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From foyer to kitchen, storage is an important aspect of home furniture. Small apartments or big houses, organizers and storage cabinets play a vital role in keeping houses look spic and span. Consumerism is on the rise and people sometimes compulsively accumulate things and without extra storage space, keeping things organized is not possible.

Formerly there used to be bigger and more spacious houses with huge sized attics, barns and cellars. We had the luxury of stashing everything – right from an out-of-fashion dress to not-in-use furniture in the cellars or attics. Winter vegetables, fruits, cheese, and liquor – all used to be stored safely in the cellar without feeling any problem or space squeeze.

But today things have changed and we do not have cellars or attics to store. In fact, our homes are minuscule in size, we have difficulty in finding enough storage space for even monthly grocery stocking – leave alone yearly stocking like they were doing formerly. Even the huge garage where we used to stash things is a thing of past and we have just a basement parking spot for one car!

The need for extra storage furniture is a must for us to organize all our things. Extra storage space will prevent stuff getting strewn everywhere, and help us assign places for each and everything so we will not have a hard time finding whatever we want quickly. We can easily keep the house tidy and neat when each and everything has its own place.

Developing habits of tidiness and orderliness can be very helpful in good housekeeping. A weekly cleaning out of shelves and sorting the stuff helps greatly in weeding out the unwanted and useless stuff and keeping the essentials. Many postpone clearing out stuff periodically and end up feeling frustrated to find old stuff still hogging space when they want space for new purchases.

Here is some storage furniture from Bedroom Furniture. These organizers and storage accessories are very helpful to streamline your maintenance tasks. You can stash a lot into the six wicker baskets like bed linen, towels and other sundry items. The beautifully upholstered ottoman can look neat in the living room at the same time stashing your extra cushions, throws or rugs.

No doubt you are also having storage crunch often. Periodic spring cleaning and having enough storage accessories and organizers will help greatly in making your home well-maintained and beautiful!

Wonderful White Dresser with Drawers

Wicker Basket Storage Shelf

Upholstered Ottoman with Storage Facility

Storage Bench in Walnut with Baskets

Storage Seater in Oatmeal Finish

Elegant Looking Dresser with Drawers

Chocolate Colour Chest of Drawers

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Storage Organizers for Keeping Clutter Away in Your Home Maintenance

Orderliness and tidy look can be only achieved if we methodically and periodically remove clutter from the house on a regular basis. Organizing must be done frequently as there can be too much accumulation of items as we keep buying more and more. Especially with the kind of small houses and studio apartments we have, storage options are not many.

How to keep the shelves and cabinets neat and tidy? Keep checking your entire kitchen for things that are out of date, recipes that you do not use, broken china that should be thrown away, bent and tarnished cutlery and cracked crockery. Check that you are not stocking old flour, creamers, and other stuff with expired date of manufacturing.

Ruthlessly start throwing things that you will not need at all. Put in a carry bag things that are in good condition but not presently used by you and things that you no longer are using as much as before to be given away. Change the paper lining after thoroughly cleaning it and giving it a lick of paint if needed.

Likewise in the bedroom and bathroom closets and bedroom wardrobe cabinets, check for stuff that are not your size now, that you no longer use now, things that are out of your present dress mode and stuff you have not used in the past six months. Throw away what cannot be used and pack in a carry bag what can be given away to others,

Now that you have got rid of the clutter that takes precious space, check whether you need more storage space. You can have some floating shelves or open shelves that you can stake against the wall in your living room, dining room or bedroom for additional storage. Pretty-looking floating shelves can be fitted in the foyer as well over console tables etc.

Check how good-looking the old shelves are. Give a touch of paint if needed in the same matching colour scheme as the flooring or other furniture in the room. Check what things you can keep on the shelves. Arrange the items beautifully and aesthetically so that the room has an enhanced look. Get a vase of fresh and fragrant flowers for a touch of aesthetics.

Here are some beautiful organizers and shelves from Smart Furniture. All of them are good looking and will add grace and beauty to your home. Which is your favourite?

Under Stair Organizers for Knickknacks

Simple Organizer for Kitchens

Roomy Organizer for Living Room

Organizing Your Book Collection

Organizer to Keep Stemware Etc

Living Room Organizer for Books and Curios

Elegant Dining Room Organizer

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