Opulent And Sparkling Chandeliers Give a Rich, Luxurious Look to Your Home

Glass and crystals, combined with metal create the magic of chandeliers. A chandelier can transform an ordinary looking living room into an opulent and luxurious living room. It is an important decorative lighting accessory to any room. It can be the focus of the room-décor – sparkling and glitzy, adding allure and style. Imagine how pretty the sparkling crystal on the dining table will look reflecting the chandelier’s glitter and sparkle! You have to buy the correct size chandelier to suit the room where you plan to hang the chandelier. The thumb rule is that the diameter of the chandelier should be the sum of room length and breadth but in inches. A mini chandelier can get lost in a too big room or look too dominating in a small room. But it is better to go in for a bigger size as they look smaller when they are hanging from the ceiling. It should be at least 7-8 feet above ground level, if not higher.

There are many chandelier styles like antique, contemporary, crystal, country, rustic, lodge and Tiffany. They can have lights ranging from pendant shades, crystal shades, candlestick shades and more. The metal fittings can be either in powder-coated or brushed finish ranging from bronze, copper, and nickel, gold or silver. Crystals used in the chandeliers can be gem-cut, hand-cut or moulded. Smaller shades in various colours add to the beauty avoiding glare. A chandelier functions as an accent light – more of a decorative light. And chandeliers alone cannot light the entire room sufficiently. It gives a diffuse and soft kind of a light adding to the romance and grandeur. You need to provide supportive lights to augment the ambient light; provide other lights like wall sconces and recessed lighting to give enough ambient light so the room is not dingy.

Here are some beautiful looking chandeliers from Lighting Direct. Satin nickel finish and oil rubbed bronze finish are some of the finishes used for these chandeliers. Trimmings like octagon heads, arrows, tubes, French pendeloques, beads, grapes and ovals are used to embellish the chandeliers. Some are done with a gold finish and some with nickel finish. All are high-quality products and come with base bulbs, open hooks and chains. Check for quality when you are buying chandeliers. Any imperfections like bubbles, flakes, chips or scratches in the glass and crystals will be very visible when lit. But a perfectly manufactured chandelier is a piece of art that will bring beauty and ambience to your home.

With Crystal Drops and Bronze Finish

Shells and Candlestick Lights

Quietly Elegant with Crystal Drops

Great Looking Cut Glass Shades

Gorgeous in Gold and Cream

Cute Looking with Candle Stick Shades

Branch Lights with Brass Finish

Beige Shades Looking Pretty

Attractive Looking in Arc Pattern

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Sofas – Major Attraction in Your Living Room Furniture

When you furnish your living room, major portion of the budget may be spent on the sofas that you are going to put in the living room. Whatever the budget, either for the all new purchase of the sofas or for making it over again to enhance its looks and the overall ambiance of the room, it requites time and effort to think and plan about them.

Wonderful Loveseat in Wine Red

If you have a big and spacious house, the choices are aplenty. You can have a 7-piece sofa set – with two big size sofas and four single ones and along with that another love seat of a smaller couch for extra measure. You can have accessories that match these pieces, all occasional table sets and matching upholstered ottoman or footstool for a complete look.

Stripes and Khaki Brown Upholstery

But if you have a small house or a studio apartment and have a regular crunch for space then all the difficulties start. Especially if you are living in the top floors of high-rise apartments, you have plan a lot of things and check a lot about available space in the home, in the elevator – whether you can bring it around t the corners, to assemble it after it is brought home.

Elegantly Furnished Living Room

Cool Looking in Blues and Whites

For small apartments, apartment sofas or love seats come very handy. If you have a studio apartment, again you have measure and re-measure the space where you are going to have living area focussed and check whether you can have a three seater and a love seat or a two seater and only one or two single sofas and an occasional ottoman thrown in.

Check Patterned in Russet and Brown

What can be the upholstery you think you will like best for the sofas? Leather can look great in any room and if well-selected and genuine, and well maintained, it can stay good for long years to come adding vintage charm as it ages mature looking great. A leather sofa set looks always in fashion whatever the style of the house may be.

Charming in Coffee Brown
charming in-coffee-brown

Upholstering with fabrics also looks great. Prints, floral with or self woven designs, checks and stripes are some choice you can look into. Solids also can look great. Silks, brocade, velvet, satin and cotton, are some choice but today the most popular is microfiber. They last long, have fast colour and retain their look and shape.

Attractive Tan Coloured Sofas
attractive in-tan-coloured-sofas

Here are some beautiful sofas for you to choose from Broyhill Furniture. Check what you like most!

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8 Amazing Wall Decals For Living Room Walls

If you want a make a quick décor makeover or remodeling without involving too much expenses, wall decals may be a good choice. Especially if you are living in rented premises or as a paying guest where constructional or permanent décor change is not allowed, wall decals come in handy. They are removable without harming the wall surface on which they had been applied to. The wall decals available today can be fixed to any surface. Some of them come with specific instructions and with adhesives for sticking it on the walls. Some come ready with glue applied, can be peeled off and pasted on the wall. Large-size wall decals are not easy to be pasted singlehandedly and may need some help for application which you can get from the decal supplier.

There are glass decals, vinyl decals, tattoo decals, sticker decals and many more. Unlike painting or stenciling a design – which is permanent, most wall decals are repositionable from one place to another. When you reposition your furniture for a different look, you can remove a wall decal and reposition to suit the decor. Wall decals when applied expertly, look as gorgeous as painted. Now that wall decals are the rage, you can plan one for each room in your house according to your wish from the innumerable patterns, sizes and finishes. These stock-designed decals can be customized by the supplier to match the colour scheme of each room and to any size you require. Some are as small as a tattoo; some natural scenery decals are blown up to cover an entire wall of a room.

Decals come in many varieties – right from cartoon characters for your toddlers to superman/ spider-man for your teenagers. You can custom order your wall decals from your personal photographs – any photo can be converted into wall decal. Most of them have a transparent tone, not blocking light if applied on a glass. Most wall decals do not leave a residue or damage the paintwork/walls when they are removed. Here are some beautiful looking wall decals from WALLTAT. Look at the beautiful wall decals, how lovely they all look? They can be applied anywhere you like. Put it indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, on your doors, verandas or glass partitions. Don’t they look so attractive and pretty?

I am sure you are already planning to refurbish your home with some stunning and beautiful looking wall decals. Aren’t you?

Great Looking Ginkgo Flowers on Wall Decal

Pretty Looking Prairie Vegetation on Wall Decal

Stunning Looking Wall Decal with Skinny Tree

Interesting Looking Garden on Wall Decal
gracious garden-like-wall-decals

Branches and Magnificent Blossoms on Wall Decal

Branch with Beautiful Flying Birds on Wall Decals

Branch with Beautiful Flowers on Wall Decal

Beautiful Looking Bamboo Leaves Wall Decal

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Great Furniture for Your Kids’ Rooms

Once the children grow-up they love to have their rooms furnished the way they want. Actually very young children are not all that keen about how much you are spending on furnishing their room. All they are expecting is that it comes up to their idea of a dream room for themselves. So it is best to involve them in the process of choosing furniture, furnishing and accessories for their rooms.

With the space restriction that comes along with the small spaces we have today, many a time siblings have to share room. Sometimes kids’ room size can be really small – maybe just a minuscule area. Even if it is only a tiny alcove or a attic like room, a child would love the privacy his room gives and loves all the more to have a space all his own.

The operating principle will be space optimization. You have to try and make a study area, sleeping area as well as storage area in one tiny room. Bunk beds are great even if you have only one child. The lower area can be utilized as a table with storage space underneath and the upper portion – neatly furnished as a bed with safety rails etc.

Today beds come with underneath storage options that can contain any likely clutter usually happening in small spaces. You can check out beds with trundle options for accommodating your child’s friend occasionally. Floating shelves and floating desktops are good options leaving precious floor space free for that open uncluttered look.

Presently children furniture section has grown in leaps and bounds. Entire stores are selling furniture exclusively devoted only to children. Separate furniture design lines are devoted for kids’ furniture, right from baby stage, toddlers, pre teens, teens etc differently for boys, girls and twins etc, much to the delight of both parents and the children.

Here you see some very pretty-looking kids’ furniture from Kids’ Room. The corner bunk-bed with a sturdy-looking ladder and a designed safety rail will be particularly attractive to your boy. The popular below-bed storage option is very welcome in both boys and girls rooms for storage. And the open floating shelf above the writing table looks pretty as well functional.

I am sure you are keen to makeover your kids room in a way it makes you happy and leave the child hugely satisfied to have what he/she exactly wanted!

Kids Room Study Table & Chair

Kids Room Storage Shelf

Kids Room Storage Shelf for Books and Toys
kids-room-shelf-for storage-and-toys

Kids Room Pretty Chair Table

Kids Room Corner Bunk Bed with Storage

Kids Room Complete Set in White

Kids Room Bed With Trundle Bed

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Bespoke Beds Make Your Bedroom More Beautiful

sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Sometimes we have rooms where a standard size bed may not comfortably fit in. Like a corner room with a semi circular wall or with a longish area, where not much option is available for putting up a double or twin bed. If we put up standard-size bed, then we may not have any area left to walk around or use it sensibly. Here is where we may need a bespoke bed! A bespoke bed is also a custom-made bed – more so in that it is made essentially for you and especially to fit your kind of a room. You can actually make it look simple, elegant and attractive. It is just that it enables you to use the room more sensibly and economically so that we will not waste premium space – what we may do without the exactly measure-to-order bespoke bed.

You can get specially created oak beds as bespoke beds or use other solid wood as basic material for making the bespoke bed. You can get specially ordered headboard details on your bespoke bed so that you are able to get the best designed bespoke bed. Many times, all furniture the room able to hold will be just the bespoke bed only. You can actually plan to have some nice bedside table and night stands that match your bespoke bed along with a matching ottoman. You can custom-order the headboard and footer to be fitted with the exact kind of upholstery you may choose. You can have a quilted, or a buttoned down headboard that looks nice and is filled with microfiber foam for firmness.

Since bespoke beds may not adhere to strict standard sized beds, furnishing for the bespoke bed may take more search than the usual off-the-store purchase we do it with standard beds. But today there are enough choices available in getting complete ensembles for your bespoke bed. Custom-tailored bed linen, skirts, cushions, bolsters – all are available. Tere are some beautiful looking bespoke beds from Feather and Black. Look at the beautifully upholstered headboards in solid colours as well their footboards. The elegant patterns created with button studded details and quilted effects make the headboards add to the beauty of the room. The printed pattern and striped floral pattern also look very elegant.

I am sure you also may like to have a bespoke bed for your special bedroom furniture needs. Do you think you like one of the above beds?

Wonderful Looking White and Stripes

Sophisticated Looking Grey and Brown
sophisticated-looking-grey-and brown

Pretty Looking Pink Floral and White

Elegant Looking Pink and Beige

Cool Looking Blue and White Combo

Attractive Looking Red White and Tan

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Comfortable Sofa Set For Living Room With LED Lights

led lights living room

Colico very famous Italian furniture manufacturer who has more than 95 years of history to its name has yet again come up with an amazing piece of living room sofa set. With all its experience, the company creates very practical and good looking furniture for indoors and outdoors. The Light Sofa shown below is called the Asami collection and it is one of their latest products. The sofa is very soft and comfortable and besides that features built-in LED lights. These LED lights are called as mood lights which can be handled via remote control. They have 7 fixed colors and an extra rotation of 21. The sofa is also very versatile. It features a modular design that lets you go as big or as shapely as you need to. There is also an outdoor version of the Asami Light Sofa that could withstand harsh weather conditions. With such sofa your living room, home theater or lounge zone will never be the same.

living room led lighting

Designer Sofa Set With LED Lights For Living Room Designs
led lights living room

Creative And Stylish Sofa Set With LED Lights For Living Room Designs
living room led lighting

led lights for room

Cool Creative Sofa Set With LED Lights For Living Room Designs
led lights for room

Fancy Stylish Sofa Set With LED Lights For Living Room Designs

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