Popular Platform Beds – Best Bedroom Piece


Getting compact looking beds can actually make your bedroom look bigger. Today small homes and apartments are a reality and many of us need scaled down versions of old times’ four-poster beds or master beds that were really huge. Platform beds can be an ideal choice for small homes and there are quite a lot of choices available for you to pick and choose what may suit your home and style.

Bedroom décor overall can focus around the bed you have chosen. With the low-slung platform beds, you save a lot on the vertical space. The bed lies low to the ground and nightstands are also compact matching with the bed. This results in the furniture not dominating the room but matching and staying compatible to the overall décor.

Platform beds are ideal for loft homes or if you happen to have a small bedroom with sloping ceiling since it takes very less of vertical space. Today some platform beds do have headboards but not too high or too elaborate like for normal beds. Sideboards are almost always separate, but the beds have an extended wooden board-lip that extend all around serving as additional night stand

Box springs are not part of these platform beds. They have slats – placed closely so as to support the mattress directly. This is more comfortable for people with spinal problem who want a flat and a firm kind of bed – and this fits the bill nicely. Platform beds are no fuss beds comprising a bed, with a slatted bed support frame and directly your favorite mattress on it.

There is also storage area under the bed with a low pull out drawer under the bed that can store extra blankets, thin cushions and sheets etc easily. Low rectangular platform beds and round platform beds are both popular. Some round beds have a swing action. Some platforms do not have legs but rest on a square box-like structure which is used for storage.

Futons are another kind of low bed – actually foldable bed that is placed directly on the floor. Though originally only wooden platform beds were available, today there are beds from glass, from fiberglass, from polycarbonate, from bamboo, from cane and compressed wood also. Here are some pretty platform beds from Italy Design. Some are round in shape and others rectangular. How do you like them for your home?

Two Types of Low Platform Beds

Round Shaped Bed with Nightstand and Bench

Murano Glass Frame Bed with Quilted Headboard

Low Platform Bed with Matching Nightstand – Bench

Low Height Round Bed with Angular Nightstand

Bed Decor in Contemporary and Traditional Styles

Bed in Chocolate with High Head Board

Asymmetrical Headboard and Low Round Bed

Adjustable Headboard and Matching Dresser

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Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Platform Beds

What are platform beds? Platform beds are part of Asian or Oriental type of décor that has become very popular today. Platform beds are trendy and look really neat, elegant and sophisticatedly simple. They are best for minimalist bedroom décor as they are not overwhelmingly big, demanding attention and eating up both floor and vertical space.

Traditional beds have been always bigger and taller. They look imposing and more so if they are four posters with stands and net curtains etc. The main focus of the bedroom will be the bed always but the traditional beds are more demanding and attention grabbing than these low slung platform beds which many associate with Japanese idea of arranging bedrooms.

The complete bed furniture set that are called Asian décor has low slung bed, low slung and chic looking nightstands also at the same level as the bed. Platform beds are fuss free in construction with just four legs and a platform of slats that form the basic support for the mattress. Mattresses are placed right on the platform made by the wooden slats without any spring box etc.

Original Asian type platforms did not have either headboards or foot boards. But today most of the beds have headboards and some have extended overhanging board running all around that serves as an extra nightstand. Some platform beds are made with drawers underneath for storing some extra linen and stuff – essential for small minimalist décor homes.

For bedrooms done in minimalist décor, platform beds are the best choice. Modern and contemporary style platform beds come with simple but comfortable headboards that have classic clean cut design lines. The bedroom looks clutter free and elegant.

Here you can see images of beautiful looking platform beds for bedrooms done in contemporary minimalist design from the renowned Italian designers Jesse. The bedroom décor is minimalist and contemporary with low slung platform beds with matching night stands, and dressing chest. With area rug and bed side lamp, the décor looks sophisticated, simple and elegant.

Most of the platform beds have headboards, made of wood but in different finishes. Some are in the natural wood finish; some are finished black with matching nightstands and dressers. Some of the platforms are upholstered beds for extra comfort and with padded and covered headboards. The mattresses are firmly seated on the platform and the effect is minimal and contemporary with highly sophisticated elegance.

Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor
Stunning Gray Cream Combo Bed Décor

Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor
Oak Finish Platform Minimalist Décor

Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor
Handsomely Contrasted Minimalist Bed Décor

Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed
Gray & Wood Finish Minimalist Bed

Full White Platform Minimalist Bed
Full White Platform Minimalist Bed

Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor
Corner Platform Bed Minimalist Décor

Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Bed
Black Headboard Minimalist Platform Be

Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed
Bedroom Decor Minimalist Platform Bed

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Beautiful & Spacious Looking Bedrooms – Pretty with Platform Beds


With today’s small homes, and studio apartments or loft homes, a platform bed can make the room look spacious as it takes precious little vertical room. Platform beds are low-slung beds with minimal looking elegance and sophisticated beauty. They are not heavy or ornate and are really less space occupying but great on looks.

With no need of the heavy looking box type spring mattress and another separate top mattress, a platform bed offers a firm and good sleeping surface with the mattress supported over a set a slats and with a not too high headboard and with or without a footboard. A platform bed emphasizes a chic and spare looking décor great for small-size homes.

Often platform beds do not need bed skirts etc. It has only one single mattress directly on the slats. The platform bed can have storage built-in that can accommodate bed sheets, linen etc and today with a touch of button, the storage can be accessed. Beds without underneath storage have bed surface doubling as nightstands along the edge of bed and on both sides of headboard.

Many platform beds do not have head or footboards and so can look nice in a smaller size bedroom without dominating the entire room. But there are some platform beds with slightly bigger headboards which have leather covering in shades like black, white etc., but sometimes they headboards can be simple with a pine, oak or hard-wood varnish finish.

Though some platforms do not have under-bed storage space, you can buy one with the headboard storage space. Today there are quite a bit of options available for these headboards. Though the bed looks minimal designed and less space occupying, a wide headboard which is some nine to twelve inches thick can offer a variety of storage options for you.

It can have some built in shelves that can slide out from both the ends, built in lights, small cubbyholes and niches for keeping your glasses, books, earphones and TV remote etc. If you get to custom-make your platform bed, you can have a built in plasma TV in your footboard that can be pulled out which makes it really cool.

Here are some beautiful looking platforms from Living It Up. Look at the wonderful looking walnut beds in king size beds with under-bed storage that is operated with the help of hydraulic pumps. Don’t you love to have one for your home?

Platform with Storage in Espresso Finish

Platform in Pristine White

Platform Bed with High Headboard

Low Platform with Raising Top

Low Platform in Oak Finish

Elegant Looking Platform Bed

Close-up View of Pine Finish Platform

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Low Minimalistic Platform Beds – Ideal Choice for Small Apartments


Small houses or studio apartments have mostly one big living area that need to accommodate the living space, sleeping space, work space and also the kitchen. Most of them do not have the luxury of enjoying a separate big bedroom where you can enjoy have king-size double beds. Platform beds are great as simple sleek bed options with or without storage.

When traditional style beds are more elaborately built with space for springs, and a large-size mattress etc, platform beds are sleeker and look minimalistic and simple. Low-height bed frames which have slats or hard-board strips give support on which the mattress rests directly. The bed does not have any springs at all.

The low platforms are mostly made of wood – hardwood – sturdy and strong so the frame is quite rigid. If you want storage, you can build storage underneath like a box for storing linen and other stuff. But if you want absolutely minimalistic bed, you can have a platform bed without storage with the slated frame only on which rests the mattress firmly.

The wooden platform bed can have headboard and footboard. The other option is without either of these two boards just the bed frame. But you can have added storage in the headboard for keeping books, reading lights with cord facilities or nightstand like cubby holes. There are platform beds which have only headboard and no footboards

Platform beds are always low – those with underneath storage option may be slightly higher than those platform beds without the storage option. Actually you can have a futon – which is just a little higher than the floor – just with the frame sitting almost directly on the floor with the mattress supported on the slatted frame.

Why the small homes look better with platform beds? Because they occupy less vertical space than the traditional bed frames which are much higher and bulkier. There are no boxes that hold the springs that support the beds or the big mattresses themselves which are used in the traditional beds.

There are no separate nightstands needed for a platform bed. Many a time, slight projections of the headboard – like floating small shelves can serve as nightstand. Here are some beautiful looking platform beds from Go Modern Co. Most of them are in lacquer finish and look very sleek and sophisticated. They can be a great addition to any small home or studio apartment.

Slightly Higher Platform Bed with Headboard

Sleek Looking Platform in White

Platform Bed with Underneath Storage

Low Slung Platform in White Lacquer Finish

Large Size & Minimalistic Style Bed

Cushioned Headboard Platform Bed

Bed with Firm Base and Strong Support

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Beds for Youngsters – From ‘Tween Beds to Teen Beds

Kids like to furnish their rooms elegantly and beautifully. With beds being the most important furniture of their bedroom, kids love to have a comfortable bed where they can sleep well and relax fully. Once the children are a little grown and have strong likes and dislikes, it is best to consult them before purchasing a bed for them.

The children are mostly happy with single beds – right from platform beds, canopy beds, traditional beds, four-poster beds, loft beds to modern modular bunk beds; kids just love to have any bed so long they have a say in choosing the bed and its accessories. They are not concerned about the cost or brand provided the bed is to their liking.

Once you come to know what kind of bed your kid wants, you can go online and check out the options that are available. There are such a variety of beds available that you will be really spoilt for choice! You can also check out the local furniture shops taking your child along with when you are visiting the stores in your neighbourhood.

Some of the questions you need to ask are – what is the style they may like? What material – wood, metal or a combination or whether they may like cane or bamboo bed? What is your budget? What style the rest of the home and furniture of your home are? Do their choices of bed blend harmoniously with rest of the home etc?

Also you need to decide on the size of the bed. A tall youngster can find it hard to sleep comfortably in a smaller size bed. Other aspects that can be discussed with your kid is whether he needs under bed storage, whether headboard storage is preferred or will the kid like rather to have bedside cabinets, nightstands and book cases in matching style and colour etc.

Here are some of the single beds for youth from Poundex. There are beautiful looking three-piece sets including a bed, dresser and nightstand. Some of them are done in light to medium oak finish, some in dark oak finish and some in black metal and espresso finish. Attractive looking bed linen adds to the beauty of the bedroom. These beds can be used in the spare bedroom as extra beds for overnight guests also. Don’t you think you want to buy something like this?

White Finish and Floral Bed Linen

White & Floral and White Slatted Bed

Patch Work and Pine Finish

Multi Color Triangle Motifs and Oak Finish

Black Metal with Vertical Stripes

Black, Crossbars and Stripes

Beautiful Looking in Pale Pink

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Luxury Beds – With Special Features And Gorgeous Upholstery

Bedroom is that special place to which your reach for relaxation and rejuvenation. Traditional furniture made of good quality material and with beautiful looks are the most trusted favourites for all of us. However much the fashion changes or current trend gets funky and different, we do not compromise on quality or the comfort that can be provided.

Getting the best furniture for your bedroom will start with getting the best for your bed – the bed that looks good and feels better. A good bed will be one with a sturdy and well made frame. Most of use will go in for either a full wooden bed or a wood and metal combination. Both have their own advantages functionally as well in appearance.

Most popular and most in demand will be wooden beds made from oak. These have continued to top the list as favourites and the most desired upholstery for headboards and foot boards continues to be leather. A hand-made oak bed with leather upholstered headboard with soft and high quality cotton or line bed set can be the best bed you can buy.

With matching nightstands, side tables, a bed-end bench and an ottoman to match, your bedroom furniture can bring comfort and ambiance to your bedroom. When you are getting a custom-built bed, you can order headboards with storage, built in lights so that you can have what you need available at hand conveniently.

Now not only headboards come with storage options, lights etc, the foot board also can be customized to meet your convenience and comforts. LCD TVs are now fitted in the footboard so that you can watch your favourite programme, serials or watch a movie at your leisure from your bed. Pull of LCD screens are now built in with all necessary cords and power connections.

Leather upholstery or fabric upholstery can be your choice. But if you want simple and classic lines, you can opt for low platform beds that look spare and clean-lined and make the room look more spacious and elegant. Any shape – even a round shaped bed can make your room look unique and differently done – adding character to your bedroom décor.

Here are some beautiful Beds from Bedroom World. Look at the beautiful and elegant platform bed with cream leather upholstery and transparent Murano glass legs and the four posters. A plasma pullout LCD is built in to footboard of another! Check out which bed looks best to you?

With Padded Headboard and Murano Glass Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Luxurious, Round and Covered in Leather
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Pullout TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered Glass Footboard with Mounted TV
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Lacquered and Sleek Shaped Bed
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Elegant Headboard with Leather Covered Frame
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

Buttoned Headboard with Glass Columns and Legs
beautiful beds for bedroom designs

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