How a Flat Pack House Can Benefit the Environment

Flat pack houses have become a popular choice today. Because these houses can be constructed of a number of different materials, they are considered to be very environmentally friendly. Of course, materials are not the only reason why flat pack houses have become so popular. If you are looking for a house that offer a number of environmental benefits, flat pack houses are an excellent choice and here is why:

1. Energy Efficiency – Flat pack houses are very energy efficient. In fact, they are specifically designed to provide a high level of energy efficiency. They offer advanced insulating capabilities that give you more energy savings than other housing designs. Flat pack abodes can insulate up to six times more effectively than homes constructed of brick so you have no worries of expensive insulation and you get the best weather seal available to keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.
2. Air Tightness – They offer air tightness that helps to shield your home from the elements. This means that your heating and cooling system will not have to work overtime just to keep your home’s temperatures warm. They are typically manufactured out of timber and they offer workable sustainable living aspects as well.
3. Minimising Shipping and Manufacturing Needs – Finally, flat pack houses help to bring down the need for shipping materials to a building site. You can purchase a self-build kit or a house nearly complete which helps you to save money and virtually eliminates the need for buying different building materials and having them all shipped to you separately. It saves you time and money and keeps pollution and other environmental problems at bay by eliminating excess shipping and manufacturing.

You can see that there are a number of environmental advantages to flat pack housing. They offer much more affordability in terms of building. You can find many high end flat pack kits for as low as just £55,000. Although you will need to also calculate the cost of your land, you can see a major savings in flat pack houses versus traditionally built homes. Flat pack houses enable you to help protect the environment, live in a beautiful home and keep a bit of cash in your pocket at the same time.

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Beautiful Bathtubs For Gorgeous Bathroom Design

Bathrooms may be small sized or big, traditional looking or contemporary; but nobody can deny the importance of furnishing the bathrooms as comfortably as possible. When the bathroom layout is efficiently planned out in the initial stages, you can be sure of having a well laid out and well furnished bathroom that will give long years of service.

Depending on the size of the bathroom you can manage the layout that will optimally utilize the space available and comfortably position the three most important aspects of the bathroom – the sink, toilet and the shower-tub facilities. Whether you can plumb along the same wet wall or on different walls will depend on the size of the room and your design also.

Bathtub is very important furniture in a well appointed bathroom. Though nowadays, some of the tiny bathrooms we see in some one room apartments do not have enough space for a bathtub. In a moderate sized bathroom, bathtub becomes the focus of the bathroom adding to the ambience and comfort, and making the bathroom look complete and cozy.

What are the general types of bathtubs we have? Tubs can be freestanding and rest on legs called claw and ball feet or they can rest on a pedestal, sitting more solidly on the floor directly. A walk-in type wall supported bathtub with all safety features will make bathing safe for senior citizens like grab bars, built-in chair and a watertight door system.

Today there are modern bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass. Formerly only copper, cast iron or other composites with other materials were used with enamel over the interior inner surface. Today you can find waste drains, overflow drains and mounted taps with all facilities like telephone shower, power shower options mounted on the bathtubs.

Usually rectangular or oval shaped, with the advent of thermoformed acrylic bathtubs, innovative shaped bathtubs are easy to be found in the market. Normally one end of the bathtub used to be rounded and the other side flat. Today flat rim tubs, roll top tubs, slipper tubs with one end higher and sloped, double slipper tubs, are some of the new types you can check out.

Here are some images of beautiful bathtubs from Porcher, US. Look at the beautiful claw-footed freestanding bathtub; surely you will like to have one such in your bathroom? Don’t you think the neat-looking white pedestal tub is a nice addition to your bathroom?

With Matching Wall Décor

Stand Alone with Claw Foot

Pewter Shade Wall Decor to Match

With Tile Backsplash in White

Pedestal Bathtub with Handheld Shower

Wall Supported Bathtub

Granite Outer with Full Set

In Olive Shade Outer Frame

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Charmingly Elegant Landscaped Yards

Having open space around your home adds greatly to your property in both monetary values as well aesthetic aspects. Open space within the home like courtyards and exterior spaces bring nature inside your home making the air fresh and cool. The benefits are innumerable and invaluable – right from having extra light and cross ventilation fighting against pollution.

For the most part, value addition to a property happens when the open space around the house is landscaped professionally and beautifully. Having the inner courtyard landscaped properly by adding the necessary plants, shrubs, lawns and trees can create special sitting areas where it will be a delightful experience to have breakfast or entertain friends and visitors.

Two Views Of Landscaped Yards
Two Views Of Landscaped Yards

Inner courtyards help in many of the interior areas of the house to get sunshine and fresh air which may not be otherwise possible. Even if your home does not have inner courtyard space, outdoor spaces can make all the difference. Think of the advantage of patio access from dining areas and living areas leading right into the landscaped courtyards any time of the day for a breath of fresh air.

Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard
Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard

Whether your home has an interior courtyard, backyard, back garden, patio, yard or even just an enclosed space, the landscaping must include well balanced constructed and planted areas. If you are going to have paved stone ways, seating areas and paved areas where you can create some focal thematic decoration etc, you can arrange the planted surfaces around them in an aesthetic manner.

Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard
Pleasant View Of Landscaped Courtyard

A pool can be the best addition to any outdoor area you are having. But if you do not have enough space for a big swimming pool or so, you can have a small water feature – a pond, a fountain etc that can be accommodated even in a small area. Be sure to allow enough space for entertainment needs like putting up a barbecue etc near the water feature.

Patio Overlooking Landscaped Yard
Patio Overlooking Landscaped Yard

Here you can see some images of beautifully landscaped inner courtyards, patio and front yards of a palatial home by Wahana Architects. Just look at the beautiful view from the home office area which is seen through floor to ceiling glass walls. Also the cool looking pool with adjacent green lawns surrounded by trees and shrubs is breathtakingly beautiful. The paved stone ways and elevated grass lawn area adds to the ambiance of the home so much. Don’t you think it will be heavenly to have so much greenery around you?

Magnificent View Lawn Courtyard Area
Magnificent View Lawn Courtyard Area

Gorgeous Paved Stone Landscaping
Gorgeous Paved Stone Landscaping

Garden Lawn Pool Landscaped Yard
Garden Lawn Pool Landscaped Yard

Attractive View Landscaped Exteriors
Attractive View Landscaped Exteriors

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The Most Popular Bathroom Furniture Products


Bathroom furniture products are great choices for those who want to add a bit of decorative aspect to their room. You can use furniture to give your bathroom a unique look and to give it a bit of your own personality. In order to create the right look for your room however, you have to know what pieces are best. There are a number of options that are available today and learning more about bathroom furniture can help you to choose the right pieces. Here is a list of the most popular bathroom furniture products that can help you to determine what pieces will look best in your room:

1. Vanities – Vanities are the most popularly chosen pieces of bathroom furniture. These are typically a combination of the sink, mirror and cabinet and they are available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, design schemes and even price ranges. They are great choices for bathrooms of all sizes and can help to simplify the overall design of your room. If you have difficulties choosing accessories for your bathroom, vanities are a great choice as all of the main pieces are already in there. Vanities are very affordable and most are relatively easy to install as well.
2. Sinks – Sinks are essential in every bathroom and there are a number of sizes, style and type options available today. You have material choices of glass, porcelain, stainless steel and other metals, iron and many others. Sinks can be attached to the walk or sitting atop a counter or pedestal depending on your space availability and your personal preferences.
3. Cabinets – Cabinets give you storage space and can easily be installed. Bathroom cabinets ensure that you have plenty of space for storing your toiletries as well as towels and other necessities. There are many types, sizes and designs of cabinets available and they come in a wide range of finishes and colours.
4. Mirror – Finally, mirrors are an essential part of your bathroom décor. They come in many shapes and sizes as well and can be freestanding, wall mounted or part of your vanity. You can hang just one or several mirrors in the bathroom and keep in mind that mirrors make a smaller room look larger.

You can see that there are a number of things to consider when choosing furniture for your bathroom. This list of the most popular pieces should help you to find the right furnishings for your room and help you to add a bit of your personal style while still maintaining your budget.

This article was written by The Plumb Store. We offer a wide range of high quality bathroom and plumbing products.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Decorative Bathroom Radiators

Lavish Bathroom Design Ideas

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Attractive And Classy Space Saving Kids Room Furniture

Italian companies are known to produce great furniture designs for children and kids bedroom. DearKids is one such huge Italian manufacturer who makes kids furniture. This company was founded was back in 1951 and their experience has made them so great in what they do that we had to share these products with all. Shown below are some cool and colorful collections like pink, orange, yellow and blue. Most of the dominant colors are used in some way or the other. Even the furniture used on the walls to make them stand out is spectacular. Observe them for you self and decide.

Space Saving Kids Furniture Ideas

Space Saving Ideas For Kids Furniture

Pink Kids Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

Space Saving Kids Furniture Ideas

Yellow Color Kids Furniture Ideas

Attractive And Classy Kids Furniture Ideas

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Opulent And Sparkling Chandeliers Give a Rich, Luxurious Look to Your Home

Glass and crystals, combined with metal create the magic of chandeliers. A chandelier can transform an ordinary looking living room into an opulent and luxurious living room. It is an important decorative lighting accessory to any room. It can be the focus of the room-décor – sparkling and glitzy, adding allure and style. Imagine how pretty the sparkling crystal on the dining table will look reflecting the chandelier’s glitter and sparkle! You have to buy the correct size chandelier to suit the room where you plan to hang the chandelier. The thumb rule is that the diameter of the chandelier should be the sum of room length and breadth but in inches. A mini chandelier can get lost in a too big room or look too dominating in a small room. But it is better to go in for a bigger size as they look smaller when they are hanging from the ceiling. It should be at least 7-8 feet above ground level, if not higher.

There are many chandelier styles like antique, contemporary, crystal, country, rustic, lodge and Tiffany. They can have lights ranging from pendant shades, crystal shades, candlestick shades and more. The metal fittings can be either in powder-coated or brushed finish ranging from bronze, copper, and nickel, gold or silver. Crystals used in the chandeliers can be gem-cut, hand-cut or moulded. Smaller shades in various colours add to the beauty avoiding glare. A chandelier functions as an accent light – more of a decorative light. And chandeliers alone cannot light the entire room sufficiently. It gives a diffuse and soft kind of a light adding to the romance and grandeur. You need to provide supportive lights to augment the ambient light; provide other lights like wall sconces and recessed lighting to give enough ambient light so the room is not dingy.

Here are some beautiful looking chandeliers from Lighting Direct. Satin nickel finish and oil rubbed bronze finish are some of the finishes used for these chandeliers. Trimmings like octagon heads, arrows, tubes, French pendeloques, beads, grapes and ovals are used to embellish the chandeliers. Some are done with a gold finish and some with nickel finish. All are high-quality products and come with base bulbs, open hooks and chains. Check for quality when you are buying chandeliers. Any imperfections like bubbles, flakes, chips or scratches in the glass and crystals will be very visible when lit. But a perfectly manufactured chandelier is a piece of art that will bring beauty and ambience to your home.

With Crystal Drops and Bronze Finish

Shells and Candlestick Lights

Quietly Elegant with Crystal Drops

Great Looking Cut Glass Shades

Gorgeous in Gold and Cream

Cute Looking with Candle Stick Shades

Branch Lights with Brass Finish

Beige Shades Looking Pretty

Attractive Looking in Arc Pattern

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