Sensuous And Shimmering Silk Curtains for Stunning Bedrooms

A house is made into a home with love and affection. From an empty shell with four walls, a warm welcoming gorgeous home is created with planning and patience. Every room of the house demands the same attention and interest to become personalized and special. Along with furniture, appliances, accessories, soft furnishings like curtains and shades also are important aspects of interior décor. Bedroom is possibly the most personal space in your home where you spend almost one third of your entire life. Here you find rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. High-quality bed-frame, most comfortable mattress, soft and striking bed linen and other furniture alone do not create a smart, stylish and sophisticated look or ambiance to your bedroom. They form only part of the story!

Spectacular and sensuous curtains and drapes are needed to complete your bedroom décor for fantastic and satisfying results. But you cannot indiscriminately buy curtains for your bedroom. You must take the room size into consideration, position of window s/doors, bedroom furniture layout and wall colour and upholstery of bedroom furniture. Bedroom is a place where you need privacy along with pretty looks. Especially if your bedroom has large glass windows and can be viewed from outside, you need to use shades for privacy. Another option can be café curtains for the bottom half of your windows. You can use sheers also and create a layered effect with heavy drapes which can contribute to the ‘wow’ factor.

What are the fabrics you can choose for your bedroom curtains? You have a choice of naturals and synthetics. When you are aiming for pretty looks and beautiful effects, silks, velvet, chiffon and chenille may be the option. Silk curtains can create a magic of stunning colours, cool textures and beautiful patterns that add warmth and create ambiance as nothing else. Silk is soft, shimmering, and supple and looks super cool on bedroom windows. You can have pale light colours for a cool casual look, or you can indulge in deep shades of jewel tones that look dramatic and grand. Maybe you like the textured weaves that look more classy and delicate? How about the exquisite jacquard that can add immensely to the style quotient?

Are you worried that genuine silk may be too delicate and is high on maintenance expecting hand-wash or dry cleaning every time? Then you can go for faux silks that look every bit as good as the original genuine silk! Keen to know all about gorgeous silk curtains for your bedroom décor? You could check out more options for curtains at Tuiss.

White Silky Curtains
White Silky Curtains

Soft Silk Curtains
Soft Silk Curtains

Silky Grey Curtain Drapes
Silky Grey Curtain Drapes

Lavish Bedroom Curtains
Lavish Bedroom Curtains

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Wonderful Looking Window Fabrics For Home Decor


Window treatments are an essential part of furnishing your home. They create a special aura of professionally completed furnishing and make the home look sophisticated and stylish. You can choose the color of the curtains and valences either to match the sofa upholstery and cushions or in contrast to them; both can make the rooms come alive and look nice and pretty.

Can we have the same curtains for all the rooms in the home? No certainly not, each room has a different character and so each room may need different types of treatment. Living rooms can have functional and practical kind of curtains. A formal drawing room may need silk curtains with tassels and bows looking very elegant. Bedrooms may have softer shades and pastel colors.

Before finalizing on the color, design, fabrics etc, first check the size of the windows. Most of them may be standard size. But sometimes there are windows very large- almost like French window or large conservatories or some small enough to be single windows. Take care to take exact measurements so that the curtains hang prettily and neatly to give a professionally done look.

Also before deciding on the fabric and color, check whether the windows face sunshine continuously. South-facing windows may get continuous sunshine and so should have fabrics that will be color fast and will not fade soon. A room which does not get direct sunshine can have bright colored curtains to make it light and vibrant.

Also check that the curtain colors and wall colors do not clash with each other. Ask your interior decorator for ideas to match curtains with the wall colors and your furniture upholstery. You can repeat the colors of the curtains in your cushions. Sheer curtains in contrast colors make a dramatic impact to the room making it look striking and stylish.

Yellows and Greens Bring a Touch of Spring

Stunning Looking Sheer Curtains

Simple and Elegant Looking Curtains with Valence

Pretty Looking Stripe Pattern Curtains

Great Looking Cream Yellow and Maroon Curtains

Cushions and Curtains in Apple Green and Pale Blue
cushions-and-curtains-in-apple-green-and pale-blue

Beautiful Valences in Pistachio Green

Attractive Looking Floral Prints

Colourful Curtains And Blinds for Your Home

Silk is one of the fabrics that bring a rich look to your home. It is a natural fiber and it is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers. It is soft textured and feels smooth to touch and brings a touch of glamour to upvc windows. Being a natural fiber, it can be dyed into any color. But silk needs care and may get bleached when exposed to strong sunlight as well as artificial light.

Silk is one of the popular choices for upholstery and for making curtains. Natural silk is quite expensive and it can cost quite a packet to furnish the entire house in silk. But today there are enough synthetic materials have come which are finished to look like genuine silk. These are far more resilient than the genuine silks.

Silks always have some kind of irregular textured surfaces which are called slubs. Silk with the natural coating it has is called raw silk. This is somewhat stiff and less shiny than other kind of silks like chiffon, crepes, jacquard, taffeta, pongees and shantung etc. Tussah and crepe georgette, brocades and Lamés are some other varieties that are very popular.

Silk drapes add sheer elegance and sophisticated chic to your home décor. They set of the wall décor more effectively as well can bring the upholstery alive and throbbing with verve. Especially with the right kind of lighting, your can make the ambience really dreamy and wonderful – like something that you see in the movie sets etc.

Tassels and tiebacks can add to the sheer beauty of the silk curtains. To make the room look more dramatic, you can add valences to pleated or bunched curtains in contrast to the draperies but matching to the upholstery. Ornamental curtain accessories like curtain rods, brackets and pelmets etc can add to the beauty of your home décor.

Silk brings character to anywhere it is used – bringing in a touch of luxury and sensuous grace that is unmatched. While chiffons give the best value for money for sheer drapery, brocades and Lames can do very nicely for doors and windows. Layering can make the room look gracious and very elegant. Blinds add to the graceful effect.

Here are some drapes, curtains, sofas upholstered in exquisite fabrics and blinds etc from Blind Alley. Look at the rich colors and exquisite drape, sheen and beauty of the curtains and impressive look of the elegant rooms! Don’t you think you would love to have something similar at your home?

Pale Greens and Pretty Yellows

Impressively Contrasted Olive with Beige

Impressive Blinds with Matching Curtains

Graceful Curtains for Gothic Arched Openings

Floral and Maroon Window Scheme with Beige

Bedroom Made Pretty with Frilly Curtains

Beautiful Looking in Brown and Gold