Color Schemes to Make Beautiful Picture-Perfect Home Decor

How do you feel when you walk into a perfectly finished house? You feel as happy as if you are in a garden in spring time; everything happily co-ordinated and blended harmoniously giving that satisfaction of completeness. Many a time, a house with best décor not only makes you feel happy but stirs memories of good old times when you were happier. Getting this kind of perfect blend of colouring and co-ordinated décor is not impossible. It just takes more planning and forward thinking so that you have the satisfaction of seeing your furniture highlighted perfectly, upholstery set off nicely and overall ambiance greatly enhanced and you are complimented on the home décor by all who visit the home.

A stylish and sophisticated look is achieved with choosing wall colours wisely that co-ordinate with your furniture colour, upholstery fabric, your draperies, your cushions, bolsters, rugs and other accessories in the room. Most of the time solid wooden furniture blends well when the wall color does not clash with the finish of the wood or upholstery material color. When your furniture is dark brown/brown – like with teak/walnut finish, it is best to use blues – various shades of it – lighter tones – to set off the teak/walnut finish to perfection. If you have dark maroon/red toned furniture like mahogany or cedar veneer, a color like green – shades of it – will set off the furniture beautifully.

If you have a huge room, you can go for warmer colours. They make the room cozier and closer. If you happen to have a small house or an apartment, it is best to stick to cool pastel shades. They make the room look larger and more spacious. But you can get a happier blended effect by adding to a room in cool colour some accents of warm colour on just one wall and make it look dramatic. Use warm colors for dining and living rooms and cool relaxing colours in your bedroom. Patios can look best in shades of green. You can experiment with some trims to add to the overall effect. Trims need not be only in full white. You can try out some lighter shades of beige, gray etc to give the same crisp effect as a white trim will give.

Here are some stunning looking rooms done by Brown Buckley Inc. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the rooms. Hope you must be keen to have such great-looking rooms?

White, Floral and Checks

Mauve and Pinks
mauve-and pinks

Lively Looking Yellows, Tangerines and Brown

Gorgeous Looking Pinks and Beige Tones

Creams and White with Stone

Cool Blues and Warm Pinks

Blue Walls and Beige, Pinks

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Maintenance Streamlined with Storage Accessories & Organizers


From foyer to kitchen, storage is an important aspect of home furniture. Small apartments or big houses, organizers and storage cabinets play a vital role in keeping houses look spic and span. Consumerism is on the rise and people sometimes compulsively accumulate things and without extra storage space, keeping things organized is not possible.

Formerly there used to be bigger and more spacious houses with huge sized attics, barns and cellars. We had the luxury of stashing everything – right from an out-of-fashion dress to not-in-use furniture in the cellars or attics. Winter vegetables, fruits, cheese, and liquor – all used to be stored safely in the cellar without feeling any problem or space squeeze.

But today things have changed and we do not have cellars or attics to store. In fact, our homes are minuscule in size, we have difficulty in finding enough storage space for even monthly grocery stocking – leave alone yearly stocking like they were doing formerly. Even the huge garage where we used to stash things is a thing of past and we have just a basement parking spot for one car!

The need for extra storage furniture is a must for us to organize all our things. Extra storage space will prevent stuff getting strewn everywhere, and help us assign places for each and everything so we will not have a hard time finding whatever we want quickly. We can easily keep the house tidy and neat when each and everything has its own place.

Developing habits of tidiness and orderliness can be very helpful in good housekeeping. A weekly cleaning out of shelves and sorting the stuff helps greatly in weeding out the unwanted and useless stuff and keeping the essentials. Many postpone clearing out stuff periodically and end up feeling frustrated to find old stuff still hogging space when they want space for new purchases.

Here is some storage furniture from Bedroom Furniture. These organizers and storage accessories are very helpful to streamline your maintenance tasks. You can stash a lot into the six wicker baskets like bed linen, towels and other sundry items. The beautifully upholstered ottoman can look neat in the living room at the same time stashing your extra cushions, throws or rugs.

No doubt you are also having storage crunch often. Periodic spring cleaning and having enough storage accessories and organizers will help greatly in making your home well-maintained and beautiful!

Wonderful White Dresser with Drawers

Wicker Basket Storage Shelf

Upholstered Ottoman with Storage Facility

Storage Bench in Walnut with Baskets

Storage Seater in Oatmeal Finish

Elegant Looking Dresser with Drawers

Chocolate Colour Chest of Drawers

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Wonderful Looking Rugs for Luxurious Look

Many a time, the interior decoration looks incomplete despite the best looking furniture, opulent looking upholstery, gorgeous wall décor, sumptuous lighting and shimmering draperies. The reason may be an absence of carpet or rugs in the living room or bedrooms that can give the last finishing touch to the interior décor. Turtlemat one of the designers of luxurious rugs and mats add wonderful decor to homes. Once you have added a glorious looking carpet or area rung, the home will look complete.

Rugs and Matching Ottomans

When we look at rugs or carpets, they can be made of either natural fibre or they can be made from synthetic fibres or a combination of both of these for more durable and stylish look. Normally nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic or wool can be used to make rugs or carpets. Some rugs are handmade at hand loom and others are made at power loom and some are made totally by hand.

Rug Covered Ottoman and Seats

Wool is the most expensive fibre for making carpets. But the natural soft feel of the wool and its beauteous look more than compensate for the cost. Acrylic fibre can look very much like wool. This is a sturdy fibre that gives long service even if rough-used as bathroom throw rugs etc. This fibre is not adversely affected by moisture and is colour fast and mildew resistant.

Pretty Looking Rugs with Matching Cushion

Polyester fibre can produce soft and thick rugs that look quite elegant and luxurious. Cut-pile carpets made of poly-fibre can look very beautiful and give long durable service retaining the look and good feel easily. Likewise rugs made from nylon and polypropylene fibres are very popular as they are more reasonably priced than wool and used as area rugs for both outdoor and indoor use.

Narrow Long Running Rugs

When wool and synthetic fibres are blended to make carpets, they have the soft texture of original wool and are sturdy, moisture proof and resistant to mould, moisture and other hazards like the synthetic carpets. They are combined to create myriad coloured rugs in jewel tones of copper, and gold along with turquoise blue and emerald green.

Hand Knotted Wool Rugs Stretched Out

The blended rugs can have floral designs like paisley or roses or can have leaves and medallions that are the traditional motifs used for rugs and carpets. Golden brown and ecru are one of the most favourite combinations. Stripes, checks, abstract designs, floral and borders are some of the designs that look attractive and elegantly match any kind of furniture and wall décor.

Hand Knotted Woollen Rugs

Complete Set of Rugs and Rug Covered Ottoman

More Colourful Looking Rugs

Canvas Backed Rugs

Here are some rugs from Gan-Rugs. See what you like best?

Artistically Shaped Rugs

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Contemporary Style Sofas – Look Great with Small Homes

Small homes may be best served with contemporary sofas and sofas in minimalist style. Most of our homes have scaled down versions of living rooms that need less clutter and limited amount of furniture. Large size classic looking wooden sofa sets with elaborate work details and big box springs and heavy upholstered seats cannot be accommodated in these small rooms. Contemporary type sofas are the need of the hour. Two-seat love seats, small sofas, sofa and a half kind of chairs, or smaller size sectionals are the kind of furniture you have to check out for small living rooms. Uncluttered looking arrangements with sofas and one or two end tables and wall units where you can keep the media and display items will be perfect amount of furniture.

Most of the times having pastel shaded furniture help in widening out the living space. But getting a sofa or an accent chair in deep shades can bring a focus to the overall decor. It brings our attention to the sofa effortlessly and makes a bold statement of style. You can provide a dramatic accent with a contrast wall back splash for added impact. Providing enough light is another aspect you cannot neglect. A well-lit room looks bigger and more opened out. Place the furniture in such a way that they get highlighted from the natural light sources that you have in the room. Having well-planned wall sconces, concealed lighting, recessed lighting and pedestal lamps can add ambient and focused lighting as much as the room needs it.

Getting correct accessory furniture is another important factor. Unless the sofa comes with a matching colored central table, get clear glass topped coffee tables with preferably pedestal bases for keeping in the center of the living room. They do not look too big and blends well with the contemporary type sofas to give an eclectic look. Also matching area rugs and carpets may make the room look warm and cozy. Decorative accessories can be selectively used and should be kept to a minimum. Have a wall poster or a wall painting behind the sofa or the long arm of the sectional for a dramatic backsplash effect. Table lamps can provide added beauty to the room. Curios and photos are another option that can be added to wall décor. Colorful cushions can be the last finishing touch to complete the décor. Here are some beautiful looking sofas from Frini Furniture.

Subtly Shining Silver Accents and Sofas
Silver Accents and Sofas

Sofa and Cushions Matching Wall Accent
Sofa Furniture

Nattily Designed Accent Chairs and Colorful Sofas
Green Sofas

Lovely Stripes in Rug Setting off White Sofa
Sofa Sets

Gorgeous White Sectional with Contrast Cushions
Sofas And Sofa Chairs

Elegant and Contemporarily Pretty Sofa Set
Living Room Sofa

Black and Stripe Cushions Offset White Sofa
Comfortable Sofas

Beautiful Yellow Colored Sectional
Sofa Design

Attractive Loveseat and Sofa in Elegant Cream
Sofa Furniture

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Easy Wall Makeovers – Accent Décor with Wallpapers for That Jazzy Look

Many a time a full makeover may not be possible. Many of us do not have the time to attempt a makeover for the entire house. But small touches here and there can bring a fresh look to the home easily. Rearranging the furniture in a different way, changing the accessories like cushions, rugs and window treatments are some ideas for makeover. For a quick wall makeover, you can think of applying wallpaper. You do not have to wallpaper the entire room. Applying wallpaper to just one wall may do the trick and make the room more vibrant and colourful. Actually you can make that wall the focus of the room décor with sufficient light to bring an entirely different look.

If you go online and check the options available with wallpapers, wall stickers, wall decals and other wall posters, you will be stumped by so much variety in colours, designs, textures and patterns. Even totally sustainable wallpapers are available so that you can have your green ethics satisfied by using those wallpapers. Many times, the pastel coloured walls start looking boring and faded out. This is when you can bring a dramatic change with contrast looking wallpapers on just one wall. A black-based wallpaper – whether floral patterned or abstract geometric patterns etc – may go very nicely in a room with rest of walls in pale cream, yellow or pale beige colours.

You can alternatively apply a stunning wall-decal on one wall and opposite wall can be wallpapered to contrast nicely with the adjacent pastel shades. This way, two walls look more vibrant than the rest and the room gets an entirely different look. If you are not keen on contrast shades, check out matching coloured self-patterns which look sober and elegant. If you are going to place the furniture against the wallpaper, just check that furniture finish, upholstery colors do not clash with wallpaper colour/design. White, cream and pale shades of beige, yellow, and gold look best against black/dark-brown based wallpapers. Dark wood furniture looks best against any colour other than black or dark brown etc.

Here are some beautiful looking ideas for wallpaper from Waverly. Just look at the stunning white against black patterns! How nicely the backsplash sets off the vanity? And the floral brown looks so great with white sofa and matching cushions!

I am sure you are also going to check some wallpaper options for a quick makeover?

Wonderfully Contrasted White Furniture

White Sofa against Lovely Black Floral Wallpaper

Sober Mosaic Patterned Wallpaper

Pretty Patterned Wallpaper Matching Cushion

Nice Back Splash Setting off Vanity

Dark Color Furniture Great against Lovely Green