Sleek Looking Eclectic Kitchens for Small Homes

Kitchen is a high traffic zone where all of us meet at least twice daily if not more frequently. To have an aesthetic looking kitchen can start our days in a better mood. Imagine how dreary and dull kitchen can dampen our spirits first thing in the morning and make our day not interesting! It is most important to have a delightful looking kitchen with sleek and elegant looks.

Small houses and studio apartments need to pay more attention when they furnish their kitchens. If they happen to have not an efficiently designed kitchen where the homemaker can spend time without feeling fatigued, they need to get a minimum makeover. They need to incorporate changes that will make the kitchen better planned, with more practical storage for added comfort.

Having a floor to ceiling size storage units can be a boon for home makers. Instead of having all the shelves of uniform height, they need to vary the heights of shelves to compactly fit the items without wasting vertical space. You can leave the top shelves at the top near the ceiling level with more height to store extra boxes and containers that are bigger in size. This is ideal for beautiful house designs.

You can make the wall shelves wider – wall to wall and not make the shelves too deep – not only do they take more space, having more than two deep rows can make it difficult to reach the items that are kept at the back. But under the kitchen counter, you can have deep drawers – to utilize the space fully beneath the counters where you can store large containers and pots/pans.

Today drainage boards and drying racks are coming that can be drawn across the sink and folded back when not in use. Likewise cutting boards can be drawn across the sink and folded inside when not in use. Shallow sliding panels with small ledges can be of use to house spice bottles and small tins that can be fitted to the kitchen cupboard doors or even on the hob splash backs – within easy reach when cooking.

Get some hooks fitted underneath the shelves for hanging up mugs and cups. Bar shelves for holding your stemware can also be accommodated under the shelves. Here are images of compact kitchens with sleek looking kitchen counters and sophisticated kitchen islands from Scavolini. Check at the optimal use of space and chic overall ambiance!

White Stone Finish Island and Cooking Counters
stone finish eclectic kitchen island

Maroon Cabinets and Brown Splash Combo
cabinets maroon color

Glass Blue and White Combo
blue and white comb kitchen

Dark Brown with Maroon Combo
dark brown kitchen cabinets

All Cream with Chrome Fittings
all cream chrome fittings

Cream Cabinets and Dark Brown Counters
smart looking kitchen designs

Nut Brown and Cream Combo
Stylish kitchen design ideas

Blue Top Cabinets and Maroon Combo
kitchen designs and interiors

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Beautiful And Utilitarian Pot Racks for Storing Your Exquisite Cookware

Think of a great kitchen and you can visualize gleaming pots and pans in beautiful array lighting up the entire kitchen. Cooking and pots and pans are inseparable. We have separate kind of pots, pans and woks etc for different kinds and styles of cooking. Putting all together under the counter is such a bad idea. Pot racks are a beautiful and ideal way of storing your lovely cookware within easy reach available just when needed.

The most popular kind of pot racks are either wall mounted pot racks, or ceiling-mounted hanging pot racks. Just imagine how easy it can be to just reach for one when you start cooking! Kitchen islands and kitchen-counters may have hooks and shelves to hold the pots. But why bend over and grope underneath the counters when all you need to do is just reach for it overhead!

Pot racks need to be sturdily built and securely fixed as they have to put up with the weight of all the pots, pans and lids you are going to store. There are quite a variety of pot racks available in the market in all sizes, styles, and finishes. They are made of materials like wooden, metal and acrylic/ fiber glass. Metal ones are made of steel, hammered steel, brass, stainless steel, wrought iron and copper.

Most popular shapes for the pot racks are square, rectangular, oval and semicircular, circular and corner pieces. They can look traditional, casual, contemporary, modern or ornate. Sleek looking and chic, they are very conveniently designed. Hooks are lacquered to avoid becoming dull, discolored or tarnished. No matter what the style, size, or shape, these hanging and wall units are functional and beautiful accessories.

Here are some beautiful wall mounted and ceiling mounted pot racks from Stacks and Stacks. Look how beautiful is the wooden wall mounted pot rack! How functional is the steel wall rack? Actually it can show-case your green ethics – it is recycled steel! Every one of the racks will add beauty to your kitchen!

There are some free-standing pot racks and table-top pot racks also available. Some cute-looking acrylic stands look great to store lids separately and pots and pans separately. But wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted hanging pot racks are space saving, display your beautiful cookware to perfection and make storing a pleasure at the same time. These accessories add to the beauty and elegance to your kitchen and home.

Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack with 6 Hooks

Wall Pot Rack – Recycled Steel – Another View

Wall Mounted Metal Pot Rack

Wall Mounted Metal Pot Rack

Oval Shaped Hanging Wooden Frame Pot Rack

Ceiling Fixed Hanging Pot Rack

Wall Pot Rack – Recycled Steel – with Books

A Beautiful Stand for Holding Pot Lids

A Ceiling Mounted Chandelier Type Rack
a ceiling-mounted chandelier-type-holder