Popular Platform Beds – Best Bedroom Piece


Getting compact looking beds can actually make your bedroom look bigger. Today small homes and apartments are a reality and many of us need scaled down versions of old times’ four-poster beds or master beds that were really huge. Platform beds can be an ideal choice for small homes and there are quite a lot of choices available for you to pick and choose what may suit your home and style.

Bedroom décor overall can focus around the bed you have chosen. With the low-slung platform beds, you save a lot on the vertical space. The bed lies low to the ground and nightstands are also compact matching with the bed. This results in the furniture not dominating the room but matching and staying compatible to the overall décor.

Platform beds are ideal for loft homes or if you happen to have a small bedroom with sloping ceiling since it takes very less of vertical space. Today some platform beds do have headboards but not too high or too elaborate like for normal beds. Sideboards are almost always separate, but the beds have an extended wooden board-lip that extend all around serving as additional night stand

Box springs are not part of these platform beds. They have slats – placed closely so as to support the mattress directly. This is more comfortable for people with spinal problem who want a flat and a firm kind of bed – and this fits the bill nicely. Platform beds are no fuss beds comprising a bed, with a slatted bed support frame and directly your favorite mattress on it.

There is also storage area under the bed with a low pull out drawer under the bed that can store extra blankets, thin cushions and sheets etc easily. Low rectangular platform beds and round platform beds are both popular. Some round beds have a swing action. Some platforms do not have legs but rest on a square box-like structure which is used for storage.

Futons are another kind of low bed – actually foldable bed that is placed directly on the floor. Though originally only wooden platform beds were available, today there are beds from glass, from fiberglass, from polycarbonate, from bamboo, from cane and compressed wood also. Here are some pretty platform beds from Italy Design. Some are round in shape and others rectangular. How do you like them for your home?

Two Types of Low Platform Beds

Round Shaped Bed with Nightstand and Bench

Murano Glass Frame Bed with Quilted Headboard

Low Platform Bed with Matching Nightstand – Bench

Low Height Round Bed with Angular Nightstand

Bed Decor in Contemporary and Traditional Styles

Bed in Chocolate with High Head Board

Asymmetrical Headboard and Low Round Bed

Adjustable Headboard and Matching Dresser

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Bunk Beds – Lovely Space Saving Option For Kids Room

Bunk beds are the most favored bed options in kids’ rooms when there is a crunch for space. If there are siblings sharing the bedroom and no extra space to put two cots comfortably together, bunk beds can come handy. Shortage of floor space can be best managed with modular storage options and modern style bunk beds with foldable table and desk options.

Many times two beds are stacked one above the other with a ladder option for easy climbing. Modular furniture manufacturers are today exploring more new options of designs for bunk beds and new versions of bunk beds, so that better table/desk and storage options are accommodated in a more innovative way and that these new design bunk beds look more colorful and attractive.

Even when siblings need not necessarily share the bedroom, bunk beds are still preferred options so that if friends or cousins are visiting, there can be an extra bed at a pinch. Many a time the children use the lower berth of the double-decker bed as day bed area where they can work or study and keep the upper bed for sleeping option without bothering to clean up the lower bed.

Wood is one of the materials often selected for bunk beds. A combination of wood and metal combination or metal and molded polycarbonate material is also used – especially for table tops, chairs etc. Gone are the days when only wood grained and sober shades were used for bunk beds and built in tables, chairs, storage spaces etc.

Today bunk beds come in vivid colors. Most manufacturers use more than one color while manufacturing bunk beds. They are generally made to match the wall décor – with contrast color splashes across the room to make it look very fresh and very attractive. With area rugs, cushions and draperies to match the bunk bed, the children will love the bunk beds.

Here are some images of beautiful looking bunk beds from Colombini Casa. All are modular beds in modern style with all storage options and table/desk options. Some beds have storage option as drawers beneath the lower bunk beds. There are storage options, mostly wall supported – some with doors and some are open floating type shelves. The tables and desk options are also combined into the some of the bunk beds and some have storage space built in.

I am sure your children will love to sleep in one of these bunk beds!

Yellow-Green Bed with White Blue Décor
beautiful bunk bed design

Yellow and Orange with Cream
beautiful bunk bed design

White, Red with Blue Tints
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White, Lilac and Orange Color Scheme
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White and Yellow with Blue Backsplash
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White, Blue, Maroon and Green Combo
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Sunset Yellow, Green and Cream Combo
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Regal Looking in Red and White
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Orange Bed with Green Backsplash
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Green Pink and Cream Mix
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Brown & Yellow with Pink & White
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Blue, White and Orange Scheme
bunk beds and kids bedrooms