Kitchen Design in Wood and Lacquer

This neat piece of kitchen furniture comes in complete wood and lacquer finish. The finishing of this range of kitchen systems is top of the class. The wooden partitions and panels with aluminum handles are in perfect sync with the black colored glass panels and black stainless steel exhaust head. The kitchen counter top are made of black jaipur stone which makes it extremely sturdy, reliable and durable. Along with excellent functionality this design provides comfortable ergonomics and high quality in workmanship of every minute element from the steel handles to the table top to the classic handpicked veneer on the kitchen system.







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Modern Kitchens More Popular Now

Big roomy and traditionally designed kitchens are now passé. Nowadays homes are neither so big nor the traditional way of cooking, baking and other activities are the only activities women do today. With working couple, quick meals and ready-to-eat kind of dishes are popular. With both partners working, takeaways are also popular coming to the aid of over-worked lady-wife.

Whatever is the size of kitchen, sleek looks are much sought after by homemakers all over. What can make a kitchen look sleek and sophisticated? Clean design lines are one of the most needed design requirements for sleek kitchens. Simple designs with uncluttered look are what we ask for. Easy to work and elegant to look at are main characteristics of a sleek kitchen.

Smart Mod Kitchen With Color Accent Wall
Smart Mod Kitchen With Color Accent Wall

Another aspect that can hit the eyes will be the color schemes of the kitchen. Kitchens look great with basic wall décor in pastels or off whites. Some other light colors like beige, blue, cream yellow and light green also may look good. Cabinets can be with rich dark wood finish. But today even that has been changed to light shades like white.

Nut Brown And White Combo Mod Kitchen
Nut Brown And White Combo Mod Kitchen

Flooring is another aspect you must pay attention to in your kitchen. Tiles or wooden flooring is the most favored option. Classic wooden flooring can create a great impression especially with white or off-white wall colors. If you feel that white wall décor and wooden flooring may look too sober, you can bring color with backsplashes.

Marvelous Modern Kitchen In All White
Marvelous Modern Kitchen In All White

Another idea can be to have the kitchen island in a different color – to contrast with the wall décor and the flooring. Dark wood finish kitchen-island can be the focus in an otherwise white wall, wooden floor kitchen. A white and black or white and dark brown combo can look very striking and very pretty also.

Gorgeous Black White Combo Mod Kitchen
Gorgeous Black White Combo Mod Kitchen

Here you can see some images of pretty looking kitchens from Bagno Sasso renowned for beautiful kitchens. One of the kitchens has a big wall poster as accent which goes very well with the pale blue wall décor. Almost all the kitchens are with open type plan with dining area and living area and kitchen all accommodated in the lounge area compactly in a flowing manner. Lighting is another important aspect as you can see from the images here. Beautiful pendant lights with great looking shades are seen over the respective dining tables or dining area for added attraction.

Glass Windows And Well Lit Mod Kitchen
Glass Windows And Well Lit Mod Kitchen

Dark Brown Island White Combo Kitchen
Dark Brown Island White Combo Kitchen

Cool White Gray Elegant Mod Kitchen
Cool White Gray Elegant Mod Kitchen

Beige And White Modern Kitchen
Beige And White Modern Kitchen

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Some Amazing Modern And Marvellous Kitchen Designs

Today modern kitchens are the rage. Whether you are a great chef-level cook with a lot of entertainment done every week or you are a fast-food and ready to cook items specialist, having a modern looking kitchen with all the right gadgets and appliances can increase the pleasure of cooking and reducing the drudgery part of it. Today with technological advancement, the kitchen gadgets and appliances are manufactured in such a way to be space optimal in every kind of kitchens including small kitchens like in studio apartments and small houses. The depth and height of electrical appliances like refrigerators are designed for easy accommodation in kitchens of any size.

Innovative ideas of accommodating and fitting up gadgets like microwave, ovens etc are utilized to save precious floor space. Storage spaces are planned vertically again without wasting floor spaces. Kitchen islands are so well made that you can work around the islands and utilize every inch of the island countertops as well interior space with no wastage. Hanging up pots, pans, stemware and your big-size cooking ladles etc can be the best way to free up shelves and cabinets where you can have more space to stock the groceries and spices. A wall mounted spice rack can add to the wall décor too. Deeper and bigger storage counters under the countertops can accommodate all large-size cooking utensils etc.

Lighting is an integral part of modern kitchens. Under cabinet lights are the latest and these get switched on as you open the cabinet doors and pulling out storage drawers. Under the counter lights are now making easier to view the contents that are kept in deeper and larger size storage shelves without any need to rummage around. With a center area kitchen island, you can create a breakfast/lunch eating area. Arrange some bar stools that can exactly match the counter height of the island and you have a comfy ready eating place that can be very near the cooking area. Most of the times, breakfast to dinner eating can be done here reserving the dining room for more formal occasions.

Here are some images of beautifully modern and minimalistic looking kitchen counters from Arred-amenticec It. These are fabulous looking kitchens with very comprehensively designed kitchen islands that hold all necessary appliances and storage as well with such good lighting to make the kitchens look like dream kitchens! Which is your favourite kitchen?

Vibrant in White, Brown and Glass

Stunning Looking Black Counters

Small and Sleek in Cream and White

Marvellous Looking Maroon Finish

Gleaming in Pristine White

Elegantly Done in Brown and Beige

Brown and White with Steel Tones

Beautiful in Blue and Black

Kitchen Furniture Designs By Must Italia

To have a beautiful, attractive and elegant kitchen design is a dream come true for every women of a house. It is one important area of your room which everyone looks forward to. If the kitchen is elegant and beautiful you would love to have a family meal. These elegant kitchen designs are ground breaking concepts from Must Italia. They have shown the right way of incorporating nice elegant designs and glamor into functional designs. These designs show grace and style without giving away any of the practicality or the essential things you need in a kitchen.

Wooden Elegant Kitchen Furniture Designs Ideas

Attractive Elegant Kitchen Furniture Designs Ideas

Glamorous Elegant Kitchen Furniture Designs Ideas

Elegant White Ivory Kitchen Furniture Designs Ideas

Uber Cool Kitchen Designs

Alno one of the top manufacturers in kitchen furniture with a design heritage of over eighty years. The luxurious and modern kitchen designs below are their latest collection. They come in a variety in color, material, layout, design and style. Complete with guidance from their experts on custom design and installation as per your needs. Visit Alno website.