Beautiful Kids Bedrooms with Modular Furniture


Using modular furniture can be a great way to decorate your kids’ room. A makeover for the kids’ rooms can be quite taxing as we are never sure what the children may like to have and when their ideas change. Their likes and dislikes are acute and mercurial. They outgrow their decorating ideas so fast that it can be quite difficult to decorate their rooms.

What appeals to adults may never appeal to youngsters. What is liked by teenagers may look impractical and not good looking to the parents. Teenage girls have different choices and teenage boys’ taste may run entirely differently. So it is best to take the likes and dislikes of your kids before you attempt to makeover their bedrooms for them.

Modular furniture may be quite cost effective when you are doing the teens’ bedrooms. Include the children when you are discussing makeover ideas with your interior decorator. Many times if the kids have a chance of explaining what kind of décor they may like to have in their room at the start, the decorators may be able to incorporate the ideas while choosing furniture.

First ask the kids what kind of wall color or wall décor they may like to have. And give them a choice of what finish and colour scheme they will like their bed furnishing and wardrobes to be done. Ask what kind of area rugs or carpets they like. You can even decide on the kind of shelves – like floating shelves or free standing wall units they will like for their books etc.

The advantage of modular furniture is that you can expand or add to it even at a later date. You may choose to have storage built in – underneath or at the headboards – and you can add a matching work table separately or along the bedstead. You can have a trundle bed for your kids’ friend overnight stay or make it a bunk bed type.

Decorating the kids’ room must bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your kid both. By planning well in advance, you can avoid any stress of tension for you and disappointment and frustration for your kid. Go online with your child and look at the options available and discuss with your interior decorator for a beautiful makeover.

Here are some beautiful teen rooms from Corazzin Group ready for your choice!

Bedroom Done in Cream Green and Yellow

White and Yellow against Blue Wall

Teen Bedroom in Mustard White

Orange and Cream Tones

Mustard and Off-White Colour Scheme

Finished in White and Gray

Blue and Pink Color Scheme

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Clutter Free Charming Bedrooms for Peppy Teens

Children once grown have ideas of their own as to what they like and what they want. They are keen to have comfortable bedrooms that look sophisticated chic and impress their friends greatly. They are keen to have furniture and accessories that look high-end and branded kind.Teens think that their bedroom décor must be like them – bright and alive if they are outgoing and gregarious. If they are a bit shy and reserved in nature, they like a beautifully done room – but colours that are cool and pastel – not very clashingly bright.

Most of the times, even if it is a smaller size version, they want the room to be self contained – with attached bath and well planned storage shelves, wardrobes, closets, study table so that they can feel they have a complete private area all for themselves. They feel that they should have another bed tucked away so that they can bring their friends home if need be and still have total privacy.

What are all the features that would help in making a room look great and satisfy the teenagers that the room is perfect for them? You need to plan meticulously. Talk to the interior decorator. Take your teenager when you are discussing making over plans for their bedrooms. Ask them what colours they want, what furniture they may prefer, any themes they are interested and how it can be achieved.

Teenagers love good colour combinations in their décor that will look sleek and elegant; colours that are in mode today, fashionable today – not just black and white only done in a traditional way. White still can be the favourite colour but mixed with new bright colours that will make a bold statement bringing in a splash of contrast colour into the décor, with white giving the spacious look.

Keeping the basic colour palette white can help in more ways than one. You can bring a colour accent with either the bed upholstery, bed linen or in the cabinets – doors or countertops/shelves. You can use the current favourite color of the kid so the room seems to reflect her taste. Suppose the kid wants another colour scheme – you have to only change the accent colours.

Here are some hot white and a variety of accent colour combinations from Pianca. See which you like best!

Striped Rug and Contrast Wall Color

Pristine White Walls Set Off by Olive Green

Pink against White

Low Hung Platform Bed in Orange

Golden Yellow Orange against White

Classic Black Contrasted With an Orange Streak

Black Upholstery against Pearl Gray Walls

Beautiful Blue Setting off White