Luxurious, Opulent Looking Chairs for Adding Beauty And Grace to Your Living Room Furniture

A luxuriously upholstered and opulent looking chair can make a style statement and make your living room distinguished and impressive. Many times we want to have a redecorating or a quick makeover for the coming new season but without incurring major expenses or buying a new full set of living room furniture. A totally different look and ambiance can be achieved just by adding some new and relocating the other pieces. When you want to add freshness and a different look to the living room décor, a mix and match of new chairs with the existent old chairs can be done. Though it is normally advised to select all the furniture in the same style and make, introducing a different décor chair may shift the focus of the room. It gives a kind of a refreshingly different feeling and adds an exciting touch to the character of the room. It is always essential to balance shape and style.

An opulent and ornate looking chair, upholstered wonderfully in brocade fabrics, embellished with unique details can look dashing with other different looking – different style chairs. It demands instant attention and makes the room look different, grand and luxurious. By careful and planned arrangement of other furniture around it, you can create a look of a special happy blended décor which looks evolved over time. Though there are a lot of ornate looking chairs available in the market, a regal looking French Louis XIV chair would go well with most of the modern day furniture. The solid wood frame and the ornate, luxurious looking silk or brocade upholstery will blend beautifully with most of the traditional, transitional, modern or even what is called shabby chic style furniture.

Here are some wonderful looking chairs from Desart Collection. Look at the beautiful and traditional yet modern looking chairs which evoke a be-gone era of romance and splendour. Look at the solid beauty of the wood and the luxurious look and sheen of brocade. Every one of them is a masterpiece and a marvel of craftsmanship. I am sure you are already thinking of getting such an ornate and splendid chair. A quick décor makeover can be achieved by bringing in such a beautiful chair and making that the focus of your living room. By adding a couple of throw rugs, cushions and sheer curtains matching the upholstery, make a dramatic change to the existing living room furniture and enjoy the results!

An Elegant Looking Two Seater

Ornate Looking Three-piece Sofa

Chair in Stunning Looking Design

Luxuriously Upholstered Lovely Sofa

Gorgeous and Great Looking Chair

Golden-brown and Gorgeous Looking Sofa </span

Beautifully Elegant Chair in Brown

Beautiful Looking Sofa in Brocade

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Jute Furniture – Green Option for Your Home

Jute is called golden fibre. It looks golden yellow when it is mature and well maintained. Jute is one the organic, green and sustainable materials that can be used in furniture. It can be woven into rugs, sacks, bags and it can be made into pretty looking window treatments, curtains and now used for upholstering wooden framed furniture. These are eco friendly products leaving no carbon foot print.

Jute is getting more popular as people have come to realize more and more of its versatility and ease of use in both upholstering and soft furnishings. Jute strands are sometimes used for caning purposes. Jute strands are woven for seats and backs of the sofas sets as well sides and stumps of chairs. Jute weaving can be as strong as rattan or cane weaving and last as much or even longer.

Other uses for jute fibres are being explored and are as popular as other woven chairs like cane, bamboo and other grass products. Jute strands are woven a little more closely and the finished surfaces look ruggedly pretty and stay sturdy and retain their looks. Mostly the furniture frame is made of hardwood and jute fibres are used for caning.

Another name for jute is hessian. These vegetable fibres are made into strands – sturdy and coarse looking and burlap sack is made with jute fibre. Mostly jute fibres are hand woven alone or in combination with other fibres. They match the teak-like wooden finish as well as the solid furniture like oak and walnut. They can be coloured but look more fabulous when they remain natural tinted.

In natural colour, jute can give a rustic and rugged, natural look to your décor. The just fibres can be bleached into a pale and pearly white colour or can be stained into a dark brown to match oak wood frames etc. Chairs with wooden chair frames and jute fibre weaving look more elegant when upholstered with fabric and filled with microfiber.

Not only wooden frames go well with jute, but metal frames are also used to create loungers, ottoman, bar stools and other conservatory or outdoor furniture pieces. These metal and jute furniture are lightweight and can be used in patios, terraces, decks and balconies as well in gardens. They are portable and fit anywhere easily. Here are some images of beautiful looking jute furniture from SJY.

Wood and Jute TV Console

Media Entertainment Table in Jute

Love Seats and Lounger in Jute

Lounger and Ottoman in Jute

Jute bar Table and Stools

Dining Sets Upholstered In Jute

Decorative Elements in Jute

Deck Chairs in Jute

Accent Chairs in Jute and Wood

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Luxurious Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

Can you make your home luxurious looking with lavish interiors at a budget? Many of us think that we need to spend a lot of money to get our house look grand and well-appointed. It need not necessarily be that you have to spend a lot of money on expensive items or provide too costly items. We can create a stylish looking sophisticated home without burning a hole in our pockets.

What can be called luxurious décor? Rich and ornate chandeliers, luxurious contemporary ceiling fans, masterpiece paintings, curios, high quality designer sofas, plush deep pile carpets, and a big spacious house will all go to make a house look grand and luxurious. But how can you make luxury affordable? How can you create a classy and chic décor without going bankrupt?

First you have to make the home look spacious. Whatever is the size of your home and rooms, you can make them look spacious, clean and uncluttered. Throw away all the unnecessary items that you have accumulated over years and which you do not use. Check right from the storage, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and patio – and weed out all the junk that you have accumulated.

Go for simple and classic style furniture. If you have some good furniture that is antique, try to get them restored. Well-maintained antique furniture makes your home look elegant. Likewise throw away all old cushions, pillows and throws ruthlessly. Get lively coloured cushion covers and drapery too. Use sheers and laces along with brocade and silk curtains.

Get the wall décor right. Discuss with your interior decorator what will look rich on the wall. Ask him for colours and patterns which will look unique and not ordinary. Get the silk finish paint for your walls. When you have installed all the lights you will need, the satin/silk finish wall décor will glitter and bring a rich look and ambiance very easily.

Get only natural fibres for upholstery purpose. Pure cotton, pure silk or pure wool will look impressive as upholstery fabric as well curtain material. Have a lot of lights around the rooms. When light reflects off the well-polished furniture, it adds definitely to the value of your home. And always pick and choose really personal and pricey decorative items.

Here are some beautiful looking interiors from Asnaghi. The gilt and gold, chandeliers and carpets, curios and collectibles make it a dream home.

Well Lit Beautiful Dining Area
smart dining area

Sofas and Cushions in Graceful Green
sofas cushions for living room

Simply Elegant Dining Table
elegant dining area

Rich Upholstery in Lavender Silk
upholstery silk cushions

Gilt and Richly Carved Sofas
richly carved sofas

Formal Dining Room with Crystal Ware
dining room crystal ware

Fan Shaped Upholstery in Ivory Silk
beautiful interior design

Dining Area Lacquered In White

Brocade Chairs and Ornate Table
chairs and tables

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Sofas – Major Attraction in Your Living Room Furniture

When you furnish your living room, major portion of the budget may be spent on the sofas that you are going to put in the living room. Whatever the budget, either for the all new purchase of the sofas or for making it over again to enhance its looks and the overall ambiance of the room, it requites time and effort to think and plan about them.

Wonderful Loveseat in Wine Red

If you have a big and spacious house, the choices are aplenty. You can have a 7-piece sofa set – with two big size sofas and four single ones and along with that another love seat of a smaller couch for extra measure. You can have accessories that match these pieces, all occasional table sets and matching upholstered ottoman or footstool for a complete look.

Stripes and Khaki Brown Upholstery

But if you have a small house or a studio apartment and have a regular crunch for space then all the difficulties start. Especially if you are living in the top floors of high-rise apartments, you have plan a lot of things and check a lot about available space in the home, in the elevator – whether you can bring it around t the corners, to assemble it after it is brought home.

Elegantly Furnished Living Room

Cool Looking in Blues and Whites

For small apartments, apartment sofas or love seats come very handy. If you have a studio apartment, again you have measure and re-measure the space where you are going to have living area focussed and check whether you can have a three seater and a love seat or a two seater and only one or two single sofas and an occasional ottoman thrown in.

Check Patterned in Russet and Brown

What can be the upholstery you think you will like best for the sofas? Leather can look great in any room and if well-selected and genuine, and well maintained, it can stay good for long years to come adding vintage charm as it ages mature looking great. A leather sofa set looks always in fashion whatever the style of the house may be.

Charming in Coffee Brown
charming in-coffee-brown

Upholstering with fabrics also looks great. Prints, floral with or self woven designs, checks and stripes are some choice you can look into. Solids also can look great. Silks, brocade, velvet, satin and cotton, are some choice but today the most popular is microfiber. They last long, have fast colour and retain their look and shape.

Attractive Tan Coloured Sofas
attractive in-tan-coloured-sofas

Here are some beautiful sofas for you to choose from Broyhill Furniture. Check what you like most!

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Modular Sofas with Modern Themes

Sectionals have become more popular today than traditional sofa sets thanks to their modular nature. People with small homes, small-size apartments, studios and lofts have started to appreciate the plus points of sectional and are keen to have these to optimize the space available and still have roomy and comfortable seating arrangements.

Traditional kinds of sofas were huge and taking more space – which is fast becoming a precious commodity. With latest design sectionals – which are not even more scaled down and smaller in size, small homes look better furnished with proper size sofas – but that are very elegant and enough elbow space for the comfort of the users.

The other benefit of a sectional is that you can do away with a day bed in case you are pressed for space. The sectional can double up as a day bed and at a pinch can even accommodate an overnight guest if there be no other bed. Sectionals serve as good as sleeper sofas and they are very welcome in media room while watching TV or playing games.

Though modular sectionals can be easier to fit in small homes – still it is better to measure spaces available to accommodate the sectionals as well check the entry ways, staircases if any and the doors and corners that have to be maneuvered while bringing in the sectional. And be sure to measure the length of the wall along which you have to position the sectional.

The sectional can be all wood, all metal or a combination of both with beautiful upholstery of pure leather, faux leather, suede, micro fiber and silk upholstery. You can have padded arms or rolled arms. You can have built-in drop-side table tops, built-in storage options for lights and other value added additions that can make the sectional a special customized piece.

For footrest, you can have a detachable ottoman in the same upholstery as the sectional that can make it a perfectly comfortable daybed if you want to take a snooze. High quality upholstery, dense and comfortable foam filling and superior springs normally are features of high-end sectionals that are sure to give long years of durable service.

Here are some beautifully manufactured sectionals with leather or microfiber upholstery that enhance the look of the sectionals from Selene Furniture. Some of the sectionals are scaled down versions perfect for the small homes and apartments – with the same amount of comforts. Check what you like best?

Wonderful White Leather Sectional
modern living room sofas

White and Gray Combo for Great Effect
modern living room sofas

Wall Size Sectional with Small Wood Coffee Table
modern living room sofas

Top View of White Leather Sectional
modern living room sofas

Suede Brown Sectional and White Rug
modern living room sofas

Sectional in Leather with Glass Accessories
modern living room sofas

Gray Walls and Rug Set off White Sectional
modern living room sofas

Dove Gray with Pristine White Rug
modern living room sofas

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Barrel chair cushions

Designing your own home is challenging as well as inspiring. A considerable amount of effort and creativity is required for the same. While you are at it, you always try to design keeping in mind what is right for your family in terms of each member’s needs in furniture and upholstery. This is because only you know what is suitable for your use, how sturdy the table must be and how delicate the cushions and upholstery should be?

Understanding your home decor needs

A very important part of this designing process is to keep in mind how you will furnish the porch, terrace or backyard, as they are an important part of the home and must not be neglected. We are usually more focused on the living room décor as we entertain our guests in this room. But if you have a nice terrace, you can make use of the same to create an opulent and entertaining sitting area in the terrace too.

Making the right choice

While selecting the furniture, it is always ideal to go for something that is not too expensive and yet very fashionable. The fashion trends keep changing and it is ideal to invest in a product that is modern and yet authentic. It is also very clever to invest in furniture that can be easily made to look different with a little bit of expense later on, giving your home a totally different look. For example, if you decorate your outdoor or even your living room furniture with re-attachable and washable cushions, it becomes easier for you to wash and reuse them without having to hire outside help. Once you get tired of the same you can go for a different color or even print, and it will cost you peanuts!


Accessorizing is very important too; make sure you keep the look continuity with the help of the perfect accessories. Like if you are giving your living room a beach theme to create a relaxing mood, do not forget to accessorize the same with the right kind of wall hangings or lamps etc. in addition to the wall finish and furniture. Of course keeping things simple always works and it is best to keep the minimalist look to attain peace and quiet.

Barrel Chair Cushions

Here are some furniture examples showing different kinds of seating with cushions. They all look pretty as well as inviting! These pictures would make it simpler for you to understand my point!
These barrel chair cushions are incredibly stylish, keeping up with the modern furnishing styles. They come in a huge number of options and varieties, so you can use them just about anywhere. They are useful for simple chairs and chaise lounges too! They are great with the indoor décor as well as outdoor or patio furniture. You can be really innovative and express your mood through them as the upholstery choice is totally up to you. The most fascinating part of this choice is that you can change the fabric as and when you feel like to present a new home interior! You can easily play around them to your advantage.

Single Seater


Chaise Lounge

Morocco Chaise Lounge with Sunbrella

Oval Lounge Chair



Patio Seating 

morocco-sectional-armless-chair-with-sunbrella-sulfur-cushion (1)


Sectional Corner Chair




Regatta Sofa Mineral Blue Cushions



Regatta Sofa Mineral Blue Cushions For Outdoor