Illuminated Modern Wooden Furniture

illuminated furniture

Designed by a very famous designer Giancarlo Zema the below pieces of wooden furniture are truly innovative and unique. These were designed specially for the Avanzini Group and they received such amazing feedback that they were forced to display these amazing Bright Woods furniture collection at the Design in Nature exhibition as a part of the Milan Furniture Fair. Unique and eye-catching, Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and tables are sure to capture your attention with their engaging glow. The strips are indulged in unique different colors including pink, orange, purple and white. The glowing furniture carries a pleasing appeal and looks great in any indoors and outdoors, and enhances your decor with the trendy style.

Stylish And Innovative Purple Light Wooden Furniture
illuminated furniture

Stylish And Innovative Illuminated Wooden Furniture
wooden crate furniture

wooden crate furniture

Stylish And Innovative Orange Light Wooden Furniture
wooden lawn furniture

wooden lawn furniture

Stylish And Innovative Multicolor Illuminated Wooden Furniture

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Rattan Furniture – Nature’s Gift for Your Home

Amongst the wide array of wood or natural furniture that’s available, rattan holds a special place. Rattan has been a perennial favourite for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Light, durable and elegant, they are a charming choice, especially for a traditional or rustic décor style.

If you have ever wondered what this material is then here is a quick introduction. Rattan is a plant vine that belongs to the palm family usually found in tropical climes. It comes from the Malay word, roton. It is an extremely malleable material, which when heated can be woven intro intricate patterns. When it cools, it becomes stiff and sturdy. This quality makes it an ideal material for furniture.

Rattan is used to make every kind of furniture – be it chairs, beds or rockers. Most popular are rattan armchairs and sofa sets. They are highly preferred as they are very comfortable and versatile. They come in a numerous colours as they can be easily painted.. Teamed with bright and colourful upholstery and pillows they can brighten up any room.

Given their versatility, they can blend into any kind of décor in your house. You can use rattan to add a touch of traditional elegance to your décor even if you have an overall contemporary look. The incredible variety in weaves means you can get as ornate or as simple as you desire, so that it fits in with the look you have.

Rattan furniture are especially suitable for outdoor as they can withstand all weather conditions and can be moved easily. Once treated with a special resin, they are protected from the harmful effects of sun or rain. They blend in wonderfully with the environment, and highlight the natural beauty of outdoors.

Apart from natural rattan, today synthetic rattan is also available. Synthetic rattan maintains the look of natural rattan but can be produced at a fraction of the cost. Made from resin and plastic, these are even more durable than natural rattan furniture. This is especially applicable for outdoor furniture, as it withstands sun and rain better than its natural counterpart!

Cleaning rattan furniture, whether natural or synthetic is hassle-free. A simple dust-off with a soft cloth is enough. But since dust can get trapped in the woven fabric, it must be done regularly. One can also vacuum so as to remove any hard-to-remove dust trapped in the weaves. While buying, it is important to ensure that the rattan furniture you buy is professional sealed and finished. This will ensure that the material remains protected in the necessary process of wear and tear.

Below is a sample of the wide variety of rattan furniture available today. AmericanRattan shows us just how versatile and beautiful they are.

White Rattan Rocker & Love Seat

Striking White & Green Rattan Sofas & Coffee Table

Simple & Elegant Sofa Set

Outdoor Rattan Set With Two-Seater Sofas

Elegant Dark Wood Rattan Dining Set

Elaborately Designed White Rattan Sofa Set

Dark & Simple Rattan Bedroom Set

Cosy & Comfortable Armchair

Complete Bedroom Set In Rattan

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Wooden Furniture For Garden

Summer and spring times are almost over and winter is coming nearer with a light nip in the air. Now is the time to enjoy the last of good times that you are sure to get outside. Enjoy the last days of balmy weather. Enjoy the last sunny and warm climate by having a garden party or napping in the garden under the warm sun on your lounger!

Wooden furniture is the best choice to enjoy the garden times. However hot the weather gets, wooden furniture stays good to sit and have all the fun activities you can ever think of enjoying in the sun and garden. Wooden furniture stays good, more so if they are treated for outdoor use. They give long years of loyal service which cannot be surpassed.

What are the items you can buy for your garden that you will continue to use year after year without regretting once the amount you paid in buying them? A nice picnic table, one big size – our normal dining table size will be essential for all those entertainment you are thinking of having in the garden and inviting your friends and neighbours.

Another coffee table or a bistro table will be a perfect addition as you need flat surfaces especially for keeping those glasses, juice and water pitchers, plates and spoons and of course the serving dishes. With so many creepy crawlies that are part of the outdoor life, you will be thankful to have more tables and stools so that food stuff remain clean and edible.

You need quite a few chairs – all the kinds like dining chairs, easy chairs, bar stools and long benches so that you can accommodate all the family and friends while they spend outside time in your garden. Since the weather will be turning cold, it is best to have a seat for everybody to enjoy the last vanishing rays of the sun.

Here are some beautiful looking outdoor wooden furniture items from West Elm. Look at the picnic table, looks really inviting, isn’t it? And the comfy looking long bench with back rest can accommodate quite a few of your visitors. How do you like the lounger? Do you like the dining table-chairs also? All are made of solid wood and with high-quality workmanship.

Hope you will love to have one of them for your home?

Wooden Bench for Garden Use

Round Wooden Coffee Table

Roomy Bench with Good Back Support

Relaxing in Garden under Shade

Relaxing in Your Garden

Facility for Feasting in Garden

Dining Table Chairs in Wood

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Wooden Furniture For Poolside And Gardens

For relaxing, entertaining or just enjoying some peaceful moments in your garden, poolside or terrace, you need to have good comfortable kind of outdoor furniture. With a number of choices available on the market for outdoor furniture, you can have the best furniture to put on your pool side or garden. You can have chairs for relaxing, for entertaining.

Though there may be a wide choice of material for outdoor furniture, wooden furniture is still a popular choice with many people. For many of us, furniture means only wooden furniture – furniture made of solid wood that stays good for years to come from one generation to another giving durable and dependable service standing true during all kinds of weather.

Furniture made of solid wood like teak, oak, walnut and rosewood can stay good with a minimum amount of care. The solid wood is used to make rockers, sofas, recliners and chaise lounges as well dining chairs. Also dining tables, coffee tables and other tables made of wood can look good in your garden or terrace adding a touch or rustic beauty to the ambiance.

There are furniture covers available to cover the outdoor furniture when not in use. Though water and moisture may not affect hardwood normally, it is better to avoid too much direct and continuous sunlight as it will bleach the wood and make it drier and somewhat brittle. Using a sunshade when in use and storing when not in use can be a great help to prolong the life of the furniture.

Oiling the wood sufficiently and sealing it can help keep the integrity of the wood. Periodically applying a fresh coat of wood oil may help. But first you should clean up the furniture, remove the prior oil coating and sandpaper whatever scratches and cuts/grazes are made on the wooden surface. Then apply just wood polish or paint it if you want.

Adirondack chair and stool can be great favourites for outdoor use. With cushions or without cushions they can be most comfortable. Check that you use high quality cotton or microfiber for upholstering the chairs and covering the cushions. It is best to have loose cushions rather than fixed upholstery as you may like to store the seat cushions and back cushions when not in use. Here is some stunning wooden furniture from Gloster. Check what you like most!

Twin Seater and Coffee table
twin seat coffee table

Simple Dining Arrangement
dining outdoor ideas

Simple and Elegant Deckchair and Ottoman
elegant deckchair

Pretty Looking Dining Sets

Fine Way to Relax in Open Air
open air dining furniture

Deck side Dining Table and Chairs
outdoor dining table and chairs

Deck Chair Set with Coffee table
coffee table pool side

Deckchair and Ottoman in Red
outdoor wooden furniture

Wonderfully Crafted Wooden Furniture

Having a lovely home is not just enough. Your outdoors should match the interiors. Actually your outdoor ambience and kerb appeal can enhance the value of your property greatly. Just imagine how your friends and visitors will react if you have a poorly maintained garden or outside patio or the front entrance shabbily furnished?

The first thing that strikes the attention of any visitor is the outer area. The open area that is just outside your home but within your boundary needs beautiful furniture. Whether you are having a front garden, a side area containing your swimming pool with deck or you are having a spacious back side garden and open area, you should plan for furnishing and lighting it.

The most appreciated and popular kind of outdoor furniture is of course the long-time favourites wooden furniture. If you can afford to have good solid furniture made of oak, maple, teak or walnut, there can be no doubt about the beauty these furniture items bring to your outdoors as well to your home. They are the ever-green favourites – the classic wooden furniture.

The next ethnic choice can be cane and bamboo furniture. Even here the natural cane and bamboo furniture are the best and has a unique charm and appeal unsurpassed by anything else. But close near it are the synthetic resin canes and bamboos which are flooding the market today. These look very much like the original and actually last longer and stay good as new.

Next can be the acrylic and polycarbonate furniture that are light, portable and can put up very well with rough outdoor use. They come in various colors, shapes, styles and are really eye-catching and vibrant. These are very easy to maintain; shatter-proof, UV radiation proof and scratch proof also. With cushions and bolsters they are very comfortable.

Here are some beautiful looking wood furniture pieces for your outdoors from Oak Garden Furniture. Each set looks lovelier than the other. Look at the sheer rustic beauty branch like legs in the garden set. How stunning the logs look set as table and how magnificent the full length logs will look in your patio?

Imagine the effect you can create with such magnificent outdoor furniture in your patio, garden or outdoors when you are entertaining. When you plan and have adequate lighting in your garden area, the wooden furniture will look magnificent and be the focus of your outdoor décor. Which you like best?

Unique Looking Crafted Outdoor Furniture

Traditional and Classic Outdoor Furniture

Solid Woods Great Looks

Solid Oak Garden Furniture

Elegant Looking Garden Furniture

Branch like Legs Adds Character

Beautifully Hand Carved Chairs

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Modern And Stylish Wooden Furniture Designs Ideas

Wood has been the traditional material for building houses for centuries. It is environment friendly, and is known to keep warmth in winter but stay cool in summer. Today, wood as a décor theme can be used today creatively to make your house stand out. Wood is popularly used to panel wall as well as floors. Depending on the look you want to achieve you can choose one or other. Of the two, wooden flooring is said to be more affordable.

Wood Paneled Kitchen Counters

Wall panelling is a popular option when you want to add a special touch to walls. Wooden panelling gives warmth and elegance to a house. It is a popular option for many who want to achieve a sophisticated look for their home. Take a look at this house designed by Fixonic which has used wood extensively for decorative panelling in this house renovation. Don’t you think the house looks lovely? With imaginative lighting and furniture as relief, the designers have enhanced the effect of wood and avoided monotony.

Wooden Flooring Panel Dining Area

One of the most prevalent forms of wood panelling is called ‘wainscoating’. This is a form of decorative panelling where it forms a covering of wood using a raised panel, flat panel or beaded panel. These are apt for traditional living and dining rooms.

Stylish Wooden Furniture Design

If you don’t want to do up complete walls in wood, you can choose to add wood panels as accents. And if you get bored with the panelling you can always put up a wall paper over it to make it look good. This is an easy way and affordable way of changing or brightening up the room.

Warm Natural Wooden Decor Furniture Designs

Wooden flooring is a popular choice for many as they add a touch of class to the house. They are also more long-lasting than ordinary floors, but need careful maintenance. That’s why, often, people prefer to add wood flooring to living room or bedroom only.

Warm Natural Wooden Decor Furniture Designs

There are lots of variations in the wood finishes. Finishes are a great way to customise the wooden floors in your home. You can choose the texture and colour that is perfect for the décor of your home.

Patio Wooden Panel Designs

Since wood scratches easily, care must be taken to protect from harsh impact. Be careful while cleaning the floors – don’t wet it too much. The best material for cleaning is vinegar. You might also want to wax regularly (maybe once a wear) to preserve the gleaming look. So go ahead, explore how you can add a touch of nature to your home with wood.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas With Natural Wood

Elegant Home Office In Natural Wood