Lavish Eclectic Style Room Design by Gary Spain

Gary Spain, a famous and creative interior designer from San Francisco, designs rooms in eclectic style. He has designed several homes in San Francisco in his unique style of designing. San Francisco is cultural and financial hub in California. It has global population with high standard of living because of IT boom and dot com companies in nearby Silicon Valley People in San Francisco have modern lifestyle and unique taste in home décor. Gary’s style of interior design is popular among young and hip crowd of San Francisco. The rooms designed by him look refreshing and lively. They look lavish and extravagant, vibrant with colors and bold patterns reflecting the artist’s personality. You can notice some wacky elements in his design that stand out, for example unusual decorative accessories such as stag heads, bust sculptures, chandeliers and lamp shades of various shapes and sizes. Wall papers, wall art and wall paintings are unique and eye catching in all the rooms. Either wall has wallpapers with strikingly different geometric patterns or they have giant sized paintings with unusual themes. Matching patterns can be seen in rugs, upholstery and flooring also. He uses big size plants or flower arrangements to make the space look relaxing. A full spectrum of color, bold patterns, rich texture and eclectic match of furniture creates a funky space. He uses modern and contemporary furniture with vintage and antique pieces to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Gary Spain is not just an interior designer, but he is a versatile multifaceted personality gifted with a number of skills. He has worked as a creative director for advertising shoots and magazine editorial photo shoots. He is an adept in set designs, prop designs, catalog designs. He is inspired by the unanticipated sources. Recently, one of his designs is featured on California Home + Design’s cover page. He is a rage among the young and hip crowd of California. Funky spaces designed by him have global influences. He combines modern pieces and traditional vintage pieces with lively color schemes to create breathtaking ambiance. The creative placement of antique pieces, taxidermy and modern eccentric accessories creates a dramatic effect in room design. He uses unusual and odd looking objects as accent accessories. The result is self indulgent, luxurious room design that looks vibrant and welcoming. Large size wall paintings, stuffed heads of antelopes, bust sculptures, splashes of bright colors and bold geometric patterns are some of the design elements he keeps repeating in all his work

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Striking Wall Art and Matching Rugs

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Geometric Design Flooring with Abstract Wall Painting
Lavish-eclectic-style-interiors-wall art-flooring

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Eclectic Arrangement of Accessories

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Striped Upholstry Rugs

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Flamboyant Wall Painting

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Living Dining Room

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Living Room

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Bedroom Bathroom

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Bedroom

Lavish Eclectic Style Designer Rooms Entry Hall

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Beautiful Looking Metal Art Items For Creating an Elegant Look in Your Home

When you have finished furnishing your house with high-quality furniture and elegant looking furnishings and draperies etc, the next items on your agenda will be to make your collectibles part of the decoration. These are the touches that will add character to your house, reflect your interest, your style and your hobbies – making the house all your own.

All of us when we go anywhere on a trip, bring back a memento that can be a handicraft or any curio, any item that can remind us of the good times we had there. It is like looking at a shell fondly for it brings back all the good times we had had when we collected it. These things are treasured – may be expensive or not expensive which is really immaterial.

How you are going to display them is worth a lot of consideration. If you have a large collection, you may have to divide them according to some theme and display it in different rooms. If you take your interior decorator’s advice, you can be assured of a professional touch. Depending on the number and type of collectibles, they will be displayed to perfection.

Display shelves are one option to use for displaying your collectibles. Wall mounted floating shelves with glass doors can be another option. If you have planned ahead, you could have arranged for niche shelves and brackets with built-in lights where you can display larger and more rare pieces to perfection with focussed lights etc.

Wall hangings are another part of wall décor that will give a touch of class to your home. Paintings, murals, posters, frescos, framed artwork and handicrafts are some of the items you can have on your walls that will create a look of sophistication and elegance. With proper lighting the room can look really richly decorated and artistic looking.

There are beautiful metal-work available which can be used on display. Brass, bronze, silver, cast metal, metal etchings, wrought-iron pieces of figurines, ceramic, terracotta, stone, soft stone and other material – really the list is limitless and you can have the pick if you go to a handicraft shop or an antique shop and now you can buy online as well.

Here are some beautifully done metal work – wall art – like flowers, and other designs from Hill-Craft Decorative-Home Accents. All are hand-crafted and exquisitely finished for a glowing look. Look at the details done in the metal wall hanging and how beautiful the sculpture on table looks. Scroll work and ornamental metal work make them look wonderful.

Which you will like for your home?

Wall Hanging Made of Wrought Iron

Wall Decor in Wrought Iron

Wall Art in Metal

Table Top Curio Sculpture in Metal

Pretty Looking Metal Sculpture

Elegantly Carved Metal Art

Beautifully Crafted Wall Art

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Pretty Looking Posters for Practically Anywhere

Using a poster, sticker or a wall decal or even wallpaper is an easy way to decorate your walls at a minimum cost as well minimum trouble. It can be a temporary covering that will be all right in a rented apartment or dorm walls. Walls are very forceful aspects of home décor that can make a great impact on how the room looks. A well chosen poster or wall decal can be a good quick décor booster.

There are such a variety of posters available that you will be hard pressed to know what you can choose. Especially there are such vast ranges of wallpaper, decals and sticker designs for kids rooms, you can match the décor and linen with wall treatment and make a dramatic impact with the sticker or wall decal.

Simple flowers, educational themes, sceneries, picture of animals and fairies, cartoon characters and household articles – there seem to be an astonishing range of choice. Just check out that the medium of the sticker is high-quality. Like if it is on paper – high-quality paper that will not fade or look discolored with sun exposure etc should be checked.

Picture quality must be of very good quality. There should be no bleeding of colors and no crack like lines visible. You can also decide on the size of posters, stickers or decals you want for your rooms. You can choose one picture – slightly bigger that can become the focus of the entire room. A mural poster of a window with flower boxes can become the focus of the living room décor.

Before fixing the wall decal or poster, you must decide the height at which you will fix the poster to the walls. If the poster is for a kids’ room, it should start at the level of the bed and go up to the ceiling. If you are putting up small posters at the dining room, it should be higher at our eye level to give the best visual effect and pull the overall décor together.

You can go to your neighborhood decorating shops to browse for the latest decal or poster choice. Or you can go online and check innumerable online shops that can supply you with latest two and three dimensional posters and decals with specific themes and ideas. Here are some very pretty wall decals, posters, murals etc from All Modern. Check what you want for your own home?

Wall Decal with a Dirt Biker Figure
Wall Decor Posters

Scene from Jungle Safari Wall Decal
Wall Sticker And Posters

Mural like Decal with Window with Flowers
Wall Poster Ideas

Koala Bear Cubs on Tree Branch Decal
Wall Decor Ideas

Decal with Pretty Looking Landscape
Abstract Painting

Dancing Figure in Pink Decal
Classy Home Decor

Cup Saucers Filled with Beverages Decal
Wall Painting

All Lovely Cartoon Characters on Decal
Wall Design Ideas

Artistic Wall Designs And Abstract Wall Paintings

Art and craft is undoubtedly the best form of creation of Wall Designs. It is one of the best way to display this art form. Wall Designs is a way through which ones feelings and ideas and perspectives are personalized with colors, expressions and feelings. It may not be the best way of expressing but with the digital age shining on us, extremes can only expand. Walltat is a huge international company that creates amazing wall art and beautiful artistic Wall Designs. They have a large collection of art work on display, some of which are displayed below.

Customized wall decor and wall designs for the every room of your house and the creation it has it surely will help to improve your home interiors. Having boring cement paints and cement false ceilings on walls and having wall designs as shown below it is an easy choice of what would look better. Moving away from the usual wall designs, the company indulges in shapes and figures and other forms of abstract art and culture. Different colors and sizes are available to let you choose your wall designs, so you can choose the perfect match which appeals to you. Wall designs and wall art is gaining great importance in the interior industry and soon every home would prefer having a artistic wall rather than a plain painting.

Beautiful Artistic Abstract Art Wall Decor And Wall Designs

Classic And Beautifully Artistic Abstract Art Wall Decor And Wall Designs

Beautiful Artistic Abstract Art Wall Decor And Wall Designs

Wall Designs With Abstract And Artistic Wall Paintings And Wall Decor

Wall Designs With Abstract And Artistic Wall Paintings And Wall Decor

Wall Designs With Abstract And Artistic Wall Paintings And Wall Decor