Nursery And Just Born Babies Cribs And Cots Furniture Design

Cambrass a Spanish company helps in fulfilling the dream of all parents which is to create one of the most beautiful room for their little ones specially a cute nursery for the new arrived member of the family. Cambrass is well known all around the world for their kids and nursery furniture designs. The products of this company are well designed to fulfill the needs of your child. The variety of designs they make for cribs, beds, cots and playing furniture is very huge and stylish. Comfort too is kept at a very high priority for this company. You will be able to select exactly what fits in with your baby character because of the huge selection and variety options. They also have an online visual editor where you could choose different colors and patterns and see online how exactly your kid’s room would turn out.

Lemon Green Cute Baby Cot Furniture Design

Pink Colorful Baby Cribs And Cots Furniture Design

Nursery Kids And Baby Furniture Design

Nursery Kids And Baby Furniture Design Ideas

Nursery Kids And Baby Furniture Ideas

Nurserry Kids And Baby Furniture Design

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Barrel Chair Slipcover

Every home boasts in the glory of its interior décor, having its own look and appeal. If you are looking for giving your home a fresh aspect and a newer appearance, the idea is to twitch the furniture and decor a bit and create a whole new ambiance. There are unlimited possibilities and variations that can be done without making a hole in your pockets.

Re-decorate On a Small Budget

If you are someone who is planning to give your home a makeover without having to go through with much pain, here’s a very simple trick to do exactly that quite effortlessly! Your budget is tight, yet you wish to get a new look in your home. Do so with some changes here and some there. Re-adjusting some of the furniture and furnishings gives the home a new look.  One thing that never ceases to bring a welcome change is adding a new piece of accessory that is totally different from the rest of the décor in the room. That new addition is capable of pumping a fresh breadth of air into your home.  Another very simple way to innovate the look of your home is to give your living room furniture new furnishings.


An extremely useful accessory in your living room home décor is a barrel chair slipcover covering the chairs. It takes care of your lounge chair and gives a prodigious look to your living room. A lot of times you are pretty confused as to what should you do with your old furniture, which is strong and sturdy at the same time worn out and ruined?

It is not really desirable to let go of an expensive piece of furniture that’s sturdy just because of its timeworn exterior. You can continue to use it for many years by using slipcovers. There is a huge variety of slipcovers that are available in the market, you can shop online too and get them home delivered to your doorsteps.

Chair Slipcovers are Trendy

Here are some beautiful slip cover options that will steal your heart away at the first glance itself. You will get an astonishing variety in terms of material and design. Tailored to fit your lounge chair perfectly, without hitch they can even be stitched to your need.  Available in all kinds of fabrics, prints and colors you can actually be really innovative with the slip covers as you get to choose what you want to present. A stripped rippled fabric for your barrel chair to give a classy look or a beautiful floral fabric that is soothing to the eye. Every home exudes a different sense of style, which is actually an extension to our personality. Once you enter a house the first vibe you get is through the choice of furniture and accessories. They tell us a lot about the families approach to life.

You will be able to tie them up to your lounge chair as per the fitting needs. They give your room a new look. They enhance the interior décor giving your furniture a great support and shield. You can add some padding that will make your furniture more comfortable and livable. It is also important to change the springs so that your lounge chair breaths a new life. Just a little additions and voila! You have a great looking interior that makes you proud.


Blue Tub Chair Slipcover



Floral Wing Chair Slipcover


Before and After



Lounge Slipcover Chair And A Half




White Slipcover Lounge Chair



Old Fireplaces In Form Of Naval Mines

The below fireplaces will make your house look like a naval officers mess cause these fire places are from naval times from naval headquarters, at least that’s what they seemed to me. But actually they are a master piece creation by the famous designer and sculptor Mati Karmin. This unique and practical solution can sometimes make any interior very odd but for those who like to be odd ones out they can surely provide some warmth and coziness. There are several different styles and shapes of fireplaces and in general they are divided into two subgroups: round ones and shaped like ellipsoids. Round fireplaces feature round illuminator frames and come in diff sizes, shapes, and materials (iron, brass, aluminum). Ellipsoid fireplaces feature metal mesh doors with different density of perforation. The company also is ready to make custom shaped fireplaces depending on your needs.

Round And Ellipsoidal Fire Place From Naval Mines

Round And Ellipsoidal Fire Place From Naval Mines

Round And Ellipsoidal Fire Place From Naval Mines

Round And Ellipsoidal Fire Place From Naval Mines

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Barrel chair cushions

Designing your own home is challenging as well as inspiring. A considerable amount of effort and creativity is required for the same. While you are at it, you always try to design keeping in mind what is right for your family in terms of each member’s needs in furniture and upholstery. This is because only you know what is suitable for your use, how sturdy the table must be and how delicate the cushions and upholstery should be?

Understanding your home decor needs

A very important part of this designing process is to keep in mind how you will furnish the porch, terrace or backyard, as they are an important part of the home and must not be neglected. We are usually more focused on the living room décor as we entertain our guests in this room. But if you have a nice terrace, you can make use of the same to create an opulent and entertaining sitting area in the terrace too.

Making the right choice

While selecting the furniture, it is always ideal to go for something that is not too expensive and yet very fashionable. The fashion trends keep changing and it is ideal to invest in a product that is modern and yet authentic. It is also very clever to invest in furniture that can be easily made to look different with a little bit of expense later on, giving your home a totally different look. For example, if you decorate your outdoor or even your living room furniture with re-attachable and washable cushions, it becomes easier for you to wash and reuse them without having to hire outside help. Once you get tired of the same you can go for a different color or even print, and it will cost you peanuts!


Accessorizing is very important too; make sure you keep the look continuity with the help of the perfect accessories. Like if you are giving your living room a beach theme to create a relaxing mood, do not forget to accessorize the same with the right kind of wall hangings or lamps etc. in addition to the wall finish and furniture. Of course keeping things simple always works and it is best to keep the minimalist look to attain peace and quiet.

Barrel Chair Cushions

Here are some furniture examples showing different kinds of seating with cushions. They all look pretty as well as inviting! These pictures would make it simpler for you to understand my point!
These barrel chair cushions are incredibly stylish, keeping up with the modern furnishing styles. They come in a huge number of options and varieties, so you can use them just about anywhere. They are useful for simple chairs and chaise lounges too! They are great with the indoor décor as well as outdoor or patio furniture. You can be really innovative and express your mood through them as the upholstery choice is totally up to you. The most fascinating part of this choice is that you can change the fabric as and when you feel like to present a new home interior! You can easily play around them to your advantage.

Single Seater


Chaise Lounge

Morocco Chaise Lounge with Sunbrella

Oval Lounge Chair



Patio Seating 

morocco-sectional-armless-chair-with-sunbrella-sulfur-cushion (1)


Sectional Corner Chair




Regatta Sofa Mineral Blue Cushions



Regatta Sofa Mineral Blue Cushions For Outdoor


12 Bright and Colorful Design Inspiration for Kids’ Bedroom

Wouldn’t you like your kids’ bedroom to be a fun place to hang out in? The bedroom is, after all, where your child will spend much of his/her time – studying, playing, sleeping. So it is critical to make the room exciting and interesting for him or her.
A little bit of imagination and creativity it all it takes. Children’s bedrooms offer a canvas where you can use your imagination to the fullest extent to create an environment of playfulness and delight. Don’t even think in lines of modern, neutral or traditional style when designing the kids’ bedroom. Kids are very playful and along with a lot of outdoor gadgets like trampolines which Capital Play are well known for their indoor bedroom also matters a lot.

White Space Saving Bed with Bright Pink Theme

A bright and cheerful room will make it a place your kid enjoys spending time in. And so only important criteria is your child’s likes and dislikes – colors, themes, cartoon characters etc. Let the room reflect the personality of your child.

Pretty Pink & White Combination for Girls

You could do up the room in a particular theme – it could be a specific character theme, a color theme, or maybe something like a jungle theme – anything that’s a favourite. There a number of bedroom themes specifically for girls and boys. The most popular ones for girls are pink color theme, Barbie, Princess, Hello Kitty. And for boys – nautical, super heroes like Spiderman or Superman, night sky with stars amongst many more.

Unisex Giraffe in Jungle Theme

Cute Animal Themed Room for Girls

While some parents go to great lengths to create a magical environment, complete with themed furniture and décor, you can always brighten up a room with simple touches. Have furniture and drapes in vibrant colors. Pick colors like orange, red, sky blue, lime green.

Cheerful Digital Theme for Boys

Put up wall decals or wall décor that add pizazz to the room. These colorful accents add cheer to the room and moreover, are easily changeable given how fast kids change their minds.Remember to mix up bold and neutral colors to retain a sense of balance. Choose vibrant colors for the furniture but do stick to neutral or pastel shades for the walls – they give pleasant vibes to the room.

Bright Green Colour Shelving For Kids Bedroom

If your kids share a room, choose unisex colors like yellow, green. Create excitement by decorating their individual areas eg. Study table, closet with their favorite characters or likes. You can use stickers, wall decals or even just posters for this.

Smart Teenagers Bedroom Design Ideas

Smart Teenagers Bedroom Design Ideas

Cute Simple Kids Bedroom Designs

Cute Pink Kid Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

These bedrooms from Vertbaudet show you how you can use things like bed linen to make a dramatic difference to a room. As you can see, bright colors change the very complexion of the room. So go ahead and create a room that your kids will cherish and remember with fondness in the years to come.

Classy Modern Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Bright Colorful Kids Bedroom Designs

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Lovely Looking Loft Conversion

Some decades ago, lofts were considered not very fashionable or pretty and meant to be for the financially challenged who cannot afford better constructed proper homes. Most lofts were industrial structures with non-glamorous or unfinished look – like with open pipes, wires and walls with rough kind of finishes. Ungainly looking with high ceilings, exposed beams and support structures, these were made into houses and apartments but surprisingly which started become more and more popular in time.

Today lofts have become so much popular that condominiums are built to resemble lofts with tall looking high ceilings and every kind of latest start-of-art kind of amenity for the discerning customers. The industrial look is carefully cultivated and presented with sophisticated retro look. Today lofts are trendy places with something unique and special designs.

The original abandoned industrial structures were not so safe and so the building authorities brought into force a number of rules and regulations to eliminate a number of risks that may be present in these lofts and loft converted buildings. Today, every loft conversion alteration and addition can be started only after being sanctioned by the local authorities which they do after thorough checking and inspection.

Why are lofts so popular with the hip and happening crowd of potential home buyers? The first and foremost is the open and flexible design plan that makes the design flow throughout the home in a homogenized manner and providing a flexibility seldom achieved in the traditional homes.

Like typical contemporary plans which provide large open well lit living spaces, these converted lofts are designed to have a open type living area plan and utilize modern and minimalist décor ideas to create niches and nooks for each of the home needs. The large living area looks compact but with comfortable areas for cooking, dining, seating and even sometimes a den for reading and relaxing.

Here you can see some images of a beautifully converted loft by Irina Happy from Kiev, Ukraine, who is renowned for her expertise in graphics, interior design and architecture. Look at the efficiency of layout that gives a spacious look that makes the entire structure looks so luxurious and elegant ambiance that is added by the gleaming wooden flooring. The sitting area with wall mounted wide screen TV on the accented wall and the floating wooden wall unit as well the game table look as exquisite as the compact kitchen-dining area at the other end. How will you like living in such a beautifully designed home?

Smart Den – Loft Home
Smart Den Loft Home

Side By Side Den And Lounge
Den And Lounge

Loft Living Area – Open Design
Loft Living Area Open Design

Gorgeous Loft – Home Bar
Gorgeous Loft

Elegant Looking Loft Conversion
Elegant Looking Loft Conversion

Charming Living Area – Loft
Charming Living Area

Charming Living Area – Loft

Attractive Kitchen Loft Home
Attractive Kitchen Loft Home

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