Outdoor Storage Benches Add Beauty to Your Garden, Porch And Patios

Now that spring is in the air, you will be spending more and more time outside. You would love to have nice seats to sit and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze – enjoying some snacks and long cool drinks. But do you have enough space to relax in your garden? With gardens tools occupying more space and children spending more time outside playing, there sure will be a space crunch in the garden, porch and patio areas. Outdoor storage containers can do double duty as benches and ottomans for nice and comfy seating as well as to store things handy and ready. You can store garden tools, seeds, fertilisers and water hoses. You may keep seasonally used personal effects like raincoats and gumshoes, and children’s playthings and sports goods. Most of the times, they can be used as dumping place for whatever we think as clutter or extra inside the house.

What would you expect from outdoor storage benches/containers? Wet or warm climate, snow or sleet, rain or shine, they must keep the interiors dry and keep the stored things safe from elements and other hazards. They should serve as additional seats in garden looking pretty with low maintenance year-round. And these containers do that and more. These are usually manufactured out of sturdy but lightweight stuff and withstand the vagaries of weather. There are sturdy wooden containers – long or square; there are metal ones like of aluminium or iron, and there are durable and long-lasting plastic containers. But before deciding on what kind of outdoor storage containers you want, think of what are all the items you will be storing in those containers. All have the options to double as seats with or without cushions and withstand the rigours of 24/7 direct or partial exposure to elements.

Talk to your interior decorator and know what may be a perfect fit for your porch, garden or patio. See what will suit the outside decor and style. How the outdoor storage benches will fit into your landscape designs. How they can add to the overall ambience and in particular, enhance the beauty of the garden and attractions of the porch or patio. How it can help you to keep the house, porch, patio or garden clutter free and well organized. Here are some beautiful and highly utilitarian outdoor storage containers from HAYNEEDLE. Look at the regal looking bench with handles and lift-up lid. How nice the small wicker containers with detachable cushions on the lids! And those plastic containers are quite large and have very comfy seats indeed!

Are you ready to bring home an outdoor storage container/bench which will look perfect and be of great use in your garden?

Wicker Containers with Detachable Cushions on Lids

This Storage Deck Box Sure Comes Handy

Smart Looking Storage Box for Keeping Beverages

Regal Looking Comfy Seat cum Storage Bench

Handsome Looking Outdoor Storage Wood Bench

Cool-Looking Comfortably Cushioned Storage Benchcool-looking-comfortably-cushioned-storage-bench

Awesome Sized Resin Wicker Deck Box

A Sumptuous Storage Deck Box with Wheels

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Organize Your Footwear for Easy Access And Keep Out Clutter with These Beautiful Shoe Racks

All things – like our dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, and medicines – have their own special place in our homes for safekeeping and storage. Then why leave the footwear in an ugly heap in the foyer, entryway or at best at the bottom of a closet? Get round to organizing your footwear; arrange them neatly and tidily within easy reach with the help of some very useful and utilitarian shoe racks. All of us definitely need a range of footwear. Each season demands proper footwear and each occasion warrants suitable footwear. It can be really tiresome to keep so many shoes neat, tidy and properly stored. And certainly foyers or entryways are no places for leaving the shoes. Think what a guest will feel to look at messy and untidy looking shoes blocking the entryway! The way out is to get shoe racks.

Think how exasperating and irritating it can be to hunt around for your formal shoes when you are in a hurry and all you see are muddied sportswear shoes you had used during the weekend! Shoe racks/organizers/shoe trees/shoe boxes will save space, and keep the shoes neatly and well-protected and help you to locate the correct footwear when you need them in a jiffy. There are many types of shoe racks available. There are wood shoe racks, metal shoe racks, racks made of bamboo, stainless steel, and acrylic and even made of wicker and cane poles. You may like the expandable type which can store more shoes when needed. The popular choice is the stackable type which occupies less space. Shoe storage bench is another option with cubbyholes underneath for sitting and wearing shoes.

First collect and sort out all footwear into specific categories – like winter shoes, work/office wear, sportswear, walking/gym shoes, slippers, loafers, and booties etc. You can store the less frequently used items in shoe boxes and store the rest on shoe racks. Small racks can go inside the foyer closet while bigger ones can be outside near the entryway. Here are some fabulous looking shoe racks from Argos. Look at the elegant-looking two-tier shoe rack looking warm in beech finish. How beautiful the three-tier chromium plated shoe rack looks? The walnut wood shoe rack with a glossy black shutter looks really pretty! The Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine looks really cool!

I am sure you would love some of these shoe racks and find them useful. Enjoy an aesthetically arranged array of smart-looking and well-cared for footwear with one of these shoe racks!

Walnut Wood and Black Gloss Finish Shoe Storage

Three Tier Chrome Plated Shoe Stand

Shoe Storage Rack – Unit with Oak Effect

‘Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine’

Hall Shoe Storage Unit with Beech Wood Finish

Beautiful Looking Shoe-Rack Unit

Another Type Wood Shoe Storage Unit