Luxurious Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

Can you make your home luxurious looking with lavish interiors at a budget? Many of us think that we need to spend a lot of money to get our house look grand and well-appointed. It need not necessarily be that you have to spend a lot of money on expensive items or provide too costly items. We can create a stylish looking sophisticated home without burning a hole in our pockets.

What can be called luxurious décor? Rich and ornate chandeliers, luxurious contemporary ceiling fans, masterpiece paintings, curios, high quality designer sofas, plush deep pile carpets, and a big spacious house will all go to make a house look grand and luxurious. But how can you make luxury affordable? How can you create a classy and chic décor without going bankrupt?

First you have to make the home look spacious. Whatever is the size of your home and rooms, you can make them look spacious, clean and uncluttered. Throw away all the unnecessary items that you have accumulated over years and which you do not use. Check right from the storage, kitchen, bedrooms, living room and patio – and weed out all the junk that you have accumulated.

Go for simple and classic style furniture. If you have some good furniture that is antique, try to get them restored. Well-maintained antique furniture makes your home look elegant. Likewise throw away all old cushions, pillows and throws ruthlessly. Get lively coloured cushion covers and drapery too. Use sheers and laces along with brocade and silk curtains.

Get the wall décor right. Discuss with your interior decorator what will look rich on the wall. Ask him for colours and patterns which will look unique and not ordinary. Get the silk finish paint for your walls. When you have installed all the lights you will need, the satin/silk finish wall décor will glitter and bring a rich look and ambiance very easily.

Get only natural fibres for upholstery purpose. Pure cotton, pure silk or pure wool will look impressive as upholstery fabric as well curtain material. Have a lot of lights around the rooms. When light reflects off the well-polished furniture, it adds definitely to the value of your home. And always pick and choose really personal and pricey decorative items.

Here are some beautiful looking interiors from Asnaghi. The gilt and gold, chandeliers and carpets, curios and collectibles make it a dream home.

Well Lit Beautiful Dining Area
smart dining area

Sofas and Cushions in Graceful Green
sofas cushions for living room

Simply Elegant Dining Table
elegant dining area

Rich Upholstery in Lavender Silk
upholstery silk cushions

Gilt and Richly Carved Sofas
richly carved sofas

Formal Dining Room with Crystal Ware
dining room crystal ware

Fan Shaped Upholstery in Ivory Silk
beautiful interior design

Dining Area Lacquered In White

Brocade Chairs and Ornate Table
chairs and tables

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Cosy, Comfy Loveseats – Add Ambience to Your Home Furniture

The original loveseat was the S-shaped French love seat where the couple can sit facing each other for a cosy tête-à-tête so they can see each other when talking to each other. This has been an evergreen favourite over years. Today also these are as much in demand and are available in many patterns and designs to satisfy everybody.

Loveseats are major furniture purchase and you have to plan ahead and research well before deciding on the purchase. First deciding where you are going to put the loveseat. Are you going to keep the loveseat in the living room or in the bedroom? Do you want to keep the loveseat indoors or outdoors where you can enjoy nature with someone you love?

Loveseats take the place of pride in the living room as the focus of the room. It can be made to look all the more attractive with colourful cushions and bolsters. Likewise loveseat is the place in the bedroom where you like to relax watching the TV and read your newspaper or novel. A loveseat with low back support can be placed at the bed-end also as bed-end bench.

Loveseats come in all shapes and sizes and you have to measure the place where you are going to keep it and buy the exact size. But you do not have to worry too much about locating the exact kind of style to match the already existing décor you are having in your home. A loveseat is the kind of furniture that blends excellently with all kinds of styles.

You can go for whatever material you like to form the basic frame work. Some can be metal frames and some can be wooden frames. No matter what the material is, be sure to check that the frame is sturdy and good quality stuffing and springs are used before buying the loveseat. However good the upholstery can be basic sofa frame needs to be sturdy for long service.

Selecting the upholstery for the loveseat can be really fun and enjoyable. From genuine leather, faux leather, chenille, brocade, silk, polyester blends and cotton blends – you have a wide range of fabrics available from which you can pick and choose to fit the loveseat you are going to buy. The upholstery ought to match the upholstery of existent furniture.

Here are some beautiful looking loveseats from Rooms to Go. Some are upholstered with denim in blue which looks really cool and contemporary looking. The mossy green plush microfiber upholstered loveseat is really great looking. Don’t you think you would love to have one?

Loveseat in Tan Brown

Loveseat in Marine and Printed Cushions

Loveseat in Chocolate Brown

Khaki Brown and Checks Loveseat

Contemporary Looking Loveseat in Cool Blue

Charming Looking Antique Silver Finish

Beautiful Loveseat in Brown Gold and Brocade

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Furniture to Make Your Home Look Great

Good furniture is for making your life more comfortable, home beautiful and adds to the overall ambience. Your furniture reflects your style, your preferences and your character. Furniture is one of the most powerful ways to create the style of your home. It can be a style statement – a powerful one that can impress favourably the guests and visitors at the first glance.

New furniture can be one of the easy ways to make over the look of your home. A home, unfurnished or without any specific wall colour or decor can be like a blank canvas. The furniture and wall decor are powerful tools to create the kind of home you want along with soft furnishings like drapery and cushions. Lighting is also vital to create the overall look.

The furniture style and upholstery are important aspects of interior decor for establishing the style you want to create. If you want a traditional and opulent look, solid wood furniture with gilt edges and other details can be chosen. Hand carved solid wood furniture give a grand look and if you add gold leaf or gilding to the carving, it can create a rich look.

When you are in favour of opulent looking traditional furniture sets – sofas, accent chairs, love seats and recliners etc – you need to have matching kind of upholstery that will create a rich look. Silks, brocades, velvets and silk-polyester blends are good choices for giving the rich opulent looks. Wool and wool blends are also good choice that can last long and wear well.

Getting good quality living room furniture is very essential since the craftsmanship will give a final finish to the furniture. Well fitted joints, smoothly polished surfaces, perfectly handcrafted details and exquisite finish all go to make the furniture looks high class and glossy. Add to that, rich looking silk or brocade upholstery in deep jewel toned colours can give a romantic and luxurious look to your home.

Baroque style furniture can be ornate and plush looking with heavy gold/silver threaded silk upholstery with button tufting details for additional ornamentation. Ruffles, brocade paisley or floral designed, fringes and frills for the cushions and pillows can add to the look. Silk throws and deep pile rugs can give a distinctive touch to the overall ambiance.

Here are some ornate and opulent looking sofas that can make your living room luxuriously lovely from Frini Furniture.

Silver Finish with Gilded Edges

Grand Looking Seater

Good Looking in Cream and Apple Green

Gilded and Golden Coloured

Flared Arms and Floral Silk

Elegant Looking In Ivory Silk

Beautiful & Furnished In Brocade

Accent Chair in Lavender Silk

Striking Looking Bed-linen in Lively Prints And Pretty Colors

Bed-linen, drapery and cushions most of the time define the visual aesthetics of your bedroom. A good quality, fashionable looking bed with the best mattress cannot make the bedroom look gracious and luxurious. The overall ambiance of your bedroom is set by the kind of bed-linen and drapery you choose for your bedroom. A mismatched duvet cover, pillow cases, sheets and skirts can spoil the whole effect and overall look of your bedroom setting.

How you furnish your bed can make your bedroom look gorgeous and luxurious or downright simple. A matching set of bed-linen in silk or satin can transform the tone and look of your bedroom into something cool, trendy and grand! A complete set with embroidery or appliqué details with contrast trim details in cotton or linen will give a sophisticated look to your bedroom. Cool prints and contemporary checks also are another option for a chic yet simple look.

Layering can add depth to your bedroom. Layering with colors, with texture and with light fixtures can create a dramatic looking bedroom. You can keep the flat/fitted sheets/duvet covers in neutral tones so that shams, throws and pillows in contrast can produce a dramatic effect. Jacquards or silks, cool cottons or contemporary prints can look dramatic with quilted details and throw-over corners.

What are the fabrics that look great as bed-linen? Topping the list is silk and silk blends. The surface sheen and soft cool feel of silk fabric make this the popular choice. But real silk is pricey and silk needs extra care as it is delicate and gets abraded easily. It must be hand-washed and needs ironing. Today there are silk blends and silk-lookalikes are available which are more economical and sturdy too, though nothing like the original product.

Other fabrics like linen, cotton, organic cotton, flannel, chenille and synthetic blends can be a good choice if you think of budget buys. Natural fibers are always more comfortable than nylons/polyesters. Today bed-linen sets are available in fabrics which are treated for protection like anti- UV-radiation, anti-bacterial, anti-moulds, anti-allergens as well as anti-fungi.

Here are some images of striking looking bed linen from Inmod. These include duvet covers, pillow covers, flat and fitted sheets and often bed-skirts also. There are reversible sheets with dual textures that you can use alternatively. Don’t you think you would like one for your bedroom for adding such stunning visual appeal?

Stylishly Chic Looking in White

Pretty Looking Duvet Cover in Pale Green

Paisley and Wild Flowers

Floral in Wild Pink with Matching Drapes

Cute Looking Tribal Print

Beautiful Looking Prints in Black and White

Beautiful Bali Prints with Matching Green Drapes

Autumnal Leaves in Olive Green

Soft & Light Duvets Bring Cosy Comfort in Spring & Summer Months


We cannot imagine a well-furnished bedroom without duvets. Winter or summer, duvet has become integral part of bedroom furnishing bring a touch of class and opulence with silk duvets or elegant simplicity with cotton or cotton-linen blends. When you get the duvet and bed linens to match with the curtains and drapery, the bedroom just looks very tastefully done and so inviting.

What is a duvet? How come more and more people opt for a pair of duvets rather than the whole paraphernalia of bedspread, blanket and sheets – both bottom and top? Today people want to finish of daily chores in a trice. Duvets can make the bed making chore easy and quick – just pull the duvet over the bed and arrange it neatly and lo! The bed making chore is complete!

A duvet is a flat sack-like bag filled with feathers or soft down so it is soft and warm when used. Originally duvet was called eiderdown due the filling which used to be eider ducks’ down making the duvet very soft and warm. Today all types of filling – cotton, wool, silk along with down and feathers are used. There are artificial fillings which can be as good as or even better than the natural ones.

A comforter is different than a duvet. Whereas you can use the duvet as a bed and snuggle under another as a covering, comforters are used mostly only on top of blankets and sheets. You have a wider range of sizes like super large sizes, king, queen, double and single bed size. Almost all renowned brands are very similar in size – easy for you to find covers.

The duvet covers are available in silks, cottons, linen-cotton blends, woolen blends and suede like microfiber. Today you can bring a full bed furnishing set that will make the bedroom look completely organized. If you select window curtains in matching colors, the decor will be complete and unified. Go for superior quality material always.

Here are some lovely looking duvets from SR Corporation. All come with matching accessories and look great on both sides. Pure cotton and linen-cotton blends; all look beautifully finished with details edged border, cut work etc.

Find an online store or a local furniture store to learn of what options available for you. Choose a size that will fit your bed and that will suit the season. Actually a pair – one for the winter and one of summer works best.

With Triple Border Edge in Linen Blend

Complete Set in Pretty Patchwork

Ivory and Lime with Rose Buds

Elegant Cotton in Stripes and Flowers

Drawn Thread Stitching in Golden Yellow

Day Bed with Delicate Cutwork and Embroidery

Entire Set in Candy Stripes