Accessories for Your Living Room – Occasional Tables


Having a set of small occasional tables like coffee tables, console tables, end tables, sofa tables are very handy and convenient. While guests are coming or even for day-to-day use, these tables help greatly in keeping things organized and neat. They are the staple options for display, tea & snack serving or for keeping magazines, newspapers etc.

They may not be major furniture investment like living room sofas, bedstead or a dining table. But they are equally important for day-to-day comfort and conveniences. Think of just have 2-3 big sofas and four bare walls in the living room. How odd it will look? You need these occasional tables for filling up those empty spaces nicely and prettily.

What all uses can you get from these occasional tables? Displaying your memento photographs, curios, and flowers; keeping your magazines, newspapers, and other reading matter; handy for keeping all those remotes for all the electronic gadgets; your cell phones and chargers – there are so many things to be kept on the table – actually more than what the tables can hold.

Occasional tables come in sets of three or five. Coffee table, sofa table, console table, end table, and side table are generally called occasional tables. You can actually buy the whole set or if you want you may be able to buy just one piece – whatever you want. You can bring a modern minimalist kind of occasional table and blend it perfectly with any decor.

Today modular style occasional tables all come easy to assemble DIY model which are easy for self assembling. They come in all finishes right from natural wood finish to cherry, dark oak, teak and mahogany. Nowadays in small houses and apartments, where you may not have enough space for media center, mostly occasional tables serve as stands for TVs.

Here are some beautiful occasional table sets from Poundex. These are sets of three – a coffee table/sofa table, a console table and an end table mostly. Glass topped and x-shaped pedestal table sets look really sleek and worth having. Some have a base shelf to have some extra storage and some have drawers for keeping stuff.

Whether your home is a small apartment or a house, these are essential accessories you cannot do without. Go online check to check you options and add beautiful occasional tables to your living room furniture.

Table Set with Drawers

Square Shaped and Simply Elegant

Simple and Elegant Table Set

Glass Top and Wood Shelf

Cross Shaped Base Glass Top

Console Table with Bottom Shelf

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Simple Elegance for Living Room Ideas


Too many sofas, chairs, coffee tables and knick-knacks can make your living room cluttered and crowded. When you are in a studio apartment or a small one bedroom-kitchen-living room apartment, you need to furnish your living room in a minimalistic style to make the most of the available space. Just plan well and take your time to select each piece of the furniture.

You do not have to buy full furniture sets – like six-piece sofa set or seven-piece sofa set – for your small -size living room. You will have no place to accommodate all of them with no elbow room to move about even for half of the furniture sets in your living room. Go for a beautiful and choice three-seat sofa. That alone should be sufficient as the focus of your living room.

You can add a pair of accent chairs in a mix-and-match way. That way you can bring a touch of color to your room. Too much matching upholstery gives sameness and makes the palette boring and ordinary. If your three seater is a beige colored, you can choose the accent chairs in maroon, burgundy red or sunset orange – so it blends well with the beige sofa.

Now that you have got two pieces of sofa and chairs, you can think of going for a beautiful coffee table and another small bistro table, end table, or sofa table as accessories. See to that coffee table is conveniently located with enough moving room around it and within easy reach of the sofa and chairs so you can reach to keep a coffee cup etc.

Get a beautiful area rung or a small-size carpet in a color matching to the sofa – after all that is where the area rug will look best. Also check out for beautiful cushions that will look well on the sofas. Have you checked what kind of window curtains you will have in the room? Select a pretty looking sideboard or cabinet with drawers etc to display your curios.

Now you need a couple of art pieces to add to the beauty of the room. Select two wall hangings that will add to the beauty of your room and add a bowl of fresh flowers on the sofa table. Now you have perfectly furnished the room without cluttering it. You can see a beautifully done living room from Basset Furniture.

Do you like the decor?

Sofa Three Seater in Beige
sofa-three-seater-in beige

Elegantly Done Furnishing

Elegantly Crafted Sofa Table

Cherry Coloured Antique Shelf

Cherishable Cherry Antique Cabinet

Beautiful Looking Living Room

Accent Chairs Upholstered in Stripes</span
accent-chair-upholstered-in stripes