Great Looking Media Consoles for Your Entertainment Center

An entertainment center can become the focal point of your living room. This is where you will display your home electronics, organize and house all the supporting paraphernalia like speakers, extension wires, DVD player, DVDs or LCDs and remote controls. TV armoires, wall supported entertainment shelves, media consoles all are useful to keep the usual electronics and other clutter of wires, remotes, extra wireless modem and other devices properly organized.

Wall Supported Media Console

Wall Supported Console with Side Shelves

What are all the things you may need to accommodate in an entertainment center? If you are keen home electronics buff, you may be having the full home theater unit, with flat wide screen TVs, media servers, any number of speakers with woofers and other boosters along with music systems, DVD players and other appliances.

Traditional Console Close Up View

Wood is the most popular choice for the entertainment center. Soft or hard wood are best choice. But if you want to show off your electronic appliances, wood and glass can make an ideal choice. Glass doors can show off our collection but still can keep the dust away. But whatever is your choice, check whether the unit has cable connections that are integrated and cord management devices and built in switch options and other hook-up options.

Traditional and Chic TV Console Stand

Right from small consoles that can be wall mounted right under the TVs. These also again can be wall mounted, you can have full-size wall units that can not only store the home electronics but also hold all the music collections, home game cartridges – consoles and joysticks etc along with manuals and other self-help guides. If they are big and spacious, they can also store some or our curio collections prettily along with a vase of beautiful fresh flowers.

Modern TV Console Close Up View

It is a good idea to have a good amount of storage for your entertainment center. Many a time when you do not have properly built in switches and cubby holes for the extra wire etc, the wires stay out, hanging unseemly and looking ugly as well getting under our feet. Today modular options entertainment centers come with options that allow you to expend your original console when you need more space

Modern TV Console Espresso Finish

Here are some images of beautiful looking media centers that will house all your home electronics beautifully and elegantly from Woodwaves. There are large wall mounted units as well compact console units that are fitted under wall mounted TVs. Check what will suit you best?

Media Console in Natural Wood Finish

Double Bay Espresso TV Console Stand

Double Bay Espresso Finish Console Close up View

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Customized Entertainment Center for Housing TV And Media Appliances

A customized entertainment center is the perfect way of accommodating, managing and displaying your TV and other media electronic appliances. It can be the focus around which you can develop the decor of your living room. It will be the centre for fun-times for the whole family. If you opt for modular type units, you can expand it as you add the latest and more advanced equipment to your present collection. A comprehensive entertainment center should optimally house TV/home theatre system, CD/DVD players, game consoles, docking system for MP3 players and stereo system with built-in speakers; it should have integrated wire connection and cord manager, built-in surge protector strip; it must come with drawers, shelves, cabinets for storing remote controls, disks, game cartridges, DVD/CD collection books; may have display shelves, CD racks etc.

There are many options available in the market like utilitarian TV stands, cabinets, armoires, wall-units, and consoles. A free-standing TV stand may be the simplest form of an entertainment unit with just space for your TV with some shelves underneath for CD player and storing your disks etc. If you have a wall mounted TV, having a cabinet underneath to house your other electronic appliances/home theatre etc may make it stylishly complete. Armoires, wall units and consoles are bigger-sized and grander looking units and accommodate a lot more along with all your electronic items as well as large-size TVs. They can have doors like in armoires to hide the equipment or can have open shelves to display all your nice gadgets like in consoles. They can look casual, contemporary, traditional or modern in decor and made from materials like wood, hardwood, wood composite with veneer, or metal and glass.

Do you listen to music a lot or see more movies? Or use the game console more? These choices, your lifestyle and your home size will decide the type of entertainment center that will be best for you. Make a list of your electronic appliances, their sizes and their components etc. Check out what style will suit your living room decor. It is best to seek expert advice from your interior designer so that you can decide on what will suit best your particular needs. Here are some wonderful entertainment units from FURNITURE FROM HOME. Look at the handsome construction of the units. The exquisite workmanship, perfect finish and attention to details make each one of them elegant, beautiful and fabulous looking. Drawers, cabinets and other extra features make them complete entertainment centers.

Go online and check out all the options. Talk to your furniture expert and bring home a beautiful and customized entertainment center to have great TV times.

Regal Looking Unit with Two Side Bookcases
regal-looking-unit-with two-sided-bookcases

Pretty Looking Unit in Antique Finish

Grand Looking Entertainment Unit in Black

Graceful White Beauty with Glass Display Shelves

Fabulous Looking Media Shelf with Side Shelves

Classic Looking Eco Friendly Wood TV Unit

A Wheat Finish Wooden Wall Unit with Bookcases

A Stunning Looking Unit in Solid Wood

An Elegant Wall Entertainment Unit with Side Niches

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Magnificent TV StandsAnd Media Cabinets

Organizing your living room aesthetically will be a good plan when you want to enhance the look of your living room. Entertainment center needs to be comprehensive and spacious enough to hold all your home electronics. Freestanding TV stand, free floating wall units that hold all your equipment or it can be a wall unit that can be almost wall to wall.

TV and other electronic appliances technology is a fast developing industry. If you love to buy new gadgets with varying sizes, it is best to go for a modular type entertainment center that you can manipulate as your demands keep changing. If you are thinking of going for bigger size home entertainment units, you should have enough storage space as well.

It is a good idea to organize all your media and appliances conveniently in your living room. It is best if the TV units have cord management throughout so that you can adjust the placement of speakers, music players and other paraphernalia most conveniently. There should be sufficient space to accommodate the flat screen TVs without crowding.

There are TV units in all sizes and shapes. But first you need to determine what is the size best suited to you. Supposing you have already one comprehensive and big size wall unit available in your living room and you want this only for meeting the bedroom display and storage, then you can go for the minimalist kind of TV stand only.

Entertainment armoire can be the best if you want to make you living room also the entertainment centre for the family. TV – all sizes, DVD/CD players, CD collection, music player, play station equipment, and other electronic toys – all of them can be conveniently and aesthetically stored and if you like displayed on perfectly.

You can have a selection of material of the entertainment center – like wood, metal or a mixture of wood and metal. Bamboo is another popular and green choice today. But most grand looking media and entertainment centers are a blend of more wood and some metal with enough spaces and provisions for cord management at strategic places.

Here are some beautiful and majestic looking TV stands and entertainment centers for your home from Custom Shoppe Furniture. Beautifully crafted and accommodative for wide screen TV units, these look very charming with features exceptional style and chic. Don’t you think you would love one for your home?

Showing Only the Display Case

Magnificent Looking TV Cabinet
magnificent-looking-tv cabinet

Cabinet with Swivel Center

Cabinet with Shelf Behind

Cabinet with Opened out Shelf

Cabinet with Fireplace Underneath

Cabinet with Drawers and Cabinets

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