Double Duty Furniture & Accessories Help Organize Your Home Better

A small home looks best when it is tidy and all things are in its place. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is an excellent principle – especially when you want to bring order and purpose in kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. These are the areas where clutter and chaos happen almost weekly needing your attention maximum. When you have more things than you use, the storage space gets eaten up and it seems that in no time, you have an unmanageable house. All your lovely furniture just submerged under the clothes, every possible flat surface in the home overflowing with items you may not really need, kitchen sinks and counter tops groaning under the weight of unsorted groceries, canned food and what not.

Organize, organize and again organize is the only formula that can help along with furniture and accessories that double up as storage spaces which help reduce the clutter that build up at an unimaginable speed. When you have a small living space, furniture is the culprit that eats up into your floor surface. So organizing should start at furniture level. Check all your furniture. Check whether it is feasible to add storage options to your present furniture. When you are going in for new furniture, take time to check all options that are available. Today there are so many multipurpose furniture choices available that you must take advantage of it. Check online to check what can be ordered online as well what is locally available.

Try to minimize shelves that are free standing taking precious floor space. Opt for wall mounted options wherever possible. Check for ottoman, coffee tables, and end tables all with storage spaces underneath. Check for trundle bed and underneath storage as well headboard storage options in all your beds. Always look out for furniture that will do double duty, serve two purposes. Here are some beautiful looking LED lamps for dual purpose usage designed by Deger Cengiz. Called Dinos desk lamps, these use green renewable energy. This is a potholder for a plant as well a table task light. It is manufactured out of recycled felt. This has a flexible neck that can bend anyway you like. The innovative base can hold a plant to power the LED lamp or any other items for everyday use!

There is a galore of choice available in the local furniture shops and online shopping for you to select furniture and accessories to help organize your home better and more beautiful!

Plant Pot and Pen Holder Lamps

Pen Holder Lamps with Felt Covering in Gray

Green Colored Green Energy Lamp

Dino Lamps with Felt Covers

Lamp Bases with Plants and Pen Holders

Lamp Base Serving as Multi Purpose Holder
base-serving-as multi-purpose-holders