A Home Office Designed To Suit You

There’s no doubt about it, technology has completely changed the way we live and work, and the traditional office set up is becoming much more flexible. With broadband, iPhone, Blackberry and Skype, people can now work pretty much anywhere and lots of people are choosing to break their week up by working from home from time to time. If this sounds like you, or if you have decided to set up your own business and work entirely from home, then it’s important to have a room or space that is dedicated to work use. Though it’s great having the luxury of being able to come and go when you please (and of course the commute is much easier) you also need to create a good ‘working’ environment in your home, so that you feel like you’re in the office, even if you’re just in the spare room!

Fitted home offices can be tailored to your individual needs and you can have furniture and fittings designed to fit any size or shape of room, even a box room. This will make the most of the space you have available and create a relaxing atmosphere to work in. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to run a business if you constantly find yourself tripping over files or can never remember where you’ve put things because the office is cramped and cluttered.

The first step to getting a fitted home office installed is to meet with a design expert who will visit you at your home and take a look at the room you would like to convert to an office. Your designer will be able to advise you on what’s possible and you can chat through any ideas you might have yourself at the time. It’s a good idea to be on the same page right from the start and together you’ll be able to create something that is perfectly suited to your needs. You can also talk about what type of materials you would like to use – remember fitted home offices don’t have to look like traditional corporate offices. It’s your home so you can design it as you see fit. Your design expert will then measure the room you would like to convert and every aspect of positioning will be taken in to consideration.

If you’ve considering a fitted home office, why not make the call today and get the ball rolling. You’d be surprised how easy the whole process is, and before you know it you’ll be working away in your brand new office!

Compact Class Home Office Furniture

Lavish Home Office Furniture Design

Stylish Home Office Furniture

Compact Class Home Office Furniture

Small Home Office Design Ideas

Comprehensively Designed Computer Desks for Your Home Office

Maybe you are a working at home mother? Or are you one of those successful entrepreneurs who run a full-fledged business from your home? Even if you have only two staff members who support your business, your office furnishings should be top class and totally professional for that reflects the extremely successful, confident go-getter entrepreneur like you!

Today computer armories come with sophisticated designs so that more than one person can be comfortably accommodated and have privacy as well enough storage space. Modular shelves and modular computer desks come with such innovative options that you can refurbish your office space most elegantly and optimize space most effectively also.

Maybe you are running a small setup with limited space but there are more than 2-3 members are working alongside, you need to utilize the space optimally so that all the staff members have their own space for work without being disturbed by the others. You can use one table-top, with partitions centrally so four can be seated and share the power and other facilities.

With divided table top computer desks, you may have limited amount of space for storage. You may need to have extra cabinets or open shelves for storing your paper supply and other stationery supplies. You can plan to share printers, fax and scan machines which can be kept in a nearby table for common use by all the users.

On twin sharing basis, the computer desk offers more space and more options for storage also. It has enough underneath shelves and drawers as well as cabinets with doors and full size cabinets which can be used to store all essential supplies etc. Other types can be open cubicle type cabin spaces running one after another with some storage space and limited privacy.

Executive type computer desk is very elegant and impressive looking with a beautiful computer table top and a full wall-length storage space with comfortable chairs for visitors etc. Adjustable height computer desks are a boon for ergonomic seating purposes. And if you want to work standing up, you have that option also with adjustable table tops.

Here is some beautiful and very utilitarian office furniture from Global Total Office. Look at the way the table has been adapted for a multi-user table with a central partition. The other is for twin sharing use. More spacious and elegant looking executive table looks great!

Don’t you like to have one for your home office?

With Ergonomically Designed Chair

Single Table Top Divided For Four

Height Adjustable Computer Table

Comprehensive Office Furniture Executive Type

Close-up View of Two User Table

Cabin Type Computer Tables

All Inclusive Computer Armoire Table

Modular And Smart-Looking Furniture for Your Home-Office

If you are one of the entrepreneurs working from home, you would always be on the lookout for newer and more contemporary office furniture. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur with or without support staff – or a full-fledged small business owner with a roomful of staff, ergonomically designed tables and chairs are your first priority. Full-fledged, solid-looking wooden furniture or heavy-gauge metal tables/chairs are all passé today. Lightweight and modular furniture that are space efficient and ergonomically compliant are the latest passion for furnishing the home or commercial office space. Along with properly designed table/chairs, neat and sleek looking storage options are in demand.

In many of the home offices, for that matter even small-scale business offices, space is always at a premium. If you are somewhere downtown near the business centers, all you can manage maybe a suite of rooms where a separate conference or business meeting room is next to impossible. Most of the meetings can be planned to be held at your table with a little planning. If you have a neat executive desk with return, you can have your laptop set up on the smaller return portion, leaving the bigger space for any impromptu conference or meeting you would like to conduct in your own office room. Two-to-three chairs arranged just around the table should make it convenient enough and cozy enough for a successful meeting.

With the work culture revolving around personal computers and laptops and storage of data more online as well in disks, the storage space need is not as much as previously. Hence home office can be pretty compact with just a table and a chair as well as a couple of units for storage to hold the disks and the essentials needed for printer etc. Here are some beautiful looking computer desks/tables and chairs from Babini Office. Look at the sleek look of the table with laminated top and metal legs, and the shorter end holding the laptop and the spare looking shelves behind. With this kind of furniture, the office space looks chic, stylish and sophisticated.

Are you having a home office? I am sure you would like one such desk and chair for your own use. Due to the number of hours you are likely to sitting at the desk and in the chair, please choose ergonomically compliant chairs and office desks/tables that will protect the health of your back and neck and allow you trouble-free and comfortable office hours.

Spacious Desk with Sturdy Legs

Sleek Metal Frame and Wooden Top

Pair of Office Tables and Chairs

Overhead View Executive Table, Chair

Oval Shaped Office Table with a Return
oval-shaped-office-table-with-a return

Glass Topped Table on Metal Legs

Curved Table with Return

Uniquely Designed Work Sofa Makes Office Space More Congenial


Many a time, especially if you are doing creative kind of work, you work better in casual atmosphere. A rigid office like atmosphere with desk and chair does not put wings to our imagination or creativity. New ideas pour in when you feel more relaxed, lounging in leisure looking at nothing particular – just day dreaming. Many times when you get ideas, you need to put them down in black and white at once to make them happen. Work sofas are conducive to this. Work sofas are something of a mix between a sofa and a working chair taking the concept a little further so that you have a place where you can keep a writing pad and scribble or where you can keep your laptops, palms and i Pads to bring shape to what ideas float in your head. It can be chair, it can be a sofa, it can be a desk – all depends on your imagination and arrangement skills

Imagine the freedom this sofa gives you to get away from your table or desk! You are not in the self-same spot day in and day out looking at the same scenarios. These are modular sofas, not too heavy – that can be arranged where you need it when you need it. Put it in the patio, in the terrace, in the study room or in an alcove – where you want it and you can get down to work undisturbed. Actually work-sofas are a blessing in the office scenario as well as home office. Suppose you are having a conference or a workshop, having huge tables and chairs all round make it look so forbiddingly formal and stiff that many a time things do not work out smoothly. But these work-sofas when arranged together make such a cosy feeling of easy casual chic people love it.

There are some work- sofas which look a combo of sectional, ottoman, sofa, side table, computer desk and daybed as well with plenty of storage options built in arms, underneath and at the back. Especially in small size flats like studio apartments, this kind of modular and all-in-one contraption can be a boon, saving precious space otherwise eaten by each of the furniture separately.
Here are some images of the work sofas from Studio Makkink & Bey. Conceived, designed and built by Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey, this work sofa is modular in style and has been touted as the best thing happened in office furniture. The unique design and comfort factor makes it great.

I am sure you may like one for yourself if you happen to have a home office, don’t you?

Two Work Sofas in Gray, Pink and Maroon

Ready to Take Different Shapes

Promoting Camaraderie and Communication

Office Socializing Made Easy

Cool Looking Work Sofas in Formal Office
cool-looking-work -sofas-in-formal-office

Great Looking Comfortable Work Sofa

Combination of Sectional Ottoman and Desk

Elegant Computer Tables Chairs With Ergonomic Comfort – Essential Office Furniture

Good-looking office furniture is most essential in enhancing the decor of office interiors.  While filing cabinets, tables, chairs and other furniture are important, computer tables and computer chairs are key ingredients of office furniture. Today whatever business you are conducting, computers are the most important gadgets for office-work. So it is essential to furnish the office with a very good selection of computer tables & chairs.

Smart-looking office furniture can impress your clientele and other visitors most favourably.  Right kind of office furniture will improve the morale of the working staff also. Seeing that you will be spending sometimes as much as one-third of your waking hours sitting before the computer, it is essential that you have essentially comfortable and healthy seating arrangements.

It is very important to check whether the chairs and computer tables are ergonomically compliant. No doubt they need to look good as well but it is equally essential to avoid health issues that can arise from badly designed chairs.  An ergonomically compliant chair will have the correct size to fit to your shape of the body, have a minimum of 5 castor wheels for stability and mobility.  It should support your spine firmly, with adjustable height to suit a wide range of users.

It is essential that computer tables are also equally ergonomically compliant.  It is important that tables have height adjustment facility so a shorter or taller person can work comfortably. Correct height is when you can keep the elbows make a right-angle to the desk surface when resting on the table/or on the keyboard. A wrong seating will not only be give you discomfort, it can usher in spine and posture-related problems.

Today, you have gorgeous-looking tables to choose from that can add grace to your office interior. Minimalist style computer tables give a spacious and clutter-free look with just the monitor on the table or additionally a keyboard at best. And you can have cool-looking portioned tables with four PCs at four corners – totally separated and privacy assured for each! The executive kind of table can have storage space built-in as well.

These lovely computer-tables and chairs are from the repertoire of Freeline. This Danish Company has an eclectic collection of ergonomically sound computer tables and chairs. Stylishly modern looking tables – with adjustable heights and cool-looking chairs that are a pleasure to sit and work for hours are awaiting your choice. You have an array of shapes, finishes and colors to choose. Be sure to talk to your interior designer for tailor-made office furniture to suit your office needs and enjoy the comforts that are sure to come!

Reception area seating arrangement

Partitioned Computer Table & Chairs Assuring Privacy

Computer Table for Four without Partition

Smart-looking & Spacious Computer Table-Chairs for Two People

Elegant Executive Type Computer Table & Chair

Cool & Comfortable Four-Seat Computer Table