Courtyards for Gorgeously Lit Homes

With the increasing space crunch, houses are more congested and packed together with no open space around them. How to bring in more light into the house? Many a time there are no windows in some rooms and how to get some daylight? Open courtyards – interior courtyards can be the answer. With their open ceiling, they add to the beauty of the interiors by bringing in daylight directly to the interiors

Open courtyards are spaces open to sky – maybe with an optional partial glass ceiling – and with walls on all four sides. Some of them are designed with some soil beds in their corners for growing some plants, even some trees. Many of the homes use the corridor space or hallway space – spaces that will be otherwise extraneous or wasted – as the location to have the open courtyard.

Since they are open to sky, they bring sunlight to parts of house which would have been dark and stuffy without the courtyard. With a well-planned open courtyard right in the heart of your home, your living room, dining room, and even your bedroom can get a fair amount of sunlight effortlessly. Even if you do not happen to have a balcony or a patio, this courtyard will serve as an effective alternative for relaxing.

Painting the walls of the courtyard in complete white or all pastels may not give an idea of spaciousness. Deep shades may give an idea of depth and add character to the overall effect. You can think of planning for a vertical garden in one or more walls of the courtyard. You can think of wall fountains on one of the walls that will be a welcome sight with its soothing like music like water-trickle.

With complete glass walls – like floor to ceiling height windows, it will be possible to completely utilize the daylight streaming in via court yards; nicely lit wide open rooms adjacent to the yard with maximum sunlight. With windows open into court yard, there will be more cross ventilation within the rooms and the entire house.

If you are thinking of having an open courtyard in your home, you need to talk to your interior decorator. You may need building permission from the authorities and adhere to all safety standards and other requisition etc. Here are some of the courtyard images from Shinichiogawa. Just see how the entire house looks spacious and well lit!

Warmly Lit Wooden Dining Set

View of Living Room from Courtyard

View From Above

Open Yard Seen from Living Area at Night

Open Courtyard with Tree

Living Area with TV and Sofa

Light Filled with High Ceiling

Dining and Living Area

Brightly Lit With Light Streaming In

Blue Sky Seen from Inside

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Attractive Looking Bedrooms Beautifully And Gorgeously Furnished


A dynamic and capable homemaker keeps thinking of ways to improve her home. She does not wait for any particular happening or period of the year to makeover any of her rooms. As and when she finds something new, something different and something better, she looks for ways to incorporate it in her home décor so her home and furniture is the best for her. Making over your bedroom can be exciting and thrilling if you are trying out new ideas. Getting new furnishings for your bedroom can be quite adventurous and fun. Summer months can be the time to get pastel and soft cool shades for your bedroom. That does not mean it has to look drab. You can bring color to the décor with vibrant bed linen.

If you have chosen white as the base color for your bedroom, with white walls and white color furniture as well, you can try to bring a contrast, a splash of color with a bright color to one wall of the room. That will bring relief to an otherwise all white bedroom décor. Also you can choose bright coloured linen that will look stunning – setting off the white. Pastel coloured walls go excellently with brown colour furniture like teak, mahogany etc. Sheer beige curtains and cream walls with teak bedroom furniture set – beds, side tables and coffee tables – can set off each other beautifully and give a rich and sophisticated look to the room. Brown colour bed can look great with white coloured sideboard and console tables also.

Warm coloured veneers like pine also look great in bedrooms especially with white wall décor and white flooring. It gives a spacious look. Even when the room dimensions are small, this combination can make the room expand and look spacious and nice. Bed linen – bed sheets, bed covers, duvets and all can be mix and match – with white bed spreads with deep shades of contrast color sheets.

Look at the storage space underneath the bed to hold books etc. and the nightstand next to the headboard looks very elegant. The matching sideboard and end table in teak finish complete the set and look very attractive and nice. The white bedstead and companion sideboards contrast nicely with the bed linen and trim over the wardrobe.

Hope your makeover resulted in such a beautiful bedroom?

Gorgeous in White and Pine

Elegantly Decorated Bedroom
elegantly -decorated-bedroom

Dark Brown Bedstead with White Sideboards

Cool and Comfy Bedroom

Bedstead With Underneath Storage Space</span
bedstead-with-underneath-storage space

Beautifully Done Bedroom with Overhead Storage

Attractive in White and Lavender

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Marvellous Looking Mirrors Add Space And Beauty to Interior Décor

Elegant looking high quality mirrors add charm and style to your home décor. Living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom – wherever you want to add a touch of class and extra trimming, ornately framed mirrors can come handy. Ornately framed standing mirrors, mirrors fixed to the wall, over a dresser or floating mirrors – all mirrors add ambiance and space to the room, making the room bigger and brighter – reflecting the available natural and artificial lights. Mirror is a wonderful way of adding detail and character to a room without overcrowding the room. Strategically placed mirrors can actually make a room more spacious and roomy. Especially if you place the mirror opposite French windows or open doorway, it can make the room look brighter and prettier with reflected ambient natural light and a cool touch of outside greenery that adds to the beauty.

We can select the frames of the mirrors to suit the décor of the room. If you have a beautifully furnished drawing room with jazzy luxurious Victorian furniture, an exquisitely ornate mirror in gold can look gorgeous. Think how beautifully a couple of wall bracketed lights or ornamental sconces on either side can bring out the beauty of gold-tinted leaf pattern crafted frame of the mirror adding to the beauty of the room! Another room to greatly benefit from mirrors is a bathroom. You cannot deny the importance of a good quality mirror in the bathroom over the vanity, washbasin and dressing area. The best mirrors for the bathrooms are illuminated bathroom mirrors. These do double duty in the bathroom – of providing extra ambient light and work as excellent reflecting surfaces for makeup, shaving, hairdressing and other personal hygiene needs.

Here are some beautiful looking mirrors from Basset Furniture. Look at the bevelled mirror in brushed copper finish which will add to the ambience of any room. And how lovely the lace like scroll work looks! How elegant is the oval mirror surrounded by petal-like mirror pieces! All the mirrors are of exquisite quality, without any distortion or flattening effect, with great clarity and classical designs. I am sure you are keen to have some beautiful mirrors to add to your home. Do not compromise on the quality of the mirror. Though it may cost you a little more, go for high-quality distortion-free mirrors that come with assurance of long service. Mirror represents functional art wherever you place it. A framed mirror with delicate scroll details can be the best way of adding an accessory that is functional as well aesthetically beautiful.

Wonderfully & Ornately Carved in Silver Finish

Stunning Looking Mirror with Scroll Work

Oval Mirror in Wooden Frame

Mirror Petals in Oval Shape

Lovely Looking in Octagonal Frame

Intricately Done with Interwoven Circles

Cute Looking Floor Length Mirror

Country Style Mounted Mirror

Attractive Looking in Arched Frame

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Clutter Free Charming Bedrooms for Peppy Teens

Children once grown have ideas of their own as to what they like and what they want. They are keen to have comfortable bedrooms that look sophisticated chic and impress their friends greatly. They are keen to have furniture and accessories that look high-end and branded kind.Teens think that their bedroom décor must be like them – bright and alive if they are outgoing and gregarious. If they are a bit shy and reserved in nature, they like a beautifully done room – but colours that are cool and pastel – not very clashingly bright.

Most of the times, even if it is a smaller size version, they want the room to be self contained – with attached bath and well planned storage shelves, wardrobes, closets, study table so that they can feel they have a complete private area all for themselves. They feel that they should have another bed tucked away so that they can bring their friends home if need be and still have total privacy.

What are all the features that would help in making a room look great and satisfy the teenagers that the room is perfect for them? You need to plan meticulously. Talk to the interior decorator. Take your teenager when you are discussing making over plans for their bedrooms. Ask them what colours they want, what furniture they may prefer, any themes they are interested and how it can be achieved.

Teenagers love good colour combinations in their décor that will look sleek and elegant; colours that are in mode today, fashionable today – not just black and white only done in a traditional way. White still can be the favourite colour but mixed with new bright colours that will make a bold statement bringing in a splash of contrast colour into the décor, with white giving the spacious look.

Keeping the basic colour palette white can help in more ways than one. You can bring a colour accent with either the bed upholstery, bed linen or in the cabinets – doors or countertops/shelves. You can use the current favourite color of the kid so the room seems to reflect her taste. Suppose the kid wants another colour scheme – you have to only change the accent colours.

Here are some hot white and a variety of accent colour combinations from Pianca. See which you like best!

Striped Rug and Contrast Wall Color

Pristine White Walls Set Off by Olive Green

Pink against White

Low Hung Platform Bed in Orange

Golden Yellow Orange against White

Classic Black Contrasted With an Orange Streak

Black Upholstery against Pearl Gray Walls

Beautiful Blue Setting off White

Classy-Looking Studio Apartments Made Gorgeous With the Right Furniture

Call it what you like, efficiency apartment, studio flat (UK), or a bachelor/bachelorette style apartment, a studio apartment is a cute little mini apartment. It is an all-comprised-in-one kind of apartment – a single unit combining a living room, bedroom, and a kitchenette – with bathroom being separate. Albeit it may be small, it is self-contained. Certainly with the right kind of furniture and furnishings, it can be a cosy pad – a private oasis – just your own.

Usually the area of a studio apartment will be just about 300 – 500 square feet. But there are some apartments where all you have is one huge barn like room with a bath room. If you are lucky, maybe a small balcony may get thrown in. A simple but elegant interior decor will make the apartment look spacious. An optimal choice of furniture will go a long way to make the apartment nice looking. Certainly you need to consult an expert interior decorator about your options. Minimal-design furniture will give the room an uncluttered look. A kitchen island can serve double duty as dining space as well hold storage shelves. A well-planned kitchen counter can hold all the electric appliances, a sink, dish washer and provide extra work-area for cutting and mixing etc. Sleek looking stools as dining chairs look really stylish and save space too. Low consoles double up as TV and entertainment centers as well as storage spaces.

A well-laid out furniture set and carefully coordinated color scheme can work wonders to make your apartment look aesthetically pleasing and classically elegant. When you have space crunch, you explore some innovative ideas for storing items. You would not like to waste any space with any clutter. ‘Everything has a place and each thing in its place’ ought to be the motto for optimization of space. Here are some of the stylishly-designed apartments gorgeously furnished by Meedo. Look at the classic maroon and grey decor with minimal-design furniture. And the kitchen island with bar stools in black and white. These apartments have a look of spaciousness and elegance uncluttered by partitions or any separating walls etc. With all the electrical appliances and gadgets built-in, the kitchen looks neat, well-lit, modern and sophisticated.

All of these open kitchen ideas work well even in bigger apartments. Are you keen to have one such open kitchen in your home? Maybe it is time to discuss with your decorator about going in for one of this kind of decor for your kitchen? And get a lovely and enjoy a lovely and luxurious-looking home!

Wonderfully Decorated Apartment in Wood and Beige Tones

Superbly Looking Spacious Apartment

Marvellous Looking Apartment with Minimal Design
marvellous in minmal-design

Beautifully Done Apartment in Black And White

Super-Looking Apartment -White Makes It a Stunner

Classic Apartment with Cool Decor
a-classic-in-grey-and maroon-combo