Room Dividers – Furniture Accessories with an Aesthetic Touch for Privacy

Room dividers are popular and quite useful accessories for both smaller and bigger rooms. Their popularity is because they are both functional and decorative as well. They are light, portable and can be set up in a jiffy. Most room dividers are transparent and/or translucent and do not block light but still can offer privacy when you need it.

Traditional Solid Wood Finish Divider

What are room dividers? These are furniture accessories – consisting of three or four panels, flat framed in wood or metal usually. Each of the panels is hinged to the other so it can be folded for easy storage. Panels can be in single piece or consistent of smaller panes. The covering material can be wood slats, fabric, glass or paper.

Sleek Sado Black Asian Screen

What are different styles of room dividers available? Most of the room dividers are made of metal, wood or acrylic/polycarbonate frames. They are covered and accented with designs printed on paper, embroidered or printed fabric or etched in glass. Mirror accents are also available which can make the room look more spacious.

Simple Brown Wooden Divider

Room dividers – portable or mobile – are very useful in your living room. You can use a three or four-panel dividers to screen off a dining area from the sitting area. If you are having a studio apartment or a small home with open kitchen, a room divider is useful in breaking up the kitchen area away from living quarters to present a clutter-free look. Dividers can be used in the outdoor area in the garden, poolside and terrace also. It can provide nice shade on a sunny day or provide some privacy when you are sunning yourself in the garden.

Memories  Screen Personalized With Photos

Room dividers are cost effective and easy to install. No need of any construction, drilling, nailing etc. They are off the shelf furniture accessories – elegant and inexpensive and serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. They can blend harmoniously with any kind of home décor and add ambience to your home anytime.

Elegant Black Bookcase Shoji Divider

Here are images of some very beautiful portable room dividers from iRoom Dividers. These are called shoji screens – traditional kind of Japanese screens that look very pretty and chic. With light colored wooden or metal frames, they have white rice paper lining. They do not block light but provide privacy. The Venetian type wooden slatted is better suited for outdoor areas. Which is your favorite?

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Screen

Classic Chic Black Screen

Charming Handcrafted Divider

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Luxurious, Opulent Looking Chairs for Adding Beauty And Grace to Your Living Room Furniture

A luxuriously upholstered and opulent looking chair can make a style statement and make your living room distinguished and impressive. Many times we want to have a redecorating or a quick makeover for the coming new season but without incurring major expenses or buying a new full set of living room furniture. A totally different look and ambiance can be achieved just by adding some new and relocating the other pieces. When you want to add freshness and a different look to the living room décor, a mix and match of new chairs with the existent old chairs can be done. Though it is normally advised to select all the furniture in the same style and make, introducing a different décor chair may shift the focus of the room. It gives a kind of a refreshingly different feeling and adds an exciting touch to the character of the room. It is always essential to balance shape and style.

An opulent and ornate looking chair, upholstered wonderfully in brocade fabrics, embellished with unique details can look dashing with other different looking – different style chairs. It demands instant attention and makes the room look different, grand and luxurious. By careful and planned arrangement of other furniture around it, you can create a look of a special happy blended décor which looks evolved over time. Though there are a lot of ornate looking chairs available in the market, a regal looking French Louis XIV chair would go well with most of the modern day furniture. The solid wood frame and the ornate, luxurious looking silk or brocade upholstery will blend beautifully with most of the traditional, transitional, modern or even what is called shabby chic style furniture.

Here are some wonderful looking chairs from Desart Collection. Look at the beautiful and traditional yet modern looking chairs which evoke a be-gone era of romance and splendour. Look at the solid beauty of the wood and the luxurious look and sheen of brocade. Every one of them is a masterpiece and a marvel of craftsmanship. I am sure you are already thinking of getting such an ornate and splendid chair. A quick décor makeover can be achieved by bringing in such a beautiful chair and making that the focus of your living room. By adding a couple of throw rugs, cushions and sheer curtains matching the upholstery, make a dramatic change to the existing living room furniture and enjoy the results!

An Elegant Looking Two Seater

Ornate Looking Three-piece Sofa

Chair in Stunning Looking Design

Luxuriously Upholstered Lovely Sofa

Gorgeous and Great Looking Chair

Golden-brown and Gorgeous Looking Sofa </span

Beautifully Elegant Chair in Brown

Beautiful Looking Sofa in Brocade

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Wonderful Looking Wicker Furniture for Outdoor Use

With fine weather, most of us love to spend more time outdoors. Whether it is relaxing after a stressful day at the office or holding a weekend entertainment for friends and neighbours, outdoor areas – like patios, pool decks or terraces are ideal places. Whether you have ample place outside with landscaped exterior with swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, huge gardens with shrubs and plants or it is a small size terrace, you need good sturdy outdoor furniture.

Two Accent Seats with Side Table

What kind of furniture you can use outdoors? Wood, metal or wood and metal combo or bamboo and cane are the materials that are normally used for outdoor furniture. Not all outdoor areas will have shelters always, so you need to have furniture that cans stand the weather when it turns rainy or windy. It is essential that not only the furniture need to be unaffected by weather, but it needs to look good too.

Synthetic Resin Lounger with Cushion

Stripes and Cushions

One of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture is bamboo or cane furniture. These are environmentally sustainable. Bamboo and canes are not like hardwood trees – taking decades to grow into an adult mature tree. They rejuvenate themselves very fast. Also a bamboo or cane is never cut off from root when harvested for furniture use. The roots are left and these grow within two-three years which can be again harvested.

Splendid Looking Seats and Ottoman

Bamboo and cane are good choices for outdoor furniture. Both can stand water and weather completely. They are light, and quite durable. They can be maintained easily. They can be treated with protection against mildew, frost and rust as well UV rays. They are portable and can be moved easily if need be. They are totally recyclable and also they are environmentally sustainable.

Semicircular with Coffee Table

Today there are synthetic resin products used for wicker furniture which look very much like original wicker made from bamboo or cane stalks. These synthetic resin wicker chairs are as sturdier as the original bamboo and cane furniture. The most popular option is to have aluminium frame work for outdoor furniture and use synthetic resin fibre for making the seats etc.

Semi Circular Lounger

Here are some wicker furniture pieces from Velago Patio Furniture. Look at the very pretty looking lounge set – no doubt your patio will look so pretty with that or with the two seater sofas. These are made of aluminium frames and resin wicker hand woven. Check what is your favourite for your outdoor use?

Sectional with Side Table

Plain White Cushions and Wicker chairs

Dining Table or Conference Table

Complete Seating Solution in Wicker

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Pretty Furniture That Add to Outdoor Ambiance

Outdoor ambiance is something that enhances the beauty of your home and adds to the curb value of your property. There are many ways you can make your outdoor look very pretty – like special landscaping, adding a pool to it, making a beautiful garden with all indigenous flowering plants and shrubs, adding arbors, and sheds to it and getting good beautiful furniture for your outdoors.

Along with a swimming pool, you can add a spa to it for more enjoyment. Also you can add an outdoor kitchen unit to help in your entertainment. If you are having larger size outdoors, the kitchen can be adjacent to the pool deck so that you need not be far away from the source of food when you are having a good time at the swimming pool.

Adding good quality furniture is most essential even before you construct an outdoor kitchen or a spa. Even if you do not have a pool, pergola, garden or special landscaping features into it, you can still enjoy the outdoor weather with just one or two trees in your back or front yard and you have a comfy seat under it with a favorite book and a tall cool frosted glass by your side.

What kind of furniture you want to add to your outdoor areas. It can be a sofa set with single seats. This can be wooden or metal made and you can have bistro table with two high chairs. You can add a swing in the porch – either a wooden swing or a wicker swing – light and pretty. Metal swings are also available as much as wooden ones. Swings are the favorites for children.

A hammock is another good idea to have in your back or front yard. There are quite a lot of hammocks available which are quite sturdy and stylish. Another popular chair for the outdoor use is an Adirondack settee & cocktail table. A variety of metal chairs and seats are available that are favourites for outdoor use as they are sturdy and look very pretty. You can add a touch of antique beauty by checking out for some stone tables and chairs.

Here is a number of furniture ideas that you can find to be useful around your outdoor areas from Victorian Trading Co. Don’t you think you will love to have them in your home?

Wonderful Inlay Worked Bistro Table Chairs

Two Metal Chairs with Pretty Scroll Work

Two Kinds of Swings Wood and Metal

Lovely Coffee Table and Chair in Stone

Innovative Design Tree Base Seat and Stool

Elegant Looking Adirondack Settee Cocktail Table

Cute Looking Copper Finish Metal Love Seat

Beautifully Upholstered Swing in Wood and Fabric

Attractive Looking Swing in Synthetic Resin

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Beds for Youngsters – From ‘Tween Beds to Teen Beds

Kids like to furnish their rooms elegantly and beautifully. With beds being the most important furniture of their bedroom, kids love to have a comfortable bed where they can sleep well and relax fully. Once the children are a little grown and have strong likes and dislikes, it is best to consult them before purchasing a bed for them.

The children are mostly happy with single beds – right from platform beds, canopy beds, traditional beds, four-poster beds, loft beds to modern modular bunk beds; kids just love to have any bed so long they have a say in choosing the bed and its accessories. They are not concerned about the cost or brand provided the bed is to their liking.

Once you come to know what kind of bed your kid wants, you can go online and check out the options that are available. There are such a variety of beds available that you will be really spoilt for choice! You can also check out the local furniture shops taking your child along with when you are visiting the stores in your neighbourhood.

Some of the questions you need to ask are – what is the style they may like? What material – wood, metal or a combination or whether they may like cane or bamboo bed? What is your budget? What style the rest of the home and furniture of your home are? Do their choices of bed blend harmoniously with rest of the home etc?

Also you need to decide on the size of the bed. A tall youngster can find it hard to sleep comfortably in a smaller size bed. Other aspects that can be discussed with your kid is whether he needs under bed storage, whether headboard storage is preferred or will the kid like rather to have bedside cabinets, nightstands and book cases in matching style and colour etc.

Here are some of the single beds for youth from Poundex. There are beautiful looking three-piece sets including a bed, dresser and nightstand. Some of them are done in light to medium oak finish, some in dark oak finish and some in black metal and espresso finish. Attractive looking bed linen adds to the beauty of the bedroom. These beds can be used in the spare bedroom as extra beds for overnight guests also. Don’t you think you want to buy something like this?

White Finish and Floral Bed Linen

White & Floral and White Slatted Bed

Patch Work and Pine Finish

Multi Color Triangle Motifs and Oak Finish

Black Metal with Vertical Stripes

Black, Crossbars and Stripes

Beautiful Looking in Pale Pink

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Wonderful Kitchen Counter Tops Ideas

Kitchen is always a popular room to undergo a makeover. Especially the kitchen working tops, kitchen island counter tops are high-use zone and are prone to get discolored, chipped or damaged in some way by the amount of heavy work we do on it like chopping, cutting, washing, mixing etc on a daily basis and the gloss and smooth finish may wear off.

Many a time, other areas of the kitchen like cabinet shelves, cabinet doors, backslashes, even flooring may stay in better shape than the counter tops. Keeping too hot or too cold stuff on the counters affects the smooth texture of the counter top surface and daily cleaning with detergents may age the counter top surfaces faster and necessitate replacing the counter tops sooner.

What are the materials you can look up for using as counter top materials? Stone tops, metal tops, glass tops, acrylic tops, engineered wood tops – there are number of tops available for you to choose from. You can have the color you like that will suit the wall décor you have put up in the kitchen and match with rest of the furniture.

Stones are still the most popular choice for counter tops – marble, granite, quartz, travertine, along with soft stones and quartz, all are sturdy and smart looking choices. You can have full slabs fixed as counter tops or can have smaller size tiles used to make up the counter top. Granite is very durable and black is almost the universal favorite. Marble is more prone to stains.

Engineered stones like quartz are made stronger with resin binders. Mosaic is another popular choice in small or big size tiles. Stainless steel tops are hot favorites today if you like metal counter tops. With a buff finish, it looks classy and elegant. Wood, natural and engineered wood also work very well as working top surfaces.

What factors you should check while selecting the material. It must be durable, heat resistant, stain resistant and able to handle crash and bang of pots and pans. Today we can use sealants and other treatments to boost the life of the counter tops. But still installing steel trivets on the counter tops can help in keeping it in better shape.

Here are some images of pretty looking counter tops from Surfaces USA. You have a selection of granite, mosaic, and other counter tops with matching and contrasting backsplashes. The tops beautifully set off the counter shelves and kitchen cabinets nicely. Which is your favorite?

White Stone-Finish Island Counter

Tile Topped Island and Cooking Counters

Tiled Backsplash to Match Island

Stone Finish Counter top and Back splash

Prettily Designed Mottled Granite Counter top

Mosaic Island Design to Match Back splash

Hob Fixed with Tiled Back splash

Countertop Used As Dining Area

Black Stone Countertop and Matching Backsplash