Illuminated Modern Wooden Furniture

illuminated furniture

Designed by a very famous designer Giancarlo Zema the below pieces of wooden furniture are truly innovative and unique. These were designed specially for the Avanzini Group and they received such amazing feedback that they were forced to display these amazing Bright Woods furniture collection at the Design in Nature exhibition as a part of the Milan Furniture Fair. Unique and eye-catching, Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and tables are sure to capture your attention with their engaging glow. The strips are indulged in unique different colors including pink, orange, purple and white. The glowing furniture carries a pleasing appeal and looks great in any indoors and outdoors, and enhances your decor with the trendy style.

Stylish And Innovative Purple Light Wooden Furniture
illuminated furniture

Stylish And Innovative Illuminated Wooden Furniture
wooden crate furniture

wooden crate furniture

Stylish And Innovative Orange Light Wooden Furniture
wooden lawn furniture

wooden lawn furniture

Stylish And Innovative Multicolor Illuminated Wooden Furniture

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Wooden Furniture For Garden

Summer and spring times are almost over and winter is coming nearer with a light nip in the air. Now is the time to enjoy the last of good times that you are sure to get outside. Enjoy the last days of balmy weather. Enjoy the last sunny and warm climate by having a garden party or napping in the garden under the warm sun on your lounger!

Wooden furniture is the best choice to enjoy the garden times. However hot the weather gets, wooden furniture stays good to sit and have all the fun activities you can ever think of enjoying in the sun and garden. Wooden furniture stays good, more so if they are treated for outdoor use. They give long years of loyal service which cannot be surpassed.

What are the items you can buy for your garden that you will continue to use year after year without regretting once the amount you paid in buying them? A nice picnic table, one big size – our normal dining table size will be essential for all those entertainment you are thinking of having in the garden and inviting your friends and neighbours.

Another coffee table or a bistro table will be a perfect addition as you need flat surfaces especially for keeping those glasses, juice and water pitchers, plates and spoons and of course the serving dishes. With so many creepy crawlies that are part of the outdoor life, you will be thankful to have more tables and stools so that food stuff remain clean and edible.

You need quite a few chairs – all the kinds like dining chairs, easy chairs, bar stools and long benches so that you can accommodate all the family and friends while they spend outside time in your garden. Since the weather will be turning cold, it is best to have a seat for everybody to enjoy the last vanishing rays of the sun.

Here are some beautiful looking outdoor wooden furniture items from West Elm. Look at the picnic table, looks really inviting, isn’t it? And the comfy looking long bench with back rest can accommodate quite a few of your visitors. How do you like the lounger? Do you like the dining table-chairs also? All are made of solid wood and with high-quality workmanship.

Hope you will love to have one of them for your home?

Wooden Bench for Garden Use

Round Wooden Coffee Table

Roomy Bench with Good Back Support

Relaxing in Garden under Shade

Relaxing in Your Garden

Facility for Feasting in Garden

Dining Table Chairs in Wood

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