Lavish Eclectic Style Room Design by Gary Spain

Gary Spain, a famous and creative interior designer from San Francisco, designs rooms in eclectic style. He has designed several homes in San Francisco in his unique style of designing. San Francisco is cultural and financial hub in California. It has global population with high standard of living because of IT boom and dot com companies in nearby Silicon Valley People in San Francisco have modern lifestyle and unique taste in home décor. Gary’s style of interior design is popular among young and hip crowd of San Francisco. The rooms designed by him look refreshing and lively. They look lavish and extravagant, vibrant with colors and bold patterns reflecting the artist’s personality. You can notice some wacky elements in his design that stand out, for example unusual decorative accessories such as stag heads, bust sculptures, chandeliers and lamp shades of various shapes and sizes. Wall papers, wall art and wall paintings are unique and eye catching in all the rooms. Either wall has wallpapers with strikingly different geometric patterns or they have giant sized paintings with unusual themes. Matching patterns can be seen in rugs, upholstery and flooring also. He uses big size plants or flower arrangements to make the space look relaxing. A full spectrum of color, bold patterns, rich texture and eclectic match of furniture creates a funky space. He uses modern and contemporary furniture with vintage and antique pieces to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Gary Spain is not just an interior designer, but he is a versatile multifaceted personality gifted with a number of skills. He has worked as a creative director for advertising shoots and magazine editorial photo shoots. He is an adept in set designs, prop designs, catalog designs. He is inspired by the unanticipated sources. Recently, one of his designs is featured on California Home + Design’s cover page. He is a rage among the young and hip crowd of California. Funky spaces designed by him have global influences. He combines modern pieces and traditional vintage pieces with lively color schemes to create breathtaking ambiance. The creative placement of antique pieces, taxidermy and modern eccentric accessories creates a dramatic effect in room design. He uses unusual and odd looking objects as accent accessories. The result is self indulgent, luxurious room design that looks vibrant and welcoming. Large size wall paintings, stuffed heads of antelopes, bust sculptures, splashes of bright colors and bold geometric patterns are some of the design elements he keeps repeating in all his work

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Striking Wall Art and Matching Rugs

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Geometric Design Flooring with Abstract Wall Painting
Lavish-eclectic-style-interiors-wall art-flooring

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Eclectic Arrangement of Accessories

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Striped Upholstry Rugs

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Flamboyant Wall Painting

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Living Dining Room

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Living Room

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Bedroom Bathroom

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Bedroom

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Entry Hall

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Contemporary Style Sofas – Look Great with Small Homes

Small homes may be best served with contemporary sofas and sofas in minimalist style. Most of our homes have scaled down versions of living rooms that need less clutter and limited amount of furniture. Large size classic looking wooden sofa sets with elaborate work details and big box springs and heavy upholstered seats cannot be accommodated in these small rooms. Contemporary type sofas are the need of the hour. Two-seat love seats, small sofas, sofa and a half kind of chairs, or smaller size sectionals are the kind of furniture you have to check out for small living rooms. Uncluttered looking arrangements with sofas and one or two end tables and wall units where you can keep the media and display items will be perfect amount of furniture.

Most of the times having pastel shaded furniture help in widening out the living space. But getting a sofa or an accent chair in deep shades can bring a focus to the overall decor. It brings our attention to the sofa effortlessly and makes a bold statement of style. You can provide a dramatic accent with a contrast wall back splash for added impact. Providing enough light is another aspect you cannot neglect. A well-lit room looks bigger and more opened out. Place the furniture in such a way that they get highlighted from the natural light sources that you have in the room. Having well-planned wall sconces, concealed lighting, recessed lighting and pedestal lamps can add ambient and focused lighting as much as the room needs it.

Getting correct accessory furniture is another important factor. Unless the sofa comes with a matching colored central table, get clear glass topped coffee tables with preferably pedestal bases for keeping in the center of the living room. They do not look too big and blends well with the contemporary type sofas to give an eclectic look. Also matching area rugs and carpets may make the room look warm and cozy. Decorative accessories can be selectively used and should be kept to a minimum. Have a wall poster or a wall painting behind the sofa or the long arm of the sectional for a dramatic backsplash effect. Table lamps can provide added beauty to the room. Curios and photos are another option that can be added to wall décor. Colorful cushions can be the last finishing touch to complete the décor. Here are some beautiful looking sofas from Frini Furniture.

Subtly Shining Silver Accents and Sofas
Silver Accents and Sofas

Sofa and Cushions Matching Wall Accent
Sofa Furniture

Nattily Designed Accent Chairs and Colorful Sofas
Green Sofas

Lovely Stripes in Rug Setting off White Sofa
Sofa Sets

Gorgeous White Sectional with Contrast Cushions
Sofas And Sofa Chairs

Elegant and Contemporarily Pretty Sofa Set
Living Room Sofa

Black and Stripe Cushions Offset White Sofa
Comfortable Sofas

Beautiful Yellow Colored Sectional
Sofa Design

Attractive Loveseat and Sofa in Elegant Cream
Sofa Furniture

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