Elegantly Done Small House Interior Design Ideas

Small houses and loft apartments are today a part of urban living. Most of our cities are populated so heavily, spacious and roomy houses are not the rule but the exception. With more people keen to have a home in fashionable quarters and inside the town limits, small homes and apartments are practical solution for the house crunch and high real estate rates.

With the arrival of small houses, minimalist, contemporary and eclectic furniture has come to be in much demand. People have not space, place, time or interest to find humongous looking solid furniture. People live in mini houses and minuscule apartments so they want small -size furniture that will not look clumsy or heavy in the limited space available.

In most small houses or apartments, the living room doubles up as dining room. The house designs are open and quite fluid with an open type kitchen that runs into the living room directly. The formal dining room has been replaced by the kitchen counters or kitchen-island counters that serve as the dining area with either high dining chairs or some bar stools with adjustable heights.

Bedrooms are small with compact beds – maybe king size along with built-in storage under the bed for storing extra stuff. The wardrobes are mostly wall supported – maybe walk-in closets which can match the bed and nightstands. A small built-in alcove could be the dressing area. Any work area or the home office is most probably accommodated right in the bedroom.

Kids; rooms and the guest bedroom are self-contained and the furniture is easy to maintain kind as well small in size and modernly minimalist in style. With modular furniture options, kids’ rooms come with bunk bed and modular units that can make the kids’ room completely self-sufficient and cool looking through out year.

Storage shelves are a must in small houses and apartments. With the clutter that can happen in a jiffy in high traffic areas like kitchen, dining counters and bathrooms, shelves for storage can be easy way to contain the chaos. And you need to de-clutter the house on a regular basis so that the there is only essential and if any minimum stuff lying around so that you can continue to have clutter-free home. Here are some images of a small home with exquisite looking furniture from Seriea Mania for your perusal.

With Floral Backsplash
small apartment interior design

Wall Supported Display Shelves
small home interior design

Simple Home Office Corner
small house interior design

Simple and Elegant Dining Area
elegant dining area design

Living Room with Media Console

Kids’ Room Bunk Bed and Study
kids room bunk bed design

Elegantly Furnished Bedroom
small apartment interior design

Complete Set of Bedroom Furniture
small home interior design

Bedroom with Private Work Area
small apartment interior design

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Luxury Home in Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is the most popular design style today. Most of the modern and minimalist designs are variations of contemporary style. This is a style that combines the various advantages of other styles like traditional design style etc so that all aspects are oriented towards your comfort and your liking. It is essentially what you want – nothing more.

As your home is an extension of you and your tastes, it showcases the inner you very effectively. By looking at a home, you can definitely predict the nature of the owner – whether he likes simple and quiet elegance or whether he has a liking for ornate and ostentatious. Also by the color choice of walls, furniture upholstery and other furnishings, we can predict his nature most successfully.

A neat and methodical person always loves to have a clean-cut classic design with least amount of fuss. A person with excellent judgment and taste will make the entire home look elegant and dignified. His tastefully decorated home will definitely show his excellent choice of furniture, furnishings and décor aspects and his attention to details.

Here you can see some images of a beautiful looking home with luxurious looking interiors but styled in a contemporary manner. This has been designed by very well known architects – Parsonson Architects. Called as Wairau Valley House, this is located in Rapaura, NZ.

This is a beautiful and luxurious looking home designed in contemporary design. With a beautiful swimming pool in the front yard, the house looks majestic and grand with floor to ceiling glass windows showing the living room to great advantage. The single story structure is with high ceiling and quite spacious and roomy with a gabled roof. Every part of the home looks beautifully designed and stylishly furnished; attractive bedrooms look elegant and furnished very prettily .

This home has been constructed with wood as main construction material for ceilings and flooring- from beautiful looking eucalyptus saligna wood. The very spacious looks give the home a luxurious look of distinction and stylish sophistication. The home looks very statuesque with the beautiful wooden flooring adding to the luxurious look in all the living areas including the kitchen. Surrounded by carefully cultivated gardens and orchards, the house presents a stunning looking luxurious home that looks elegant, contemporary and stylish too!

Trellis Covered Pavilion Contemporary Home
Pavilion Contemporary Home

Stunning Wood Finish Interiors
Stunning Wood Finish Interiors

Patio Area Contemporary House
Patio Area Contemporary House

Outdoor Pool Deck Contemporary Home
Outdoor Pool Deck

Open Type Plan Contemporary House
Open Type Plan Contemporary House

Elegant Lounge Contemporary House
Elegant Lounge Contemporary

Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen
Contemporary Home Steel Wood Kitchen

Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House
Beautiful Backdrop Contemporary House

Attractive Pool Contemporary House
Attractive Pool Contemporary House

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Elegant-Looking Japanese Style Dining Room Furniture

Now that with open airways and flying made easy options, people travel a lot around the world, for pleasure as well as on work. When they see something very nice and comfortable, they are impressed with that – whether it is furniture, dress or any food items and they like to adopt it for their own use back at home and enjoy the same comfort and pleasure of it.

Japanese type of furniture is one such specialty item which is liked universally. What is so good about Japanese style of furniture? Why is it so popular? Japanese always believe that the yin and yang of our life should be balanced. They always believe in simple classic designs that will utilize the available space and light to the maximum and make the room look balanced perfectly.

Minimalist style has been very popular trend when people try to decorate in Japanese style. Low dining tables are the most popular options. The guests and host both sit at floor level on cushions or in seats that look like chairs with no legs. Low dining tables are always used. Some times just cushions are used for sitting without seats.

Mostly the chairs and tables are classic and traditional looking wooden furniture. These are in non-fussy looking design. Simple classic-lined table are used with straight lines and without any frills or ornamental work. Most of the tables are the height of coffee tables and mostly they are neat looking with rectangular shape; have very short legs.

Also they do not use deep shades or bold colors for dining room décor as well dining room furniture. Whatever is the wood used, they are finished in classic hardwood color and finish like natural wood, pine, oak etc. Also when cushions or upholstery is used in the small low-hung seats, only off-white, white, cream and light shades of green, blue are used. No violent contrast or deep shades are used.

Dining room wall décor is also kept simple and minimalist with pastel colors to match the furniture. No extra unnecessary crowding is generally liked and décor is kept to a minimum and spare. There is a sense of spaciousness, elegance and simplicity is found when Japanese style is adopted to decorate your dining room. You can add Japanese artwork to make the room look more beautiful. Here are some images of beautifully done dining table-chair in Japanese style from Hara-Design Co.

White Topped Table and Low Back Chairs

Vertical Slated in Black

Pale Blue Contrasting with Shiny Black

Low Height Dining Table with Ground Level Chairs

In Wood Finish and With Curved Back

Elegant Looking Dining Set in Wood Finish

Dining Set In Pine Finish

Dining Set in Black

Curved Chairs with Teal Blue Upholstery

Chairs with Curved Back and Cushions