Maintenance Streamlined with Storage Accessories & Organizers


From foyer to kitchen, storage is an important aspect of home furniture. Small apartments or big houses, organizers and storage cabinets play a vital role in keeping houses look spic and span. Consumerism is on the rise and people sometimes compulsively accumulate things and without extra storage space, keeping things organized is not possible.

Formerly there used to be bigger and more spacious houses with huge sized attics, barns and cellars. We had the luxury of stashing everything – right from an out-of-fashion dress to not-in-use furniture in the cellars or attics. Winter vegetables, fruits, cheese, and liquor – all used to be stored safely in the cellar without feeling any problem or space squeeze.

But today things have changed and we do not have cellars or attics to store. In fact, our homes are minuscule in size, we have difficulty in finding enough storage space for even monthly grocery stocking – leave alone yearly stocking like they were doing formerly. Even the huge garage where we used to stash things is a thing of past and we have just a basement parking spot for one car!

The need for extra storage furniture is a must for us to organize all our things. Extra storage space will prevent stuff getting strewn everywhere, and help us assign places for each and everything so we will not have a hard time finding whatever we want quickly. We can easily keep the house tidy and neat when each and everything has its own place.

Developing habits of tidiness and orderliness can be very helpful in good housekeeping. A weekly cleaning out of shelves and sorting the stuff helps greatly in weeding out the unwanted and useless stuff and keeping the essentials. Many postpone clearing out stuff periodically and end up feeling frustrated to find old stuff still hogging space when they want space for new purchases.

Here is some storage furniture from Bedroom Furniture. These organizers and storage accessories are very helpful to streamline your maintenance tasks. You can stash a lot into the six wicker baskets like bed linen, towels and other sundry items. The beautifully upholstered ottoman can look neat in the living room at the same time stashing your extra cushions, throws or rugs.

No doubt you are also having storage crunch often. Periodic spring cleaning and having enough storage accessories and organizers will help greatly in making your home well-maintained and beautiful!

Wonderful White Dresser with Drawers

Wicker Basket Storage Shelf

Upholstered Ottoman with Storage Facility

Storage Bench in Walnut with Baskets

Storage Seater in Oatmeal Finish

Elegant Looking Dresser with Drawers

Chocolate Colour Chest of Drawers

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Modular Storage Units Are a Boon to De-Clutter Your Home

More people are living in apartments/smaller size homes today. Keeping the house tidy can be really taxing when you have more things and less storage space. Sometimes walls are paper thin and not able to put up with heavy wall mounted storage shelves. And solid wood furniture can occupy more space and can be a costly option. This is where modular shelves have a role to play.
With ready-to-assemble modular furniture available in innovative patterns and attractive designs in IKEA and other places, people are turning to more modular and ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) kind of furniture options. Modular furniture is light and compact, easy to assemble, looks stylish and chic and is reasonably durable for the cost you pay for this furniture and fit nicely in your home.

Most people enjoy getting the DIY kind of furniture. It gives great satisfaction to see the product coming into shape in front of your eyes assembled by you or a family member. Actually people are happy about the fact that with modular furniture, they can throw the old one without compunction and go in for the latest trend as cost is not all that prohibitive and you can get latest at a reasonable price. The best part about modular furniture is the flexible option it provides for the users. It can fit wherever you need them. Make it into bookshelves for kids’ room, entertainment center at the living room, display and book shelf in the drawing room or in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. These modular shelves do not hog space and come in natural wood color, sophisticated black or stunning white color.

Modular options can be some customizable shelving options that you can adapt to suit your individual needs. Most of them are made of fibreboard in medium density and they have the top covered with melamine which is heat infused. This makes the surface easy to clean and more durable. Most of today’s designer and manufactures offer you the choice of designing what you want and how you want it and all at quite a decent rate.

Here are some beautiful looking modular shelves from Smart Furniture. The room-divider shelf looks so stylish and chic in a wavy pattern which can become the focus of the room due to its trendy look. The storage piece in white will add grace to any home blending so happily with any of your home furniture.

I am sure you will like one from these shelves which have an airy and minimalistic look bringing beauty to your home.

Wonderful White Looks Best

Stunning Looking Media Storage

Storage Shelf for Living Room

Room Divider cum Shelf in Black

Open Type Book Shelf in Black

Light Airy Looking Bedroom Storage

Elegant Looking Open Shelf in Wood

Beautiful And Functional Console Tables Add Ambiance to Your Home

Console tables are accessory furniture that can add style to any room. It fills up empty walls beautifully and aesthetically. It serves as an elegant table top to display a beautiful curio, a TV, a beautiful flower vase or just about anything. It serves nicely without occupying too much space or looking too cluttered or crowding any of the rooms. Console tables are always placed adjacent to a wall. Some console tables are freestanding – able to stand by itself. But sleeker and smaller looking console tables are with two free legs and the rest on supports fixed to the wall. This kind of console table looks particularly chic and delicate. But since it is supported against the wall, it is sturdy and can take up quite a bit of weight.

Console tables come in all styles, and designs. Made of hard wood, metal, and wood composite mostly they have glass tops sometimes and come with drawers and storage options with cabinets. Sometimes stacked against sofas, they are called sofa tables also. Small and sleek, they occupy very less space but are mighty useful for display photos and other stuff. Console tables form a complete set with other three tables. Cocktail table, console table, end table and chair-side table all form a group of tables and most of the time can be bought as sets built in the same style, design and same material and finish. All of them serve the same purpose as small coffee tables and display tables. Sometimes console and end table alone are also available.

Since the tabletops are of a smaller size, many a time legs of the console table get finished nicely. It is common to find nicely crafted console table legs adding a touch of style and distinction to the décor of the room. They often have bevelled glass tops adding a touch of class. They are mostly made of solid woods like oak, birch, cherry, or at least have veneers of solid woods etc.
Here are some beautiful looking console tables from GREENCulture Inc. Look at the cherry finish console table in crescent shape. What a lovely table with so delicate looking legs! And that one in the dark oak finish is really classic looking. All have drawers or bottom shelves for storing items. All are made with high quality workmanship and from top-class materials.

Aren’t you going to buy yourself a nice sleek console table and bring it home?

With Tapered Legs and Concealed Drawers

Slim and Delicate in Cherry Finish

Slatted Table in Chocolate Brown

Glass Topped and With Bottom Shelf

A Fusion Table with Deep Oak Finish

A Delicate Look with Dark Oak Finish

In Contemporary Design with Open Shelf

Elegant Looking Étagère – Marvellous for Multi-Purpose Storage Solution

No matter how many cabinets, shelves, armories, consoles or racks are there in the house, still we run short of storage space and we always welcome pretty-looking storage furniture any day. Étagère is a multi-purpose shelf which is functional yet beautiful to look at; ready to reduce clutter wherever we use it. It is an open kind of a shelf – not too big or heavy, ready to fit into a corner and be a home to a number of household knickknacks. Étagère can be made of any material – wood or metal – and in any style from classic, traditional, modern, contemporary, and transitional to shabby chic. With clean-cut lines, this minimal looking furniture comes in all finishes and colors to go with the décor of your home in whichever room you decide to put it. Easy to maintain and elegant looking, no wonder étagère is a great favourite with all the housewives.

Actually what is the difference between a baker’s rack and an étagère? Both are quite similar in many aspects. When they are made the traditional way – in metal – both have the scroll work – the hall mark of étagère. Baker’s rack is used exclusively in the kitchen while baking – for rolling out dough, storing flour, spices etc, whereas an étagère has been found useful indoors, outdoors, and anywhere – all the rooms of the home. An étagère sometimes comes with a counter top and shelves and sometimes with wine racks too. These are used in the kitchen or dining room. But you can employ an étagère to stack whatever you like – books, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, towels and toilet accessories, anything looks good. It is very handy to display photographs, flower vases, potteries, mantel-pieces and valuable curios. Use in the kitchen to hold spices and cookies!

Here are some beautiful looking etageres from GourmetDecorStore. Look how elegant is the big ‘X’ shaped étagère in wood in Ash veneer finish! And the corner piece with scroll work and five shelves can hold so many things! And the corner bakers’ rack in bronze finish and the étagère with wine storage facility – both would be welcome additions anywhere! I am quite sure you will love to have such a useful item in your kitchen or any room where you need to have some extra storage. You can take it outside near the pool to hold your glasses and soft drinks and other necessities. Get one today; you may find it extremely useful around the house!

Functional and Fabulous Looking Étagère

Étagère with Funky Looking Frame

Étagère with a Back Cross Pattern

Elegant & Very Functional Étagère
elegant and very functional etagere

Cute Looking Corner Étagère

Corner Étagère with Scroll Work

Étagère with Wine Storage Facility

Bakers Rack – Étagère

Home Bars For Living Room Corners

When there is celebration in the air and you have a happy occasion to celebrate it, drinks add to the festivity of the celebration. When you are celebrating or you have pool-side parties or great evening weekend get-togethers, the entertaining space in our home is not get complete without a home bar. When friends drop in, a home bar comes handy to mix a few drinks and serve in the comfort of your home. Where would you like to locate the home bar? And what kind of a home bar will be suitable for you? Will it be big or small? Can you lug it around to the poolside or to the outside patio when you do outside entertaining? What are all the things that can be accommodated in the home bar? These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you have a big house and enough funds, you can have a permanent spacious bar inside your home and a portable mobile one for outdoor entertainment. If you are strapped for space, you can opt for a semi-permanent home bar. Thirdly you can have a mobile bar on wheels which can be accommodated inside, outside or any room – wherever you like to have a party! A permanent home bar comes with accessories including bar stools. They have nice roomy serving counters, space for storing the bottles and separate provision to stock your stemware and glasses. Cocktail mixers, shakers – all can be accommodated. Semi-permanent home bars can be in similar lines though not so spacious and all inclusive.

The mobile or portable can be the best choice for most of our small houses. Just check that it has a pull-out counter space for accommodating glasses etc conveniently and storage space for some bottles and your stemware etc. They come in classic, contemporary, traditional or kitsch/modern styles and made of materials like wood, metal, aluminium, acrylic and recycled materials.

Here are some very attractive home bars from Home Bar Shoppe. The wooden bars are made from sturdy woods like cottonwood, birch, alder or walnut and come with excellent finish with veneers like oak, walnut etc. Look how is the beautiful bar with a modern-looking arch. All are made from high-class excellent materials and finished exquisitely. I am sure you want to own one such home bar. Go online or go to the nearest furniture mart and bring home one beautifully crafted home bar and have great parties!

Side Bar in Oak Finish

With Pullout Drawers in Currant Finish

Gorgeous in Glossy Finish

Glass Top and Arched Bar

Cute Looking with Curved Silhouette

Bar with Built-in Wine Rack

Antique Looking Bar with Storage

Organize Your Footwear for Easy Access And Keep Out Clutter with These Beautiful Shoe Racks

All things – like our dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, and medicines – have their own special place in our homes for safekeeping and storage. Then why leave the footwear in an ugly heap in the foyer, entryway or at best at the bottom of a closet? Get round to organizing your footwear; arrange them neatly and tidily within easy reach with the help of some very useful and utilitarian shoe racks. All of us definitely need a range of footwear. Each season demands proper footwear and each occasion warrants suitable footwear. It can be really tiresome to keep so many shoes neat, tidy and properly stored. And certainly foyers or entryways are no places for leaving the shoes. Think what a guest will feel to look at messy and untidy looking shoes blocking the entryway! The way out is to get shoe racks.

Think how exasperating and irritating it can be to hunt around for your formal shoes when you are in a hurry and all you see are muddied sportswear shoes you had used during the weekend! Shoe racks/organizers/shoe trees/shoe boxes will save space, and keep the shoes neatly and well-protected and help you to locate the correct footwear when you need them in a jiffy. There are many types of shoe racks available. There are wood shoe racks, metal shoe racks, racks made of bamboo, stainless steel, and acrylic and even made of wicker and cane poles. You may like the expandable type which can store more shoes when needed. The popular choice is the stackable type which occupies less space. Shoe storage bench is another option with cubbyholes underneath for sitting and wearing shoes.

First collect and sort out all footwear into specific categories – like winter shoes, work/office wear, sportswear, walking/gym shoes, slippers, loafers, and booties etc. You can store the less frequently used items in shoe boxes and store the rest on shoe racks. Small racks can go inside the foyer closet while bigger ones can be outside near the entryway. Here are some fabulous looking shoe racks from Argos. Look at the elegant-looking two-tier shoe rack looking warm in beech finish. How beautiful the three-tier chromium plated shoe rack looks? The walnut wood shoe rack with a glossy black shutter looks really pretty! The Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine looks really cool!

I am sure you would love some of these shoe racks and find them useful. Enjoy an aesthetically arranged array of smart-looking and well-cared for footwear with one of these shoe racks!

Walnut Wood and Black Gloss Finish Shoe Storage

Three Tier Chrome Plated Shoe Stand

Shoe Storage Rack – Unit with Oak Effect

‘Hygena Milan Shoe Cabine’

Hall Shoe Storage Unit with Beech Wood Finish

Beautiful Looking Shoe-Rack Unit

Another Type Wood Shoe Storage Unit