Elegantly Done Small House Interior Design Ideas

Small houses and loft apartments are today a part of urban living. Most of our cities are populated so heavily, spacious and roomy houses are not the rule but the exception. With more people keen to have a home in fashionable quarters and inside the town limits, small homes and apartments are practical solution for the house crunch and high real estate rates.

With the arrival of small houses, minimalist, contemporary and eclectic furniture has come to be in much demand. People have not space, place, time or interest to find humongous looking solid furniture. People live in mini houses and minuscule apartments so they want small -size furniture that will not look clumsy or heavy in the limited space available.

In most small houses or apartments, the living room doubles up as dining room. The house designs are open and quite fluid with an open type kitchen that runs into the living room directly. The formal dining room has been replaced by the kitchen counters or kitchen-island counters that serve as the dining area with either high dining chairs or some bar stools with adjustable heights.

Bedrooms are small with compact beds – maybe king size along with built-in storage under the bed for storing extra stuff. The wardrobes are mostly wall supported – maybe walk-in closets which can match the bed and nightstands. A small built-in alcove could be the dressing area. Any work area or the home office is most probably accommodated right in the bedroom.

Kids; rooms and the guest bedroom are self-contained and the furniture is easy to maintain kind as well small in size and modernly minimalist in style. With modular furniture options, kids’ rooms come with bunk bed and modular units that can make the kids’ room completely self-sufficient and cool looking through out year.

Storage shelves are a must in small houses and apartments. With the clutter that can happen in a jiffy in high traffic areas like kitchen, dining counters and bathrooms, shelves for storage can be easy way to contain the chaos. And you need to de-clutter the house on a regular basis so that the there is only essential and if any minimum stuff lying around so that you can continue to have clutter-free home. Here are some images of a small home with exquisite looking furniture from Seriea Mania for your perusal.

With Floral Backsplash
small apartment interior design

Wall Supported Display Shelves
small home interior design

Simple Home Office Corner
small house interior design

Simple and Elegant Dining Area
elegant dining area design

Living Room with Media Console

Kids’ Room Bunk Bed and Study
kids room bunk bed design

Elegantly Furnished Bedroom
small apartment interior design

Complete Set of Bedroom Furniture
small home interior design

Bedroom with Private Work Area
small apartment interior design

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Space Optimization Ideas for Efficient and Uncluttered Home Decor

Today small apartments are the norm with spaces becoming premium. Most of the times, we have to optimize utilization of spaces we have and try to have a clutter-free home. But luckily for us, furniture designers and manufactures are coming up with great novel ideas for optimizing space. Foldable sofas, cabinets, tables and what not! With planning and patience, we can optimize every inch of our home. How can we optimize space? A variety of imaginatively space saving furniture can be found on net offering storage space to make the house look uncluttered and well-maintained. Beds sofas, ottomans and stools all come with underneath storage space. Instead of any impulsive purchase, a well-planned purchase after careful market survey can make the house look neat and tidy.

Every room of the house can be planned to have space saving furniture. Right from the living room, our bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen and bathroom – every room can be done to have modular and space saving furniture which will help us in using the space maximally. And all the extendable of foldable options work smoothly and easily to not make it a heavy and difficult chore. Instead of spreading things horizontally, eating up precious floor space, think of using vertical space. Racks and shelves can be as tall as the ceiling permits, with the topmost shelves stocking things we use only seasonally. Also using wall space and ceiling space like wall or ceiling mounted potholders and wine racks are another option.

Other ideas that may help are like fixing racks and floating shelves on the inside of bathroom, kitchen cabinets. These racks will free valuable drawer and shelf space to be utilized for other items. Shoe organizers are great ideas to be utilized within your wardrobe for holding various other small items like tissues, hand towels etc. Here are some very innovative and beautiful-looking space-saving furniture from Resource Furniture. Look at the wall bed attached to shelf which can be extended to the entire length of the shelf. The table and chairs can be folded up neatly and tucked out of sight. Look how beautifully the bunk-beds get folded up out of sight ingenuously. All mechanism works smoothly and easily.

I am quite sure you will look at some these nice space saving options. Talk to your interior decorator and get space-saving and beautiful looking furniture for your home.

Queen Size Sofa and Shelves

Queen Size Bed Pulled Out
queen-size bed-pulled-out

Living Room Sofa and Shelves

Sofa Made Into Double Bed

Home Office from Cabinet

Ready to Work Home Office

Extra Bed over Desk Space

Concealed Bed Over Desk Space

Bunk Beds Tucked In and Out of Sight

Bunk Beds Ready for Use

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Beautiful Kids Bedrooms with Modular Furniture


Using modular furniture can be a great way to decorate your kids’ room. A makeover for the kids’ rooms can be quite taxing as we are never sure what the children may like to have and when their ideas change. Their likes and dislikes are acute and mercurial. They outgrow their decorating ideas so fast that it can be quite difficult to decorate their rooms.

What appeals to adults may never appeal to youngsters. What is liked by teenagers may look impractical and not good looking to the parents. Teenage girls have different choices and teenage boys’ taste may run entirely differently. So it is best to take the likes and dislikes of your kids before you attempt to makeover their bedrooms for them.

Modular furniture may be quite cost effective when you are doing the teens’ bedrooms. Include the children when you are discussing makeover ideas with your interior decorator. Many times if the kids have a chance of explaining what kind of décor they may like to have in their room at the start, the decorators may be able to incorporate the ideas while choosing furniture.

First ask the kids what kind of wall color or wall décor they may like to have. And give them a choice of what finish and colour scheme they will like their bed furnishing and wardrobes to be done. Ask what kind of area rugs or carpets they like. You can even decide on the kind of shelves – like floating shelves or free standing wall units they will like for their books etc.

The advantage of modular furniture is that you can expand or add to it even at a later date. You may choose to have storage built in – underneath or at the headboards – and you can add a matching work table separately or along the bedstead. You can have a trundle bed for your kids’ friend overnight stay or make it a bunk bed type.

Decorating the kids’ room must bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your kid both. By planning well in advance, you can avoid any stress of tension for you and disappointment and frustration for your kid. Go online with your child and look at the options available and discuss with your interior decorator for a beautiful makeover.

Here are some beautiful teen rooms from Corazzin Group ready for your choice!

Bedroom Done in Cream Green and Yellow

White and Yellow against Blue Wall

Teen Bedroom in Mustard White

Orange and Cream Tones

Mustard and Off-White Colour Scheme

Finished in White and Gray

Blue and Pink Color Scheme

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Sectionals – The Latest Sensational Sofas for Your Living Room Furniture


Sectionals are the most popular kind of sofas for furnishing your living room. The most appealing thing about the sectional is that it is most versatile and can be adjusted to room of any size. You can have a sectional couch or a sectional sofa as per your choice. With a matching ottoman, it becomes a better relaxing option for TV viewing or for reading a book. Sectionals are sofas which can fit a room of any size as it is mostly modular by nature. It can be separated and adjusted to fit the room perfectly. By choosing smaller size, it can fit a smaller room and make it look bigger and more spacious. And they are perfect for a smaller apartment even in upper stories as they can be carried before assembling.

There are a variety of sectionals available today – in many shapes. Like the ‘L’ shaped sectional, today ‘U’ shaped sectionals, curved sectionals and open rectangular sectionals – there are now a lot of choices available. Even if your home is a small house or a studio apartment, you can have a custom made sectional to perfectly fit the measurements of your living spaces.

Sectional with the chaise is the new popular sectional option. Chaise is nothing but a detachable ottoman in the same or matching upholstery that can be moved to fit any corner of the sectional or keep it separate and use it as a separate ottoman. With a small sectional and one accent chair you can complete the decor of the living spaces most adequately.

Though sectional sofas can be modular in nature and you can choose it as a safe bet for a small house or apartment, you should make sure that you measure the available space correctly before you finalize your sectional sofa. And decide how and where you want the angular portion of the sectional is going to be fitted to give the best effect.

Here are some beautiful sectionals from Craftmaster Furniture. All are beautifully crafted and looking very attractive and elegant. Some of them have matching ottoman like the brown sectional in a contrasting deep brown and upholstered differently. Some have a floating sectional in matching shade and with matching or contrasting cushions.

I hope you like the sectionals displayed here. How about buying one for your home?

Stunning Sectional in Maroon

Sectionals in Shades of Brown
sectionals in-shades-of-brown

Pretty Looking in Pale Kaki

Graceful in Gray and Black

Gorgeous in Golden Yellow

Beautiful Sectional in Cream White

Attractive Looking in Beige Pink

Attractive Looking in Beige Pink

Modular Storage Units Are a Boon to De-Clutter Your Home

More people are living in apartments/smaller size homes today. Keeping the house tidy can be really taxing when you have more things and less storage space. Sometimes walls are paper thin and not able to put up with heavy wall mounted storage shelves. And solid wood furniture can occupy more space and can be a costly option. This is where modular shelves have a role to play.
With ready-to-assemble modular furniture available in innovative patterns and attractive designs in IKEA and other places, people are turning to more modular and ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) kind of furniture options. Modular furniture is light and compact, easy to assemble, looks stylish and chic and is reasonably durable for the cost you pay for this furniture and fit nicely in your home.

Most people enjoy getting the DIY kind of furniture. It gives great satisfaction to see the product coming into shape in front of your eyes assembled by you or a family member. Actually people are happy about the fact that with modular furniture, they can throw the old one without compunction and go in for the latest trend as cost is not all that prohibitive and you can get latest at a reasonable price. The best part about modular furniture is the flexible option it provides for the users. It can fit wherever you need them. Make it into bookshelves for kids’ room, entertainment center at the living room, display and book shelf in the drawing room or in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. These modular shelves do not hog space and come in natural wood color, sophisticated black or stunning white color.

Modular options can be some customizable shelving options that you can adapt to suit your individual needs. Most of them are made of fibreboard in medium density and they have the top covered with melamine which is heat infused. This makes the surface easy to clean and more durable. Most of today’s designer and manufactures offer you the choice of designing what you want and how you want it and all at quite a decent rate.

Here are some beautiful looking modular shelves from Smart Furniture. The room-divider shelf looks so stylish and chic in a wavy pattern which can become the focus of the room due to its trendy look. The storage piece in white will add grace to any home blending so happily with any of your home furniture.

I am sure you will like one from these shelves which have an airy and minimalistic look bringing beauty to your home.

Wonderful White Looks Best

Stunning Looking Media Storage

Storage Shelf for Living Room

Room Divider cum Shelf in Black

Open Type Book Shelf in Black

Light Airy Looking Bedroom Storage

Elegant Looking Open Shelf in Wood