Create Cool And Classy Looking Bathroom for Relaxing And Rejuvenating

Bathrooms are the most personal of our places in the home. After a hectic schedule of working throughout the day, bathroom is where we start to unwind. The bathroom décor can help us to feel more relaxed and rested. Think how nice it will be to have an uncluttered and neatly laid out bathroom where we can have a relaxing soak or a shower as the first step for rewinding. Whatever be the size of bathroom, we can make it look better and classy by planning wisely. First decide how you would like your bathroom to look. Then depending on the size of the bathroom, you can plan the layout for makeover. Recessed shelves, spare and neat looking cabinets, compact washbasins – all are space-saving devices to help making a small bathroom look chic and sophisticated.

Before deciding on any product, get your interior decorator come and look at the size of the bathroom. He would like to know where the existing water points, outlets, plumbing pipes etc are laid out. It is easier and better to plan the new fittings over the existing plumbing pipes, layout etc. With the kind of options available today, your dream bathroom can happen looking exactly as you want.
Today basins, countertops, vanities, cabinets, shelves – all of them can be colour co-ordinated to add to the aesthetic look and décor of choice. With the decorative wall panel options that are available today, the entire room can match the basin and countertops and vanity in colour, texture and finish. Panels will give a crisp cool look all over, making a damp tub or shower surround a thing of past!

Recessed shelves can be the best thing you can have to make your bathroom clutter-free. Weed out the unwanted stuff and organize what your essentials conveniently and neatly so the bathroom can look aesthetic and still be utilitarian. Cabinets, shelves, spacers, trays, corner shelves, mirror shelves – today you can pick and choose what you want to go into your bathroom! Here are some great looking bathrooms from Karol. The majestic looking solid wooden shelves look splendid. How beautiful is the vanity in indigo blue! The stunning looking maroons and browns are magnificent to look at. And such luxurious and classy loungers for you to relax! All are the results of best technology, design and craftsmanship!

I m sure you will have your own vision of a beautiful and classy bathroom. Get online and check all the options available. Check with your interior decorator and get set to enjoy a cool and classy bathroom!

Wonderful in White & Teal
white and teal

Royal Looking in Red & White

Gorgeous Looking in Browns & Maroons

Elegant Looking in White

Dazzling Looking in White

Cool Looking in Teal & White

Beautiful Looking in Beige & White

Beautiful & Pretty Looking Room

Aesthetically Beautiful in Indigo &Blues
aesthetic-indigo and-blues

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Cosy Compact Bathrooms For Apartments

How big is your bathroom? Don’t you think that you will be happier if you have a little more space in your bathroom? Always feeling that your bathroom is smaller than what you need can be the result of not proper use of the space available. Making your bathroom look bigger than what it is – giving it a spacious and roomy look can be achieved by clever design and optimal use of available space.

Though it is tempting to have big size vanities, have compact looking vanities that have shelves underneath and with medicine cabinets above the basin which can have built-in and back lit mirrors. With just the right amount of ambient light placed through out the room and one or two more mirrors, the arrangement may look just right – not cramped but with everything that you may need.

How your architect or interior decorator plans the layout of the bathroom can make a lot of difference to the way it looks. Always use sliding doors – for the room entry as well for the shower cubicle – they do not take as much space as the doors that open into the room which can eat into bathroom space. Check whether you can make the doors slide against the wall/cavity wall.

Likewise do not waste precious space to have big shower cubicles. A square or a rectangular cubicle can eat space more than a semicircular or curved shower cubicle. With the two flat surfaces plush against the two walls in the corner, the curved sliding glass partition – as in the curved quadrant shaped shower cubicle – will take less space than the traditional square or rectangular shower cubicles.

Have a ledge like shelf run along the wall where you are fixing the washing closet. A narrow ledge about six inches in width can run at flushing cistern level which will be useful to store sundry items like hand spray, extra tissues and room freshener etc. You can arrange to have floating shelves above – again narrow slabs – for keeping other toiletry requisites.

Here are images of some compactly designed luxurious looking bathroom arrangements for small houses from Irina Schastlivaya. Look at the sophisticated elegance and overall elegant ambience of the bathrooms. The chandeliers, silk drapes and fittings look perfect for the size. Don’t you think you will like one such bathroom?

View from Top of Bathroom Layout
View from Top of Bathroom Layout

Vanity Fitted with Washing Machine
Vanity Fitted with Washing Machine

Twin Door Vanity with Mirror
Twin Door Vanity with Mirror

Pretty in Beige with Mirror
Pretty in Beige with Mirror

Maroon and Gold for Marvellous Look
Maroon and Gold for Marvellous Look

Elegant Practical and Simple Looking
Elegant Practical and Simple Looking

Compact Vanity in a Corner
Compact Vanity Bathroom Designs

Beige and Maroon Combo Looks Rich
Beige and Maroon Combo Looks Rich

Beautiful Baroque Style Fittings
Beautiful Baroque Style Fittings

Bathroom Vanity Tops For Classy Bathroom Furniture

A small studio apartment or a small house may be having correspondingly small bathrooms. How to make the bathroom look neat and elegant you need to have the right kind of bathroom vanities and bath vanity. A big-size vanity will be too overbearing. So it is essential to check out for small-size vanities that will look just right for your bathroom. Today uncluttered looking bathroom vanity are available in the market just right for small apartments.

Vanities come in all shapes and sizes. You can have the full length of one entire wall made to serve as a vanity for your bathroom. With twin mirrors over it and twin hand washbowls and with storage beneath the vanity counter like drawers, cabinets and shelves, you can have a comprehensive vanity to hold all your toiletry, makeup items and extra towels etc.

Whether small or big bathroom vanities it is essential to arrange of proper lighting as well. The mirror above the vanity needs task lighting so you have sufficient light when you are applying your facial makeup or hair-dos etc. There are in-built light options available for storage under the vanity. Mirrors come with back-lit options for ease of use and provide excellent options for shadow free view

With other cabinets like a floating medicine cabinets or a built in shelf with doors, even small-size vanities can be sufficient as storage accessories in your bathroom. Today organizers are available for every type of cabinet to be utilized optimally. If you manage to keep the clutter to a minimal, you can do with few cabinets better organized.

If you have a wall length vanity with mirrors taking of enough space of the walls and the other walls being utilized for shower area and washing closet and bidet, etc you may not have too much free wall space available. But the available walls and ceiling need good treatment because the bathrooms are moisture prone areas and should stay dry and fungus free.

Here are some simple and elegant looking vanities from Omvivo. With clean-cut designs, minimalistic themes these vanities look fabulous. Stone bowls or glass bowls are used on top with storage underneath. Traditional types of basins with twin shelves underneath are also available with white and wood combinations.

Do you have a small apartment? How big is your vanity counter? You can always add space for storage to have a clutter-free bathroom!

White Double Basin Bathroom Vanities

White Bowl and Counter Bathroom Vanity

White Basin on Pine Vanities

Sleek Looking Basin on Pine Finish

Classic Looking Glass Bowl Over Dark Wood

Beautiful Looking Black Bowl