Coffee & End Tables – Finishing Touch to Your Living Room Furniture

Think of the days when humankind lived without too much furniture? Don’t you think they had fewer problems? Most probably they had bigger living areas – uncluttered and available? But think how inconvenient life would have been for them! No soft comfy furniture, no flat surfaces to eat from of no side tables like coffee or end tables for keeping stuff!

Over centuries, humankind has learned to appreciate good living and comfortable lodging. One of the most important aspects of comfortable homes is nice and sturdy furniture which makes life easier and more relaxed; things that would look trendy and beautiful and look aesthetic in the correct settings created to satisfy your personal desires.

Coffee and end tables – part of the occasional table sets – have become essential accessories and have become crucial part of home furniture – especially in the living room where we do the informal entertainment when visitors and guests come and where we relax watching some TV, reading books and listening to music.

End tables and coffee tables may not be the focus of the room, but they are certainly handy for keeping our snack plates, drink trays and glasses, iPods, IPads, remotes and of course newspapers and books. You can use them to hold a vase of fresh flowers or some beautiful looking curios or collectible you purchased from your last holiday!

With the wide amount of opportunities in choosing the exact coffee and end tables for your living room, the choice may be getting tougher and difficult for you. You need to focus on what kind of tables, in what style, in what material and in what size you can buy so that the end and coffee tables will blend most harmoniously with your other furniture.

Size is one of the most important aspects you must keep in mind. A coffee or end table should not be taller than the upholstered or sofa cushions – it should be preferably shorter. If you are keeping the coffee table at the center, you need at least two feet clearance space all around. Buy in a material and style that will blend beautifully with the existing living room décor.

Here are some images of beautiful looking coffee and end tables from A Brand New Look. Some are in antique finish and some with beautifully inlay work. All have storage space and finished exquisitely. Check what you like best?

Yellow Green Vintage Model Coffee Table

Side Table with Shelves and Drawers

Rustic Looking End Table with Drawer

Nested Coffee Tables with Inlay Work

End Table in Cherry Finish with Drawer

De-stressed Wood Topped Coffee Table

Coffee Table with bottom Shelf

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Glass Top Coffee Tables – Beautiful Accent Accessories

After a sofa set/sectional, coffee tables are the most important feature of the living room furniture. It is naturally the center of the living room and most of the time, it is the focus for the sitting area of the living room. When you can bifurcate the living room into separate areas – the coffee table will always be in the most important area – that of seating arrangement for family and guests.

A coffee table has other names like central table, cocktail table, peg tables etc. We find a number of uses for the coffee tables. This flat surface is so much useful that sometimes we need more than one coffee table and that is how we end up buying all the end tables, sofa end tables, side tables, occasional tables and console tables etc.

Most of the times, furniture stores provide a matching center table along with a sofa set. But if you want to buy a bigger or different style of center table, you have to plan a little before doing any purchase. Check what the present style of your interior décor is – especially what is the style of the sofas. The color of sofa upholstery and wall décor of the living room also needs attention.

But you do not have exactly match the living room furniture completely in all respects. A traditionally decorated living room may be having wooden furniture and a glass topped, metal frame accent coffee table may seem to be not in harmony with the existing furniture. On the contrary it can create a contrasting effect that will set off the beauty of both the traditional and accent furniture.

Likewise, if you are having contemporary style furniture, an accent coffee table of antique look and style can be a welcome addition. No doubt, it can be in a totally different style and but can still add to the beauty of the room very nicely. Think how distinct an antique look coffee table in solid wood with carved details, scroll work and high-glossy finish in teak or oak will look – distinct and unique amidst a minimalist style room!

How a nice looking sturdy and stylish accent coffee table will be a welcome addition to any living room can be seen here from these images here. These are a variety of beautiful accent coffee tables from La Furniture Store. Don’t you think you may like one of them?

Oval Glass Top Framed within Ornate Black Top
Oval Glass Top Framed

Pretty Round Metal Frame and Black Glass Top
Pretty Round Metal Table

Light Blue and Black Curved Pattern Topped Table
Light Blue and Black Curved

Gorgeous Two Deck Table of Glass and Wood
Gorgeous Two Deck Table

Elegant Chrome Base and Glass Topped Table
Elegant Chrome Base and Glass Topped Table

Different Combos of Wood Base and Glass Top
Different Combos of Wood Base and Glass Top

Cutely Shaped like a Tub and Glass Topped
Cutely Shaped like a Tub

Beautiful Glass Topped Table in Green
Beautiful Glass Topped Table

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Beautiful Wood Bedroom Designs And Concepts

Are you thinking of getting some new furniture? Maybe you want to buy new furniture for your new home or you are thinking of making over your bedroom into a prettier one. Changing the furniture can be a good option to have an effective makeover. New furniture can radically change the look of the bedroom and enhance the value of your home.

You can have a choice of buying luxurious and ornate bedsteads for your home if you have a big and spacious bedroom. Nothing like a beautiful looking four poster bed with scroll work and head board details with silk drapes etc to have a luxurious and grand looking bedroom. You can have equally heavy and ornate looking dresser with mirrors, chest of drawers, and night stands, side tables etc.

But while heavy furniture can make the room look simply grand and elegant, it will hog into precious floor space. Unless you have really big bedrooms with high ceilings and plenty of leg room to accommodate the entire set of your bedroom furniture, you will feel that too heavily worked and ornate furniture can over-dominate your bedroom and does not sit very well in your home.

So for a medium sized bedroom or even for a small sized bedroom, minimalistic and contemporary furniture can be the best choice. Whether it is for your master bedroom, for your kids’ rooms or for the guest bedroom, simple and elegant looking furniture with clean classic line designs will be best suited. They can make the room just right – not too overcrowded or congested.

What are normally included in bedroom furniture set? Double beds of high quality material, dresser with good mirrors, chest of drawers for storage, coffee tables or occasional tables and night stands that are either attached to the bed or separate. Sometimes if the room is big enough you can have foot side bench or a day bed. Another welcome addition can be a small work table for keeping your laptop, cell phones etc for checking mail.

One of the still popular choices of bed furniture materials is still solid wood. Wood furniture looks warm, goes well with all kinds of wall décor – like pastels and light shades like beige, cream and off-whites. Also with wooden cots, you can have customized headboards that can have built-in storage, lights etc.

Here are some bedroom furniture sets from Lattas for your perusal.

Wooden Bedroom Design Furniture
wooden bedroom furniture ideas

Simple But Elegant Wooden Bedroom Design
wood bedroom designs

Luxurious Wooden Bedroom Design Ideas
wooden bedroom concepts

Lavish Wooden Bedroom Design
wooden bedroom furniture ideas

Classy Wooden Bedroom Design
wood bedroom designs

White Headboard and Wood Finish
wooden bedroom concepts

White and Wooden Bedroom Furniture
bedroom designs wooden furniture

Teak Wood Finish With Gray
wooden bedroom furniture ideas

Set In Gray and Oak Finish
wooden bedroom concepts

Pale To Deep Blue With Pine Wood
bedroom designs wooden furniture

Cherry Red Wood and Cream White
bedroom designs wooden furniture

Black and Gray with White
wooden bedroom furniture ideas

Beige and Espresso in Black
bedroom designs wooden furniture

All Wood Set In Pastels
wood bedroom designs