Twin Purpose Sofas for Your Small Home And Studio Apartments

Multiuse sofa is a welcome addition to your home – especially if you have a small home or a studio apartment. If you are having only the master bedroom and one kids’ room, overnight guests are difficult to be accommodated. A sofa-bed can be a boon at these times – a sofa which can be converted into a bed – double most conveniently so that the overnight guest can be easily accommodated.

One of the most important aspects you must keep in mind before buying a sofa bed is where you are going to place it. You must remember, though it will be the size of a big sofa only, when extended the sofa set can take a lot of your living room space, so before you go ahead and plan this measure how big is your living room and where you can accommodate this sofa-bed so that you can expand it and use it without a major re-organizing of the furniture around.

So you cannot just go and buy the first sofa that catches your fancy without checking whether it will fit into your living room without dominating the room or needing major furniture re-positioning whenever you are extending it. And check how it will go with the style of your home as well as the style of other furniture that you have got in your living room already. Most of the modern day-beds are capable of blending seamlessly with the existing furniture.

If you have a smallish living room with no place for an extendable sofa bed- you can go for one of the sectionals or day beds that can be used as beds as they are. These are best as day-beds and can be used for day-time use too. Some of them have a matching ottoman with them that can be fixed to the sofa so you have enough leg space when you want stretch and have a nice nap. These are space saving modular and modern looking sofas that can be such a welcome boon when you have a small home.

This sofa bed is ideal for living room – big and comfortable enough to seat all the family members conveniently while viewing a favorite TV show. Here are images of some stunning looking sofas, sofa-beds, and daybeds from Annet Sofa. Some are extendable and some have a futon stored underneath that can be pulled out – some are daybeds and sectionals with pretty looking cushions. Which is your favorite?

Pretty Pink Cushions on Black Upholstery

Sectional with Colorful Cushions

Sectional with Check Upholstery

Great Combo in Pink and Black

Day Bed Sofa in Cool Green

Beautiful Sofa in Gold Brown with Futon Storage

Beautifully Shaped Curved Bed

Beautiful Looking Day Bed with Back Side Support

Another Spacious Sofa Bed in Olive

Another Spacious Sofa Bed in Olive

Breathtakingly Beautiful Sofas – For Your Living Room

Are you on the lookout for new sofas for your living as a spring overhaul? If you check the internet and neighbourhood stores, you will be astounded by the wide range of furniture available out there for you to choose from. Whatever is your range – whether it is low budget and just for the time being or it is high end – once in a lifetime choice, the choice is limitless for you.

Even if you are going for an economical range of furniture, you need to know what kind of sofa will fit your needs. Knowing what is available and what you need will help you spend the budgeted amount most optimally. If you know how to shop wisely, what is good quality and where you are sure to get good quality stuff, you can get your dollar’s worth of purchase.

What kind of tasks you do in your living room generally? Do you really live your day there? Like reading papers, books, listen to music, watch the TV, play videos etc, play media games? Do you do your day napping, relaxing there? Do the children do the homework, craft projects there? Do you attend to your mail, surfing the net etc there?

Some people use the living room for only formal entertaining. Do you often entertain there? Is it where you bring your guests, visitors and friends for a chat or evening tea etc? Do you allow your children to entertain their friends there? Do you have pets that have full access to the living room furniture? These questions need to be considered before buying your sofa.

Today there are new and innovative kind of sofas available that have some extra features like storage options in the arms for keeping your remotes etc. Some sofas come with optional extensions that help hold a glass, tea cups or snack plates. Sofas now have reclining options at the touch of a button if you feel like resting and snoozing for a while.

Important aspects you need to check are size of the sofas should fit your room, the style should match the style of your home and upholstery color should match your wall décor. Here are some images of stunningly beautiful looking sofa sets from Ekornes. Luxuriously furnished sofas – three seater sofas, two-seater and sectionals in spectacular colour and finishes are a veritable treat to our eyes. Check which is your favourite?

Wonderful Looking Sofa in White and Wood

Upholstered in Black and in Pine Finish

Sensational Sectional in Slate Grey

Marvellous Looking Chairs in Mustard

Complete Set in White with Ottoman

Black Frame and Blue Grey Upholstery

Beautiful Brown Leather Three Seater

Enduring Beauty Of Furniture For Your Home Decor


Having high-quality furniture in your home can bring you great pleasure and praise from your visitors and acquaintances. Though there are an amazing range of designs available, only a few appeals to you personally. Sometimes on seeing a particular table or sofas or couch or folding doors you feel they are exactly what you need in your home and will be a treasured addition to your decor and make you have a furniture galore in your home.

Hardwood furniture has enduring style and always in demand. They have classic looks and give themselves to making sturdy and solid pieces of furniture. They are made of deciduous trees which are like mahogany, cherry, maple and oak etc. They are strong and not get affected by bugs, termites etc. They mature with time and age gracefully and look better with time.

Softwood wood furniture can be worked into any shape by sculpting it and molding it. What are the trees that come under softwood category, pine, spruce and larches and cypress etc? Most of the wood used to make furniture come from theses evergreen coniferous trees with Scandinavia and other Baltic areas providing bulk of the softwood supply as well North America.

Oak is the most popular hardwood for making furniture. It ranges in color from creamy white to red, dark brown and honey brown. Likewise pine is very popular softwood used for furniture favoured for its light color and lightweight nature. Both blend very nicely with all kinds of decor and look good with all area rugs, curtains and window treatments.

Caring for wood furniture is very important to maintain the look and extend the service of the furniture. Water and moisture affect wood furniture and protecting them from water damage is very important. Scratches can mar the surface of all wood surfaces which can be remedied. For cleaning up the wood, use only those which are recommended by the furniture manufacturers.

Here are some beautiful wooden and affordable furniture and other unique looking furniture from John Houshmand. There are unique looking curved benches made from walnut. It is a classic looking low table bringing all eyes to it when placed in a room. Likewise look at the red colored glass topped walnut table. Looks like virgin natural timber has been brought in to your home and topped with a glass!

No doubt you will like to have one of these furniture pieces for your home. Good looking, high quality furniture is always a treasure.

Walnut Desk with Fold

Walnut Bar Cart with Wheels

Solid Full Timber Low Table Bench

Red Tinted Walnut Glass Topped Table

Innovative Table from Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium Topped On Wood Support
cast aluminium-topped on wood support

Another View of the Curved Low Table
another-view-of the-curved-low-table