Bar Stools – Best Dining Seat Arrangements for Small Houses And Apartments


If you are strapped for space in your small home or studio apartment – especially in the dining area, do away with the dining chairs and dining tables. Barstools can be the best alternative that will save space and look neat and elegant in your apartment. You can stack them one over the other when not in use – all the more reason you should opt for bar stools. A studio apartment can have open kitchen running into living room without any specific dining room per se or even a designated dining area. Today’s small houses that have only one bedroom and kitchen cum living room also will face the same problem of not having separate dining area. Best idea is to use barstools at the kitchen itself using a counter top as dining table. Using free standing kitchen islands can be a good idea. But you must take care to get a slim and compact kitchen island that can do multiple duties as kitchen-work space, dining area, storage space and even your own and kids’ home work space when needed. If you get a slightly taller island – as tall as a bar-counter-height kitchen island, it will be perfect.

Contemporary bar stools come in quaint shapes and vibrant colours. When you go for good quality bar stools, they come with all kinds of guarantees. Metal, wood, polycarbonate stools, and wood-metal combo – all look great and are very utilitarian. They can be used at a bar table as well as kitchen counter tops. Light weight and stackable, they can be stored when not needed. Here are some beautiful looking barstools from Casamania. They look light, sleek with classic and clean-cut designs. Very comfortable looking, but they are not space hogging. With footrests and back supports, some look so elegant and stylish, will add ambience to any room in your home. Perfect for a small home!

I am sure you are also keen to get some bar stools like above. These will be convenient to use not only in your kitchen but also if you have an additional kitchen in the backyard or poolside, they can come handy. They blend nicely with any kind of furniture and you will love them once you have them. You can be sure of finding them very useful in your small home or studio apartment!

Sleek Looking Stylish Bar Stool

Simple and Sturdy Stools

Innovative and Attractive Stools

Comfy Seats At Bar Table

Colourful and Cute Looking Bar Stools
colorful and cute-looking-bar-stools

Black And White Bar Stools

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Multi Use Furniture For Small Houses And Apartments

Making your small home or a studio apartment beautiful and well maintained can be a challenging and intriguing problem. Especially if you have lived formerly in a bigger house, and now you have moved into a studio apartment or small house, you will feel cramped for space. You will wonder what to do with so much furniture which looked perfectly okay in a bigger house, but which threatens to overwhelm you by their sheer numbers.

Then what kind of furniture will be best for a small house or studio apartment. Any furniture that can be put to more than one use is the best kind of furniture for a small house. You may have enjoyed having a huge 12-seater dining table in a huge country house, but which will be just too humongous in a small house.

Likewise you may have a number of shelves, cabinets and armoires in a big house which will be needed around the house – in your bedroom, living room, kitchen and store room. But when you have moved out to a cute little loft home or an apartment, you have to think ways and means to find storage space by utilizing every inch of your home.

You need to find storage under the bed for storing the extra linen drapery and rugs etc, headboards with storage for your books, spectacles and remotes if you happen to have a TV fixed to the footboard. You need to look for ottomans with storage, find ways to utilize the cabinet door space and behind the doors for storing extra towels, bed sheets etc.

Also kitchen space needs to be utilized to the maximum. Getting a pot rack above the cooking area, utilizing the kitchen island as extra storage space for cutlery, crockery and stemware etc can make the kitchen look less cluttered and neat. Likewise drop-side or expandable dining table will be a better choice so that you can manage space better.

Like-wise, you can have multi-use stools like shown here that can be used as a seat, as a serving tray as a storage for pillows and as a small lap-top desk even. These are manufactured by Antoine Lesur. This multipurpose stool looks very versatile and chic as well. You can store couple of cushions which can be used on the seat when used as a stool or a serving table etc. Hope you would like to have one like this?

Using It as Side or End Table

Use It as a Coffee Table

Use as Storage for Cushions

Removable Top Tray for Serving

Pretty Looking Small Table Holding Beverage

Option to Use as a Stool

Multiple Use as Storage or Footstool

Easy To Remove Option

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Low Minimalistic Platform Beds – Ideal Choice for Small Apartments


Small houses or studio apartments have mostly one big living area that need to accommodate the living space, sleeping space, work space and also the kitchen. Most of them do not have the luxury of enjoying a separate big bedroom where you can enjoy have king-size double beds. Platform beds are great as simple sleek bed options with or without storage.

When traditional style beds are more elaborately built with space for springs, and a large-size mattress etc, platform beds are sleeker and look minimalistic and simple. Low-height bed frames which have slats or hard-board strips give support on which the mattress rests directly. The bed does not have any springs at all.

The low platforms are mostly made of wood – hardwood – sturdy and strong so the frame is quite rigid. If you want storage, you can build storage underneath like a box for storing linen and other stuff. But if you want absolutely minimalistic bed, you can have a platform bed without storage with the slated frame only on which rests the mattress firmly.

The wooden platform bed can have headboard and footboard. The other option is without either of these two boards just the bed frame. But you can have added storage in the headboard for keeping books, reading lights with cord facilities or nightstand like cubby holes. There are platform beds which have only headboard and no footboards

Platform beds are always low – those with underneath storage option may be slightly higher than those platform beds without the storage option. Actually you can have a futon – which is just a little higher than the floor – just with the frame sitting almost directly on the floor with the mattress supported on the slatted frame.

Why the small homes look better with platform beds? Because they occupy less vertical space than the traditional bed frames which are much higher and bulkier. There are no boxes that hold the springs that support the beds or the big mattresses themselves which are used in the traditional beds.

There are no separate nightstands needed for a platform bed. Many a time, slight projections of the headboard – like floating small shelves can serve as nightstand. Here are some beautiful looking platform beds from Go Modern Co. Most of them are in lacquer finish and look very sleek and sophisticated. They can be a great addition to any small home or studio apartment.

Slightly Higher Platform Bed with Headboard

Sleek Looking Platform in White

Platform Bed with Underneath Storage

Low Slung Platform in White Lacquer Finish

Large Size & Minimalistic Style Bed

Cushioned Headboard Platform Bed

Bed with Firm Base and Strong Support

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Cream And White Design for Distinguished Looking Home Interiors


We love to have a room that looks spacious, cool and elegant looking. Choosing the wall color can make the house restful looking and pleasant. No doubt you may like to have some bright colors to bring alive the ambiance and the beauty of the furniture. But this can be brought into effect more with the furnishings of making just one wall in contrast than the entire room.

Beautiful interiors start with beautiful walls. Especially if you have small house or a studio apartment, the prime goal is to make the rooms look more spacious. Choosing white or cream for the walls can make the walls extend and give a spacious uncluttered look. And when you have nice looking wooden furniture, white and cream go with all types of finishes easily.

With beautiful looking built-in cabinets that can free up valuable floor space, you can add to the spacious look more so. With elegant looking accent chairs that are not space hogging, your living room can look sophisticated and yet with simple clean-cut streamlined look. Throw in sleek floor lamps and table lights for ample ambient lighting.

Instead of stocky side tables or cabinets, select slim looking console tables and neat coffee tables which can add utility and beauty to the living room or bedroom. A fuss-free platform bed can make the bedroom look complete. Likewise choose classic looking dining room table-chair sets which look elegant with minimum maintenance.

Lighting should be just right to make the room come alive and bright. You can add a couple of wall pieces like paintings, murals or wall hanging to add to the room attraction. A small chandelier or a pendant lamp looks great in both living room and dining room. Likewise, choose vanity, mirrors and lighting for the bathroom also with care and planning.

With small apartments and studio apartments, it is important to utilize correct window treatments to let in natural light adequately. Do not go in for heavy silk draperies or brocades which will make the room crowded. Opt for screens which offer privacy as well lets in light. Bamboo screens can be fuss-free and make the room light and airy without cluttering it.

Here is an example of a beautiful home designed and furnished by Jute Home. Look at the elegant accent chair and the beautifully done dining room! How pretty the backsplash in bathroom looks and how pretty and vibrant the home is!

Tan Sofa and Elegant Bamboo Window Shade
tan-sofa-and elegant bamboo-window-shade

Neat Looking Staircase Landing

Furnished Right with Nut-brown and Silk Silver

Cream Yellow Upholstery Accent Chairs

Console Table with Low Chairs

Beautifully Wall Papered Bathroom

Accent Chair in White

Uniquely Designed Work Sofa Makes Office Space More Congenial


Many a time, especially if you are doing creative kind of work, you work better in casual atmosphere. A rigid office like atmosphere with desk and chair does not put wings to our imagination or creativity. New ideas pour in when you feel more relaxed, lounging in leisure looking at nothing particular – just day dreaming. Many times when you get ideas, you need to put them down in black and white at once to make them happen. Work sofas are conducive to this. Work sofas are something of a mix between a sofa and a working chair taking the concept a little further so that you have a place where you can keep a writing pad and scribble or where you can keep your laptops, palms and i Pads to bring shape to what ideas float in your head. It can be chair, it can be a sofa, it can be a desk – all depends on your imagination and arrangement skills

Imagine the freedom this sofa gives you to get away from your table or desk! You are not in the self-same spot day in and day out looking at the same scenarios. These are modular sofas, not too heavy – that can be arranged where you need it when you need it. Put it in the patio, in the terrace, in the study room or in an alcove – where you want it and you can get down to work undisturbed. Actually work-sofas are a blessing in the office scenario as well as home office. Suppose you are having a conference or a workshop, having huge tables and chairs all round make it look so forbiddingly formal and stiff that many a time things do not work out smoothly. But these work-sofas when arranged together make such a cosy feeling of easy casual chic people love it.

There are some work- sofas which look a combo of sectional, ottoman, sofa, side table, computer desk and daybed as well with plenty of storage options built in arms, underneath and at the back. Especially in small size flats like studio apartments, this kind of modular and all-in-one contraption can be a boon, saving precious space otherwise eaten by each of the furniture separately.
Here are some images of the work sofas from Studio Makkink & Bey. Conceived, designed and built by Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey, this work sofa is modular in style and has been touted as the best thing happened in office furniture. The unique design and comfort factor makes it great.

I am sure you may like one for yourself if you happen to have a home office, don’t you?

Two Work Sofas in Gray, Pink and Maroon

Ready to Take Different Shapes

Promoting Camaraderie and Communication

Office Socializing Made Easy

Cool Looking Work Sofas in Formal Office
cool-looking-work -sofas-in-formal-office

Great Looking Comfortable Work Sofa

Combination of Sectional Ottoman and Desk

Classy-Looking Studio Apartments Made Gorgeous With the Right Furniture

Call it what you like, efficiency apartment, studio flat (UK), or a bachelor/bachelorette style apartment, a studio apartment is a cute little mini apartment. It is an all-comprised-in-one kind of apartment – a single unit combining a living room, bedroom, and a kitchenette – with bathroom being separate. Albeit it may be small, it is self-contained. Certainly with the right kind of furniture and furnishings, it can be a cosy pad – a private oasis – just your own.

Usually the area of a studio apartment will be just about 300 – 500 square feet. But there are some apartments where all you have is one huge barn like room with a bath room. If you are lucky, maybe a small balcony may get thrown in. A simple but elegant interior decor will make the apartment look spacious. An optimal choice of furniture will go a long way to make the apartment nice looking. Certainly you need to consult an expert interior decorator about your options. Minimal-design furniture will give the room an uncluttered look. A kitchen island can serve double duty as dining space as well hold storage shelves. A well-planned kitchen counter can hold all the electric appliances, a sink, dish washer and provide extra work-area for cutting and mixing etc. Sleek looking stools as dining chairs look really stylish and save space too. Low consoles double up as TV and entertainment centers as well as storage spaces.

A well-laid out furniture set and carefully coordinated color scheme can work wonders to make your apartment look aesthetically pleasing and classically elegant. When you have space crunch, you explore some innovative ideas for storing items. You would not like to waste any space with any clutter. ‘Everything has a place and each thing in its place’ ought to be the motto for optimization of space. Here are some of the stylishly-designed apartments gorgeously furnished by Meedo. Look at the classic maroon and grey decor with minimal-design furniture. And the kitchen island with bar stools in black and white. These apartments have a look of spaciousness and elegance uncluttered by partitions or any separating walls etc. With all the electrical appliances and gadgets built-in, the kitchen looks neat, well-lit, modern and sophisticated.

All of these open kitchen ideas work well even in bigger apartments. Are you keen to have one such open kitchen in your home? Maybe it is time to discuss with your decorator about going in for one of this kind of decor for your kitchen? And get a lovely and enjoy a lovely and luxurious-looking home!

Wonderfully Decorated Apartment in Wood and Beige Tones

Superbly Looking Spacious Apartment

Marvellous Looking Apartment with Minimal Design
marvellous in minmal-design

Beautifully Done Apartment in Black And White

Super-Looking Apartment -White Makes It a Stunner

Classic Apartment with Cool Decor
a-classic-in-grey-and maroon-combo