Space Optimization Ideas for Efficient and Uncluttered Home Decor

Today small apartments are the norm with spaces becoming premium. Most of the times, we have to optimize utilization of spaces we have and try to have a clutter-free home. But luckily for us, furniture designers and manufactures are coming up with great novel ideas for optimizing space. Foldable sofas, cabinets, tables and what not! With planning and patience, we can optimize every inch of our home. How can we optimize space? A variety of imaginatively space saving furniture can be found on net offering storage space to make the house look uncluttered and well-maintained. Beds sofas, ottomans and stools all come with underneath storage space. Instead of any impulsive purchase, a well-planned purchase after careful market survey can make the house look neat and tidy.

Every room of the house can be planned to have space saving furniture. Right from the living room, our bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen and bathroom – every room can be done to have modular and space saving furniture which will help us in using the space maximally. And all the extendable of foldable options work smoothly and easily to not make it a heavy and difficult chore. Instead of spreading things horizontally, eating up precious floor space, think of using vertical space. Racks and shelves can be as tall as the ceiling permits, with the topmost shelves stocking things we use only seasonally. Also using wall space and ceiling space like wall or ceiling mounted potholders and wine racks are another option.

Other ideas that may help are like fixing racks and floating shelves on the inside of bathroom, kitchen cabinets. These racks will free valuable drawer and shelf space to be utilized for other items. Shoe organizers are great ideas to be utilized within your wardrobe for holding various other small items like tissues, hand towels etc. Here are some very innovative and beautiful-looking space-saving furniture from Resource Furniture. Look at the wall bed attached to shelf which can be extended to the entire length of the shelf. The table and chairs can be folded up neatly and tucked out of sight. Look how beautifully the bunk-beds get folded up out of sight ingenuously. All mechanism works smoothly and easily.

I am quite sure you will look at some these nice space saving options. Talk to your interior decorator and get space-saving and beautiful looking furniture for your home.

Queen Size Sofa and Shelves

Queen Size Bed Pulled Out
queen-size bed-pulled-out

Living Room Sofa and Shelves

Sofa Made Into Double Bed

Home Office from Cabinet

Ready to Work Home Office

Extra Bed over Desk Space

Concealed Bed Over Desk Space

Bunk Beds Tucked In and Out of Sight

Bunk Beds Ready for Use

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Floating Shelves And Imaginative Display Create a Stunning Visual Impact in Your Home

How would you like to display your treasures and curios? Nicely grouped and displayed without being hindered by brackets and supports will really bring out the beauty of your collectibles. The floating shelves stand free supported by almost invisible brackets and they show off your curios, photos or precious pottery items with maximum visual impact. They look so simple yet very elegant. The usual display shelves eat up valuable space in your living or drawing room and still the collectibles do not get properly displayed. Other kinds of shelves have to have brackets to support them which come in the way of display. You cannot group things as well as you can on the floating shelves. For example, grouping family photographs together and displaying looks much better on these shelves.

A popular ways of displaying on floating shelves is to group the pieces under same category. Find pieces of the same material, same color or of same theme and put it on floating shelves. Shells that you collected on your seaside holiday, rare pottery/porcelain pieces or ethnic pieces pertaining to a particular region like Africa, China etc can look quite fetching. Floating shelves look great with some leather-bound first-edition and rare books. It gives such a look of sophistication and class to your living room. Having a couple of floating shelves over your TV/entertainment console will be a good way of storing CDS and DVDS. They look neat and are within easy reach. This will be a nice way for extra storage in your den or home-office space!

A popular and very pleasing way of putting up floating shelves is to fit three or four floating shelves together. Instead of just putting it up one below the other, spread them out in a ‘v’ or a ‘u’ pattern. It looks very pleasing visually and the wall will not look crowded. All the curios look aesthetically well placed. Placing a couple of sconce lights can dramatically light up the display and make it look grand and attractive. Here are some beautiful looking floating shelves from momentoitalia. Look how elegant and beautiful they are looking grouped around the wall mounted TV. The entire room décor looks spare, uncluttered and so cool. How chic looks the canary yellow shelf! And the maroon looks simply stunning! Floating shelves made of solid wood like beech and pine look wonderful and elegant. Floating shelves find a place even in kitchens or bathrooms! Won’t you like some in your home?

Wonderful Looking White Shelves
wonderfull looking white shelves

Stunning Looking in Canary Yellow
stunning looking in canary yellow

Marvellous Looking in Maroon
marvellous looking in maroon

Gorgeous Floating Shelves in Black and White
gorgeous floating shelves in black and white

Elegant Looking Graceful Shelves
Elegant looking floating shelves

Black and Very Functional
black and very finctional

Beautiful Looking Floating Shelves
beautiful looking floating shelves

Awesome Looking Attractive Shelves
awesome looking attractive shelves

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