Make Foyer And Entryway Decor Mirror Your Beautiful And Elegant Home Decors

Foyer or entryway is the first glance your guests and visitors have of your home. To create a best first impression, it is essential to decorate the foyer elegantly. Maybe you have a spacious roomy foyer area or a cute little foyer, but foyer is like a prelude indicative what is inside. When given enough attention, a neatly furnished, well-lit foyer can offer a warm welcome to your guests inside. Foyers /Entryways can be a challenging spot to decorate. Many times we have a long narrow foyer or a small cubicle with stairways occupying half the space. But with planning and patience, you can make any shaped foyer a beautiful looking space reflecting your own characteristic style at the same time remaining completely utilitarian with a side table, coat hanger and a shoe rack etc.

Let us see what all we may need to make a foyer attractive, chic at the same time functional? This is one place in your home that definitely should have enough storage space. You may need a coat rack, and shoe rack, simple but elegant light fixtures, some wall décor and definitely a mirror. You can add some door mats or carpet runners to add distinction and color to the space. Much like every room in your home, foyer needs effective and sufficient storage space. If space permits, think of investing in an armoire that can help in stashing your stuff like keys, scarves, books, mail etc. If you are strapped for space, floating shelves or wall brackets may help. A shoe bench with shoe storage underneath can be a wonderful addition to keep the shoes in order and out of sight.

A tiny foyer chandelier or a pendant light can add a luxurious look to the foyer. Actually you can get the foyer space painted or wall paper more luxuriously than other rooms. Because a glossy rich and expensive wall finish may give the guests a very good first impression and secondly, it is a small place and the cost may not be all that high. It is a good investment adding to the home value. Here are some beautiful ideas and furniture for foyer – entryway – decoration from Carolina Rustica. Look at the lovely chandelier! Surely the mirror will look exquisite on your wall! Don’t you think the narrow console table will be a perfect fit in your foyer? How do you like the unique-looking clock? The chic and slim coat rack looks so nice!

Go online and check how you can beautify your home foyer. Talk to the interior decorator and make a stunning looking entryway and impress your guests!

Unique Looking Wall Decoration Clock

Tall Slim Desk with Storage Shelf and Drawers

Stunning Looking Sun Burst Mirror

Slim and Sleek Looking Coat Rack

Mini Chandelier in Bronze Finish

Handsome Looking Central Table

Hall Chest with Drawers

Classic Console Table with Drawers and Mirror

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Gorgeous Wall Treatments Add Beauty And Character to Your Wall Decor


Thinking of making over your home decor? Most probably, first thing you like to do is to decide how to do your wall decor. The major dilemma would be whether to paint or whether to use wallpapers. When you look at the latest absolutely adorable paint options, it can be very tempting to paint the walls specially using the Paint spray tools but before you decide, check out all options that are available with wallpapers too. Walls offer the maximum surface to decorate in your home decor. Beautiful looking walls can really bring style and sophisticated beauty to your home. Good quality paint can be expensive compared to wallpaper. And applying paint is time consuming, messy and is more labor involved. You have to cover all the furniture and flooring etc. Comparatively wallpaper application is faster and easier.

What options are there in wallpaper? There are some types of wall covering which are not actually paper – neither in look nor in texture. They are all great viable options to painting your walls. Some of them are made of grass burlap and are cork-based; some are paper backed fabric – which looks great and lastly the vinyl wall covering which is most popular. There are textured wall papers – with embossing , mural wall papers, fluorescent wallpapers, scented wallpaper with lavender or lilac scented fiber, deodorizing wallpapers (with charcoal particles). The designs are endless and colors are from gentle soothing pastels to stunning bright fluorescent shades with designs digitally printed. You are sure of having something unique!

But wallpaper certainly should be professionally applied. It certainly needs more than one person for getting an even looking and smooth finish. Any defective or uneven wall surface can be bridged with special material economically and wall paper can be applied giving an overall smooth and intriguing look and surface to your walls and bring beauty. Here are some stunning looking wall treatments from STICKJOY DECOR HOUSE. Look at the glowing sunshine yellow and orange patterns. How beautiful are the designs and wall decals applied. The cream yellow color makes the room look so serene and beautiful. The living room in light blue with black flower patterns looks very cool indeed.

What do you want to choose when you are doing your home makeover? Don’t you think the wallpapers will make your home come alive stunningly? You can even have one or more walls customized with wallpapers with family photos digitally printed and make a totally unique home décor.

Wonderful Looking in White and Green

Sunshine Yellow with Orange Flowers

Pretty Yellow Cushions and Pale Pink Walls

Elegant Looking Pale Blues and Creams

Cream Yellows and Black Decal

Cool Blues Contrasted with Black Flowers

Beautiful in Beige and Yellow

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8 Amazing Wall Decals For Living Room Walls

If you want a make a quick décor makeover or remodeling without involving too much expenses, wall decals may be a good choice. Especially if you are living in rented premises or as a paying guest where constructional or permanent décor change is not allowed, wall decals come in handy. They are removable without harming the wall surface on which they had been applied to. The wall decals available today can be fixed to any surface. Some of them come with specific instructions and with adhesives for sticking it on the walls. Some come ready with glue applied, can be peeled off and pasted on the wall. Large-size wall decals are not easy to be pasted singlehandedly and may need some help for application which you can get from the decal supplier.

There are glass decals, vinyl decals, tattoo decals, sticker decals and many more. Unlike painting or stenciling a design – which is permanent, most wall decals are repositionable from one place to another. When you reposition your furniture for a different look, you can remove a wall decal and reposition to suit the decor. Wall decals when applied expertly, look as gorgeous as painted. Now that wall decals are the rage, you can plan one for each room in your house according to your wish from the innumerable patterns, sizes and finishes. These stock-designed decals can be customized by the supplier to match the colour scheme of each room and to any size you require. Some are as small as a tattoo; some natural scenery decals are blown up to cover an entire wall of a room.

Decals come in many varieties – right from cartoon characters for your toddlers to superman/ spider-man for your teenagers. You can custom order your wall decals from your personal photographs – any photo can be converted into wall decal. Most of them have a transparent tone, not blocking light if applied on a glass. Most wall decals do not leave a residue or damage the paintwork/walls when they are removed. Here are some beautiful looking wall decals from WALLTAT. Look at the beautiful wall decals, how lovely they all look? They can be applied anywhere you like. Put it indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, on your doors, verandas or glass partitions. Don’t they look so attractive and pretty?

I am sure you are already planning to refurbish your home with some stunning and beautiful looking wall decals. Aren’t you?

Great Looking Ginkgo Flowers on Wall Decal

Pretty Looking Prairie Vegetation on Wall Decal

Stunning Looking Wall Decal with Skinny Tree

Interesting Looking Garden on Wall Decal
gracious garden-like-wall-decals

Branches and Magnificent Blossoms on Wall Decal

Branch with Beautiful Flying Birds on Wall Decals

Branch with Beautiful Flowers on Wall Decal

Beautiful Looking Bamboo Leaves Wall Decal

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Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Great

Interior decoration is all about making your home look great. All the rooms in our home are of equal importance when we think of allocating budget for furniture but most of the times, living room gets special attention. Living room is the face of our home – the place all the visitors see first and where all entertainment and partying are done.

Getting a set of good furniture is the first step towards making your living room look great. Lovely looking sofas, smashing kind of sectionals, great coffee tables, stunning looking wall décor and decorations, window treatments including curtains, drapery and other accessories all combine to make your living room elegant and extremely beautiful.

Stunning Sectional with Flared Arms in Faux Leather

Many a time, wall colour can make a lot of difference to the ambience of the room. Getting a warm colour or a light pastel shade can be a good background for all your furniture and furnishing. Light cream or beige colour walls can make a nice backdrop for hardwood furniture especially if your sofa set pieces have a finish of glossy dark mahogany or rosewood stain.

With Tailored Looking Sofa and Toss Pillows

If you like to make a quick splash of colour on the walls – to change the focus from some sober shades of walls like gray, or dull cream, or off white etc, it is best to get on one wall some wall posters or wall decals. Having a wall poster or a wall decal or even putting up wall paper in a contrast shade brings a splash of colour to the living room.

Wide Sloped Arms and Contrast Toss Pillows

Beautiful looking furniture is the most important part of interior decoration and living room is no exception. Three-piece and two-piece sofas, matching ottoman and a sectional can make perfect seating arrangement for the room. Sturdy and smart looking hardwood furniture in a style to match your home style will look good in your living room.

Sofa in White Finish with Pillow Top Arms

Other accessories that are needed will be beautiful and functional coffee tables, side tables, occasional table sets along with some colourful rugs and carpets. Toss pillows in contrast shades in silks, velvets and other colourful fabric will make the room festive and colourful. Window treatments in matching shades also make the room beautiful.

Microfiber Upholstery with Welted Trim

Here are some images of elegant and beautiful looking living rooms from Furniture. Look at the camel backed sofas with matching rug. How lovely the sectional looks with contrast striped cushions and a matching ottoman. I am sure your living room furniture looks this great?

Elegantly Rolled Arm Sofa in Black Chenille

Camel Backed Sofas with Button Tufted Details

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Wall Papers – Bring Fresh Look to Your Interiors

All of us like our home to have a distinct style and enjoy getting nice compliments from our friends and relatives who come to visit us. Creating a distinct style of your own may need some research and preplanning. Once you know what appeals to you, what colours you like, which furniture you think to be looking pretty, you are on the correct path to giving your distinct touch to your home.

Actually style is the sum total of so many small aspects of the interior décor. When you have managed to create a harmonious blend of all things that appeal to you, then you get an ambience where you and your family will feel comfortable and where your guests and visitor will feel warmly welcomed and where they like to come again.

You need not strictly adhere to something that is set as standards of each style. If you happen to like drift wood furniture – you need not have to have only rustic style in all aspects of décor. If you have liked a beautiful ornately framed mirror and purchased it, that does not mean you have to have all the furniture to be in the same ornate baroque or rococo style.

You can mix various styles and add texture to your interiors. Only you should learn, what will look good. What colours can be combined? What fabrics can be layered to give the correct depth and make the overall look more elegant? It is best to take the guidance of a professional interior decorator who can help in the finer aspects of which can be combined and contrasted to create a harmonious blend.

If you want to create a focus in your room, wall décor is the most easy and less expensive option. You can dramatically change the look of a room with changing the wall décor. Wall paints, wall decals and wall papers are the most common and economical options. You can apply a deep shaded wall paper or a dramatic looking contrast to create a focus.

Floral patterns, forest scenes, geometric designs – check out all wallpaper designs and wall treatments to know what you will like best. There are enough online options to explore and know what you will like for your own home. Here are some wall paper designs that you can use for your home from Design Your Wall.

White Base Forest Design
cute wall paper design

Wallpapered In Black Design
beautiful wall papers for wall decor

Sailing Ships and Blue Sees
amazing wall paper design

Maroon Floral and Wooden Console
beautiful wall papers for wall decor

Green Designs in Purple
stylish wall paper design

Forest and Trees Pattern
beautiful wall papers for wall decor

Floral in Purple and Blue
cute wall paper design

Blue and Green Designs
beautiful wall papers for wall decor

Beige and Orange Floral
wall paper design

Baby Pink against Steel Gray Walls
beautiful wall papers for wall decor

Easy Wall Makeovers – Accent Décor with Wallpapers for That Jazzy Look

Many a time a full makeover may not be possible. Many of us do not have the time to attempt a makeover for the entire house. But small touches here and there can bring a fresh look to the home easily. Rearranging the furniture in a different way, changing the accessories like cushions, rugs and window treatments are some ideas for makeover. For a quick wall makeover, you can think of applying wallpaper. You do not have to wallpaper the entire room. Applying wallpaper to just one wall may do the trick and make the room more vibrant and colourful. Actually you can make that wall the focus of the room décor with sufficient light to bring an entirely different look.

If you go online and check the options available with wallpapers, wall stickers, wall decals and other wall posters, you will be stumped by so much variety in colours, designs, textures and patterns. Even totally sustainable wallpapers are available so that you can have your green ethics satisfied by using those wallpapers. Many times, the pastel coloured walls start looking boring and faded out. This is when you can bring a dramatic change with contrast looking wallpapers on just one wall. A black-based wallpaper – whether floral patterned or abstract geometric patterns etc – may go very nicely in a room with rest of walls in pale cream, yellow or pale beige colours.

You can alternatively apply a stunning wall-decal on one wall and opposite wall can be wallpapered to contrast nicely with the adjacent pastel shades. This way, two walls look more vibrant than the rest and the room gets an entirely different look. If you are not keen on contrast shades, check out matching coloured self-patterns which look sober and elegant. If you are going to place the furniture against the wallpaper, just check that furniture finish, upholstery colors do not clash with wallpaper colour/design. White, cream and pale shades of beige, yellow, and gold look best against black/dark-brown based wallpapers. Dark wood furniture looks best against any colour other than black or dark brown etc.

Here are some beautiful looking ideas for wallpaper from Waverly. Just look at the stunning white against black patterns! How nicely the backsplash sets off the vanity? And the floral brown looks so great with white sofa and matching cushions!

I am sure you are also going to check some wallpaper options for a quick makeover?

Wonderfully Contrasted White Furniture

White Sofa against Lovely Black Floral Wallpaper

Sober Mosaic Patterned Wallpaper

Pretty Patterned Wallpaper Matching Cushion

Nice Back Splash Setting off Vanity

Dark Color Furniture Great against Lovely Green