Wonderful Wicker Furniture Weaves Magic in Your Home And Garden

What is wicker furniture? How is it made? Is it any way different from the cane or rattan furniture? These are some common questions asked whenever the subject of wicker furniture or cane/rattan furniture is mentioned. While cane furniture is made of individual cane poles fixed to frames, wicker is made from weaving natural vines and barks wrapped around frames. Both are very popular choice of furniture – for outdoors but nowadays for indoors as well. Until recently both rattan and wicker furniture were made from totally natural materials. The frames were made of strong and sturdy natural canes bent to desired shape by heating it to high temperatures. In Asia, even today, wooden and cane frames are used and traditional natural fires from bamboo, cane, and willows are used for weaving and the wicker furniture is totally hand-made from 100% natural sustainable green products.

But today, almost all wicker furniture are made using sturdy high-quality light-weight aluminium alloy frames or in some cases heavier steel frames. And the wicker used to wrap around the frames is mostly synthetic. Recycled plastic/resin, vinyl or vinyl/resin is used for making synthetic wicker material. Resin synthetic wicker equals the wicker woven from natural fibres in looks but is sturdier and ages more slowly. It is also naturally water resistant. A good quality wicker weave should be tight, uniformly woven, close together without any visible gaps and have a smooth finish. It is flexible but quite strong. But it is advisable to keep the wicker furniture under cover in shade in extreme weathers. It is easy to clean; just vacuuming it lightly and wiping with a moist cloth should be sufficient. Occasionally a lick of varnish may help. If the cushions can be removed, the frame can be quickly washed with water and wiped dry to remove any spills etc.

Here are some beautiful and wonderful looking wicker furniture pieces from Pierantonio Bonacina. Look at the flowing chaise lounge in natural shade. How beautiful the ottoman looks? Don’t you think you would like the hanging chair in your terrace? The corner sofa set will add to the beauty and ambience to any living room! Comfortable, chic and highly sophisticated-looking wicker furniture is light, strong and durable; looks very beautiful and elegant and is easy to maintain. Coupled with contrast coloured or elegant white cushions, they are things of beauty giving joy forever. When properly taken care of, the wicker furniture lasts for long years giving excellent service. Don’t you think you would love to have some wicker furniture at your home?

Wonderful Looking in White Wicker

Wicker Easy Chairs

Portable Wicker Hanging Easy Chair

Flowing Wicker Chaise Lounge

Cozy Looking Wicker Cabin & Ottoman

Corner wicker Sofa Set with Coffee Table

Comfy Two-Some in Wicker

Wonderful Wicker Ottoman in White

Pair of Wicker Side Tables

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Rattan Furniture – Nature’s Gift for Your Home

Amongst the wide array of wood or natural furniture that’s available, rattan holds a special place. Rattan has been a perennial favourite for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Light, durable and elegant, they are a charming choice, especially for a traditional or rustic décor style.

If you have ever wondered what this material is then here is a quick introduction. Rattan is a plant vine that belongs to the palm family usually found in tropical climes. It comes from the Malay word, roton. It is an extremely malleable material, which when heated can be woven intro intricate patterns. When it cools, it becomes stiff and sturdy. This quality makes it an ideal material for furniture.

Rattan is used to make every kind of furniture – be it chairs, beds or rockers. Most popular are rattan armchairs and sofa sets. They are highly preferred as they are very comfortable and versatile. They come in a numerous colours as they can be easily painted.. Teamed with bright and colourful upholstery and pillows they can brighten up any room.

Given their versatility, they can blend into any kind of décor in your house. You can use rattan to add a touch of traditional elegance to your décor even if you have an overall contemporary look. The incredible variety in weaves means you can get as ornate or as simple as you desire, so that it fits in with the look you have.

Rattan furniture are especially suitable for outdoor as they can withstand all weather conditions and can be moved easily. Once treated with a special resin, they are protected from the harmful effects of sun or rain. They blend in wonderfully with the environment, and highlight the natural beauty of outdoors.

Apart from natural rattan, today synthetic rattan is also available. Synthetic rattan maintains the look of natural rattan but can be produced at a fraction of the cost. Made from resin and plastic, these are even more durable than natural rattan furniture. This is especially applicable for outdoor furniture, as it withstands sun and rain better than its natural counterpart!

Cleaning rattan furniture, whether natural or synthetic is hassle-free. A simple dust-off with a soft cloth is enough. But since dust can get trapped in the woven fabric, it must be done regularly. One can also vacuum so as to remove any hard-to-remove dust trapped in the weaves. While buying, it is important to ensure that the rattan furniture you buy is professional sealed and finished. This will ensure that the material remains protected in the necessary process of wear and tear.

Below is a sample of the wide variety of rattan furniture available today. AmericanRattan shows us just how versatile and beautiful they are.

White Rattan Rocker & Love Seat

Striking White & Green Rattan Sofas & Coffee Table

Simple & Elegant Sofa Set

Outdoor Rattan Set With Two-Seater Sofas

Elegant Dark Wood Rattan Dining Set

Elaborately Designed White Rattan Sofa Set

Dark & Simple Rattan Bedroom Set

Cosy & Comfortable Armchair

Complete Bedroom Set In Rattan

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Discount Wicker Furniture


Wicker furniture is a great option for people who live in the dry and hot cities; they are lightweight and extremely trendy! Looking after your wicker furniture is simple and very easy. If you are looking for furniture that is non-fussy and affordable, stylish yet cheap then wicker furniture is your best option.  These are very strong and sturdy, manage to look exactly the same over years and the best part is that they go well in all kinds of living room, bedroom, patio or garden settings.  You can go for complete range of wicker furniture or you can go with the mix and match, the wicker gives your home an oriental and interesting twist.

Discount Furniture

A great way to save a good amount of money, even while spending on the furniture is opting for discount wicker furniture. A number of people wait for discount season to shop as you can get a great deal of rebates on items of your liking without really emptying your pockets. Discount time is the only time you can indulge in your favorite furniture without feeling guilty. The best way to do so is to shop during the clearance sale time.

Where to Find?

During the discount season a number of branded and expensive furniture can be found in sale and you can get a pretty good offer during this time too if you look really close. You tend to get a lot of options when it comes to wicker furniture discount offers, as there are many stores that sell discounted wicker furniture. A number of occasions you will find that the furniture companies are offering a great discount even though there product is not old. This mainly happens when a furniture brand is not quite satisfied with the manufactured furniture themselves, and they do not wish to fool their customers.

Branded Furniture

A good brand would give away such imperfect furniture on discounted rates, without losing their client base. These furniture pieces carry a little bit of fault, and most of the times these defects are not even prominent enough. So in case you are not such a perfectionist and would like to save a few bucks it is the right kind of investment to do. Go for branded discounted furniture if you wish for a piece of furniture that is sturdy and attractive. Usually the defects present in such discounted furniture are minimum and sometimes not even visible to the naked eye. You can seek great furniture on discount ranging from 20% to 70% at these stores.

Affordable and chic 

Wicker is the best choice when you are looking for garden or patio furniture. As it is heat and water resistant to a great extent and require less attention in comparison to wooden furniture. You can also put umbrellas and waterproof coating on them to make them look stunning over several years. The best part of wicker furniture is that you do not invest too much yet you get to enjoy a new improved home and lifestyle. So if you are looking to reinvent your living space, you sure know by now discounted wicker furniture can do the trick!

Wicker Patio Furniture

leona sofa set



Stylish and ElegantFP-LEO-6SS-MCx2

Wicker Dining Table Set723-diningsetrect


Cool Wicker Bedroom



Stylish Wicker Bedroom  DecorMONTE CARLO_BDR_FINAL_fixed

Outdoor Wicker Dining Set

leona round dining set

Detailed and Intricate Weaving


Rattan furniture – Creating Stylish indoor

Rattan furniture indoor round ottoman

Every now and then we feel tired of looking at the same furniture in our house and desire a certain extent of freshness and appeal. It is not really such a difficult task to envisage. All you need to do is apply your mind and make a few changes here and there, if you do not have the budget for a complete makeover. It works really well if you could include a few elements of a new medium in your home. Rattan furniture indoor is quite a hit these days and simple to incorporate in any kind of interior. It adds a new dimension to the room, no matter what the décor might be.

Why Rattan Furniture Concepts

In case you are wondering what is so special about Rattan furniture, Rattan is actually one of the primitive constituents for making furniture. The Rattan vine is found in most of Southeastern Asia. The most affordable and stylish furniture concepts are developed in rattan furniture making industry. These are a great option for lightweight furniture that is pleasing to the eye and appear very fresh and expand the elegance of a room. There is a lot you can do to create the right ambiance with the help of rattan wicker furniture. It is also quite a relief to know that care and cleaning of rattan furniture is extremely simple. Removing the dust from time to time keep it neat and looking its best.  A little bit of touch up will help bring back the shine and gloss when your rattan furniture is old.

Mix and Match

Rattan furniture looks best with a mix and match concept. If you include rattan chairs with your traditional wooden dining table it would do the magic! The look will be different and the comfort optimum. Another thing to do while using rattan furniture indoor is to incorporate pretty upholstery to go with your rattan chairs or sofa, make sure they complement the room color scheme and your drapery. The drapes should give a flowing effect hence making the room extremely livable and inviting. You can do wonders with rattan furniture and curtains if you can blend them well in the room. There is a lot of positivity in the room where you use rattan furniture, the ambiance is inflicted with energy of you can incorporate a good mix of rattan furniture with the usual wooden furniture and some indoor plants.

Restyle in style

When you get tired of the furniture arrangement in your living room or dining room you don’t really have to empty your pocket for the purpose of redesigning. As it is you can make some changes with upholstery of rattan furniture and create a totally different and fresh look in the same room. It is the simplest and most functional furniture idea for your home if you do not mind exploring this concept, there is a huge variety of furniture and accessory ideas in rattan wicker in the market to pick from. I am sure something or the other would definitely catch your fancy. I put together a few inspirations here for you these are from Your Wicker Chair.

Indoor Furniture Armchair

Rattan furniture indoor armchair and ottoman 2

Armchair and Ottoman 

Rattan furniture indoor armchair and ottoman

Bar Stool

Rattan furniture indoor bar stool

Dining Table set

Rattan furniture indoor dining

Four Seater

Rattan furniture indoor four seater

Round Ottoman

Rattan furniture indoor round ottoman

Six Seater Sofa

Rattan furniture indoor six seater sofa

Classy Creative Hand Woven Dining Room Furniture

Accente is an innovative dining furniture manufacturer who provides innovative wicker solutions for all around the house. The stunning woven dining room furniture is an example of their wicker furniture designs. Surprisingly the wicker chairs will complete your dining room with flair and glamour. Wicker isn’t just for outdoors anymore but it is gaining popularity for indoor use too. You could also add a splash of color inside, as shown here with the bright Casino chairs in pink, teal, orange and green. You could also go in for a more subtle look like plain black or white as shown below.

Designer Dining Room Furniture Colorful Woven Wicker

Designer Dining Room Furniture White Woven Wicker

Designer Dining Room Furniture Brown Woven Wicker

Beautiful Outdoor Furniture Design

Spring time is the best time to spend a lot of time outdoor. If outdoors are decorated as good as indoors, any season is a good time to spend time outdoors. During summer you can spend time next to the swimming pool and during winters you can enjoy the warmth of a fire pit. Decks, patio, porches and pools can be pleasant and inviting places to spend time with you family and friends. Sleek and stylishly decorated outdoor space is the best option to relax and spend quality time with kids or enjoy barbecue and music with friends. Outdoor furniture is an essential part of outdoor décor. Outdoor furniture is available in many creative styles. A boring and empty space can be turned in to a remarkable and interesting space with right choice of furniture and accessories. Depending on the space, you can select appropriate outdoor furniture. Wide range of accessories is also available to go with the furniture. For example cushions and pillows, outdoor rugs, outdoor lamps, outdoor TV sets, pots and planters, water fountains etc. Outdoor lights are available with all weather light bulb, waterproof and washable shades.

Outdoor sectionals are quite popular to replenish the space in creative ways. They can be configured and arranged according to the space. Another plus point is they offer maximum comfort, as they come with thick cushions and deep seating facility. Outdoor sectional can be extra durable with outdoor furnishing fabric with polyester blend. It dries quickly if left outside in rain.100 percent acrylic fabric is also available for outdoor furniture. It does not rot or fade in extreme weather. Two types of outdoor sectionals are available in the market. One has aluminum frames wrapped by the all weather wicker. All-weather wicker is made from the real wicker and a water resistant resin material. Cast Aluminum sectionals without wicker are also available whichever style you prefer outdoor sectionals give a trendy look to your patio or deck.

Wrought iron outdoor furniture is available with powder coated finishing. Chipping and painting is no more required. Wrought iron furniture looks very trendy with colorful cushions. Teak furniture is another option to bedeck your outdoors. Teak has timeless appeal and it lasts forever. Hammocks and swings are great for relaxation. Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is durable and low maintenance. Shorea wood is tropically grown hardwood. It is similar to teak, heavy and resistant to rot and weather. It is ideal for outdoor furniture. Some of the best sellers among outdoor furniture and accessories are slate mosaic outdoor clock, quilted hammock, wrought iron dining set, Aluminum lounge chair with cushion, wicker deep seating set and outdoor LCD TV.

Outdoor Furniture Design with Plants

Outdoor Furniture Design in Complementary Colors

Outdoor Furniture Design in Pink

Outdoor Furniture Design White and Blue

Outdoor Furniture Design Neutral Toned

Outdoor Furniture Design Colorful