Basics of a Beautiful Bedroom – Choose the Right Bedstead!

Bedroom is our sanctum sanctorum. Our most private and personal place in the house is our bedroom. This is where we retire from outside world, to relax from daily grind and recharge ourselves to face another day. With bed being focal point of the bedroom and bedroom furniture, we should have no qualms to get the best bed we can from the market. The quality of sleep depends not just on the mattress you are using. You need to choose the correct bed-base to support your weight comfortably and give you long years of excellent service. A well-built bed-frame with great looks is the first step in shopping for your bedroom furniture. Since we spend one-third of our lives in sleeping, there should be no compromise whatsoever on the quality.

What are the options you have for bed-bases? Good quality bed-frames or bedsteads, both are excellent options. Actually the choice is up to you! The main difference between a bed frame and a bedstead is that bedsteads come with headboards as well as footboards. A bedstead keeps the mattress more securely and looks quite magnificent and impressive; and with a comfortable and good mattress will assure you of painless, refreshing and energising sleep that will rejuvenate you. A metal bedstead frame is a very solid piece of furniture. You might have seen some in old Hollywood flicks with Victorian-kind of themes. The bedsteads come with a solid topped base, with a spring edged base or with a slatted type base. If you want built-in storage space, that option is also available. Headboards can be custom-made to suit your needs. A beautifully crafted bedstead with an excellent finish can become actually an heirloom piece!

Here are some classically beautiful and magnificent looking metal bedsteads from Original Bedstead Company. These bedsteads come with simple clean-cut lines and sport very elegant and trendy looks. They can look magnificently opulent and grand with old-world charm or can come in minimalistic and stunningly simple modern look. They have such beautiful finish and ornamental with intricately carved details etc, the bed automatically does take center-stage in the bedroom. You know, the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen had a bed made of ebony and gold! Even if we do not go for a gold bed, we should buy a sterling quality bed – not only a good bed but made great by excellent craftsmanship! Please talk to your interior decorator in detail to know what kind – a bed or bedstead – will suit your bedroom. And enjoy a great-looking masterpiece right in your bedroom!

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

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Ornamental And Decorative Ceiling Panels Add Lofty Look to Your Home

Remember the beautiful high ceilings in Victorian homes, old mansions and some government buildings? How imposing and impressive they look with beautiful ornamental ceilings with medallions and cornices, majestic open archways and open doorways giving a spacious and regal look? Today you can recreate the same magic with decorative ceilings to add a great deal of style quotient to your home. Ceilings are a vast canvas waiting for your artistic inspiration and imagination to make a ‘vow’ factor of your beautiful home! Maybe ceiling design choices have to be made with initial house construction. But whenever you are doing a makeover for your house, or as a special makeover, you can create decorative ceilings and add ornamental architectural trims like medallions, cornices etc.

The most popular ceiling decorations are done with decorative ceiling panels, ceiling tiles and adding plaster ceiling designs. You can talk to a ceiling specialist to know the different modalities of how your ceiling can be beautified and choose what you think as the best option to bring the best look and ambience to your home. You will be surprised by the wide choice of patterns and styles available! Before starting on the ceiling decoration, think of what colour you will like your ceiling to be. The ceiling of the entire home should be of the same colour to have a flowing look of the décor. Tiles and panels can be of any colour you think that will go well with your home décor. Your interior decorator can best advise you about the wide variety available in both tiles and panels and how they can be fixed.

Traditionally plaster ceiling designs are made of real plaster in white; like crown moldings that make the transition from wall to ceiling smooth and beautiful, beautiful medallions over light fixtures, archways and hallways with pillars, lineal trims, cornices, corners etc. But thanks to technological innovation, lightweight polymer plastic made moldings are replacing the old plaster moldings. Here are some beautiful ceilings from Ceiling Panels Ltd. See how the beautiful customized ornamental plaster ceiling designs provide an ornate and rich look to the lofty interiors! With moldings like cornices, archways and pathways with pillars, beautiful medallions with chandeliers and other trims, the interiors look visually very attractive and stunning!

I am sure you also would like to get a beautiful decorative ceiling. Go online and check out. Talk to your interior decorator and make a style statement of your home with a beautiful and lavishly decorated ceiling!

Stunning Ceiling with Pillars Arches & Trims
stunning ceiling with pillars arches and trims

Pillars, Medallions & Other Trims
pillars, medallions and other trims

Ornamental Medallion & Other Trims
ornamental medallion and other trims

Lineal, Cornices, Corner & Pillar Trims
lineal, cornices, corner and pillar trims

Lineal & Ceiling Trims
lineal and ceiling trims

Decorated Ceiling & Worked Wall Panel
decorated ceiling and wall panels

Ceiling Adornment Medallion with Chandelier
ceiling adornment medallion with chandelier

Beautiful Medallion with Border Trim
beautiful medallion with border trim

Beautiful Ceiling with Corner & Other Trims
beautiful ceiling with cornices and corner trims