Illuminated Modern Wooden Furniture

illuminated furniture

Designed by a very famous designer Giancarlo Zema the below pieces of wooden furniture are truly innovative and unique. These were designed specially for the Avanzini Group and they received such amazing feedback that they were forced to display these amazing Bright Woods furniture collection at the Design in Nature exhibition as a part of the Milan Furniture Fair. Unique and eye-catching, Bright Woods’ collection of illuminated chairs and tables are sure to capture your attention with their engaging glow. The strips are indulged in unique different colors including pink, orange, purple and white. The glowing furniture carries a pleasing appeal and looks great in any indoors and outdoors, and enhances your decor with the trendy style.

Stylish And Innovative Purple Light Wooden Furniture
illuminated furniture

Stylish And Innovative Illuminated Wooden Furniture
wooden crate furniture

wooden crate furniture

Stylish And Innovative Orange Light Wooden Furniture
wooden lawn furniture

wooden lawn furniture

Stylish And Innovative Multicolor Illuminated Wooden Furniture

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Rattan furniture – Creating Stylish indoor

Rattan furniture indoor round ottoman

Every now and then we feel tired of looking at the same furniture in our house and desire a certain extent of freshness and appeal. It is not really such a difficult task to envisage. All you need to do is apply your mind and make a few changes here and there, if you do not have the budget for a complete makeover. It works really well if you could include a few elements of a new medium in your home. Rattan furniture indoor is quite a hit these days and simple to incorporate in any kind of interior. It adds a new dimension to the room, no matter what the décor might be.

Why Rattan Furniture Concepts

In case you are wondering what is so special about Rattan furniture, Rattan is actually one of the primitive constituents for making furniture. The Rattan vine is found in most of Southeastern Asia. The most affordable and stylish furniture concepts are developed in rattan furniture making industry. These are a great option for lightweight furniture that is pleasing to the eye and appear very fresh and expand the elegance of a room. There is a lot you can do to create the right ambiance with the help of rattan wicker furniture. It is also quite a relief to know that care and cleaning of rattan furniture is extremely simple. Removing the dust from time to time keep it neat and looking its best.  A little bit of touch up will help bring back the shine and gloss when your rattan furniture is old.

Mix and Match

Rattan furniture looks best with a mix and match concept. If you include rattan chairs with your traditional wooden dining table it would do the magic! The look will be different and the comfort optimum. Another thing to do while using rattan furniture indoor is to incorporate pretty upholstery to go with your rattan chairs or sofa, make sure they complement the room color scheme and your drapery. The drapes should give a flowing effect hence making the room extremely livable and inviting. You can do wonders with rattan furniture and curtains if you can blend them well in the room. There is a lot of positivity in the room where you use rattan furniture, the ambiance is inflicted with energy of you can incorporate a good mix of rattan furniture with the usual wooden furniture and some indoor plants.

Restyle in style

When you get tired of the furniture arrangement in your living room or dining room you don’t really have to empty your pocket for the purpose of redesigning. As it is you can make some changes with upholstery of rattan furniture and create a totally different and fresh look in the same room. It is the simplest and most functional furniture idea for your home if you do not mind exploring this concept, there is a huge variety of furniture and accessory ideas in rattan wicker in the market to pick from. I am sure something or the other would definitely catch your fancy. I put together a few inspirations here for you these are from Your Wicker Chair.

Indoor Furniture Armchair

Rattan furniture indoor armchair and ottoman 2

Armchair and Ottoman 

Rattan furniture indoor armchair and ottoman

Bar Stool

Rattan furniture indoor bar stool

Dining Table set

Rattan furniture indoor dining

Four Seater

Rattan furniture indoor four seater

Round Ottoman

Rattan furniture indoor round ottoman

Six Seater Sofa

Rattan furniture indoor six seater sofa

Furniture to Make Your Home Look Great

Good furniture is for making your life more comfortable, home beautiful and adds to the overall ambience. Your furniture reflects your style, your preferences and your character. Furniture is one of the most powerful ways to create the style of your home. It can be a style statement – a powerful one that can impress favourably the guests and visitors at the first glance.

New furniture can be one of the easy ways to make over the look of your home. A home, unfurnished or without any specific wall colour or decor can be like a blank canvas. The furniture and wall decor are powerful tools to create the kind of home you want along with soft furnishings like drapery and cushions. Lighting is also vital to create the overall look.

The furniture style and upholstery are important aspects of interior decor for establishing the style you want to create. If you want a traditional and opulent look, solid wood furniture with gilt edges and other details can be chosen. Hand carved solid wood furniture give a grand look and if you add gold leaf or gilding to the carving, it can create a rich look.

When you are in favour of opulent looking traditional furniture sets – sofas, accent chairs, love seats and recliners etc – you need to have matching kind of upholstery that will create a rich look. Silks, brocades, velvets and silk-polyester blends are good choices for giving the rich opulent looks. Wool and wool blends are also good choice that can last long and wear well.

Getting good quality living room furniture is very essential since the craftsmanship will give a final finish to the furniture. Well fitted joints, smoothly polished surfaces, perfectly handcrafted details and exquisite finish all go to make the furniture looks high class and glossy. Add to that, rich looking silk or brocade upholstery in deep jewel toned colours can give a romantic and luxurious look to your home.

Baroque style furniture can be ornate and plush looking with heavy gold/silver threaded silk upholstery with button tufting details for additional ornamentation. Ruffles, brocade paisley or floral designed, fringes and frills for the cushions and pillows can add to the look. Silk throws and deep pile rugs can give a distinctive touch to the overall ambiance.

Here are some ornate and opulent looking sofas that can make your living room luxuriously lovely from Frini Furniture.

Silver Finish with Gilded Edges

Grand Looking Seater

Good Looking in Cream and Apple Green

Gilded and Golden Coloured

Flared Arms and Floral Silk

Elegant Looking In Ivory Silk

Beautiful & Furnished In Brocade

Accent Chair in Lavender Silk

Retro Style Furniture – Continues To Be Popular And In Demand

When we talk of 2011 furniture trends, there is always mention that retro style furniture still great, is staging a great comeback and will go strong in 2011 also and all that! All over the internet and other interior décor magazines, retro style finds a prominent place and right from designer furniture stores to street-side flea markets, you are sure to find retro style furniture pieces that catch your fancy immediately. What is retro style furniture and why is it so popular? The very mention of retro style furniture brings to focus famous designer names like Charles Ray Eames, Ellen Gray, George Nelson, Harry Bartoia, Joseph Hoffman, Marcel Breuer, Miles Van de Roha and Le Corbusier and others. Till date, many of the masterpieces created by them are popular and treasured as collectibles.

The tubular steel furniture introduced by Ellen Gray, mesh and metal designs by Eames, lounge chairs designed by Eames, the modern working desk first designed by George Nelson, the diamond chair by Harry Bartoia, the ‘Barcelona chair’ by Miles Van de Roha and the ever popular retro antique and saloon furniture by Le Corbusier have taken the world by storm and still are great favourites. The word ‘retro‘ was perhaps first used around the post second world war eras – 1950s or so. Furniture of 1950 stamp is the harbinger of modern and contemporary furniture. Out of the rut of heavy ornate furniture, designers started trying out on new and innovative ideas, simple efficient designs, and modern and sleek looks. And till date, the style has endured and stayed popular.

Sleek designs, solid wood material like teak, rosewood, pine and maple, wood veneer finish, steel tubular furniture with shiny metals finish like chrome, and a long and low-hung look are hallmarks of retro style furniture. Many have stood the test of time and still look mostly as handsome and elegant as when they were made and are sold with little/no renovation and are much in demand. Here is some beautiful looking retro furniture from Vintage Retro. The glass dining table looks great with the six leather upholstered chairs. Look at the beautiful bar trolley with rosewood veneer. How lovely and innovatively designed is the spice rack wheel. That is a unique wooden revolving stand for holding glass dishes! A genuine rosewood side table! Most of them are sourced from Denmark and Sweden.

I am sure you are greatly impressed by the retro style and the modern furniture made on the same lines sporting a retro look. Go online and check it out and bring home some retro style furniture to add to the ambience of your home.

Solid Looking Bar Trolley

Revolving Glass Dish Stand
revolving-glass-dish -stand

Retro Round Shaped Dining Table

Retro Chairs in Teak Laminate

Great Looking Retro Dining Table with Chairs

Exquisitely Crafted Spice Rack Wheel

Elegant Looking Sideboard

Beautiful Mahogany Side Table with Sides and Doors
beautiful mahogany-side-table with-sides-and-doors