Smart looking Floating Shelves For Teenager Rooms

Youth of today want smart looking rooms for their needs, and their storage also must look smart and fashionably matching to their room décor. Children – teens and tweens love to have colorful looking bedrooms for their use. They love to have modern style furniture that can make their rooms self-contained and sophisticated looking. Floating shelves can be a good option for their storage needs.

Whether big or small, kids think their rooms as their private domain and are keen that all their books, dresses, music and games are within reach. Today modular furniture is well planned for meeting the kids’ needs. Built-in tables, bunk beds, storage under the beds, and pullout extra trundle beds are options to explore when you are thinking of getting furniture for your teenagers.

As the children grow, their storage need also expands to accommodate more books, more music, more games and more dresses as well. Precious floor space can be saved by floating shelves that the children may need. When the kids’ rooms are not very spacious, every inch of the room needs to be utilized. These modular options are not only space saving but they enhance the look of the room as well.

Floating shelves are open type simple shelves without doors. Today some wall supported shelves which have doors are fixed as floating shelves so they can be used for storing dresses and other items too. But open type floating shelves are best as they give an open light and airy look that will make the room look less cluttered and neat.

Some of the floating shelves are wall to wall and some can be a corner options. Well made open shelves are really modular in that in case you need more storage, you can add more shelves without doing a major overhaul. Good quality shelves last long and will be able to hold quite a bit of weight also – like the heavy text books and lots of games, music etc.

Generally you can fix floating shelves wherever you have sufficient wall spaces. The best place for the floating shelves can be just above where your table/desk is normally located. You can reach for your books etc without much trouble. Here are some beautifully furnished youth rooms from Zalf. The bedrooms are fitted with beautiful looking floating shelves. Check what you like best?

Wood Color Finish Floating Shelves

Startling Yellow and Wood Finish

Simple and Elegant Shelves in Blue

Shelves Floating in Powder Blue

Room with Open Shelves in Purple

Pristine Looking White & Lavender

Mustard and White Decor Shelves

Cubby Holes and Shelves in Green

Bright Colored Floating Shelves

Apple Green and Buttercup Yellow

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Elegant And Beautiful Computer Armoires to Make Working Easy at Home

Today computer has become a part of our life. Right from desktop computer to the smallest size PC – like a palm computer, you have computers in all sizes. Most commonly either we have a desktop or a laptop. Spacious houses have a separate room for the computer – a den or library. But if you have a small apartment, a computer armoire will be a good idea to house the computer and peripherals. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, there are some peripherals which are essential along with the computers. With the usual CPU mouse and keyboard for the desk-top computers, you may have printers, modem, and fax machine (optional). A computer armoire will help you in keeping all these organized and neat keeping things uncluttered and orderly.

What are the criteria to look for before purchasing a computer armoire? First check out what are all the peripherals you are having that need to be arranged in the armoire. Measure the exact size of the CPU, printers and the speakers. Also decide whether you want to keep the paper supply for the printers and other items – like clips, pins, files and file covers, pen and pencils in the armoire.
You should decide how tall should be the desk. If you have a desktop computer, you would need a drawer at a lower level for the keyboard and mouse. In case you are going to use a laptop mostly, you may need to have a lower desktop so that you are seated ergonomically correctly while working either with a desktop PC or a laptop and typing height is perfect for you.

Also check whether the shelves and cubby holes are roomy and well designed to accommodate the printer. Do they have sufficient room for feeding the paper and changing the cartridge etc and have provision for wire connections etc? And other consideration will be where you are going to keep the armoire? In the living room or in the bedroom and how big a space can you spare for the armoire?
Here are some beautiful and functional computer armoires from Furniture from Home. Look how beautiful is the executive type black and cherry armoire! And the modular style armoire in black is looking totally sleek! The white distressed looking armoire with return is stunningly beautiful and functional too! All of the armoires are exquisitely crafted and smoothly and beautifully finished.

I am sure you also are keen to have a beautiful computer armoire. Go online and check out and bring home a great looking computer armoire!

Traditional Style in Solid Wood
traditional-in-style- and-in-solid-wood

Simply Elegant Armoire in White

Natty Looking Computer Armoire and Chair

Modular and Classic Look in Black Finish

Hutch, Desk and Shelf in Traditional White

Cute Looking Computer Table and Chair

Contemporary Style Wood Armoire in Espresso Finish

Chic and Sophisticated Looking Computer Armoire

Beautiful Armoire in Black Cherry and Gold

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Bunk Beds – Lovely Space Saving Option For Kids Room

Bunk beds are the most favored bed options in kids’ rooms when there is a crunch for space. If there are siblings sharing the bedroom and no extra space to put two cots comfortably together, bunk beds can come handy. Shortage of floor space can be best managed with modular storage options and modern style bunk beds with foldable table and desk options.

Many times two beds are stacked one above the other with a ladder option for easy climbing. Modular furniture manufacturers are today exploring more new options of designs for bunk beds and new versions of bunk beds, so that better table/desk and storage options are accommodated in a more innovative way and that these new design bunk beds look more colorful and attractive.

Even when siblings need not necessarily share the bedroom, bunk beds are still preferred options so that if friends or cousins are visiting, there can be an extra bed at a pinch. Many a time the children use the lower berth of the double-decker bed as day bed area where they can work or study and keep the upper bed for sleeping option without bothering to clean up the lower bed.

Wood is one of the materials often selected for bunk beds. A combination of wood and metal combination or metal and molded polycarbonate material is also used – especially for table tops, chairs etc. Gone are the days when only wood grained and sober shades were used for bunk beds and built in tables, chairs, storage spaces etc.

Today bunk beds come in vivid colors. Most manufacturers use more than one color while manufacturing bunk beds. They are generally made to match the wall décor – with contrast color splashes across the room to make it look very fresh and very attractive. With area rugs, cushions and draperies to match the bunk bed, the children will love the bunk beds.

Here are some images of beautiful looking bunk beds from Colombini Casa. All are modular beds in modern style with all storage options and table/desk options. Some beds have storage option as drawers beneath the lower bunk beds. There are storage options, mostly wall supported – some with doors and some are open floating type shelves. The tables and desk options are also combined into the some of the bunk beds and some have storage space built in.

I am sure your children will love to sleep in one of these bunk beds!

Yellow-Green Bed with White Blue Décor
beautiful bunk bed design

Yellow and Orange with Cream
beautiful bunk bed design

White, Red with Blue Tints
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White, Lilac and Orange Color Scheme
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White and Yellow with Blue Backsplash
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

White, Blue, Maroon and Green Combo
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Sunset Yellow, Green and Cream Combo
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Regal Looking in Red and White
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Orange Bed with Green Backsplash
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Green Pink and Cream Mix
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Brown & Yellow with Pink & White
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Blue, White and Orange Scheme
bunk beds and kids bedrooms

Twin Purpose Sofas for Your Small Home And Studio Apartments

Multiuse sofa is a welcome addition to your home – especially if you have a small home or a studio apartment. If you are having only the master bedroom and one kids’ room, overnight guests are difficult to be accommodated. A sofa-bed can be a boon at these times – a sofa which can be converted into a bed – double most conveniently so that the overnight guest can be easily accommodated.

One of the most important aspects you must keep in mind before buying a sofa bed is where you are going to place it. You must remember, though it will be the size of a big sofa only, when extended the sofa set can take a lot of your living room space, so before you go ahead and plan this measure how big is your living room and where you can accommodate this sofa-bed so that you can expand it and use it without a major re-organizing of the furniture around.

So you cannot just go and buy the first sofa that catches your fancy without checking whether it will fit into your living room without dominating the room or needing major furniture re-positioning whenever you are extending it. And check how it will go with the style of your home as well as the style of other furniture that you have got in your living room already. Most of the modern day-beds are capable of blending seamlessly with the existing furniture.

If you have a smallish living room with no place for an extendable sofa bed- you can go for one of the sectionals or day beds that can be used as beds as they are. These are best as day-beds and can be used for day-time use too. Some of them have a matching ottoman with them that can be fixed to the sofa so you have enough leg space when you want stretch and have a nice nap. These are space saving modular and modern looking sofas that can be such a welcome boon when you have a small home.

This sofa bed is ideal for living room – big and comfortable enough to seat all the family members conveniently while viewing a favorite TV show. Here are images of some stunning looking sofas, sofa-beds, and daybeds from Annet Sofa. Some are extendable and some have a futon stored underneath that can be pulled out – some are daybeds and sectionals with pretty looking cushions. Which is your favorite?

Pretty Pink Cushions on Black Upholstery

Sectional with Colorful Cushions

Sectional with Check Upholstery

Great Combo in Pink and Black

Day Bed Sofa in Cool Green

Beautiful Sofa in Gold Brown with Futon Storage

Beautifully Shaped Curved Bed

Beautiful Looking Day Bed with Back Side Support

Another Spacious Sofa Bed in Olive

Another Spacious Sofa Bed in Olive