Beautiful Bedrooms Are Essential for Elegant Homes

Purchasing a bedstead, mattresses and the complete set can be a major decision one makes when you furnish your new home or getting a makeover done for the home. Bedroom and kitchen are the two most important places – one nurtures our inner self and the other nurtures our physical form. But both are most important part of our homes.

Bedroom furnishing is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration projects. Getting the bedroom aesthetics just right is very very important. Not just the bedstead alone, but it is essential to get entire bedroom set just right. A comfy bed in a well appointed room adds to the good feeling you have when you come home after a stressful day.

What is the other furniture that you think you may need in your bedroom along with a beautiful and functional bed? You need a nice chest of drawers, an end table, a console table, a small size media center, a dressing table and enough shelves for your personal wardrobe. Window curtains and screens can add to the complete cool look you are attempting to achieve.

Often an area rug is most important especially when the weather turns cold. Matching curtains, pillows, cushions and bolsters can add another dimension to the bedroom. The bed’s headboard offer a lot of personal choices – like with built-in storage, built-in lights and the foot board also providing some handy nightstand space to keep a cup of coffee etc.

Built-in lights are not the only options. You can have lovely pedestal lamps and table lamps for task lighting and you can have beautiful mirrors fixed to add to the ambiance of the room. With back-lit illumination, mirrors can make the room beautiful and sparkling. You can keep some low-lying wall mounted lights with motion sensors during night time.

Bed linen is the most important while planning for renovation. With the number of choices available today, you can make the room richly furnished as well giving most sensuous kind of bed sheets and pillows and pillow covers etc. Matching draperies also contribute to make your bedrooms just perfect. Add a daybed and with the media center, your relaxation is assured!

Here are some beautiful beds from Global Furniture. All the bedroom sets look fabulous and sophisticated. Each one is color cordinated to perfection. I am sure you would fall in love some the bedroom sets featured here!

Stunning Looking White and Black Décor

Platform Bed with Cushioned Headboard Accessories

Great Looking Black And White Combo

Excellent Looking Black Gray and White

Cute Looking Crafted Headboard and Accessories

Beautiful Black on Wooden Flooring

All White Decor Gives Spacious Looks

All Pine Wooden Décor

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Lovely Silks – Drapes And Spreads

Gracious looking bedrooms with gorgeous bedspreads and drapes can be the stuff dreams are made of. Every woman just loves to have a gorgeous bedroom with silk sheets and sheer drapes. Furnishing the bedroom elegantly and sophisticatedly takes quite a bit of planning and research. Hotchpotch kind of a décor will make the entire home look shoddy.

What are the most important features of furnishing your bedroom? Once you have got a solid and comfortable bedstead, search out for the most comfortable mattress and then it is your choice to add to these basics. A couple of side tables and a built-in or a walk-in wardrobe and if you have some more space, an accent chair/sectional will complete the basic furniture of your bedroom.

The decorative and ornamental features come now. How you furnish your bed, your sectional will show your taste and character. How you do the windows can make the room airy, light and welcoming. Likewise what kind of bed linen you are using for your bed again will make a lot of difference to the way your bedroom is going to look.

Not just your bed linen but the cushions, bolsters, rugs and throws can make a splash of colour in an otherwise sober room. How you are going to decorate the wall? Wall décor – paints have a lot of influence in setting the mood of the room. Though it is essential to have soothing blues or light beiges, creams, you can add a vivid, deep contrast to one wall to make a dramatic effect.

How do you think you will use the windows to enhance the look of your bedroom? You should have double layers of curtains – one sheer or lace – so when you want to allow the light to stream in you should be able to draw back the silk or heavy drapes that otherwise you use on them. When needed you should make a cosy nest and when u like have daylight streaming in.

Here are some beautiful drapes and bed linen from La Drape. The bedspreads look stunningly beautiful in myriad colours – cool and contemporary blues and pinks – or rich traditional jacquards and silks – with quilted effect and throw-over corner details. These are fitted sheets and bordering and piping details to make your bedroom a place one dreams about.

Do you think you will like one for your home?

Top Class Looks in Pinks and Green

Rich and Traditional Brocade and Silk

Rich and Regal Looking Quilted Cover

Pretty Looking Floral in Blues and Pinks

Olive Green Silk, Candles and Mirrors

Gorgeous in Rusts, Brown and Orange

Cool and Contemporary Looking in Blue – White
cool and-contemporary-looking-in-blue-white

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Attractive Metal Beds for Beautifying Your Bedroom Furniture

Buying a bed is a very important decision and you should not rush in to buy the first bed you see or the first bed that appeals to you. Looks are important as beds are the focal point of your bedroom and need to look good so that you have a nice ambience in the bedroom. But buying a bed takes more than looks and you have to do some planning for that.

A good bed is that which allows you to have a nice relaxing sleep. It gives your back the right kind of support, allows no strain in the neck or back muscles and rejuvenates you in the morning by providing a painless, relaxing and calming sleep. The right kind of bed frame supports correctly and the right kind of mattress lets your body relax well.

Good mattresses are as much important as good frames in helping you get a good night’s sleep. Properly sprung beds are the most convenient and support your back most comfortably. They are firm yet soft enough to follow the contour of your body and then spring back to the original shape. They are cool and comfortable to touch.

Attractive looking beds alone are not sufficient for sleeping well. You should check the height of your bed and how conducive the bed frame is in supporting your back. When you are sitting on the bed, your feet should rest on the floor easily and you should be able to get up easily without any need to swing up. Too low hung beds are not good for elderly people.

Headboard and foot rest are helpful in keeping the mattress and cushions in position. Some beds have four posters for nets and covers to provide more privacy etc. And there are matching nightstands available with the bedsteads. Many times you may get entire occasional table sets in matching pattern.

Bed frames with solid base are very good for your back as it provides full support to the mattress. Many times storage space is provided underneath the bed. Either side drawers or bottom-end drawers are planned for ease of use. Though with metal beds, head board details are not generally provided as with the wooden frame bedsteads.

Here are some beautiful metal beds from Nice Price Furniture. There are some fully metal frames and some are wood and metal combo beds. Check which one you like best to take home with you!

Wood and Metal Mixed Frame

Wood Frame with Metal – Header & Footer

Metal Bed with Scroll Work Details

High Domed Metal Frame in White

Elegant Looking White Metal Bed

Curved Metal Frame in Powdered Finish

Beautifully Worked Bed with Head and Footer

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A Stunningly Beautiful Bedroom Starts with Sturdy Basics

Beds are the most important furniture in your bedroom. Just like the metal bedsteads which make a very good bed-base, wooden beds also are great – giving solid support to your mattress. Wooden beds create a look of warmth and cosy feeling. They are sturdy and long lasting. They look stylish and sophisticated. A beautifully crafted wooden bed can single-handedly elevate your bedroom from a good-looking bedroom to a great-looking bedroom. Wooden beds are very popular today, especially frames that come in classic style with clean-cut looks and aesthetically simple structure. With looks enhanced by the wood’s natural structures, grains and colours, they are breathtakingly beautiful and effortlessly become the focus of the bedroom. With no footboards, and especially if king-size, it can look so invitingly comfortable and become compulsively addictive.

Let us see why wooden bedsteads are so popular. A wooden frame is many times healthier than ensemble beds. They are dust-free and easier to maintain. Especially for people suffering from any asthma or lung-related problems, wooden beds are a healthier choice. They are easier to maintain and lend themselves easily to different kind of themes. With headboard details that can be custom made, you will be spoilt for choice. Once you have decided the decor of the bedroom, you can choose a color that will complement the decor aesthetically. Keeping the bed as the center theme, you can get other bedroom furniture – like coffee tables, easy chairs – to complement or contrast the bed. With exquisite bed-linen options that we have today, the bedroom can be made to look stunningly beautiful and at the same time relaxing and tranquil-looking – a place to relax, rest and recoup our energy.

Traditionally beds are made from oak or cherry, but you can have lighter color options like beech, or ash. Today headboards come with mind-boggling options. You may have the option of built in drawers underneath for storage or smaller drawers under the sideboards. Here are some beautiful beds from Fimes. Look at the marvellous looking and classically crafted beds which make such a strong style statement! You must take time to check out what you will really like, what will be comfortable for you and what will suit your home. Go online and check the options. Talk to your interior decorator. Browse your local furniture store. You get down to personally see, feel and check all the options, and then make an informed decision to get the best bed that will help create the most marvellous bedroom you can have.

A Wonderful Looking Rounded Edged White Bed

A Black Beauty with Separate Sideboard

A Marvellous Looking Bed with Lazy Headboard Curve
marvellous looking bedstead in white with matching side board

span class=”imageheading”>A Beautiful Bed with Sturdy Legs & Sideboards
great-looking bedstead with sideboard

A Rhapsody in White Looks Magnificent

A Glossy Beauty with Sliding Drawers

A Curved White Headboard & a Cool Cornet Fit
a curved headboard makes it special