangements like a bowl of fresh fruits on dining table or a bowl of silver acorns on a center table in living room or flower vase in entry hall look pleasing to the eyes.

Decorative Accessory Arrangement Dining Room
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Sideboard Wall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Mantelpiece
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Entry Hall
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Center Table
Decorative Accessory Arrangement Bedroom

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Indoor Waterfalls And Water Fountains For Gorgeous Look

An indoor decorating design feature that is beautiful to look at and affordably relaxing is indoor waterfalls and water fountains. If you have a spacious home or home office premises, you can plan for a stunning looking spacious water fountain that can sound soothing and comforting and cool your eyes and mind on a hot stressful day. A great way to personalize your interior décor and interior decoration is to have a water feature installed inside your home and/or outside your home. If you are going for a high-end kind of feature, you can get an architect to plan for an indoor or outdoor waterfall feature in a more elaborate design. This will indeed be a unique and grand kind of decoration.

But if you are thinking of going for a simple kind of water feature, an indoor table top fountain can serve the purpose. There are other wall supported water spouts and container water fountains/gardens which can be fitted indoors or outdoors easily. There are a variety of Feng Shui table top fountains that can fit any space and any budget easily. While large scale waterfalls also need in-ground reservoir, these mini decorative water features also need to incorporate a water source for continuous running. Stand alone fountains and bubble urns can be fitted into any nook in the living room or in the patio. There are models that come with background lights to look really beautiful.

Water features like these and indoor waterfalls all serve more than beautifying the interiors or exteriors. Since they are connected to the indoor water reservoir for continuous running, the stored water gets aerated and stays fresh free of algae and other moss and stuff that can grow in stored water. The surroundings also get cooled down and feel good.

Indoor waterfalls are made over stone walls mainly though, glass, marble and slate also are used for constructing the vertical wall over which the water is made to flow. There are inbuilt light features behind the waterfall in the stone as well above which when illuminate create a really stunning look that is very unique and wonderful to look at.

Here are some images of beautiful looking waterfalls from Urban Ponds. Interior and exterior water features including floor waterfalls, over wall waterfalls and other types look so cool and serene that you will surely like to incorporate it in your home or home office without fail. Check out all the options!

Wooden Walkway Made Pretty with Stone Fountain

Stunning Looking Stone Fountain

Pretty Looking Pebble Stack Fountain on Patio

Interiors Made Beautiful with Flowing Fountain

Great Welcome with Cool Fountains and Green Plants

Fountain with Stainless Steel Frame for Terrace

Double Fountains for Dining Area

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Room Dividers – Furniture Accessories with an Aesthetic Touch for Privacy

Room dividers are popular and quite useful accessories for both smaller and bigger rooms. Their popularity is because they are both functional and decorative as well. They are light, portable and can be set up in a jiffy. Most room dividers are transparent and/or translucent and do not block light but still can offer privacy when you need it.

Traditional Solid Wood Finish Divider

What are room dividers? These are furniture accessories – consisting of three or four panels, flat framed in wood or metal usually. Each of the panels is hinged to the other so it can be folded for easy storage. Panels can be in single piece or consistent of smaller panes. The covering material can be wood slats, fabric, glass or paper.

Sleek Sado Black Asian Screen

What are different styles of room dividers available? Most of the room dividers are made of metal, wood or acrylic/polycarbonate frames. They are covered and accented with designs printed on paper, embroidered or printed fabric or etched in glass. Mirror accents are also available which can make the room look more spacious.

Simple Brown Wooden Divider

Room dividers – portable or mobile – are very useful in your living room. You can use a three or four-panel dividers to screen off a dining area from the sitting area. If you are having a studio apartment or a small home with open kitchen, a room divider is useful in breaking up the kitchen area away from living quarters to present a clutter-free look. Dividers can be used in the outdoor area in the garden, poolside and terrace also. It can provide nice shade on a sunny day or provide some privacy when you are sunning yourself in the garden.

Memories  Screen Personalized With Photos

Room dividers are cost effective and easy to install. No need of any construction, drilling, nailing etc. They are off the shelf furniture accessories – elegant and inexpensive and serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. They can blend harmoniously with any kind of home décor and add ambience to your home anytime.

Elegant Black Bookcase Shoji Divider

Here are images of some very beautiful portable room dividers from iRoom Dividers. These are called shoji screens – traditional kind of Japanese screens that look very pretty and chic. With light colored wooden or metal frames, they have white rice paper lining. They do not block light but provide privacy. The Venetian type wooden slatted is better suited for outdoor areas. Which is your favorite?

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Screen

Classic Chic Black Screen

Charming Handcrafted Divider

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The Benefits of Having a Built-in Oven Or Hob

Buying an oven is a very important task and not one to be taken lightly. A good, high quality appliance will last for a number of years in the home so it is vital that you put a lot of thought into the purchase beforehand.
When selecting a cooker, there are various aspects which need to be considered including the size, budget, colour, and fuel type. There are many options to choose from including range cookers, built-in hobs and built-in ovens and for many homeowners, a built-in appliance is preferred. If you are renovating the kitchen, why not integrate the device into the décor to improve the interior furnishings? If you are undertaking a refurbishment, there is no better time than now to install an appliance into the scheme whilst the kitchen is under repair.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase the appliance and construct it into the design at any time. Here are 3 reasons why you should have a built in oven/hob.
• Functionality
You can install the oven at eye level to improve accessibility. It is far easier to open the oven and use it without having to bend down – this could help your health too! This also means you can look through the glass door conveniently without stooping low.
• Co-ordination
Many can be customised in terms of colour and style to co-ordinate with the rest of the furniture. Built-in appliances can blend in seamlessly with the surrounding to create a complete, finished look. A popular design is stainless steel as this can match many appliances in modern kitchens such as the fridge, cooker hood, microwave and dishwasher.
• Save space
Installing a built-in oven not only updates the appearance of the kitchen but it also gives you more space. Whatever size living areayou have, you can make the most of its features by integrating the appliance into the furniture to save space. Built-in ovens take up less room and can save you space on the countertops.

Built In Oven For Home

Stainless Steel Ideas

Built In Stylish Oven Design

Built In Oven Or Hob

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