Measures To Make Your Bathroom Smart And Energy Efficient

Make your bathroom a smart and energy efficient bathroom. It is good to have a beautiful bathroom – a well designed, well decorated bathroom, with an elegant vanity, matching mirror, perfect lighting and all modern appliances. It is great to have all matching accessories and organize them beautifully to have the most-elegant looking and fabulous bathroom. But don’t you think it is equally important to have a smart bathroom, an energy-efficient bathroom?

Bathrooms and kitchen are places with maximum energy demands and highest water usage. Every month when power and water bills come, we do wonder why they are so high and how to reduce them. Mostly, we are not even aware what damage-control measures are there to reduce energy and water consumption. Yes, there are small steps – albeit baby steps – but steps in the right direction to make your bathroom energy and water usage efficient. Though they may not look impressive, they yield good results over time.
We must check out how energy-efficient our water heaters are and how much the lighting cost comes to whether bathroom lights continuously burn and windows and exhaust fans have energy star rating. Using compact florescent light bulbs is one way to save power. Occupancy sensor switches is another good option. Tank-less water heating is another option. Going solar is a great option. Not only they prove to be less costly, they leave no carbon trace!

Water wastage occurs is by letting water run while brushing our teeth, continually running toilet water, and of course leaky taps. Today there are fancy options available for futuristic faucets. Waste-not sensor taps, touch-sensitive water faucets sensor soap dispenser, and faucets with aerators can contain water usage effectively. The leaky taps take a heavy toll and need attention immediately. Remember to close faucets while not actually using the water – like while brushing, while lathering your hands etc.
The next measure in saving water is to install low-flow toilet or dual-flow toile. Whatever expenses you incur installing them is compensated by what you save in water bill and will prove to be a sound investment. Low-flow shower heads are another great way to use less water. They may save as much as 50% water compared to standard shower heads! With sufficient water pressure, you will not even know the difference. Having plants in the bathroom is a good idea. They take the carbon-dioxide and keep the air fresher and cleaner. And they bring great beauty and a touch of woodlands into your bathroom. And how lovely and refreshing they look!

A Touch Sensitive Heat Sensitive Water Saving Faucet

Great Looking Plants For Your Bathroom

A Beautiful Lamp Working in Photosynthesis Way

Great Looking Plants For Your Bathroom

A Sophisticated Sensor Soap Dispenser

A Beautifully Furnished Black And White Bath

A Simply Furnished Elegant Bathroom

An Elegant and Well-Lit Bathroom

A Space Saving Toilet Washbasin Combination