Outdoor Storage Benches Add Beauty to Your Garden, Porch And Patios

Now that spring is in the air, you will be spending more and more time outside. You would love to have nice seats to sit and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze – enjoying some snacks and long cool drinks. But do you have enough space to relax in your garden? With gardens tools occupying more space and children spending more time outside playing, there sure will be a space crunch in the garden, porch and patio areas. Outdoor storage containers can do double duty as benches and ottomans for nice and comfy seating as well as to store things handy and ready. You can store garden tools, seeds, fertilisers and water hoses. You may keep seasonally used personal effects like raincoats and gumshoes, and children’s playthings and sports goods. Most of the times, they can be used as dumping place for whatever we think as clutter or extra inside the house.

What would you expect from outdoor storage benches/containers? Wet or warm climate, snow or sleet, rain or shine, they must keep the interiors dry and keep the stored things safe from elements and other hazards. They should serve as additional seats in garden looking pretty with low maintenance year-round. And these containers do that and more. These are usually manufactured out of sturdy but lightweight stuff and withstand the vagaries of weather. There are sturdy wooden containers – long or square; there are metal ones like of aluminium or iron, and there are durable and long-lasting plastic containers. But before deciding on what kind of outdoor storage containers you want, think of what are all the items you will be storing in those containers. All have the options to double as seats with or without cushions and withstand the rigours of 24/7 direct or partial exposure to elements.

Talk to your interior decorator and know what may be a perfect fit for your porch, garden or patio. See what will suit the outside decor and style. How the outdoor storage benches will fit into your landscape designs. How they can add to the overall ambience and in particular, enhance the beauty of the garden and attractions of the porch or patio. How it can help you to keep the house, porch, patio or garden clutter free and well organized. Here are some beautiful and highly utilitarian outdoor storage containers from HAYNEEDLE. Look at the regal looking bench with handles and lift-up lid. How nice the small wicker containers with detachable cushions on the lids! And those plastic containers are quite large and have very comfy seats indeed!

Are you ready to bring home an outdoor storage container/bench which will look perfect and be of great use in your garden?

Wicker Containers with Detachable Cushions on Lids

This Storage Deck Box Sure Comes Handy

Smart Looking Storage Box for Keeping Beverages

Regal Looking Comfy Seat cum Storage Bench

Handsome Looking Outdoor Storage Wood Bench

Cool-Looking Comfortably Cushioned Storage Benchcool-looking-comfortably-cushioned-storage-bench

Awesome Sized Resin Wicker Deck Box

A Sumptuous Storage Deck Box with Wheels

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Wonderfully Crafted Wooden Furniture

Having a lovely home is not just enough. Your outdoors should match the interiors. Actually your outdoor ambience and kerb appeal can enhance the value of your property greatly. Just imagine how your friends and visitors will react if you have a poorly maintained garden or outside patio or the front entrance shabbily furnished?

The first thing that strikes the attention of any visitor is the outer area. The open area that is just outside your home but within your boundary needs beautiful furniture. Whether you are having a front garden, a side area containing your swimming pool with deck or you are having a spacious back side garden and open area, you should plan for furnishing and lighting it.

The most appreciated and popular kind of outdoor furniture is of course the long-time favourites wooden furniture. If you can afford to have good solid furniture made of oak, maple, teak or walnut, there can be no doubt about the beauty these furniture items bring to your outdoors as well to your home. They are the ever-green favourites – the classic wooden furniture.

The next ethnic choice can be cane and bamboo furniture. Even here the natural cane and bamboo furniture are the best and has a unique charm and appeal unsurpassed by anything else. But close near it are the synthetic resin canes and bamboos which are flooding the market today. These look very much like the original and actually last longer and stay good as new.

Next can be the acrylic and polycarbonate furniture that are light, portable and can put up very well with rough outdoor use. They come in various colors, shapes, styles and are really eye-catching and vibrant. These are very easy to maintain; shatter-proof, UV radiation proof and scratch proof also. With cushions and bolsters they are very comfortable.

Here are some beautiful looking wood furniture pieces for your outdoors from Oak Garden Furniture. Each set looks lovelier than the other. Look at the sheer rustic beauty branch like legs in the garden set. How stunning the logs look set as table and how magnificent the full length logs will look in your patio?

Imagine the effect you can create with such magnificent outdoor furniture in your patio, garden or outdoors when you are entertaining. When you plan and have adequate lighting in your garden area, the wooden furniture will look magnificent and be the focus of your outdoor décor. Which you like best?

Unique Looking Crafted Outdoor Furniture

Traditional and Classic Outdoor Furniture

Solid Woods Great Looks

Solid Oak Garden Furniture

Elegant Looking Garden Furniture

Branch like Legs Adds Character

Beautifully Hand Carved Chairs

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Pretty Looking Parasols And Utilitarian Umbrellas – A Must for Summer Months

Now that the summer is actually here, it is essential to have some protection when you are sitting out in the sun – either near the pool or in the garden. When the sun rays are most intense – especially between 11 a.m.to 4 p.m., it is always advisable to wear adequate sunscreen, protect your eyes from the glare and protect yourself from direct exposure to too hot a sun. Parasols or sun-shades offer efficient protection during the hot hours of the day when you run a chance of getting heat stroke, too much suntan and UV radiation etc. Most cases of melasma occur essentially because of being exposed to intense sunlight without any sunscreen. Skin gets coarse and leathery and even hair and lips get affected by harmful UV radiation.

You have a multitude of parasols available in the market today. There are different sizes, different shapes and different materials that are used to make these useful summer accessories. While aluminum is the most popular choice for the frame and lever and base stands, wood is also a pricey option. Combination of canvas and PVC works best for the material to cover the frame. Generally the diameter of the parasol must be some 4-5 feet larger than the area it needs to cover. The mechanics should be quite sturdily made as well easy for operation. Manual operation has been replaced by push button type that is fixed on the base which anchors the parasol. There are some with electronic remote control options available.

Cantilever types of umbrellas are as much popular as the telescopic type both offering an easy way to make it functional. Actually cantilever types are popular poolside and in the garden whereas the other telescopic one is less space occupying. Likewise today the fabric cover- mostly a canvas-UV combo is UV resistant and wears well with 24/7 sun exposure. For stiff breeze/strong wind conditions, there are vents built in the fabric cover so it is not wind-blown or damaged. These vents are so constructed that rain water does not leak in. Pure canvas is sometimes treated for making it waterproof. Now parasol/umbrellas come with castor wheels so you can push it where you want.

Here are some beautiful parasols/umbrellas from Scolaro-Parasol. With both cantilever type and telescopic type frames with sturdy and stunning looking fabric covering, these parasols look really beautiful. Each one is making the patio, garden or terrace look outstandingly beautiful.

I am sure you also will like to get one such beautiful parasol for your home?

Terrace Umbrella with Aluminium Stand

Sun Shade For Summer Times

Sun Parasol with Central Stand

Stunning Looking Umbrella with Stand

Pretty Looking Pool Side Parasol

Gorgeous Garden Umbrella with Stand

Front Yard Sun Parasol in Orange

Welcome Spring Season And Sunshine with Pretty Looking Outdoor Furniture

How would you like to enjoy the coming spring time? Spending a weekend lazing around in the sun on fabulous-looking loungers? Would you not love some gorgeous patio furniture for sitting in the sun? Now that spring is arriving, it is the best time to soak up some sunshine.

Some sleek futuristic lounge chairs, loungers, and garden chairs are the very things to welcome the spring weather and sunshine after a long winter! Worried you do not have a huge house with lots of balconies and garden space? No problem, here is a selection of chic furniture that will just fit into small patios or your front/back yard garden.

A beautifully furnished patio adds a new look to your outdoors. They add such an elegant touch to the outside ambiance.  Look at the glass-enclosed patio so beautifully designed. What an attractive addition to the living space of your house it can be! It looks so warm and invitingly furnished! How heavenly to spend a quiet evening in the patio reading a book!!

Those pristine-looking easy-chairs in white look so cool on the lawn and patio. Chairs – low, wide & big – look so inviting and perfect for a stretch and snooze during sunny weekends. The futuristic-looking loungers in aluminum are also great favorites. This kind of patio furniture looks good, feels great, and is light-weight & sturdy!

A warm spring day is meant for relaxing in the sunshine near the swimming pool. A nice pair of sturdy and light-weight chairs with a small coffee-table is perfect for a cosy coffee-break near the cool pool. These pretty-looking additions to your outdoor furniture are available in beautiful and elegant shades.  They add a touch of class and color to your outdoor furniture.

Are you spending a day in the garden? Wouldn’t you love this pair of loungers? The fabulous-looking loungers can fit perfectly in your garden, terrace or balcony. What a comfortable-looking chair for sitting in the garden on a spring day! These roomy chairs in full black or white are a must to add to your outdoor furniture.

All these pretty-looking patio chairs are welcome additions to any house.  Talk to your favorite interior designer to know what can be the perfect and tailor-made addition to your outdoor furniture. Check out the latest and most creative options that are available today. Enjoy the spring and sunshine in great style!

Pool Side Picnic And Party Chairs

White Lounge Type Garden Furniture

Stylish Garden Chair For Enjoying The Sun

Glass Enclosed Patio With Beautiful Patio Furniture

Fabulous Futuristic Sun Lounging Chair