Enduring Beauty Of Furniture For Your Home Decor

Having high-quality furniture in your home can bring you great pleasure and praise from your visitors and acquaintances. Though there are an amazing range of designs available, only a few appeals to you personally. Sometimes on seeing a particular table or sofas or couch or folding doors you feel they are exactly what you need in your home and will be a treasured addition to your decor and make you have a furniture galore in your home.

Hardwood furniture has enduring style and always in demand. They have classic looks and give themselves to making sturdy and solid pieces of furniture. They are made of deciduous trees which are like mahogany, cherry, maple and oak etc. They are strong and not get affected by bugs, termites etc. They mature with time and age gracefully and look better with time.

Softwood wood furniture can be worked into any shape by sculpting it and molding it. What are the trees that come under softwood category, pine, spruce and larches and cypress etc? Most of the wood used to make furniture come from theses evergreen coniferous trees with Scandinavia and other Baltic areas providing bulk of the softwood supply as well North America.

Oak is the most popular hardwood for making furniture. It ranges in color from creamy white to red, dark brown and honey brown. Likewise pine is very popular softwood used for furniture favoured for its light color and lightweight nature. Both blend very nicely with all kinds of decor and look good with all area rugs, curtains and window treatments.

Caring for wood furniture is very important to maintain the look and extend the service of the furniture. Water and moisture affect wood furniture and protecting them from water damage is very important. Scratches can mar the surface of all wood surfaces which can be remedied. For cleaning up the wood, use only those which are recommended by the furniture manufacturers.

Here are some beautiful wooden and affordable furniture and other unique looking furniture from John Houshmand. There are unique looking curved benches made from walnut. It is a classic looking low table bringing all eyes to it when placed in a room. Likewise look at the red colored glass topped walnut table. Looks like virgin natural timber has been brought in to your home and topped with a glass!

No doubt you will like to have one of these furniture pieces for your home. Good looking, high quality furniture is always a treasure.

Walnut Desk with Fold

Walnut Bar Cart with Wheels

Solid Full Timber Low Table Bench

Red Tinted Walnut Glass Topped Table

Innovative Table from Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium Topped On Wood Support
cast aluminium-topped on wood support

Another View of the Curved Low Table
another-view-of the-curved-low-table

Uniquely Designed Work Sofa Makes Office Space More Congenial

Many a time, especially if you are doing creative kind of work, you work better in casual atmosphere. A rigid office like atmosphere with desk and chair does not put wings to our imagination or creativity. New ideas pour in when you feel more relaxed, lounging in leisure looking at nothing particular – just day dreaming. Many times when you get ideas, you need to put them down in black and white at once to make them happen. Work sofas are conducive to this. Work sofas are something of a mix between a sofa and a working chair taking the concept a little further so that you have a place where you can keep a writing pad and scribble or where you can keep your laptops, palms and i Pads to bring shape to what ideas float in your head. It can be chair, it can be a sofa, it can be a desk – all depends on your imagination and arrangement skills

Imagine the freedom this sofa gives you to get away from your table or desk! You are not in the self-same spot day in and day out looking at the same scenarios. These are modular sofas, not too heavy – that can be arranged where you need it when you need it. Put it in the patio, in the terrace, in the study room or in an alcove – where you want it and you can get down to work undisturbed. Actually work-sofas are a blessing in the office scenario as well as home office. Suppose you are having a conference or a workshop, having huge tables and chairs all round make it look so forbiddingly formal and stiff that many a time things do not work out smoothly. But these work-sofas when arranged together make such a cosy feeling of easy casual chic people love it.

There are some work- sofas which look a combo of sectional, ottoman, sofa, side table, computer desk and daybed as well with plenty of storage options built in arms, underneath and at the back. Especially in small size flats like studio apartments, this kind of modular and all-in-one contraption can be a boon, saving precious space otherwise eaten by each of the furniture separately.
Here are some images of the work sofas from Studio Makkink & Bey. Conceived, designed and built by Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey, this work sofa is modular in style and has been touted as the best thing happened in office furniture. The unique design and comfort factor makes it great.

I am sure you may like one for yourself if you happen to have a home office, don’t you?

Two Work Sofas in Gray, Pink and Maroon

Ready to Take Different Shapes

Promoting Camaraderie and Communication

Office Socializing Made Easy

Cool Looking Work Sofas in Formal Office
cool-looking-work -sofas-in-formal-office

Great Looking Comfortable Work Sofa

Combination of Sectional Ottoman and Desk

Simple Elegance for Living Room Ideas

Too many sofas, chairs, coffee tables and knick-knacks can make your living room cluttered and crowded. When you are in a studio apartment or a small one bedroom-kitchen-living room apartment, you need to furnish your living room in a minimalistic style to make the most of the available space. Just plan well and take your time to select each piece of the furniture.

You do not have to buy full furniture sets – like six-piece sofa set or seven-piece sofa set – for your small -size living room. You will have no place to accommodate all of them with no elbow room to move about even for half of the furniture sets in your living room. Go for a beautiful and choice three-seat sofa. That alone should be sufficient as the focus of your living room.

You can add a pair of accent chairs in a mix-and-match way. That way you can bring a touch of color to your room. Too much matching upholstery gives sameness and makes the palette boring and ordinary. If your three seater is a beige colored, you can choose the accent chairs in maroon, burgundy red or sunset orange – so it blends well with the beige sofa.

Now that you have got two pieces of sofa and chairs, you can think of going for a beautiful coffee table and another small bistro table, end table, or sofa table as accessories. See to that coffee table is conveniently located with enough moving room around it and within easy reach of the sofa and chairs so you can reach to keep a coffee cup etc.

Get a beautiful area rung or a small-size carpet in a color matching to the sofa – after all that is where the area rug will look best. Also check out for beautiful cushions that will look well on the sofas. Have you checked what kind of window curtains you will have in the room? Select a pretty looking sideboard or cabinet with drawers etc to display your curios.

Now you need a couple of art pieces to add to the beauty of the room. Select two wall hangings that will add to the beauty of your room and add a bowl of fresh flowers on the sofa table. Now you have perfectly furnished the room without cluttering it. You can see a beautifully done living room from Basset Furniture.

Do you like the decor?

Sofa Three Seater in Beige
sofa-three-seater-in beige

Elegantly Done Furnishing

Elegantly Crafted Sofa Table

Cherry Coloured Antique Shelf

Cherishable Cherry Antique Cabinet

Beautiful Looking Living Room

Accent Chairs Upholstered in Stripes</span
accent-chair-upholstered-in stripes