Terrific Looking Teen Rooms

As children grow, their tastes and likings also change a lot. What appealed to them when they were young and pre-teens are no longer of interest to them but they are interested in something fresh and fanciful. As they grow, they love a youthful and chic look with a sophisticated finish where they can bring their friends easily and happily.

Youth want rooms where they like to stay their waking/sleeping hours while inside the home. Here is where they stay doing their home work, projects and other study related activities. Here is where they relax, listen to music, go online and chat and connect on the social media and generally enjoy themselves. Here is where they bring their friends for group activities.

Though girls might have liked Barbie doll like décor in their younger days, they might have outgrown it and may want something more upend and modern. Likewise the cartoon or jungle themes might have been outgrown by the boys when they are turning into grown up guys. So their rooms also should reflect what they are today and what their needs are today.

Small or big, each teenager loves privacy and that their room is self sustaining. They like to have their work area, media center, play station and study area all within the same room. If they have been involved while the room’s décor is being planned and once they feel that the room is theirs, they may keep the room tidy and neat all on their own.

Here are some images of teen room designs and ideas by Eugene Zhdanov. You can see the how stylish and elegant these rooms are and how well floor and wall space are utilized to create a harmonious and happy blend. The wall colors are a mix of neutral and lively vibrant shades creating a pulsating and elegant stylish effect.

One of the rooms has the work area elevated on a platform which can hold the trundle bed when not in use. There are other storage shelves also built in to the platform for extra storage. The other room has a window seat converted into a work credenza holding a computer and other study related material with an executive chair.

Bigger rooms can have seating accommodation like sofas and accent chairs along with study area, beds and work-out areas as shown here? Which of them is your favorite?

Teen Room Workout Area
Teen Room Workout Area

Simple Elegant Teenager Room
Simple Elegant Teenager Room

Handsomely Furnished Teen Room
Handsomely Furnished Teen Room

Gorgeously Colorful Teen Room
Gorgeously Colorful Teen Room

Elegant Youth Study Area
Elegant Youth Study Area

Dorm Like Teen Room
Dorm Like Teen Room

Cute Teen Room Window Desk
Cute Teen Room Window Desk

Beautiful Teen Room
Beautiful Teen Room

Attractively Set Up Teen Room
Attractively Set Up Teen Room

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Gorgeous Sofas – The Focal Point of Your Drawing Room And Living Room Furniture

Sofa is one of the most important furniture investments you will make. A sofa will be the focal point of the room – be it the drawing room where you may entertain guests formally or the living room where you and your family will practically be living in it. Whether you are looking for sofas for your drawing room or for your living room, you need to pay attention to a few basic criteria. After all, a sofa may stay with you for some years. The most important decision will be about the look you will go in for. What do you like best? Is it casual, contemporary, traditional or modern look? Does your home conform to any special style/look/decor? How have you furnished the rest of the house? All these things influence your decision. Talk to your interior decorator, go online and browse for information, go down to the furniture stores/showrooms and check out!

Once deciding about the look, you should decide about the size of the sofa. The room size and layout will decide this for you. A smaller size room or an apartment may restrict your choices. However beautiful a sofa is, it ought not to be too large for the room. Take actual measurements and discuss with the sales person or the decorator. What looks great in a store may not suit your individual room/house. When you have decided on look and size of the sofa, check out the depth and height of the seat and style. How would you like it, soft or straight back and tight? How would you prefer the fills – firm or soft? Can you lounge comfortably or snooze on it without a problem? Comfort level is such a personal thing! Try it out in the local furniture store personally and then decide. No impulsive purchases!

Now you must decide on the upholstery – fabric, vinyl or leather? A drawing room sofa ought to have rich-looking, stylish and smart-looking upholstery that goes with the decor of the room and other furniture. A living-room sofa, in a house with children and pets, needs something that can be cleaned mighty quickly. No delicate fabric or color though slip covers can help. Again what looks good may not feel good, so check thoroughly. Having decided on all the criteria, go for top quality. Better the quality, longer they will last. Here are some sofas from Minotti.com. Look at the classic combinations. They look so elegant and beautiful. Good sofas can add so much to the ambiance and beauty of the room. Choose wisely and enjoy great comfort!

A Wonderful Looking White Sofa Set

Two Loungers for Greater Comfort

Cool Looking Gray Sofa Set & Cushions

A Graceful White for a Corner Fit

A Stunning Corner Sofa with Matching Cushions in Silver Gray
a-curved-sofa-set-to fit- corner

A Terrific Looking Sofa Set in Teal

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Ottoman – with Storage – Great Accessories for Relaxing Comfort

Winters are great times to enjoy a leisurely and laid-back kind of life. Enjoying the warmth inside and having festivals around the corner can be nice family bonding times. It is the time when friends and relatives visit each other and a lot of entertainment takes place. All houses are spruced up and decorated afresh to welcome the coming festive season.

People love to put their foot up when they like to relax. When you can actually relax in a good sofa with lots of room and a firm seat and a supporting back, you need a foot stool or an ottoman to put your feet up. Ottoman has come down the centuries as the most favoured foot rest in the living room when you want to relax.

Most of the ottomans come with a base frame – wooden or metal – and an upholstered top portion. The base frame can have solid legs or castors attached so you can glide it along to where you want it. Most of the ottomans today have either side open storage space or more commonly by lifting the top seat portion for additional storage.

Ottoman come in any shape – round, square, rectangular, semi circles, triangular even – and they generally are upholstered in matching colours and patterns to the sofa set, sectionals or the single sofas. There are cocktail ottomans – long bench like ottomans where you can serve coffee, tea or preferably cocktails for an evening party.

Ottomans provide extra seating also. If you have an empty wall without any other furnishing you can have a longish ottoman built to order with storage underneath to store the extra blankets, cushions and books etc. Today wicker ottomans are in much demand as they are light and easily portable even outdoors where it is used for storing, seating and serving.

If you have a roomy recliner sofa, with an ottoman that can be attached to it, you can have additional bedding for an overnight extra guest in the living room. Well matched ottomans and sofas can look very elegant and stylish adding to the style quotient of your living room furniture and can even be the focus of the living room décor.

Here are some beautiful looking ottoman selections from Pearson Company. With matching sofas, the ottomans just look very handsome and sophisticated. Which is your favourite?

Wonderful in Checks in Yellow

Stripes in Gold and Green

Soft and Cuddly Looking Sofa and Ottoman

Recliner and Ottoman in Floral Pattern

Pretty Prints in Pink and Wood

Pretty Looking Prints with Maroon Flowers

Cheerful Looking in Cherry Coloured Leather

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Sofas – Major Attraction in Your Living Room Furniture

When you furnish your living room, major portion of the budget may be spent on the sofas that you are going to put in the living room. Whatever the budget, either for the all new purchase of the sofas or for making it over again to enhance its looks and the overall ambiance of the room, it requites time and effort to think and plan about them.

Wonderful Loveseat in Wine Red

If you have a big and spacious house, the choices are aplenty. You can have a 7-piece sofa set – with two big size sofas and four single ones and along with that another love seat of a smaller couch for extra measure. You can have accessories that match these pieces, all occasional table sets and matching upholstered ottoman or footstool for a complete look.

Stripes and Khaki Brown Upholstery

But if you have a small house or a studio apartment and have a regular crunch for space then all the difficulties start. Especially if you are living in the top floors of high-rise apartments, you have plan a lot of things and check a lot about available space in the home, in the elevator – whether you can bring it around t the corners, to assemble it after it is brought home.

Elegantly Furnished Living Room

Cool Looking in Blues and Whites

For small apartments, apartment sofas or love seats come very handy. If you have a studio apartment, again you have measure and re-measure the space where you are going to have living area focussed and check whether you can have a three seater and a love seat or a two seater and only one or two single sofas and an occasional ottoman thrown in.

Check Patterned in Russet and Brown

What can be the upholstery you think you will like best for the sofas? Leather can look great in any room and if well-selected and genuine, and well maintained, it can stay good for long years to come adding vintage charm as it ages mature looking great. A leather sofa set looks always in fashion whatever the style of the house may be.

Charming in Coffee Brown
charming in-coffee-brown

Upholstering with fabrics also looks great. Prints, floral with or self woven designs, checks and stripes are some choice you can look into. Solids also can look great. Silks, brocade, velvet, satin and cotton, are some choice but today the most popular is microfiber. They last long, have fast colour and retain their look and shape.

Attractive Tan Coloured Sofas
attractive in-tan-coloured-sofas

Here are some beautiful sofas for you to choose from Broyhill Furniture. Check what you like most!

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Comfortable Chairs And Sofas


Having some extra space to entertain guests can be such a nice idea. Especially when the winter comes and there is a chill in the wind and atmosphere, sitting outside cannot be possible. Limiting the guests to only living room can be restrictive and today conservatory has evolved as a favourite alternative warm and beautiful area to entertain the guests.

Today the conservatory is called the sun room. What was once a home to plants and herbs has now been touted as the next best thing to staying in the garden. With the glass panelled walls to protect you from the vagaries of nature, and beautiful and fresh hothouse plants to provide a background, conservatories are furnished better now to please the guests.

What kind of furniture will suit the conservatory? Actually there are very few restrictions for selecting the right conservatory furniture. Once you make the conservatory ready to receive the guests you will have an idea of space available where to put the furniture. Try to clear an area exclusively for placing the furniture only a little away from the greenery inside.

Sofas, lounge chairs, easy chairs, recliners, chaise lounges, and all comfy chairs can be the best seating arrangements for the conservatory. Do not bring in too heavy and too ornate furniture. If you want to enjoy the sun, you may like to rearrange the seating. Lightweight furniture which is easily portable will be the best choice for the conservatory.

Wooden furniture can be a good choice. Sturdy wooden furniture with cushions for both the seats and back can be one of the good choices. But solid wood may be also on the heavier side. The ideal furniture can be cane or rattan furniture. Lightweight, portable and comfortable, these take the top place in being selected for conservatory furniture.

You will need coffee tables, dining tables and some occasional tables for entertaining the guests. These also can be from cane or rattan. You can even keep one or two storage shelves or cabinets in the conservatory for some extra cutlery or stemware for future needs. Beautifully furnished cane sets with colourful cushions can make the conservatory a welcome look.

Here are some beautiful conservatory furniture ideas from Lloyd Loom. Comfy looking sofas, lounge chairs with coffee tables look elegant beautiful making the conservatory look so warm and inviting. Look how cosy the arrangement looks? I am sure you are also keen to have one of these sets for your own conservatory?

Sofas and Lounge Chairs in Wicker

Pretty Looking Wicker Chairs

Conservatory Furniture Looking Pretty

Chairs and Coffee Table in Cane

Cane Bistro Table and Wicker Chairs

Beautiful Way to Relax on Wicker Easy chairs

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Amazing Modern Leather Beds Designs

Shown below are the most recent collection of modern leather beds introduce by the famous designer De Sede who has taken designing of beds to the next level. These leather beds are creative and attractive but the best part if the functional use of them. These beds headboards on both the sides and both of them can be adjusted to the desired position. Because of this practical presence it makes the bed even more luxurious. Any type of position that you would like to sleep or sit in depending on your mood can be adhered to. The headboards can be completely removed and can be placed anywhere on the bed. It can be used as a pillow too because it is a soft cushion type headboard.

Modern Luxurious Comfortable Bed For Bedroom

Modern Luxurious Attractive Bed For Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Comfortable Leather Bed Design

Modern Leather Bed Design Ideas

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