Bring Fresh New Look to Your Home with New Furniture

Replacing old and worn out old furniture is essential part of maintenance. No furniture however good is the basic material made from or the high quality upholstery used can last forever. Wear and tear happens and renovating successfully what can be salvaged can only postpone purchase of new furniture as sometimes renovation may be more costly.

Replacing all old furniture may look daunting cost wise and effort wise also, but many a time planning for replacement of all the furniture in one room at least is essential to make the look homogenised and colour co-ordinated. Getting the same upholstery colour or wood finish will be very difficult over various periods of purchase.

If we manage to plan for similar color scheme, and style of the furniture, we can renovate the rooms separately one at a time without having too much trouble to colour coordinate the rooms. With attention to the wall décor colour scheme and furniture style and upholstery details, we can make the same colour scheme run through the entire house.

What are all the items you can add to make the house look like new? Adding an accent chair or an accent recliner to add to the seating arrangement can enhance the ambience of the living room tremendously. A beautiful coffee table or a console table also can add to the general look of the room nicely.

Bed frames of solid wood are most suitable for your bedroom. A good solid and sturdy bedstead will support the mattress very well and give long years of service without any problem. You can have relaxed and restful times that will make you ready to face another challenging day. A firm supporting bed can assure you a back-pain free sleep.

Entertaining is a great favourite activity with people who have a large circle of friends. Beautifully upholstered dining chairs can make the dining room so appealing and inviting impressing your guests and visitors and make the dining experience rich and very happy. Along with beautifully done sideboards and étagère, your dining room furniture may look beautiful.

Here are some beautiful furniture items from Councill. The beautiful dining chairs and table will add grace to any dining room. What a beautiful bed you can have for your bedroom! I am sure you will certainly like those accent chairs or sofa sets. Please check out what suits you and take it home!

Tan and Brown Sofa Set

Four-poster Bed in Solid Wood

Delightful Looking Dining Table

Comfortable Sofa Set for Living Room

Beautifully Upholstered Easy Recliner

Accent Sofa in White with Button Details

Accent Chair in Wicker

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Smart Furniture Design Multifunctional Table

Contemporary furniture industry has many talented and futurist furniture designers who can offer many options in terms of style, design and features. One of the latest trends is smart multifunctional furniture design. Smart furniture is designed to fulfill your unique needs and choices. Smart furniture can be customized as per your personal requirements. Multifunctional furniture is advantageous for small apartments or cramped spaces. Also they offer interesting features and new looks. Featured here are some multifunctional designer tables. Expandable table featured below is a handcrafted round table with a unique mechanism made of quality wood. It can expand its seating capacity just by rotating the outer perimeter. At the existing size the table can accommodate six persons. After expansion the seating capacity doubles to twelve. It takes only three seconds to expand or reduce the size. Each table needs installation at site. It comes as an assortment of different pieces weighing 220kg.

Tavi The Magazine Table is a multifunctional table that can be used as coffee table and magazine rack. Its unique design is attractive with standard legs on one side and the velum leg on the other side. A sack like formation by keeping magazines functions as another leg. Transparent glass top with bright colored velum looks attractive. Designer Vered Zaykovsky has come up with an innovative idea to recycle old magazines. The Magazine Coffee Table is a small table that can be put up instantly just by weaving 6 magazines as a base for the glass top. The Case Coffee Table is a cute portable table that folds itself into a case. It is made of birch wood and spring loaded locking hinges. The table looks delicate but it can hold up to 100lbs. it is a blessing for small apartments.

The Bookleaf Table designed by Greg Bergere is another handcrafted wooden table available in three types of wood that are walnut, oak, cherry or bamboo. The table comes with stylish ebony legs. It has two slots on both the sides to place books. It looks elegant and trendy in a minimalist room. Table Bench designed by Hans de Pelsmacker is a little table ideal for kids room. It has two small seats with a top in the center. Kids can think of some novel ways to utilize this small table. Modern Coffee Table is a beautiful black multifunctional table that can be used as coffee table and to store books, magazines etc. It comes with the options to choose size and style. You can customize the table as per your needs and space. The Gemelli Coffee Table is a very elegant looking coffee table made of glass and steel. Two glass tops are fixed in such a way that they can be opened into two tables and put together as one after use.

Smart Furniture Design Gemelli Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Modern Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Table Bench

Smart Furniture Design Bookleaf Table

Smart Furniture Design Case Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Magazine Coffee Table

Smart Furniture Design Coffee Table with Curves

Smart Furniture Design Tavi Table

Smart Furniture Design Expandable Table

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Well-Furnished Study Areas for Your Teenage Children

A well-appointed study area can motivate the children to attend to their studies with more focus and genuine interest. Many times when siblings have to share the room due to space crunch, the study area for the children is not well planned or well furnished. Even if the space is less and restricted by good planning, study areas for the children can be ideally furnished with some planning.

What are the furniture items a child may need to have in his study area? An ergonomically designed table with enough work area, a solid chair, and enough storage space are the basic requirements. Storage space is a must since when the children grow up, their study tools also are increasing in number along with their wardrobe and other personal items.

Along with study related books, children collect music, stories, games and sports related items as well. Providing enough storage space can make the children acquire good habits of putting away things in their respective places instead of throwing them about. Organizing things and storing them properly can be inculcated right from childhood.

If your house is big, spacious, then each child may have his/her own individual bedroom with a well-planned study area. But if siblings are sharing a room, the room needs to have shared study area as well. But even if it is shared, with prior planning and sufficient storage, each child can have enough room and elbow room to accommodate all his belongings.

When the child is sitting down to study, things like paper, pen/pencils, books, dictionaries, reference books need to be near and handy. The study area needs to be conducive for concentrating and focussing etc. You have to make sure that the children room do not face the street or road traffic etc where the chances of distractions and disruptions are more.

An organized and clutter free study areas or study spaces can motivate the child to work more diligently with all the subject relevant material at one place without searching for it. Well-organized study areas can facilitate more effective individual and joint study schedules which will show good yields in improved performance and excellent academic results.

Here are some well furnished study areas and children rooms from Vox Furniture. Ergonomically compliant chair and table sets with storage spaces and other wall décor etc make the rooms efficiently furnished and look quite elegant. Do you think you will like to make your child’s room similar to these?

Study Area in Cool Blues and Whites

Study Area in Black And White Décor

Silver Grey and Pink Wall Décor

Modular Study Table Built under Bunk Bed

Modish Looking Modular Furnishing

Elegant Study in Grey and Blue

Beige and Brick Red Study Area

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Graceful Rare Artefacts – Enhance Living Room Ambiance

Many times, hand-crafted items that bring a touch of beauty to our home need not be small in size. Sometimes we can get beautiful and rare things are unique which can add grace and elegance to wherever they are displayed. Like ivory inlay work, mother-of-pearl in-lay work, some times antlers are used for making the artefacts more artistic and special.

Formerly all furniture pieces were hand made. If you are interested in metal furniture, people made them by hand and better the craftsmanship of the worker, more beautiful was the item finished by hand. According to the fancy of the craftsman or the furniture maker, antlers and other items were used to make the furniture more interesting.

These hand-crafted furniture pieces are accent accessories. You can use these in conjunction with any kind of décor and style. They blend extremely well anywhere. Whether you have traditional, classic, contemporary or eclectic kind of furniture, these can be added anytime. As all accent furniture items, these become the focus of décor.

Having rare and hand-crafted furniture adds much better value to your antique collection than buying just antiques knick-knacks. The furniture is functional as well adds value to your collection. Even one piece of furniture can make the living space enhanced and something special – so much characteristic of your style and artistic inclinations.

You cannot buy a hand-crafted item or antique on impulse. An impulsive purchase is not advisable. The cost also will be quite high and also you need to know how you feel about it, how you like it, whether it will add value to your collection and whether it will be an asset to your home and your furniture.

Before deciding on your purchase, learn all about the item. Check the provenance – whether it is a genuine antique or a real hand-crafted by a master craftsman. Because of the high cost attached to the collectibles, there are so many reproductions and imitations are available that you need to take every care for checking the authenticity of the items.

Here are some beautifully hand-crafted furniture items from Craftsman33. These are hand-hammered furniture made more special with the addition of antlers of deer or elk antlers. These are made from stainless steel and copper and shaped into ornamental and beautiful shapes. Each piece a masterpiece and totally unique!

Don’t you think you need one of these for your home?

Small and Smart Looking Coffee Table

Side Table in Metal with Antlers

Hand Beaten Metal Container

Small Square Table Decorated With Elk Antlers

Square Table Decorated With Deer Antlers

Coffee Table Decorated with Antlers

Bench in Warm Finish with Elk Horns

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Enduring Beauty Of Furniture For Your Home Decor


Having high-quality furniture in your home can bring you great pleasure and praise from your visitors and acquaintances. Though there are an amazing range of designs available, only a few appeals to you personally. Sometimes on seeing a particular table or sofas or couch or folding doors you feel they are exactly what you need in your home and will be a treasured addition to your decor and make you have a furniture galore in your home.

Hardwood furniture has enduring style and always in demand. They have classic looks and give themselves to making sturdy and solid pieces of furniture. They are made of deciduous trees which are like mahogany, cherry, maple and oak etc. They are strong and not get affected by bugs, termites etc. They mature with time and age gracefully and look better with time.

Softwood wood furniture can be worked into any shape by sculpting it and molding it. What are the trees that come under softwood category, pine, spruce and larches and cypress etc? Most of the wood used to make furniture come from theses evergreen coniferous trees with Scandinavia and other Baltic areas providing bulk of the softwood supply as well North America.

Oak is the most popular hardwood for making furniture. It ranges in color from creamy white to red, dark brown and honey brown. Likewise pine is very popular softwood used for furniture favoured for its light color and lightweight nature. Both blend very nicely with all kinds of decor and look good with all area rugs, curtains and window treatments.

Caring for wood furniture is very important to maintain the look and extend the service of the furniture. Water and moisture affect wood furniture and protecting them from water damage is very important. Scratches can mar the surface of all wood surfaces which can be remedied. For cleaning up the wood, use only those which are recommended by the furniture manufacturers.

Here are some beautiful wooden and affordable furniture and other unique looking furniture from John Houshmand. There are unique looking curved benches made from walnut. It is a classic looking low table bringing all eyes to it when placed in a room. Likewise look at the red colored glass topped walnut table. Looks like virgin natural timber has been brought in to your home and topped with a glass!

No doubt you will like to have one of these furniture pieces for your home. Good looking, high quality furniture is always a treasure.

Walnut Desk with Fold

Walnut Bar Cart with Wheels

Solid Full Timber Low Table Bench

Red Tinted Walnut Glass Topped Table

Innovative Table from Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium Topped On Wood Support
cast aluminium-topped on wood support

Another View of the Curved Low Table
another-view-of the-curved-low-table