Beautiful And Lavish Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs or Classic Bedroom Designs does not necessarily mean girls bedroom. The Lavender bedroom designs can be fit and suitable for as a master bedroom design as well as for a boys bedroom design. You can make a beginning with a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing. To make a Lavender Bedroom Or Purple Bedroom Designs you have to be very sure in choosing the right blend of lavender or purple color. If you do not want to do extra first try by using lavender or purple for only few things. May be only have purple blanket or pillow covers for your bed and see how can you digest that color. If it does make you feel comfortable then you could go ahead maybe in painting one wall purple or lavender. If that too makes the room look beautiful and cozy enough then you could use it for more furniture or painting more walls or by having lights and lamps of purple or lavender shade.

You can also try out other colors like magenta or rustic red since these two too are gaining importance in decoration your bedroom designs. This colors too would bring in a seductive hint of your favorite color. also try having some dried lavender flowers arrangement on your side of the bed; lavender has the property to create aromatherapy properties. It might even help you sleep a sound sleep while adding color to the room. Keep the comforter basic like white or chocolate brown for balance.

Let us know how did you feel after using these bright colors and we would love to share it with the readers we have for them to experiment too. If possible do send us images of your bedroom and we would be happy to share it here for comments from other people. Shown below are 6 different designs of Purple Or Lavender Color Bedroom Designs from over the world.

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Lavender Bedroom Designs And Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Marvellous Looking Mirrors Add Space And Beauty to Interior Décor

Elegant looking high quality mirrors add charm and style to your home décor. Living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom – wherever you want to add a touch of class and extra trimming, ornately framed mirrors can come handy. Ornately framed standing mirrors, mirrors fixed to the wall, over a dresser or floating mirrors – all mirrors add ambiance and space to the room, making the room bigger and brighter – reflecting the available natural and artificial lights. Mirror is a wonderful way of adding detail and character to a room without overcrowding the room. Strategically placed mirrors can actually make a room more spacious and roomy. Especially if you place the mirror opposite French windows or open doorway, it can make the room look brighter and prettier with reflected ambient natural light and a cool touch of outside greenery that adds to the beauty.

We can select the frames of the mirrors to suit the décor of the room. If you have a beautifully furnished drawing room with jazzy luxurious Victorian furniture, an exquisitely ornate mirror in gold can look gorgeous. Think how beautifully a couple of wall bracketed lights or ornamental sconces on either side can bring out the beauty of gold-tinted leaf pattern crafted frame of the mirror adding to the beauty of the room! Another room to greatly benefit from mirrors is a bathroom. You cannot deny the importance of a good quality mirror in the bathroom over the vanity, washbasin and dressing area. The best mirrors for the bathrooms are illuminated bathroom mirrors. These do double duty in the bathroom – of providing extra ambient light and work as excellent reflecting surfaces for makeup, shaving, hairdressing and other personal hygiene needs.

Here are some beautiful looking mirrors from Basset Furniture. Look at the bevelled mirror in brushed copper finish which will add to the ambience of any room. And how lovely the lace like scroll work looks! How elegant is the oval mirror surrounded by petal-like mirror pieces! All the mirrors are of exquisite quality, without any distortion or flattening effect, with great clarity and classical designs. I am sure you are keen to have some beautiful mirrors to add to your home. Do not compromise on the quality of the mirror. Though it may cost you a little more, go for high-quality distortion-free mirrors that come with assurance of long service. Mirror represents functional art wherever you place it. A framed mirror with delicate scroll details can be the best way of adding an accessory that is functional as well aesthetically beautiful.

Wonderfully & Ornately Carved in Silver Finish

Stunning Looking Mirror with Scroll Work

Oval Mirror in Wooden Frame

Mirror Petals in Oval Shape

Lovely Looking in Octagonal Frame

Intricately Done with Interwoven Circles

Cute Looking Floor Length Mirror

Country Style Mounted Mirror

Attractive Looking in Arched Frame

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Gorgeous Sofas – The Focal Point of Your Drawing Room And Living Room Furniture

Sofa is one of the most important furniture investments you will make. A sofa will be the focal point of the room – be it the drawing room where you may entertain guests formally or the living room where you and your family will practically be living in it. Whether you are looking for sofas for your drawing room or for your living room, you need to pay attention to a few basic criteria. After all, a sofa may stay with you for some years. The most important decision will be about the look you will go in for. What do you like best? Is it casual, contemporary, traditional or modern look? Does your home conform to any special style/look/decor? How have you furnished the rest of the house? All these things influence your decision. Talk to your interior decorator, go online and browse for information, go down to the furniture stores/showrooms and check out!

Once deciding about the look, you should decide about the size of the sofa. The room size and layout will decide this for you. A smaller size room or an apartment may restrict your choices. However beautiful a sofa is, it ought not to be too large for the room. Take actual measurements and discuss with the sales person or the decorator. What looks great in a store may not suit your individual room/house. When you have decided on look and size of the sofa, check out the depth and height of the seat and style. How would you like it, soft or straight back and tight? How would you prefer the fills – firm or soft? Can you lounge comfortably or snooze on it without a problem? Comfort level is such a personal thing! Try it out in the local furniture store personally and then decide. No impulsive purchases!

Now you must decide on the upholstery – fabric, vinyl or leather? A drawing room sofa ought to have rich-looking, stylish and smart-looking upholstery that goes with the decor of the room and other furniture. A living-room sofa, in a house with children and pets, needs something that can be cleaned mighty quickly. No delicate fabric or color though slip covers can help. Again what looks good may not feel good, so check thoroughly. Having decided on all the criteria, go for top quality. Better the quality, longer they will last. Here are some sofas from Look at the classic combinations. They look so elegant and beautiful. Good sofas can add so much to the ambiance and beauty of the room. Choose wisely and enjoy great comfort!

A Wonderful Looking White Sofa Set

Two Loungers for Greater Comfort

Cool Looking Gray Sofa Set & Cushions

A Graceful White for a Corner Fit

A Stunning Corner Sofa with Matching Cushions in Silver Gray
a-curved-sofa-set-to fit- corner

A Terrific Looking Sofa Set in Teal

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Season for Sharing And Caring – Send Generous Hampers

Christmas denotes sharing and caring. This is the season when all of us exchange gifts that denote neighbourliness and friendship. Exchanging gifts is one of the most important activities of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Whether it is cookies and chocolates, fruits and farm produce, wine and cheese – sharing with our near and dear ones doubles the happiness.

Preparing the gifts is one of the important activities of Christmas time. In many homes, formerly, people start weeks before all activities for making the goodies. Getting the groceries and all the things needed for baking used to be the start of the season. The smell of baking, nuts and spices will fill the air telling all the arrival of festival seasons.

But today in the hustle and bustle of city life and working parents, home baking is not all that prevalent. But today you get a variety of cookies, chocolates and all goodies in the super stores and specialty stores. There are special items made especially for Christmas time and you can actually get the custom made for your needs.

Along with these goodies, fruits, wine and cheese are other items generally sent as gifts to family, friends and acquaintances. Today we need not spend hours baking or making any of the goodies. We can get them done. Cakes and cookies, chocolates and confectionary items all are now gift-wrapped at the stores itself and sent as per your instructions.

As much as the contents of the gift hampers, the hampers themselves are quite attractive. All these stores who specialize in packing and sending the gift hampers normally stock a lot of hampers for you to choose from. From beautifully handmade wicker baskets to plastic baskets there are a number of choices available for you to choose.

Most of the baskets are look gay with festive looking wrappers and with a beautiful bow and the tag that bears the sender’s names. The fruit and farm produce baskets are packed fresh so that the contents stay fresh when the basket reaches the addressee. But still it is worth the while to check with the store that they send the fresh and good quality stuff.

Here are some beautifully packed gift hampers from Gift Basket Village. They specialize in gourmet Christmas hampers, have unique beautifully assembled gift hampers. Check what you like most?

With Best Compliments from Santa

Well Filled Gift Basket

Season’s Best for Festival

Specially Made Great Treats

Goodies to Celebrate Christmas

Gifts Galore for Christmas

Farm Fresh Fruits

Crackers and Cookies

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Kitchen Design in Wood and Lacquer

This neat piece of kitchen furniture comes in complete wood and lacquer finish. The finishing of this range of kitchen systems is top of the class. The wooden partitions and panels with aluminum handles are in perfect sync with the black colored glass panels and black stainless steel exhaust head. The kitchen counter top are made of black jaipur stone which makes it extremely sturdy, reliable and durable. Along with excellent functionality this design provides comfortable ergonomics and high quality in workmanship of every minute element from the steel handles to the table top to the classic handpicked veneer on the kitchen system.







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Smart Furniture Design Multifunctional Table

Contemporary furniture industry has many talented and futurist furniture designers who can offer many options in terms of style, design and features. One of the latest trends is smart multifunctional furniture design. Smart furniture is designed to fulfill your unique needs and choices. Smart furniture can be customized as per your personal requirements. Multifunctional furniture is advantageous for small apartments or cramped spaces. Also they offer interesting features and new looks. Featured here are some multifunctional designer tables. Expandable table featured below is a handcrafted round table with a unique mechanism made of quality wood. It can expand its seating capacity just by rotating the outer perimeter. At the existing size the table can accommodate six persons. After expansion the seating capacity doubles to twelve. It takes only three seconds to expand or reduce the size. Each table needs installation at site. It comes as an assortment of different pieces weighing 220kg.

Tavi The Magazine Table is a multifunctional table that can be used as coffee table and magazine rack. Its unique design is attractive with standard legs on one side and the velum leg on the other side. A sack like formation by keeping magazines functions as another leg. Transparent glass top with bright colored velum looks attractive. Designer Vered Zaykovsky has come up with an innovative idea to recycle old magazines. The Magazine Coffee Table is a small table that can be put up instantly just by weaving 6 magazines as a base for the glass top. The Case Coffee Table is a cute portable table that folds itself into a case. It is made of birch wood and spring loaded locking hinges. The table looks delicate but it can hold up to 100lbs. it is a blessing for small apartments.

The Bookleaf Table designed by Greg Bergere is another handcrafted wooden table available in three types of wood that are walnut, oak, cherry or bamboo. The table comes with stylish ebony legs. It has two slots on both the sides to place books. It looks elegant and trendy in a minimalist room. Table Bench designed by Hans de Pelsmacker is a little table ideal for kids room. It has two small seats with a top in the center. Kids can think of some novel ways to utilize this small table. Modern Coffee Table is a beautiful black multifunctional table that can be used as coffee table and to store books, magazines etc. It comes with the options to choose size and style. You can customize the table as per your needs and space. The Gemelli Coffee Table is a very elegant looking coffee table made of glass and steel. Two glass tops are fixed in such a way that they can be opened into two tables and put together as one after use.

Smart Furniture Design Gemelli Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Modern Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Table Bench

Smart Furniture Design Bookleaf Table

Smart Furniture Design Case Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Magazine Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Coffee Table with Curves

Smart Furniture Design Tavi Table

Smart Furniture Design Expandable Table

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