Wonderful Wicker Furniture Weaves Magic in Your Home And Garden

What is wicker furniture? How is it made? Is it any way different from the cane or rattan furniture? These are some common questions asked whenever the subject of wicker furniture or cane/rattan furniture is mentioned. While cane furniture is made of individual cane poles fixed to frames, wicker is made from weaving natural vines and barks wrapped around frames. Both are very popular choice of furniture – for outdoors but nowadays for indoors as well. Until recently both rattan and wicker furniture were made from totally natural materials. The frames were made of strong and sturdy natural canes bent to desired shape by heating it to high temperatures. In Asia, even today, wooden and cane frames are used and traditional natural fires from bamboo, cane, and willows are used for weaving and the wicker furniture is totally hand-made from 100% natural sustainable green products.

But today, almost all wicker furniture are made using sturdy high-quality light-weight aluminium alloy frames or in some cases heavier steel frames. And the wicker used to wrap around the frames is mostly synthetic. Recycled plastic/resin, vinyl or vinyl/resin is used for making synthetic wicker material. Resin synthetic wicker equals the wicker woven from natural fibres in looks but is sturdier and ages more slowly. It is also naturally water resistant. A good quality wicker weave should be tight, uniformly woven, close together without any visible gaps and have a smooth finish. It is flexible but quite strong. But it is advisable to keep the wicker furniture under cover in shade in extreme weathers. It is easy to clean; just vacuuming it lightly and wiping with a moist cloth should be sufficient. Occasionally a lick of varnish may help. If the cushions can be removed, the frame can be quickly washed with water and wiped dry to remove any spills etc.

Here are some beautiful and wonderful looking wicker furniture pieces from Pierantonio Bonacina. Look at the flowing chaise lounge in natural shade. How beautiful the ottoman looks? Don’t you think you would like the hanging chair in your terrace? The corner sofa set will add to the beauty and ambience to any living room! Comfortable, chic and highly sophisticated-looking wicker furniture is light, strong and durable; looks very beautiful and elegant and is easy to maintain. Coupled with contrast coloured or elegant white cushions, they are things of beauty giving joy forever. When properly taken care of, the wicker furniture lasts for long years giving excellent service. Don’t you think you would love to have some wicker furniture at your home?

Wonderful Looking in White Wicker

Wicker Easy Chairs

Portable Wicker Hanging Easy Chair

Flowing Wicker Chaise Lounge

Cozy Looking Wicker Cabin & Ottoman

Corner wicker Sofa Set with Coffee Table

Comfy Two-Some in Wicker

Wonderful Wicker Ottoman in White

Pair of Wicker Side Tables

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Marvellous Sofa Sets – Magnificently Upholstered in Microfiber

Are you a die-hard leather upholstery fan? Do you think nothing but leather will be the best thing for your furniture? Think again! There are now synthetic materials that cost far less than genuine leather and last twice as long. They stay good without absorbing the spills and stains and stay like new despite the wear and tear of rough use!

Microfiber is the gift from technological advancement in recent times. A wide variety of microfiber fabrics have come in a wide range of colours and in different finishes as well. These fabrics drape like dream and are quite sturdy as well. They can be easily washed – machine wash or hand wash and still retain their softness and pretty looks.

Microfibers are really thin – thinner than even human hair! They are made from fibres like rayon, nylon, acetate and polyester. Sometimes more than two of these fibres are combined to make a microfiber material. They can be finished to look like natural fibres – like twill, denim, silks and even suedes and other fabrics.

When the microfiber is finished to resemble suede – it is called microsuede- only they are completely and fully made of polyester fibres. Other popular finishes are velvet and chenille finish. They all look extremely elegant and look expensive but they can be quite sturdy and last much longer than genuine and natural velvet or chenille.

The strength of the microfiber is because of the fine and thin nature of the fibres. They are tightly knit or closely woven resulting in a very durable kind of fabric. They are treated to be water resistant and so water just rolls off them and they are somewhat more breathable then other nylon or polyester material though lightweight and soft.

This material is very easy to maintain with low to nil maintenance demands. Soft, durable and water-repellent qualities make these ideal for upholstering purposes. These are used in making dresses and other house-hold linen uses. Table clothes and towels are quite popular. Another important use is for car and other automobile upholstery.

Here are some beautiful-looking sofa sets from Furniture Store NYC. Look at the luxurious look and comfortable grace of the upholstery! How richly glowing and deep the shades look! These sofas offer a wide range of colours that look surpassingly bright and beautiful. Check out which is your favourite?

Stunning in Sage Shade Microprint

Royal Looking Red Coloured Microfiber Upholstery

Loveseat with Contrast Cushions

Gracious with Button Details in Camel Micro

Gleaming and Graceful in Mocha Micro

Elegant Looking Stone Coloured Microfiber

Cute Looking in Chocolate Microfiber

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