Rattan Furniture – Nature’s Gift for Your Home

Amongst the wide array of wood or natural furniture that’s available, rattan holds a special place. Rattan has been a perennial favourite for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Light, durable and elegant, they are a charming choice, especially for a traditional or rustic décor style.

If you have ever wondered what this material is then here is a quick introduction. Rattan is a plant vine that belongs to the palm family usually found in tropical climes. It comes from the Malay word, roton. It is an extremely malleable material, which when heated can be woven intro intricate patterns. When it cools, it becomes stiff and sturdy. This quality makes it an ideal material for furniture.

Rattan is used to make every kind of furniture – be it chairs, beds or rockers. Most popular are rattan armchairs and sofa sets. They are highly preferred as they are very comfortable and versatile. They come in a numerous colours as they can be easily painted.. Teamed with bright and colourful upholstery and pillows they can brighten up any room.

Given their versatility, they can blend into any kind of décor in your house. You can use rattan to add a touch of traditional elegance to your décor even if you have an overall contemporary look. The incredible variety in weaves means you can get as ornate or as simple as you desire, so that it fits in with the look you have.

Rattan furniture are especially suitable for outdoor as they can withstand all weather conditions and can be moved easily. Once treated with a special resin, they are protected from the harmful effects of sun or rain. They blend in wonderfully with the environment, and highlight the natural beauty of outdoors.

Apart from natural rattan, today synthetic rattan is also available. Synthetic rattan maintains the look of natural rattan but can be produced at a fraction of the cost. Made from resin and plastic, these are even more durable than natural rattan furniture. This is especially applicable for outdoor furniture, as it withstands sun and rain better than its natural counterpart!

Cleaning rattan furniture, whether natural or synthetic is hassle-free. A simple dust-off with a soft cloth is enough. But since dust can get trapped in the woven fabric, it must be done regularly. One can also vacuum so as to remove any hard-to-remove dust trapped in the weaves. While buying, it is important to ensure that the rattan furniture you buy is professional sealed and finished. This will ensure that the material remains protected in the necessary process of wear and tear.

Below is a sample of the wide variety of rattan furniture available today. AmericanRattan shows us just how versatile and beautiful they are.

White Rattan Rocker & Love Seat

Striking White & Green Rattan Sofas & Coffee Table

Simple & Elegant Sofa Set

Outdoor Rattan Set With Two-Seater Sofas

Elegant Dark Wood Rattan Dining Set

Elaborately Designed White Rattan Sofa Set

Dark & Simple Rattan Bedroom Set

Cosy & Comfortable Armchair

Complete Bedroom Set In Rattan

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Get a Beautiful Unique Furniture to Bring Distinction to Your Home


Can you bring in rare and unique wooden furniture – like a table, desk or display table and include it successfully in your existing furniture and get it blended aesthetically? Can you do a mix and match between different styles of furniture – like contemporary looking and antique style tables and make it look still beautiful and balanced without making us regret why we purchased at all? There are times when you look at a non-conventional looking table and like it immensely and want to buy it. Even if you have furnished the house in an entirely different style, you can still bring a fresh look and different but great ambiance by shifting the decor to focus on the new furniture which can be a tall side table, a room divider, a dining table or even a living room display table.

By carefully choosing the placement of the new purchase and juxtaposing it wisely with the existing furniture, you can shift the focus and provide a different themed look to the entire room. If the new table looks unique and beautiful with all kind of crafted and carved details, like antiques, get a couple of beautiful upholstered dining chairs to go with the table in the dining room. If it is a beautiful bar-table height counter table, put it against the wall with a couple of bar stools to be used as bar tables for casual dining. Sometimes it can be a free-standing wall cabinet which can be used in the dining room for storing your precious stemware, cutlery and crockery as well for displaying beautiful curios and some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase.

Whatever be the furniture you are introducing, it can blend with the existing furniture, style and still look great. Only do not bring in two bold and clashing styles or color finishes as they may not blend together. A natural/ light-colored finish can go very well with any dark-stains of wood and set each other off nicely. Maybe you can ask your interior decorator to ask for ideas of how to mix and match. Here are some unique and beautiful looking tables, display tables with bookcases, dining tables from Carpanelli. Look at the glass topped dining table with beautiful finely carved pedestal. Don’t you think the arched cabinet looks so pretty? And look at the richly done in-lay work on the oval table top! All the tables are finished superbly with exquisite workmanship. Bring home such beautiful-looking furniture and add to the elegance and beauty of your home!

Wonderful Inlay Work

Unique Shaped Table

Room Divider Cabinet

Pub Height Counter Table with Carving Details

Exquisite Looking Glass Topped Table

Table with Classic Inlay Work

Beautifully Crafted SideBoard and Dining Table

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Lovely Silks – Drapes And Spreads

Gracious looking bedrooms with gorgeous bedspreads and drapes can be the stuff dreams are made of. Every woman just loves to have a gorgeous bedroom with silk sheets and sheer drapes. Furnishing the bedroom elegantly and sophisticatedly takes quite a bit of planning and research. Hotchpotch kind of a décor will make the entire home look shoddy.

What are the most important features of furnishing your bedroom? Once you have got a solid and comfortable bedstead, search out for the most comfortable mattress and then it is your choice to add to these basics. A couple of side tables and a built-in or a walk-in wardrobe and if you have some more space, an accent chair/sectional will complete the basic furniture of your bedroom.

The decorative and ornamental features come now. How you furnish your bed, your sectional will show your taste and character. How you do the windows can make the room airy, light and welcoming. Likewise what kind of bed linen you are using for your bed again will make a lot of difference to the way your bedroom is going to look.

Not just your bed linen but the cushions, bolsters, rugs and throws can make a splash of colour in an otherwise sober room. How you are going to decorate the wall? Wall décor – paints have a lot of influence in setting the mood of the room. Though it is essential to have soothing blues or light beiges, creams, you can add a vivid, deep contrast to one wall to make a dramatic effect.

How do you think you will use the windows to enhance the look of your bedroom? You should have double layers of curtains – one sheer or lace – so when you want to allow the light to stream in you should be able to draw back the silk or heavy drapes that otherwise you use on them. When needed you should make a cosy nest and when u like have daylight streaming in.

Here are some beautiful drapes and bed linen from La Drape. The bedspreads look stunningly beautiful in myriad colours – cool and contemporary blues and pinks – or rich traditional jacquards and silks – with quilted effect and throw-over corner details. These are fitted sheets and bordering and piping details to make your bedroom a place one dreams about.

Do you think you will like one for your home?

Top Class Looks in Pinks and Green

Rich and Traditional Brocade and Silk

Rich and Regal Looking Quilted Cover

Pretty Looking Floral in Blues and Pinks

Olive Green Silk, Candles and Mirrors

Gorgeous in Rusts, Brown and Orange

Cool and Contemporary Looking in Blue – White
cool and-contemporary-looking-in-blue-white

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Storage Organizers for Keeping Clutter Away in Your Home Maintenance

Orderliness and tidy look can be only achieved if we methodically and periodically remove clutter from the house on a regular basis. Organizing must be done frequently as there can be too much accumulation of items as we keep buying more and more. Especially with the kind of small houses and studio apartments we have, storage options are not many.

How to keep the shelves and cabinets neat and tidy? Keep checking your entire kitchen for things that are out of date, recipes that you do not use, broken china that should be thrown away, bent and tarnished cutlery and cracked crockery. Check that you are not stocking old flour, creamers, and other stuff with expired date of manufacturing.

Ruthlessly start throwing things that you will not need at all. Put in a carry bag things that are in good condition but not presently used by you and things that you no longer are using as much as before to be given away. Change the paper lining after thoroughly cleaning it and giving it a lick of paint if needed.

Likewise in the bedroom and bathroom closets and bedroom wardrobe cabinets, check for stuff that are not your size now, that you no longer use now, things that are out of your present dress mode and stuff you have not used in the past six months. Throw away what cannot be used and pack in a carry bag what can be given away to others,

Now that you have got rid of the clutter that takes precious space, check whether you need more storage space. You can have some floating shelves or open shelves that you can stake against the wall in your living room, dining room or bedroom for additional storage. Pretty-looking floating shelves can be fitted in the foyer as well over console tables etc.

Check how good-looking the old shelves are. Give a touch of paint if needed in the same matching colour scheme as the flooring or other furniture in the room. Check what things you can keep on the shelves. Arrange the items beautifully and aesthetically so that the room has an enhanced look. Get a vase of fresh and fragrant flowers for a touch of aesthetics.

Here are some beautiful organizers and shelves from Smart Furniture. All of them are good looking and will add grace and beauty to your home. Which is your favourite?

Under Stair Organizers for Knickknacks

Simple Organizer for Kitchens

Roomy Organizer for Living Room

Organizing Your Book Collection

Organizer to Keep Stemware Etc

Living Room Organizer for Books and Curios

Elegant Dining Room Organizer

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Lavish And Luxurious Living Room Designs And Concepts

There are lot of ways to make your living room designs lavish and luxurious. You could use many small things to create your living room beautifully. These small things too make a big difference compared to the central elements. Apart from the TV or LCD Unit and a luxurious soft sofas or three piece sofa with chairs, a nice glass center table with an amazing wooden hand crafted base, the smaller elements like shelves of books, the photos in frames, the souvenirs from travels etc can add tremendous zeal and smartness to your Living Room Designs. Apart from these too there are various things, which agree with pleasures and taste of every family. If it is a big amount of small things around visual center, the brightness of these other smaller elements can quell another element which is more valuable and more functional.

If you have a habit to show all nice sundry, so value them no less then, just say, the television set, the center of your room and give the separate place for sundry. Adding a small designer carpets instead of a end to end carpet also make your living room stand out. The flooring of living room should be either in wooden base or white marble or Italian marble. These combination of flooring is a lethal combination to make your Living Room Luxurious.

If you would like to have more ideas on Living Room Furniture click here.

Lavish And Luxurious Living Room Designs And Concepts

Lavish And Luxurious Red And Black Living Room Designs And Concepts

Lavish And Luxurious Red And White Living Room Designs And Concepts

Exclusive Elegant And Luxurious Living Room Designs And Concepts

Lavish And Luxurious Living Room Designs And Concepts

Lavish And Luxurious Living Room Designs And Concepts

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Stylish Walk In Bathtub For Bathroom

bath design ideas

This walk-in bathtub is one amazing creative solution for a small bathroom. It fits into a wall just like a wash basin and would not occupy space with its bulgy body. It has been designed by MAXX Professional and it features a safety grab rails, slip resistant floor, and chrome waste with chrome overflow. It has a comfortable seat with an elevated back rest which makes your bathing very comfortable and relaxing even in such small bathtub. Besides, the bathtub could be complemented with a whirlpool heater, a chromo therapy light system, and a water heater. With all these amazing features and benefits gone are the days of having bulky hug bathtub.

Space Saving Bathroom Design Ideas
bath design ideas

stylish bathtub

Space Saving Bathroom Design Ideas – Walk In Bath Tub
stylish bathtub

stylish bathrooms

Creative And Attractive Bathroom Design Ideas
stylish bathrooms

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