Bed-End-Benches – An Attractive Addition to Your Bedroom

How nice it will be to have some extra sitting space in your bedroom? When bedrooms are big, you can afford to have a beautiful sofa or a sectional in the corner for you to sit and read or sit and watch TV. In olden days when bedrooms were huge with beautiful four-poster bends and extra room, people used to have even a daybed so that they have a nice place to relax.

Today in our small houses or studio apartments, space is at a premium and all furniture needs to do double duty. You can consider a bed-end bench for giving extra seating space as well underneath storage space to keep an extra blanket or bed linen for you. If you upholster it or cover it in a matching shade as your bed, it can add to the ambience of your home.

What should you consider when you are getting a bed-end-bench for your bedroom. Actually this can be an ottoman – a longish one at the height of the bed or it can be a long stool, a settee – anything that blends well with your bedstead and the décor of your bedroom. Only you should check the dimensions of the bench to be in scale with the room.

What height the bench should be – when upholstered it should be as level as the bed level at the foot end of the bedstead. Bed-end-benches for beds without footboard can look like they are extension of the bed itself. If you keep the length of the bench just inside of that of the bed and furnish it matching, it will look very elegant.

Bed-end-benches can have storage options also underneath them for your convenience but there are a lot of benches come without storage option as well. With etching, carving or scroll details and other ornamentation, a bed-end-bench can add allure to your bedroom. With an exceptionally beautiful bed-end-bench can become the focus of your bedroom.

Here are some beautiful bed-end-bench options from Sweetpea and Willow. Look at the pretty bench in gold and green which looks so sophisticated. Also the one with ends curved so elegantly and the other one in pink with quilted upholstery will really make your bedroom so beautiful. How would you like the other white bed-end -bench? All are of high-quality workmanship!

Surely you will love to have one of these at your home?

Wonderful Bed End Bench in White

With Double Ends and Crafted Details

Upholstered Bed End Bench

Pretty Looking in Pink and Quilted

Gorgeous in Gold – Bed End Bench

Bench with Elegantly Curved at Ends

Beautifully Carved Bed End Bench

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Modern And Creative Bar Stools Of Alphabet Shapes

creative dinettes and barstools

These 3 bar stools shown below are surely eye catching and completely addictive to sit on. These have been designed and conceptualized by Bulgarian designer, Svilen Gamolov. They all represent a form of numeric numbers are made in a contrast of black and white color theme of fiberglass. The seats for these chairs are specially designed and very soft and comfortable to sit on and also have velvet upholster. Their measurements are 86 cm x 56 cm x 54 cm (HxWxD). If you’re need a modern and sleek solution to organize your bar area, you definitely will like these stools.

monarch bar stools

Designer Bar Chairs And Stools
creative dinettes and barstools

alphabet shaped barstools

Designer Bar Chairs And Stools
monarch bar stools

Designer Bar Chairs And Stools
alphabet shaped barstools

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Gorgeous Kitchen Islands for Smart Kitchens

Gorgeous kitchens are not only which look good but they must be efficient and work-smart kitchens too. When you incorporate looks with practical aspects to make cooking easy, they are work-smart kitchens. Trendy and cool looking gadgets and warm looking color themes are essential as well space-smart lay out and savvy kitchen designs.

What are all the gadgets you normally use in a kitchen? Cooking range – with a hob and chimney tops the range. Some ranges are all inclusive – with built in ovens, grill and open flame cooking hobs along with chimneys. Other built in appliances are dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave ovens. Appliances like kettle, toaster, and blender are normally not built in.

Sometimes kitchen cooking counter is used to host all the built in appliances and sometimes if you so like the kitchen island can be used to house some of the built in appliances. While refrigerator and microwave are still mostly housed along the wall supported cooking counters, the dishwasher, hob and chimney and a wash-work area with sinks are built in to the kitchen islands.

Here you can see images of smart and gorgeous kitchen islands from Elmar Cucine. There are a variety of designs for kitchen islands. Here you can see simple kitchen islands with open shelves underneath that look elegant. Sink is in one corner and the hob is at the other end of the chrome finish island with storage shelf beneath.

There are other models as you can find from these images like the island with return for dining at one end and sink for washing at the other end with another island holding the microwave and ovens. The countertops of some islands have overhang to facilitate pulling in the high bistro level stools and chairs for convenient dining.

The large metal island with crossed beam leg supports is quite spacious and really all conclusive with stove top hobs on one end, washing area at the other end and also with a dining area with revolving coaster based serving console. This complements the wall supported cooking and work area adequately and beautifully.

Both open and closed types of shelves are commonly built in to the kitchen islands. Some have closed cabinets underneath so that the entire island looks solid and covered on all sides with openings for cabinets and drawers on various sides. Also like seen here open shelves for holding pots and pans along with covered area for sink can be seen.

With Dining Area And Storage
Dining Area And Storage

Traditional Table Island
Traditional Table Island

Island Counter Dining
Island Counter Dining

Gorgeous All Purpose Island
Gorgeous All Purpose Island

Efficient Working Island
Efficient Working Island

Central Island With Stools
Central Island With Stools

Beautiful Island For Dining
Beautiful Island For Dining

All Containing Kitchen Island
All Containing Kitchen Island

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Comfortable And Cute-Looking Chairs – Important Furniture in Your Home Decor


Today only custom designed or handmade furniture are unique and demand a very high price. Online furniture shops and local furniture shops are stocking lots of economically priced furniture including chairs within easy reach of common man. Innovative materials and industrial revolution have made furniture production more as an assembly line mass production. But this was not always the case. Centuries ago, chair was considered a luxury, used only by the rich and noble. The poor and common people sat on chests, stools and benches. Sitting on a chair was an honor accorded to the high and mighty almost until the 17th century or so. Richly carved and handcrafted heavy chairs were slowly replaced by lighter and simpler varieties.

Lightweight and comfort oriented chairs became the hallmark of French influence. They brought new and modern ideas in to the art of furniture making including in chair-making. Various types of chairs with different heights, seats, and shapes and for different purposes were introduced by the French which were later adopted by others due to their popularity. When chairs were hand-made, mostly solid wood like oak, teak, rosewood and other hardwoods were used for making them. They were solid pieces – heavy and ornate, all showcasing intricate carving and crafting that were time consuming but added such beauty and elegance to the chairs. Many of them are heirlooms handed down through the generations.

Armchairs, sleeping chairs, wing chairs, and lounge chairs gained great popularity and even today are as much sought after as before. Windsor chair was an English model that was greatly liked by American people and adopted to suit their needs. Rocking chairs have retained their popularity and now have taken innovative shapes with new and modern materials. Some of the most famous chairs like Adirondack Chairs – also known as Westport chairs – continue to enjoy great popularity even today. Adirondack style has become so popular that the manufacturers have branched off into creating furniture like Adirondack rockers, Adirondack benches and child Adirondack chairs.

Here are some beautiful chairs from B&B Italia. Today we cannot think of a living without the comfort provided by chairs like these. I do hope you also have some of them?

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Simple and Utilitarian Office Chair

Lightweight and Pretty Looking Chairs

Elegant Looking Cushioned Chairs

Cute Looking and Comfortable Chairs

Comfy Armchairs in Cute Colours

Light And Portable Polycarbonate/Acrylic Furniture for Ease of Use And Beauty

Having a pool side party for the weekends? Not having enough seats for all the guests coming? Do not worry. You can win the appreciation and admiration of your guests with these light and portable polycarbonate/acrylic chairs, stools and tables. These look very elegant, stylish and still are light and portable. Seating arrangements can be done in a jiffy with no sweating – wherever you like.

There is no need to clutter the garden, lawns, backyards or patios with extra costlier and heavier furniture which are not easy to be shifted or relocated. These light and portable chairs are ready for use inside and outside our homes. These chairs can be stacked and stored in the garage or store room and will not clutter our home. These look trendy and chic, colorful and cute.

These chairs are sturdily built yet look very stylish. They need no or low maintenance and are weather and UV rays resistant. These are made from polycarbonate or acrylic with modern technology. They have a very durable surface which is scratch resistant and very strong. They do not shatter, break or crack under impact. Some come with a sheer transparent look and some look cute in lovely colors.

These chairs come with tubular frame work. Frames can be of aluminum, stainless steel or chromed steel. They are rust-proof, stable and very durable. Combined with matching stools and tables, they look very attractive combinations they are useful in gardens, terraces, patios, backyards and pool sides. When you do not need them, they are easy to stack and store, and stay out of sight!

Here are some beautiful looking chairs made from polycarbonate and acrylic from Pedrali. Look at the sheer beauty of the transparent chair – Pasha – looking stunning in the garden. How impressive looks the array of stools on the lawn! Most of the chairs and stools come in transparent versions as well in colors – both look amazing and very attractive.

Don’t you think you would like to have some of these beautiful chairs? You are sure to find these light, portable and stackable chairs come handy when you want extra chairs. They look great and blend with any décor easily. The transparent versions can take cushions of all colors and add beauty to your outside and inside. Go online and check what other options are available and bring home some to add beauty to your home!

Thin & Ergonomic 3D Colored Chairs

Stunning Looking Chairs with Stately Shape

A Gorgeous Looking Transparent Beauty

Glossy Looking Clear Transparent Chairs

Elegant Looking and Easy to Stack

Breathtakingly Beautiful Looking Chairs

Black & White – Beautiful Sight

Beautiful Sets of Chairs & Table
beautiful-sets-of-chairs-and table

Attractive Looking in Steel Frame

Attractive Looking Array of Seats