How To Make Practical Furniture Attractive

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to decorating and furnishing my home I tend to get carried away with picking out things that look pretty and forget that they need to be functional as well. However, it’s easy to make the more practical features of your home aesthetically-pleasing.
Read on for my tips on how to breathe life into these items of furniture.

Lighting is one of the most important practical elements of any room. It’s there to illuminate the space, create the right mood and allow you to see what you’re doing. However, there’s no reason why the lights themselves can’t be attractive to look at.

Think about it, there’s some gorgeous examples of lighting out there, ranging from traditional Moroccan floor lanterns to stained glass Tiffany lamps. Choosing the most decorative light fixtures you can is a great way to make a style statement, as while these products are there to do a job they are also attractive to look at.

My tip is to choose one light that you would like to be a focal point of the room. You could invest in a timeless crystal chandelier to hang from the ceiling, an ornate floor lamp with a paper shade, or a compact but classic desk lamp. You could go really avant-garde with your purchase, so that visitors don’t even realise it is a light until you turn it on.

We all need storage in practically every room of our house. It’s what keeps our homes looking tidy, whether we neatly arrange things on shelves or hide away all our junk out of sight in a cupboard.
While this furniture is purely functional, it’s easy to add a personal touch to it. Of course, the easiest way is to arrange framed pictures and ornaments on them. The top of a cabinet is the perfect dead space to liven up with some of your favourite decorative items. Similarly, you can place ornaments in front of CDs or DVDs on your shelves to make them look more interesting.
Should you wish to get more creative, you can paint shelves, cabinets and wardrobes to add a splash of colour. Whitewashing timber is a popular look at the moment thanks to the shabby chic style. Another idea is to cover them in old wallpaper, newspaper clippings or another patterned paper, before varnishing, which makes a real style statement.

Soft furnishings
Sofas and armchairs are some of the most expensive items of furniture you can purchase for your home and because they are used for long hours, being sat on while you watch television, clambered on by kids and scratched by pets, it’s often not long before they start to look worn. On top of that, they can begin to look dated.

Of course, these are practical furnishings and the most important thing is that they’re comfortable to sit on. However, if you feel they’re looking past their best it’s possible to make them more aesthetically-pleasing rather than buying something new.
Go out and purchase some new fabric and you can have your sofa and chairs reupholstered in it. This is a great way of fooling visitors into thinking you have splashed out on a new three-piece – yet you’ll save some valuable cash.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve the look of old pieces of furniture, but what are yours?

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Beautiful Beds With Headboards and Headboards Ideas

warm-looking-wood-and-cream decor

Bedrooms are easy places for makeover when you know just exactly what you want to do. If you are keen to get a makeover and make the bedroom look more elegant and utilitarian, you can check out options about headboards and nightstands with storage space, built -in lights and other conveniences. With some new area rugs, you can make the bedroom like new.

The centerpiece of bedroom furniture will be mostly the bed you are using. If you have gone for a simple looking bed, you can add headboards which are available separately in the market. There are ready-to -use, headboard additions as well you can get the custom made for you. If you are a keen do-it -yourself enthusiast, you can do it yourself incorporating all the things you need.

Today in your furniture store or online store, the add-on headboards can be purchased and you can even get a matching nightstand that will go very elegantly with the headboards. Since the bedstead is mostly buried under the bed covers, bed skirts etc, you can make a matching set of nightstand with whatever headboards you are getting, with similar decor and built-in provisions.

You can make a matching nightstand at home also if you are making the headboard with DIY instructions. You can build in the same kind of light provisions, storage options in the same finish and style to make the bed very elegant as well as useful. Think of a white headboard with built-in lights storage and a similar styled white nightstand nearby! How elegant it will look?

You can create a contrasting effect by painting the wall behind the cot in an entirely different color to the rest of the walls. Think of a black colored wall against which your pine-finish cot is placed with the rest of the decor in white. The contrast of wood against black can make it a bold focus and make the room appear vivid and startlingly beautiful.

If you have opted for not too tall headboards, you can fix some matching floating shelves overhead in the same style and color. That will add to the storage space as well to the ambiance of the room, saving precious floor space. If you are keen on saving more floor space, you can plan for smaller-size nightstands attached to the headboards off the floor.

Here are some beautiful beds from Hülsta. Check what will suit you most!

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