Welcome To Green Ideas – Include Gorgeous Driftwood Furniture in Your Decor


Today the green movement is gathering momentum and doing our bit for the preserving and promoting the green trend is most important. The aim is to reduce, reuse & recycle – whatever natural treasures we have – like woods, water without wasting as well contain the craze people have to dump old things and get more and more new non-sustainable products. Driftwood can be called the ultimate green product. Felled by no human hands, treated with no harmful chemicals, the driftwood is the embodiment of green sustainable material. Captivating the imagination of multitude of people cutting across language, nationality, creed or age, driftwood is a favorite medium to create unique masterpieces of artwork, furniture and other accessories.

Where do driftwoods come from? Most of the driftwood is washed ashore on the coastal shores in various areas. Also in deep forests, where rivers rub/scour the banks on which trees have grown, over time some limbs of trees get loosened and flow along the water as driftwood. Also driftwood can come from thick woodlands with streams and lakes. It is deadwood, cured by water mostly. Sometimes without falling into water, dead tree limbs in forests or hilly terrain can become like driftwood which can be used in the same way. Sun, rain and wind bleach it effectively. Whatever be the way, driftwood embodies timelessness and the eternal power of elements over the flora, fauna and human beings. And it brings a whiff of blue oceans, green forests, sun and sand.

Inspired by the unique shapes sculpted by water, wind and sun, there are myriad ways drift woods get shaped – as furniture, as sculptures, mantle frames, mirror frames and as well displayed in their natural glory also. Artists use their imagination along with things like glass, resin and clay to make unique and wonderful looking sculptures, lamps, wall hangings as well as furniture like glass topped tables, chairs etc. Here are some wonderful looking coffee tables, mirror frames, console tables etc from All Driftwood Furniture. Pine, cedar, walnut or oak – any tree’s driftwood works fine. Knots and gnarls in the wood add to the character. Look at the beauty of sun-bleached natural bone-like look of the driftwood. Each one of them is unique and hand crafted beautifully and carefully.

If you are thinking of a DIY with driftwood, cleaning, soaking, sterilizing and other preparations ought to be done. Or you can get some ready-to-use from pet store. Wherever you get it, you are sure to love driftwood furniture.

Wonderful White Dining Table

Vertical Frame for Mirror

Glass Topped Coffee Table

Driftwood in Natural Glory

Driftwood Christmas Tree Illuminated

Dining Table Round from Driftwood

Console Table atop Two Driftwood Pieces

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Cane Dining Table-Chairs – Perfect Green Option for Your Home

Dining tables are now used more in the outdoor area as small homes and apartments are not keen to have separate dining room or dining area. Most of us use an open kitchen plan with kitchen and dining area planned continuously and this area opens into the living room area. Most of the times the kitchen counters or the island counters are used as dining table with bar stools or high bistro level chairs as dining chairs.

But all of us love to have a dining table set either in the terrace, or in the patio where we can sit out in the open area and have a relaxed time eating or partying. If you have a garden or front or back yard, you will love to furnish this area also with a dining table and chairs. These are more informal kind of dining area and we do not want heavy or ornate looking dining table sets.

Cane dining table and chair set is the best informal thing you can have for outside dining as well patio or terrace dining furniture. Other areas where you can use light-weight and informal kind of chairs tables are if you want to have a separate breakfast nook in the kitchen itself, but away from the cooking or working area – like the kitchen counters or island counters.

But there are some homes where they still want a dining area separate from the kitchen, even if it is not too big or spacious. Here we may find big and large-size wooden dining tables out of place and out of proportion too. A small square or a round cane dining table and chair set may be the perfect fit for this dining area seating. There are matching console tables or coffee tables also available that will make the set complete.

Most of the cane dining chairs comes with upholstered cushions and a few may have padded backs also. These are made of cane frames and fitted with wicker work which is done by hand and intricately done. But today there is furniture made of synthetic resin material which looks very much like cane is available which resembles original cane and wicker work greatly. Cane is a great green option as it is very fast growing grass-like material which is self-sustaining. Here are some beautiful looking cane dining chairs-table sets from Capri’s Furniture.

Stripe Cushioned Chairs and Glass Topped Table

Round Table and Round Backed Chair

Round Pedestal Table Chairs and Console All in White

Lovely Looking Console Table and Table Chair in Wicker

Handsome Bar Table Stool and Dining Set in Cane

Gorgeous Rectangular Table Chair Set in Cane

Cute Round Glass Top Table and Round Back Chairs

Beautiful Back and Seat in Coral Red

Cane Table Chair Set with Cream Upholstered Seats

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Classic Looks & Clean-Cut Lines Mark Today’s Furniture & Create Your Comfort Zone


With more and more people taking to apartments and smaller houses, the rule of the thumb is that furniture should be minimalistic in style, with ability to do double duties. It will be fun to have – like a sofa in daytime converting into bed at night time and almost all furniture with storage facility built-in to reduce clutter and add to the neat elegant look of the room. The emphasis is on finding furniture pieces which can be utilized whatever the size of the bedroom or living room. Small apartments like studio apartments or one bedroom apartments, open plan is preferred with kitchen opening into living room. Modular storage units and multipurpose kitchen islands find favor with people who want to utilize the precious floor space.

Minimalistic in style but great looking furniture are available plenty online and in furniture stores. Even with apartment area of less than 750 square feet, interior designers have brought out beautiful living room pieces and dining tables as well as bedroom furniture. These are designed to optimize the space making the house look roomy and spacious rather than cluttered. Most of the furniture for small places is vibrant looking in deep shades of jewel tones. There are floral patterns and checks also available. Most of them have storage options and sturdily built on metal or wood frames with high-quality batting used to keep the seats in good and durable shape and add to the comfort of the user.

Today the trend is to get a trendy contemporary chair in vibrant shade and blend it with the traditional kind of furniture you have already in your home. Eclectic decor aims for overall harmony more than perfect matching of shades and materials. The main theme of the interior decor is more oriented towards making your home a comfort zone for you. Here are some beautiful and elegant looking furniture from Feiz Design Studio. The sheer simplicity of the convertible bed makes it so attractive. The sofa pops up with a simple manoeuvre. True to their aim of ‘clarity, concept and context’, these sofas and chairs look elegant beautiful and classically simple yet very stylish.

Go online and check out some more options of simple and elegant furniture that can add to the grace and beauty of your apartment without adding to the clutter and see how much pleasure it brings you and how much praise from your friends and acquaintances!

Gorgeous and Classic Recliner

Convertible Bed and Sofa in Daytime

Recliner or Bed as You Want It

Comfortable Bed during Night Time

Comfortable and Classic Lounger
comfortable-and classic-lounger

Beautiful Looking Double Sofa Set

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Bring Home A Beautiful Artefact And Add To the Ambiance of Your Home

Most of us love to have beautiful things around us in the home, displayed to perfection, creating a touch of class to the entire look of the house. Collecting beautiful items, antique or modern, is a hobby for some and a passion for many people. The collectibles show-case your superb taste, craving for beauty & elegance and your talent for picking up a unique item – a winner – that will appreciate in its value over time.

Collectibles are almost always hand-crafted and unique. Some people collect paintings, some coins, some stamps, some sculptures, some miniatures, some books, some manuscripts, some glass and some porcelain. Some collect beautiful and antique furniture. Some of the old French, English and Italian furniture can look stunning and one chair/sofa or table alone can bring a distinctive touch of class to the entire room.

Some of the art lovers trot across the globe in search of items that they collect. Dedicated art lovers practically go from one auction to another, from one country to another in the hope of picking up something that is unique and rare. Many flock to garage sales, junk yard sale and second-hand shops in hopes of spotting what looks insignificant and lying unrecognized to others but a rare, precious and valuable artefact for the expert.

Today, apart from the aesthetic pleasures one derives from art collectibles, more and more people are recognizing the monetary benefits of collecting art and other collectibles. A collector may recognize a budding talent and can make a kill if he buys wisely. A painting or sculpture will reach sky-high prices once their authors’ work becomes well-known and famous. A road-side painter may get to become a maestro one day!

There are a few artists making contemporary and elegant art items now which can compete with any antique piece for exquisite workmanship and excellent execution. Many of them are one of a kind item or exclusively manufactured under client-specific instructions. Created with love and passion, crafted with masterly skill and dexterity, they bring joy and delight to the beholder as much to the creator.

Wrought iron art pieces can enhance the beauty of home, outside and the garden. They combine a look of delicacy with inherent strength. Here are some samples of contemporary and cool-looking art work from Shawn Lovell. She specializes in commissioned and one-of-a-kind work using forging and welding techniques – both traditional and modern – to create items of artistic & ornamental as well as practical value.

A simple yet classic artefact can make a strong style statement and bring everlasting pleasure and joy to the collector! Bring home one and start a collection!!

A Christmas-Tree Like Lamp

A Classily Elegant Chandelier

Bed Posts Act as Candle Holders

A Unique and Beautifully Crafted Bed

A Four-Poster Looks Like Trees and a Nest

An Elegant Table with Candle Holders

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How a Flat Pack House Can Benefit the Environment

Flat pack houses have become a popular choice today. Because these houses can be constructed of a number of different materials, they are considered to be very environmentally friendly. Of course, materials are not the only reason why flat pack houses have become so popular. If you are looking for a house that offer a number of environmental benefits, flat pack houses are an excellent choice and here is why:

1. Energy Efficiency – Flat pack houses are very energy efficient. In fact, they are specifically designed to provide a high level of energy efficiency. They offer advanced insulating capabilities that give you more energy savings than other housing designs. Flat pack abodes can insulate up to six times more effectively than homes constructed of brick so you have no worries of expensive insulation and you get the best weather seal available to keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.
2. Air Tightness – They offer air tightness that helps to shield your home from the elements. This means that your heating and cooling system will not have to work overtime just to keep your home’s temperatures warm. They are typically manufactured out of timber and they offer workable sustainable living aspects as well.
3. Minimising Shipping and Manufacturing Needs – Finally, flat pack houses help to bring down the need for shipping materials to a building site. You can purchase a self-build kit or a house nearly complete which helps you to save money and virtually eliminates the need for buying different building materials and having them all shipped to you separately. It saves you time and money and keeps pollution and other environmental problems at bay by eliminating excess shipping and manufacturing.

You can see that there are a number of environmental advantages to flat pack housing. They offer much more affordability in terms of building. You can find many high end flat pack kits for as low as just £55,000. Although you will need to also calculate the cost of your land, you can see a major savings in flat pack houses versus traditionally built homes. Flat pack houses enable you to help protect the environment, live in a beautiful home and keep a bit of cash in your pocket at the same time.

This article was written by Flat Pack Houses, one of the UK’s leading websites for flat pack homes for sale. Visit us to learn more about our American flat pack houses for sale

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Beautiful Bathtubs For Gorgeous Bathroom Design

Bathrooms may be small sized or big, traditional looking or contemporary; but nobody can deny the importance of furnishing the bathrooms as comfortably as possible. When the bathroom layout is efficiently planned out in the initial stages, you can be sure of having a well laid out and well furnished bathroom that will give long years of service.

Depending on the size of the bathroom you can manage the layout that will optimally utilize the space available and comfortably position the three most important aspects of the bathroom – the sink, toilet and the shower-tub facilities. Whether you can plumb along the same wet wall or on different walls will depend on the size of the room and your design also.

Bathtub is very important furniture in a well appointed bathroom. Though nowadays, some of the tiny bathrooms we see in some one room apartments do not have enough space for a bathtub. In a moderate sized bathroom, bathtub becomes the focus of the bathroom adding to the ambience and comfort, and making the bathroom look complete and cozy.

What are the general types of bathtubs we have? Tubs can be freestanding and rest on legs called claw and ball feet or they can rest on a pedestal, sitting more solidly on the floor directly. A walk-in type wall supported bathtub with all safety features will make bathing safe for senior citizens like grab bars, built-in chair and a watertight door system.

Today there are modern bathtubs made of acrylic or fiberglass. Formerly only copper, cast iron or other composites with other materials were used with enamel over the interior inner surface. Today you can find waste drains, overflow drains and mounted taps with all facilities like telephone shower, power shower options mounted on the bathtubs.

Usually rectangular or oval shaped, with the advent of thermoformed acrylic bathtubs, innovative shaped bathtubs are easy to be found in the market. Normally one end of the bathtub used to be rounded and the other side flat. Today flat rim tubs, roll top tubs, slipper tubs with one end higher and sloped, double slipper tubs, are some of the new types you can check out.

Here are some images of beautiful bathtubs from Porcher, US. Look at the beautiful claw-footed freestanding bathtub; surely you will like to have one such in your bathroom? Don’t you think the neat-looking white pedestal tub is a nice addition to your bathroom?

With Matching Wall Décor

Stand Alone with Claw Foot

Pewter Shade Wall Decor to Match

With Tile Backsplash in White

Pedestal Bathtub with Handheld Shower

Wall Supported Bathtub

Granite Outer with Full Set

In Olive Shade Outer Frame

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