Popular Platform Beds – Best Bedroom Piece


Getting compact looking beds can actually make your bedroom look bigger. Today small homes and apartments are a reality and many of us need scaled down versions of old times’ four-poster beds or master beds that were really huge. Platform beds can be an ideal choice for small homes and there are quite a lot of choices available for you to pick and choose what may suit your home and style.

Bedroom décor overall can focus around the bed you have chosen. With the low-slung platform beds, you save a lot on the vertical space. The bed lies low to the ground and nightstands are also compact matching with the bed. This results in the furniture not dominating the room but matching and staying compatible to the overall décor.

Platform beds are ideal for loft homes or if you happen to have a small bedroom with sloping ceiling since it takes very less of vertical space. Today some platform beds do have headboards but not too high or too elaborate like for normal beds. Sideboards are almost always separate, but the beds have an extended wooden board-lip that extend all around serving as additional night stand

Box springs are not part of these platform beds. They have slats – placed closely so as to support the mattress directly. This is more comfortable for people with spinal problem who want a flat and a firm kind of bed – and this fits the bill nicely. Platform beds are no fuss beds comprising a bed, with a slatted bed support frame and directly your favorite mattress on it.

There is also storage area under the bed with a low pull out drawer under the bed that can store extra blankets, thin cushions and sheets etc easily. Low rectangular platform beds and round platform beds are both popular. Some round beds have a swing action. Some platforms do not have legs but rest on a square box-like structure which is used for storage.

Futons are another kind of low bed – actually foldable bed that is placed directly on the floor. Though originally only wooden platform beds were available, today there are beds from glass, from fiberglass, from polycarbonate, from bamboo, from cane and compressed wood also. Here are some pretty platform beds from Italy Design. Some are round in shape and others rectangular. How do you like them for your home?

Two Types of Low Platform Beds

Round Shaped Bed with Nightstand and Bench

Murano Glass Frame Bed with Quilted Headboard

Low Platform Bed with Matching Nightstand – Bench

Low Height Round Bed with Angular Nightstand

Bed Decor in Contemporary and Traditional Styles

Bed in Chocolate with High Head Board

Asymmetrical Headboard and Low Round Bed

Adjustable Headboard and Matching Dresser

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Get a Bed For Your Bedroom Furniture

We end up spending at least one third of our life on the bed. A good bed is the first step in getting a good night’s sleep and life long pain-free back and healthy life. Right size, tight firmness, right height, and giving the right amount of support are the important aspects when you are checking on buying the right bed for your bedroom – for you, family as well for guests. Price of a bed need not be the only criteria for purchasing the bed. But generally more expensive beds are always of better quality and more comfortable than cheaper variety and they are more luxurious as well as longer lasting than cheaper beds. Also when you get some additional features like storage, and special headboard, the price also goes up.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when you are buying furniture for your bedroom? A good strong and sturdy bedstead, a high-quality supportive and firm mattress and good quality, pretty looking complete set of bed linen and pillows, cushions, bolsters – made of natural fibers preferably – these all items make up your bedroom furniture. Buying a good size bedstead and matching mattress is of extreme importance. Bigger the bed more comfortable will be both you and your spouse. Separate mattresses will be a sensible idea since that will lessen the disturbance caused by partner’s movements. Get mattresses that will have just the right amount of firmness – not hard – for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Once you decide on what will suite your kind of lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, what will fulfill your needs, and what will show off your individual taste and character, you can check out at the local store all the options available for your own bedroom, for the guest room and for the kids rooms as well. You may have to take into account the size of the rooms without fail. Buying a bedstead can take planning and patience. Find out what kind of material will look just right in your home and what will suit the general style and ambience of your home. Discuss with your interior decorator and surf the net for new ideas and innovation in bedsteads and their headboards and footboard details which can be customized.

Here are some single bedsteads for your guest room and kids’ room from Ascot Co. Check what appeals to you most so you can get it for your home.

Teen Single Bed with High Headboard

Simple and Sleek in Black Espresso Finish

Pretty Looking Pink Floral Bed Set

Elegant Looking Bed against Stone Wall

Beige Wall Colour and Oak Bed Set

Beautiful Pink Four-Poster for Your Princess

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Eclectic Style Furniture for Comfortable Bedroom Comfort

When you are starting to decorate your bedroom, you want to spend a good portion of the bedroom budget on your bed and mattress. Bedroom is the most important area to each one of us. It is just our own room where you can be without any outside or work related tension, relax and enjoy quiet and peace. A soothing kind of décor is best for making the best use out of the bedrooms.

Simple Looking Bed Set in Dark Brown
Bed Set in Dark Brown

Though traditional and classic style kind of bedroom furniture will be good generally, if you have a small home with limited room space for a bedroom, then it is best to forget heavy solid kind of furniture that may be too big or heavy for small rooms. A toned down or a simpler version of traditional type furniture may be the best for your home.

Pretty Brick Pattern Backsplash and Vertical Slats Design
Vertical Slats Design

A nice solid bed-frame – selected after discussing what will be the size most suitable – can be with built-in headboard features – with headboard integral part of the bed or which can be an add on feature that can be detached. A good comfortable mattress is the next most important thing you have to check out for the bedroom.

Magnificent Four Poster in Double Color Finish

Even if metal frames, metal and wood combinations, plastic molded bed frames and glass and acrylic bed frames are all available, wood is still the most popular material of choice for bed frames. If not full solid wood, at least engineered wood of high quality is most suitable. Today there are other green options available with bamboo and cane bed frames.

Gorgeous Camel Backed Bed in Natural Wood Finish
Camel Backed Bed in Natural Wood Finish

Elegant Stripe Pattern in Deep Oak Finish
Deep Oak Finish Bed

What are other furniture pieces that you can add to your bedroom? Normally, a bedroom will need a dresser, chest of drawers, nightstands – mostly a pair of them and sometimes a recliner. Some would like a writing table or a drop-down working table where you can check mail on your laptop, do surfing or write letters etc.

Cute Looking Brass Knobs Sets off Black

Charming and Neat Chocolate Brown Bed

Other accessories that you may like to add for your comfort will be a table lamp on your nightstand. An area rug or a beautiful carpet may add to the comfort of the room and feel warm under your feet when weather gets cold. Check for extra lights with pedestal lamps or built-in lamps in the headboard. Drapery and window treatments are also a must to provide privacy. Here are some images of bedrooms that are beautifully furnished with beautiful and eclectic style bedroom furniture from Compass Furniture.

Beautiful Looking Bed in Black

Attractive and Elegant Looking White Bed

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Warning Signs To Replace Your Mattress

Although it sounds pretty straightforward that you need to replace furniture when it shows signs of wear that prevent you from using it properly, knowing when you need to replace your mattress isn’t that obvious. It is easy to spot exterior factors since when your mattress starts sagging due to wear and tear it probably means it is time to eventually split up with it… But there are other factors to take into account whether you should buy a new mattress.

1. Age of your mattress
Can you remember when exactly you bought the mattress you are sleeping on? Was it when you first moved in to your place or you had it from a nice neighbour who wanted to get rid of it? Do the math and if you find out that your mattress is more than seven years old you might consider replacing it. Bear in mind that a brand new mattress can easily last up to 10 years if it is turned and rotated on a regular basis and treated correctly (meaning not as a trampoline).

2. Wake up with morning aches & pains
Waking up in the morning with physical discomfort can be due to the quality of your bed or mattress. Repetitive aches and pains can be caused by a mattress type that doesn’t suit your personal needs. If you suffer from back problems you probably already know that mattresses are not all the same. It is important to choose a mattress which has the correct level of support for you. If you are suffering from back problems then you probably need to go for something a bit firmer.

3. You often sleep better in other beds than your own
Whether you spent the night in a hotel room, slept on the couch or in your friend’s guest room, realising that you get better nights sleeps in others beds is generally not a good sign. Try to identify the reason why others beds are better than yours and find out if your’s needs to be replaced.

4. Your needs have changed
Whether you now share a bed with your partner, make a habit of sitting on the edge of your bed, recently put on weight or feel that your body tolerates less pressure than before then it is important to reassess what mattress you should be sleeping on. Changes in needs, body shape, habits and age generally have an impact on the quality of your mattress and your sleep and are important signs to consider when wondering if you should replace your mattress.

5. Allergies & asthma
Have you ever heard of bed bugs? Those little cuties love hiding in your mattress fabric and bed linen as they feed on your blood. They exist only to eat and excrete and some people with very sensitive skin can develop allergic reactions. If you wake up in the morning with bites and weird spots this might be a good reason to renew your mattress and bed linen. But you should go for a hypoallergenic and anti bed bug mattress this time, clean it regularly and use a mattress cover to prevent them from coming back.

Beautiful Mattress For Sleeping

Thick Bed Mattress



Beautiful Mattress For Sleeping

Image Source

Beautiful Beds – Most Essential for Restful Nights

The most essential aspect of bedroom décor is getting sturdy, relaxing and beautiful looking beds. When you are going to spend one third of your life on your bed, it needs to be good and looks good too. A good bed needs to be with just the right amount of firmness, not too soft and pulpy, not too hard and stiff – like a rock. So the most essential of bedroom décor is the right kind of bed.

It is best to have a good solid bedstead for your bedroom. Divans, day beds, trundle beds, and expandable beds are all okay for temporary options like for an overnight guest. But for your own use, it is best to have good solid bedstead frame that is well made and well supported so that you can pair it with a good mattress and have a beautiful surface for sleeping.

Good bedstead frames can be made from solid hardwood or quality soft wood also. Today high-quality engineered wood is an economical alternative. Other options are metal frames fully metal or a combination of wood and metal. Today you have custom made beds with all storage options and specially designed head boards to satisfy your personal needs.

While the life of a high-quality well constructed bedstead frame can be more than 15-20 years, you may need to change your mattress say after 9-10 years latest. The daily wear and tear can deteriorate the quality of the fabric and filling gradually and you may need a new bed if you want restful and relaxing sleep that will rejuvenate you fully.

Headboards can be the best addition to a quality bed. With custom options like built in cubby holes for storage, cable connections for TV remote and power connections for built-in light etc, a well-designed headboard can be a boon indeed. Add to that a TV built-in foot board – your personal entertainment center can be just your bed!

Having underneath storage is an added attraction. Extra blankets, pillows, bed linen and cushions can be stored within easy reach. And many a time a running ledge around the bed frame can double as night stand. Today there are options for collapsible built -in laptop tables that can be attached to the foot board to make your home work easier.

Here are some beautiful beds from Italian Furniture.Co.ZA. Don’t they all look pretty?

Wooden Bed and Wardrobe in Red

Cream Lacquer Finish Bed with Ochre Backsplash

Sensational Sectional Day Bed

Pretty Sectional in Apple Green

Platform Bed with Pretty View

Orange against Brown Colored Wall

Oak Finish Bed and Wooden Wall Cladding

Low Slung Bed with Brown Floral Backsplash
cute beds for bedrooms

Fiber Glass Wardrobe in Black & White Bed
beds for bedroom designs

Chocolate Browns and Whites
smart looking beds

Basics of a Beautiful Bedroom – Choose the Right Bedstead!

Bedroom is our sanctum sanctorum. Our most private and personal place in the house is our bedroom. This is where we retire from outside world, to relax from daily grind and recharge ourselves to face another day. With bed being focal point of the bedroom and bedroom furniture, we should have no qualms to get the best bed we can from the market. The quality of sleep depends not just on the mattress you are using. You need to choose the correct bed-base to support your weight comfortably and give you long years of excellent service. A well-built bed-frame with great looks is the first step in shopping for your bedroom furniture. Since we spend one-third of our lives in sleeping, there should be no compromise whatsoever on the quality.

What are the options you have for bed-bases? Good quality bed-frames or bedsteads, both are excellent options. Actually the choice is up to you! The main difference between a bed frame and a bedstead is that bedsteads come with headboards as well as footboards. A bedstead keeps the mattress more securely and looks quite magnificent and impressive; and with a comfortable and good mattress will assure you of painless, refreshing and energising sleep that will rejuvenate you. A metal bedstead frame is a very solid piece of furniture. You might have seen some in old Hollywood flicks with Victorian-kind of themes. The bedsteads come with a solid topped base, with a spring edged base or with a slatted type base. If you want built-in storage space, that option is also available. Headboards can be custom-made to suit your needs. A beautifully crafted bedstead with an excellent finish can become actually an heirloom piece!

Here are some classically beautiful and magnificent looking metal bedsteads from Original Bedstead Company. These bedsteads come with simple clean-cut lines and sport very elegant and trendy looks. They can look magnificently opulent and grand with old-world charm or can come in minimalistic and stunningly simple modern look. They have such beautiful finish and ornamental with intricately carved details etc, the bed automatically does take center-stage in the bedroom. You know, the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen had a bed made of ebony and gold! Even if we do not go for a gold bed, we should buy a sterling quality bed – not only a good bed but made great by excellent craftsmanship! Please talk to your interior decorator in detail to know what kind – a bed or bedstead – will suit your bedroom. And enjoy a great-looking masterpiece right in your bedroom!

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs

Classic Bedstead Bedroom Furniture Designs