Beautiful And Elegant Home Theatre Seating – The Ultimate in Stylish Luxury

Today home theater is the prime home entertainment center. Home theater experience is not complete without comfortable and elegant looking home theater seats. When we are keen to enjoy all the luxury of seeing a movie at home theatre style, the seating should match the audio and video experience and double the comfort and pleasure – in fact better than the actual theatre experience! We spend a lot of time, money and effort to pick and choose the various components of home theatre. Similar amount of attention is needed while we pick up the home theatre seating also. Today a vast range of theatre seating is available and in all styles and sizes. Once you decide on your requirement, it will be child’s play to pick the best to suit your likes and the budget.

First check out whether you have a spacious area to hold all the home theatre equipment and the pretty large sized home theatre seating with foot rests and reclining back etc. If space permits, a large roomy entertainment center room with two rows of seats with aisles and all comforts is ideal. But a smaller home can have a smaller home theatre with two or four chairs comfortably arranged. Finding the correct size to fit your home and the entertainment center room is very important before placing an order. Measure the space exactly and check for sufficient legroom and walking space around. Decide exactly how many chairs you need and how many can be fitted comfortably in the room. Choose the style, material and upholstery to match the room and home décor.

Since home theatre seats come with a multitude of amenities, you can pick and choose what you would like to have in your seats. Along with extending foot rests and reclining backs, the arms of the seats have storage option, detachable tray holders, and very conveniently there are touch screen remote controls to adjust the video, audio and other features. Special customization for holding an iPad is an option with some models. Here are some stunning looking home theatre chairs from Elite Home Theater Seating. Look at the velvet upholstered chairs with golden color piping and matching beautiful lighting. And look at the beautiful black and chocolate leather upholstery. Look at the innovative slide-out iPad holder and the concealed storage drawers to hold some CDs, remote controls etc. How lovely the chairs look with red velvet upholstery?

I am sure you are keen to buy some state of art home theatre seats as shown. Go online and browse, check with your interior decorator and bring home some beautiful home theatre seats!

Stunning Looking Theater Seat

Seat with Optional Storage Facility

Regal Looking in Red Velvet and Matching Decor

Fitted With Slide-Out Touch-Pad Control Panel

Exclusive Seat with Specially Fitted IPad Holder

Cute Looking in Chocolate Color Leather

Customized with Removable Wood Tray
customized-with-removable wood-tray

Beautiful Theatre Seats Fitted In Black Leather</span

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8 Amazing Wall Decals For Living Room Walls

If you want a make a quick décor makeover or remodeling without involving too much expenses, wall decals may be a good choice. Especially if you are living in rented premises or as a paying guest where constructional or permanent décor change is not allowed, wall decals come in handy. They are removable without harming the wall surface on which they had been applied to. The wall decals available today can be fixed to any surface. Some of them come with specific instructions and with adhesives for sticking it on the walls. Some come ready with glue applied, can be peeled off and pasted on the wall. Large-size wall decals are not easy to be pasted singlehandedly and may need some help for application which you can get from the decal supplier.

There are glass decals, vinyl decals, tattoo decals, sticker decals and many more. Unlike painting or stenciling a design – which is permanent, most wall decals are repositionable from one place to another. When you reposition your furniture for a different look, you can remove a wall decal and reposition to suit the decor. Wall decals when applied expertly, look as gorgeous as painted. Now that wall decals are the rage, you can plan one for each room in your house according to your wish from the innumerable patterns, sizes and finishes. These stock-designed decals can be customized by the supplier to match the colour scheme of each room and to any size you require. Some are as small as a tattoo; some natural scenery decals are blown up to cover an entire wall of a room.

Decals come in many varieties – right from cartoon characters for your toddlers to superman/ spider-man for your teenagers. You can custom order your wall decals from your personal photographs – any photo can be converted into wall decal. Most of them have a transparent tone, not blocking light if applied on a glass. Most wall decals do not leave a residue or damage the paintwork/walls when they are removed. Here are some beautiful looking wall decals from WALLTAT. Look at the beautiful wall decals, how lovely they all look? They can be applied anywhere you like. Put it indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, on your doors, verandas or glass partitions. Don’t they look so attractive and pretty?

I am sure you are already planning to refurbish your home with some stunning and beautiful looking wall decals. Aren’t you?

Great Looking Ginkgo Flowers on Wall Decal

Pretty Looking Prairie Vegetation on Wall Decal

Stunning Looking Wall Decal with Skinny Tree

Interesting Looking Garden on Wall Decal
gracious garden-like-wall-decals

Branches and Magnificent Blossoms on Wall Decal

Branch with Beautiful Flying Birds on Wall Decals

Branch with Beautiful Flowers on Wall Decal

Beautiful Looking Bamboo Leaves Wall Decal

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Double Duty Furniture & Accessories Help Organize Your Home Better


A small home looks best when it is tidy and all things are in its place. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is an excellent principle – especially when you want to bring order and purpose in kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. These are the areas where clutter and chaos happen almost weekly needing your attention maximum. When you have more things than you use, the storage space gets eaten up and it seems that in no time, you have an unmanageable house. All your lovely furniture just submerged under the clothes, every possible flat surface in the home overflowing with items you may not really need, kitchen sinks and counter tops groaning under the weight of unsorted groceries, canned food and what not.

Organize, organize and again organize is the only formula that can help along with furniture and accessories that double up as storage spaces which help reduce the clutter that build up at an unimaginable speed. When you have a small living space, furniture is the culprit that eats up into your floor surface. So organizing should start at furniture level. Check all your furniture. Check whether it is feasible to add storage options to your present furniture. When you are going in for new furniture, take time to check all options that are available. Today there are so many multipurpose furniture choices available that you must take advantage of it. Check online to check what can be ordered online as well what is locally available.

Try to minimize shelves that are free standing taking precious floor space. Opt for wall mounted options wherever possible. Check for ottoman, coffee tables, and end tables all with storage spaces underneath. Check for trundle bed and underneath storage as well headboard storage options in all your beds. Always look out for furniture that will do double duty, serve two purposes. Here are some beautiful looking LED lamps for dual purpose usage designed by Deger Cengiz. Called Dinos desk lamps, these use green renewable energy. This is a potholder for a plant as well a table task light. It is manufactured out of recycled felt. This has a flexible neck that can bend anyway you like. The innovative base can hold a plant to power the LED lamp or any other items for everyday use!

There is a galore of choice available in the local furniture shops and online shopping for you to select furniture and accessories to help organize your home better and more beautiful!

Plant Pot and Pen Holder Lamps

Pen Holder Lamps with Felt Covering in Gray

Green Colored Green Energy Lamp

Dino Lamps with Felt Covers

Lamp Bases with Plants and Pen Holders

Lamp Base Serving as Multi Purpose Holder
base-serving-as multi-purpose-holders

Timeless Classic Looking Solid Wood Furniture Still Steals the Show in Home Decor

Warm looking and gorgeous, wood furniture is a great favorite with most of us. Today market is filled with furniture made of so many different varieties of materials. No doubt modern furniture looks cute, modern, state of art and innovative. But the timeless beauty of solid looking wooden furniture is enduring and everlasting and it finds a soft corner in all our hearts. Deciduous trees and coniferous trees – both contribute greatly to making of our furniture. Solid looking traditional furniture with stunning classic looks is made from deciduous trees like teak, oak, mahogany, maple, and cherry as well rosewood. Firs, cedars, birches, pine, and other coniferous trees are soft wood which still play an important role in furniture making.

Oak is a favorite with many designers and carpenters for making classic looking solid furniture. Durable and sturdy, it has great charm and can become the focus of attention wherever it is placed. Since oak can be carved and worked into fine looking furniture, oak furniture are treasured and if well maintained can be passed down generations in splendid form. Wooden tables always look stunning and add greatly to the dining room. Many a time, the wooden top looks so beautiful with in lay work or other details, that it is a crime to cover it with a table cloth. The sheer beauty of the wooden furniture, carvings and other details of the legs all these get enhanced by a glass top also. They look a classic combination.

All wooden furniture needs care and attention to look as good as when they were manufactured. Actually keeping them waxed and polished make them look better than when it was new, attaining a sheen of its own thanks to the constant waxing, polishing and rubbing with a rag. Classic oak furniture, when well taken care of, becomes more valuable as an antique. Quality, look and beauty mark this beautiful wooden furniture from Kura Gallery. Blessed with beautiful forests, New Zealand offers great looking solid wood tables, side tables, center tables and beautiful hand crafted items as well. Look at the sheer raw beauty of the coffee table top which looks really stunning! The glass topped table looks so cute!

I am sure you also would love to have some solid wood furniture. Other furniture may come and may go, but the sheer beauty and classic style of wooden furniture will last forever.

Table Top in All Natural Glory

Stunning Looking Coffee Table with Wood Top

Round Coffee Table in Metal Frame

Low Central Table with Built in Shelves

Glass Topped Chic Looking Coffee Table

Beautifully Designed Central Table

Another View of Coffee Table

Sustainable Home Decor with Beautiful, Utilitarian Items from Waste Materials

Reduce, reuse and recycle – these are the three crucial steps taken by people who vote for green ethics and Eco-friendly principles. Reducing the usage to optimal level, trying to put to reuse what you are already having and reprocessing the already used – waste – materials to newer use are three elements of ‘waste hierarchy’ – which are advocated all over the world today.
Since ages, we have been collecting metal scraps like- bronze, brass, iron and later days aluminum and reusing these to forge new metal items and this has been the practice all over the world. Especially when mining was a slow and time consuming process – done manually – people were more than willing to reuse and recycle items recognizing the value of things.

But with the advent of technological advancement, things changed. And today containing carbon footprint is necessary for maintaining ecological balance. Today with the fast depletion of virgin forests and other materials and natural resources like water, air and land getting more and more polluted, going green is very important and recycling is a major step towards it.
What is recycling? When you reduce using new raw materials which could be put for better use and instead re-use materials with potential for reuse and not incinerating it or sending it to land refill, you are helping in reducing air pollution and water, land pollution. This lowers carbon emission and greenhouse gas emissions and keeps the atmosphere less polluted. Today electronics, glass, metal, paper, plastic, textiles, and leather are some of the items that are now reused and recycled very successfully. More innovative ideas are springing up to recycle items which can be used in everyday life. Governments and quasi-government agencies are actively supporting recycling and taking measures to promote it at all levels.

Furniture industry is also taking active interest in recycling and already recycled materials are being used in every aspect – like recycled glass, leather, fabrics, wood materials, and so many other ways. Sustainable interior and exterior decor has become very popular and the in-thing today with more and more designers and manufacturing companies joining the green revolution. Here are some beautiful lampshades – looking as good as chandeliers by Stuart Haygarth. Look at the ingenuity and craftsmanship behind each of the lampshades. Each one looks a masterpiece and all are made from materials otherwise considered useless. The delicate splendor and amazing beauty are simply stunning.

Look around you for some wonderful and unique artwork made from stuff considered waste and bring home to add to your home decor.

Sea Coloured Lampshade from Recycled Bottle Bases

Linear Show of Lampshades

Lampshade Made of Spectacle Frames

Lampshade from Vehicle Taillights

Lampshade from Translucent Plastic Objects

Lampshade from Exploded Party Poppers
lampshade-from-exploded-party-poppers- lit

Lampshade from Exploded Party Poppers – Lit

Lampshade from Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

Lampshade from Spectacle Lenses
lampshade-from -spectacle-lenses

Trendy Furniture For Living Room Designs

Decorating home, and household things with carving has been very popular since ancient times. There are sculptures, paintings and handicrafts that tell the tale of the time they were made and the people who made them and the era they were made. Since the time man learned to use instruments, he had adorned his home, his belongings and his furniture. Since long, exquisitely hand-crafted – carved – wooden furniture has denoted success, importance, wealth and social status. The aristocrats – the ruling class always chose the adorned over the plain in every aspect of life. In their palaces, they got expert craftsmen to come and make their dwelling place pretty and look distinguished and classy.

Carving involves mostly painstaking work by hand -with tools like chisel and other carpentry tools, though today there are some power-driven tools which help greatly by cutting down the time factor. Shaping the wood to the intricate designs and paring it down, smoothening it to smooth finish – all need patience and persistence and a love for the craftsmanship and the art. Furniture of Jacobean, Tudor and Victorian eras are all executed with rare details and gold leaf work on essentially oak followed by other woods. Unlike machine made furniture which are smooth and well finished all over, these hand carved masterpieces have exquisitely planed and sanded top portion and less smooth and visible rough edges at the back.

Here are some beautifully carved and finished furniture from Bakokko Group. Look at the beautifully done panels with carving and gold leaf all over. How beautifully etched are the golden border in the stemware display shelf in white. The ottoman, shelf and sofas all have intricately crafted details. Today antique furniture carries as hefty price tag as a painting or a sculpture. There are many rare furniture pieces that are handed down the generations as heirlooms. Not only they add to the beauty of your room and house, they are great as investments. Aren’t you keen to get such a beautiful specimen?

Carved Shelf with Beautiful Pedestal Lamp

Wonderful in White with Gold Leaf Carving

With Exquisite Carving and Gold Leaf Details

Wall Mounted Display Shelf with Border Details

Sofa & Ottoman with Matching Carving Details
sofa and-wooden-ottoman-with-matching-carving details

Sliding Carved Panel Doors White

Exquisitely Carved Wooden Gateway and Shelves

Delicate Border Carving in Gold