Beautiful Kids Bedrooms with Modular Furniture


Using modular furniture can be a great way to decorate your kids’ room. A makeover for the kids’ rooms can be quite taxing as we are never sure what the children may like to have and when their ideas change. Their likes and dislikes are acute and mercurial. They outgrow their decorating ideas so fast that it can be quite difficult to decorate their rooms.

What appeals to adults may never appeal to youngsters. What is liked by teenagers may look impractical and not good looking to the parents. Teenage girls have different choices and teenage boys’ taste may run entirely differently. So it is best to take the likes and dislikes of your kids before you attempt to makeover their bedrooms for them.

Modular furniture may be quite cost effective when you are doing the teens’ bedrooms. Include the children when you are discussing makeover ideas with your interior decorator. Many times if the kids have a chance of explaining what kind of décor they may like to have in their room at the start, the decorators may be able to incorporate the ideas while choosing furniture.

First ask the kids what kind of wall color or wall décor they may like to have. And give them a choice of what finish and colour scheme they will like their bed furnishing and wardrobes to be done. Ask what kind of area rugs or carpets they like. You can even decide on the kind of shelves – like floating shelves or free standing wall units they will like for their books etc.

The advantage of modular furniture is that you can expand or add to it even at a later date. You may choose to have storage built in – underneath or at the headboards – and you can add a matching work table separately or along the bedstead. You can have a trundle bed for your kids’ friend overnight stay or make it a bunk bed type.

Decorating the kids’ room must bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your kid both. By planning well in advance, you can avoid any stress of tension for you and disappointment and frustration for your kid. Go online with your child and look at the options available and discuss with your interior decorator for a beautiful makeover.

Here are some beautiful teen rooms from Corazzin Group ready for your choice!

Bedroom Done in Cream Green and Yellow

White and Yellow against Blue Wall

Teen Bedroom in Mustard White

Orange and Cream Tones

Mustard and Off-White Colour Scheme

Finished in White and Gray

Blue and Pink Color Scheme

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Wonderful And Colorful Looking Childrens Beds


Children’s rooms can look lively and vibrant with beautiful wall decor and gaily printed or vivid coloured bed linen. They do not need to have too heavy furniture as the space may be at an optimum. Children’s beds are available with storage options underneath the bead – like drawers and other headboard options also to make them more utilitarian as well.

For a blended and harmonious look, you need to choose the wall decor, window treatments, and all the children room furniture carefully. Many times while you are trying a makeover of your kids’ rooms, the easiest and most effective change can be brought by changing the wall decor only. Consult your interior decorator for good ideas for an overall ambiance.

Most importantly, take your child’s ideas. If siblings share the room, if there are likely different likings, give one wall to each kid for decorating it as they please, but offer suggestions so that there is more a blended look and not violently contrasting or conflicting overall effects.

A bunk bed with bedding options above and a work-table and storage options below may be a good space saving device. If your children’s room is spacious looking you can provide each child with their own working space, storage space as well as their own bedding as well. When they share a room, check for canopied bed options as they offer more privacy as something totally their own.

Storage spaces can be had with a dresser to hold all the clothing and a night stand to hold important things like a bedside lamp, an alarm clock and books etc. Underneath-bed storage has become the favourite way to store the extra linen or in some cases trundle beds are available for sleep-over friends or for visiting cousins etc.

Wall treatment options are best to make the room child-friendly. Theme ideas for painting on flowers, butterflies or fairies for girls and aeroplanes cartoon figures or sports themes for boys are commonly done now. Beautiful looking wall decals in children-friendly themes are plenty available and your children can pick what they want in their rooms.

Here are some beautiful looking children’s beds from Furniture 123 Co. These are options that look great in your children’s rooms. In most rooms there is a contrast coloured wall to set off beautifully the beds and give a more sophisticated ambiance.

Don’t you think you will like to make your children’s bedroom look like this?

Sunny Yellow Wall Colour and White Cot

Solomon Pink Walls and White Pine Cot

Pale Blue Wall and White and Blue Cot
pale-blue-wall-and white-and-blue-cot

Mauve Wall Decor and Wood Finish Cot

Gray Wall Colour and Pink Colour Cot

Burgundy Red Wall and Wood and White Cot
burgundy-red-wall-and-wood-and white-cot

Blue Wall Colour Sets Off Pine Finish Cot

Gorgeous Tables – One of the Most Important Furniture for Home Decor

If we look through the pages of history, the earliest mention about tables are in Egyptian history where they used raised stone platforms to keep things off the floor. Tables used for dining was not a concept in use those days. They put up the food on huge plates that was supported on pedestals. Idea of dining tables with chairs came much later. Since the time dining tables became prevalent, metal or wooden tables had gained popularity as much as the stone tables had. Though initially these were comforts enjoyed only by the rich while the poor seldom had anything better than trunks and crates serving as tables. Initially tables were not as high as they are today and were able to be pushed under the beds.

Trestle tables, dining table, gate leg table, coffee table, drawing table, end table, console table, chess table, refectory table, dressing table, work table, Pembroke table, tripod table, side table, night stands, sofa tables, and work tables are kinds of tables used around the table. Square, rectangular, round, and oval are the shapes mostly used as the flat top surface of the table. Collapsible tables, extendable tables have been popular since long; inserting extra leaves or drop sides which can be locked into positions so that when needed, the tables can be made bigger in size. Extensions that can be folded or slid underneath are other options for expanding the top. Solid wood or intricately worked metal tables were the norm – heavy and durable which were expected to last forever.

Oak and teak the common kind of wood used for making furniture in earlier days resulted in solid and heavy furniture that gave dependable and trouble free service for years and years. Heavier the wood, the more value was given to the furniture. Not only tables, all furniture were made of solid real wood, were huge and heavy but gave absolutely fabulous service for years! Minimalistic look and modular tables are contemporary in style and these tables are popular today and very much in demand. For small houses and apartments eclectically furnished, these tables add beauty and grace without hogging precious space. Here are some beautiful tables crafted by Henrybuilt. The lean minimal look and stylishly chic appearance make all of them great favorites.

I am sure you must have beautiful tables adding ambiance to your dining room. Are they traditional or contemporary? Whatever the style, you sure find them very useful!

Wooden Bench with Cushion

Steel Dining Table – Sleek and Chic

Long and Classic Dining Table in Wood
long-and classic-dining-table-in-wood

Gorgeous Table for Home Office Use

Elegant Round Coffee Table Pedestal Mounted

Dining Table with Chairs