Entertain in Style – With Beautiful Bar Counter Ideas

Gone are the days when people considered bar stools and bar tables only are to be seen in bistros, bars, cafeterias or a pub. Today all homeowners who are forward in furnishing their homes look forward to have bar stools and tables in their homes – for their own use – to stock with their precious stock of wine and whiskey and stem ware and for entertaining their friends and visitors.

Simple Elegant Bar Counter Design

Especially the bar stools are the uber chic in seating arrangement for the kitchen counter breakfast nooks and lunch areas. Slightly taller than the average bar stool – definitely quite taller than the routine dining chairs, these 26-30 inch tall stools are the best for the informal kind of eating that is generally done today at the kitchen counter or kitchen island tops.

Designer Bar Counter At Home

You can have a variety of stools in any colour you want, in any finish you like and in any model – like whether with back or backless, in frames wooden, metal or a combo of both, with or without arm rests, with or without foot rests and finally whether you want it a stationary kind or a swivel kind and with height adjustments and upholstery options as well.

Classic Modern Bar Design At Home

Bar counters are generally considered to be 36 to 40 inches high and some may be one or two inches more with a tiered counter tops. You can have a variety of countertops for your bar counter. You can have a deep overhang so that you can keep the backless kind of bar stools kept under the overhang when not in use for more elbow room.

Metallic Celebrity Bar Design

Bar tables and stools must be compatible in their heights for comfortable seating. If you have a deep and extended overhang, you may need taller stools to sit comfortably and eat and drink with easy reach. If you have really beautiful and designer kind of bar stools, a short overhang can facilitate showing off the beautiful barstools.

Wooden Contemporary Antique Bar Design Ideas

Here are some images for beautiful looking bar counters and bar stools from In-Style Furniture. Backless and with back stools, with adjustable heights and foot rests, with beautiful upholstery, match very nicely with elegant looking bar counters.

Bar Stools with Metal Back Support

Sleek Double Layer Counter Bar Table Stool

Tallish Bar Stools with Foot Rest and Handles

Full Buff Metal Finish Bar Table with Stool

Elegant Bar Table Stool in Black and Metal

Curvy Bar Table Stool & Matching side-Table

Bar Table Stool in Hardwood Finish

Bar counters – some in wood finish like cherry, maple and oak or in metal with buffed steel or black metal finish will bring elegance to your home without fail.

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Water Lily Dining Chair By Hardwood Furniture

A very sophisticated and refined piece of hardwood furniture called the Water Lily Dining Chair from New Leaf. It has beautiful traditional crafts with some clean modern design. Designed and handcrafted by New Leaf Furniture, the chairs feature a bent chair-back that is as comfortable and elegant. The arching back acts as a natural lumbar support before it sweeps down to the floor. The thin plank legs support a large padded cushion in fabulous modern graphic print design. Crafted by a team of three female designers, these chairs can be ordered in any sustainable hardwood and designs.

Designer Wooden Chair For Dining Table Use

Dining Table And Chair Set Design

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Designer Wood Table With A Creative Touch

A very famous New York based artist Nico Yektai has an art to create artistic and complicated furniture from solid wood. The desk shown below surely bends the rules to modern furniture design and th wood seems to come alive in the artist`s vision. As I mentioned above complicated, by that I mean the drawers have been pulled with everything else and they open in different directions forcing the person to surrender to the desire of the desk since their preconceived notion of pulling the drawers straight out does not get the drawer open. Watching the moment always puts a smile on my face. It is a boon to have such artistic furniture in your home cause it surely makes people feel jealous of your interiors.

Solid Hardwood Teak Wood Decorative Furniture Design

Solid Hardwood Teak Wood Decorative Wooden Furniture

Classy Decorative Furniture Design

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Welcome Spring Season And Sunshine with Pretty Looking Outdoor Furniture

How would you like to enjoy the coming spring time? Spending a weekend lazing around in the sun on fabulous-looking loungers? Would you not love some gorgeous patio furniture for sitting in the sun? Now that spring is arriving, it is the best time to soak up some sunshine.

Some sleek futuristic lounge chairs, loungers, and garden chairs are the very things to welcome the spring weather and sunshine after a long winter! Worried you do not have a huge house with lots of balconies and garden space? No problem, here is a selection of chic furniture that will just fit into small patios or your front/back yard garden.

A beautifully furnished patio adds a new look to your outdoors. They add such an elegant touch to the outside ambiance.  Look at the glass-enclosed patio so beautifully designed. What an attractive addition to the living space of your house it can be! It looks so warm and invitingly furnished! How heavenly to spend a quiet evening in the patio reading a book!!

Those pristine-looking easy-chairs in white look so cool on the lawn and patio. Chairs – low, wide & big – look so inviting and perfect for a stretch and snooze during sunny weekends. The futuristic-looking loungers in aluminum are also great favorites. This kind of patio furniture looks good, feels great, and is light-weight & sturdy!

A warm spring day is meant for relaxing in the sunshine near the swimming pool. A nice pair of sturdy and light-weight chairs with a small coffee-table is perfect for a cosy coffee-break near the cool pool. These pretty-looking additions to your outdoor furniture are available in beautiful and elegant shades.  They add a touch of class and color to your outdoor furniture.

Are you spending a day in the garden? Wouldn’t you love this pair of loungers? The fabulous-looking loungers can fit perfectly in your garden, terrace or balcony. What a comfortable-looking chair for sitting in the garden on a spring day! These roomy chairs in full black or white are a must to add to your outdoor furniture.

All these pretty-looking patio chairs are welcome additions to any house.  Talk to your favorite interior designer to know what can be the perfect and tailor-made addition to your outdoor furniture. Check out the latest and most creative options that are available today. Enjoy the spring and sunshine in great style!

Pool Side Picnic And Party Chairs

White Lounge Type Garden Furniture

Stylish Garden Chair For Enjoying The Sun

Glass Enclosed Patio With Beautiful Patio Furniture

Fabulous Futuristic Sun Lounging Chair

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Transform your bedroom into a place of beauty

This summer, why not turn your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity:a room you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to relax, rejuvenate and just spend time alone with your thoughts or spend precious moments with your loved one. Bedrooms are increasingly becoming more than just somewhere to store your clothes and to lay your head at night. Instead, more and more people are transforming bedrooms into an extra area of living space within their home and are experiencing the joy that comes from giving their bedroom a touch of tender, loving care.

Summer 2013 is set to be full of the latest interior design trends for bedrooms. With the focus being on a feeling of space and openness, take care not to clutter your room remembering, at all times, the phrase ‘less is more’. This summer is going to see an increase in demand for something out of the ordinary, leaving behind anything remotely dull or droll. Think cathedral ceilings, walk in wardrobes with oodles of space for your summer outfits and footwear, his and her sinks, strategically placed television screens (facing the bathtub should do the trick!).

To add to the sense of luxury, why not indulge in a mini fridge or a pop-up TV screen at the end of your bed. Think of the nicest hotel room you have ever stayed in and take inspiration from that. Summer 2013 really is about moving away from the norm and transforming your bedroom into somewhere quite special… a place of peace and tranquillity, not just for the end of the day but for anytime you need to step away from the chaos of everyday life. 

In larger bedrooms, separate designated sitting areas are increasingly popular and spaces under the window can also be turned into love seats, with silk cushions or velveteen throws. Blackout blinds have always been popular, aiding a good night’s sleep, and – if you have the space – a beautiful fireplace makes a wonderful main feature. 

When choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom, emeralds, greys and pastel colours are to be the trend of the season, while multiple textures on walls and surfaces are increasingly popular. Wall to wall carpet is less in favour with a notable preference being wooden floors and luxurious rugs.

This summer, devour our hints and tips, and make this the year you transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity.

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Wonderful Looking Lamps for Making Your Home Look Radiant

Lighting is one of the most important features in your home décor. You should so arrange that there is a lamp every ten feet or so in that there will be enough ambient lighting generally and you will have a task light where it is most needed. Table lamps, wall lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers and pendant lamps all are good sources of light for your home.

If you are using a pedestal lamp positioned in one corner of the room, there may be some chances of shadows if the pedestal is not tall enough. A tall pedestal lamp with a transparent or translucent paper or a fabric lamp shade can give a good amount of lighting with a glow. Make sure that the pedestal lamps have solid base and properly and safely wired.

When you place a lamp on a coffee table or a side table, make sure that it is not positioned in between so that people sitting on either side are not able to view each other clearly. Also the height of the lamp should be correct. The shade must be at a level so that there is no glare hitting the eyes of people sitting in chairs next to it.

Along with a chandelier or a pendant lamp over the dining room, it will be a good idea to have a desk lamp on the sideboards or a couple of wall sconces on either side of dining table so you have enough light to see what are the dishes/drinks on the sideboard etc. You can have some of the lamps that resemble candles in the chandelier.

If you want to have a lamp in your bedroom, you should see to it that you have a power switch near the bed so you do not have to get up to switch off when you are sleepy. You can position a couple of reading lamps near the headboard – if the headboard does not have built-in lights. A dimmer switch can help reduce the light if you are used to watching TV while lying on the bed.

Here are some beautiful looking lamps from Melody Maison Co. You can see how beautiful wall sconce looks. There are other lamps with bird sculptures, and other designs. The pleated red gingham style shade looks really fabulous and so is the lamp with the linen shade. Don’t you think your bedroom will look nice with the lamp with a pewter base?

Wall Mounted Lamp with Shade

Tulip Patterned Table Lamp

Prettily Designed Wall Sconces

Pewter Based Table Lamp

Bird Design and with Red Gingham

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