Beautiful Sectionals Sofas And Couches – Essential Furniture for Living Room Decor


Sofas, sectionals, couches or recliners – by any name – are essential part of living room furniture. If we glance through the online shops and local furniture shops, we are astounded by the variety and choice available for you to purchase. Comfort, colorful and cost-effective are the terms we think of when we look at them. But since when sofas are so easily available for all of us? Look at the old pictures depicting Greek and Roman fables. You can always see the rich and powerful people reclining on some kind of a couch. Though they look ornate and beautiful, upholstery was not prevalent at that time. The couches or recliners as we know them with batting can be traced to 16th century England and Germany where basic form of sofa with wooden frames and padding with covering were started.

Initially the primary use for fabrics and covering materials were more used for protecting the inmates from elements. But once proper kind of dwellings started coming up, fabrics and animal hides were used as covering for furniture also. Hair, feathers, down, sea-moss – all were used for padding and buttons were mostly used to keep the padding in place. Since 18/19th century, sofa as a long and low kind of comfortable seat with upholstery mostly with arms and back-support became very popular and much sought after by every household. They were as much in demand as the bedsteads and mattresses were. The name sofa came from Arabic word and gained more popularity than the names couches or davenports which were used in Europe/England.

Sewing machines contributed greatly to the beauty of upholstery details which were intricately done. When a furniture designer was also a decorator, he was called an ‘upholder’. Famous names in furniture world like George Hepplewhite and Thomas Chippendale all combined woodworking with upholstery and created masterpieces that are still as popular and come at a premium.

Though only wood and metal were used for frames, steel, plastic and hard and particle boards gained popularity as raw material for making lighter and newer patterns of sofa. And now foam and polyester fiber, microfibers – all are popular for use as batting. All types of leather, faux leather, natural, blended and synthetic fabrics are used as covering. Here are some stunningly beautiful sofas and sectionals from Pianca. I am sure you would love to have some sofas like these to add ambiance to your living room decor?

Wonderful Looking White Sectional

Winsome Looking Lounger Ottoman

Recliner to Relax for Watching TV

Pretty Looking in Pearl-Gray Sofa Set

Comfortable and Colourful Sofa

Charmingly Classic Living Room Sofas
charmingly-classice-living-room -sofas

Beautiful Sofas in Black

Attractive Sofas and Ottoman for the Family