Attractive Looking Bedrooms Beautifully And Gorgeously Furnished


A dynamic and capable homemaker keeps thinking of ways to improve her home. She does not wait for any particular happening or period of the year to makeover any of her rooms. As and when she finds something new, something different and something better, she looks for ways to incorporate it in her home décor so her home and furniture is the best for her. Making over your bedroom can be exciting and thrilling if you are trying out new ideas. Getting new furnishings for your bedroom can be quite adventurous and fun. Summer months can be the time to get pastel and soft cool shades for your bedroom. That does not mean it has to look drab. You can bring color to the décor with vibrant bed linen.

If you have chosen white as the base color for your bedroom, with white walls and white color furniture as well, you can try to bring a contrast, a splash of color with a bright color to one wall of the room. That will bring relief to an otherwise all white bedroom décor. Also you can choose bright coloured linen that will look stunning – setting off the white. Pastel coloured walls go excellently with brown colour furniture like teak, mahogany etc. Sheer beige curtains and cream walls with teak bedroom furniture set – beds, side tables and coffee tables – can set off each other beautifully and give a rich and sophisticated look to the room. Brown colour bed can look great with white coloured sideboard and console tables also.

Warm coloured veneers like pine also look great in bedrooms especially with white wall décor and white flooring. It gives a spacious look. Even when the room dimensions are small, this combination can make the room expand and look spacious and nice. Bed linen – bed sheets, bed covers, duvets and all can be mix and match – with white bed spreads with deep shades of contrast color sheets.

Look at the storage space underneath the bed to hold books etc. and the nightstand next to the headboard looks very elegant. The matching sideboard and end table in teak finish complete the set and look very attractive and nice. The white bedstead and companion sideboards contrast nicely with the bed linen and trim over the wardrobe.

Hope your makeover resulted in such a beautiful bedroom?

Gorgeous in White and Pine

Elegantly Decorated Bedroom
elegantly -decorated-bedroom

Dark Brown Bedstead with White Sideboards

Cool and Comfy Bedroom

Bedstead With Underneath Storage Space</span
bedstead-with-underneath-storage space

Beautifully Done Bedroom with Overhead Storage

Attractive in White and Lavender

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Beautiful Kids Bedrooms with Modular Furniture


Using modular furniture can be a great way to decorate your kids’ room. A makeover for the kids’ rooms can be quite taxing as we are never sure what the children may like to have and when their ideas change. Their likes and dislikes are acute and mercurial. They outgrow their decorating ideas so fast that it can be quite difficult to decorate their rooms.

What appeals to adults may never appeal to youngsters. What is liked by teenagers may look impractical and not good looking to the parents. Teenage girls have different choices and teenage boys’ taste may run entirely differently. So it is best to take the likes and dislikes of your kids before you attempt to makeover their bedrooms for them.

Modular furniture may be quite cost effective when you are doing the teens’ bedrooms. Include the children when you are discussing makeover ideas with your interior decorator. Many times if the kids have a chance of explaining what kind of décor they may like to have in their room at the start, the decorators may be able to incorporate the ideas while choosing furniture.

First ask the kids what kind of wall color or wall décor they may like to have. And give them a choice of what finish and colour scheme they will like their bed furnishing and wardrobes to be done. Ask what kind of area rugs or carpets they like. You can even decide on the kind of shelves – like floating shelves or free standing wall units they will like for their books etc.

The advantage of modular furniture is that you can expand or add to it even at a later date. You may choose to have storage built in – underneath or at the headboards – and you can add a matching work table separately or along the bedstead. You can have a trundle bed for your kids’ friend overnight stay or make it a bunk bed type.

Decorating the kids’ room must bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your kid both. By planning well in advance, you can avoid any stress of tension for you and disappointment and frustration for your kid. Go online with your child and look at the options available and discuss with your interior decorator for a beautiful makeover.

Here are some beautiful teen rooms from Corazzin Group ready for your choice!

Bedroom Done in Cream Green and Yellow

White and Yellow against Blue Wall

Teen Bedroom in Mustard White

Orange and Cream Tones

Mustard and Off-White Colour Scheme

Finished in White and Gray

Blue and Pink Color Scheme

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8 Amazing Wall Decals For Living Room Walls

If you want a make a quick décor makeover or remodeling without involving too much expenses, wall decals may be a good choice. Especially if you are living in rented premises or as a paying guest where constructional or permanent décor change is not allowed, wall decals come in handy. They are removable without harming the wall surface on which they had been applied to. The wall decals available today can be fixed to any surface. Some of them come with specific instructions and with adhesives for sticking it on the walls. Some come ready with glue applied, can be peeled off and pasted on the wall. Large-size wall decals are not easy to be pasted singlehandedly and may need some help for application which you can get from the decal supplier.

There are glass decals, vinyl decals, tattoo decals, sticker decals and many more. Unlike painting or stenciling a design – which is permanent, most wall decals are repositionable from one place to another. When you reposition your furniture for a different look, you can remove a wall decal and reposition to suit the decor. Wall decals when applied expertly, look as gorgeous as painted. Now that wall decals are the rage, you can plan one for each room in your house according to your wish from the innumerable patterns, sizes and finishes. These stock-designed decals can be customized by the supplier to match the colour scheme of each room and to any size you require. Some are as small as a tattoo; some natural scenery decals are blown up to cover an entire wall of a room.

Decals come in many varieties – right from cartoon characters for your toddlers to superman/ spider-man for your teenagers. You can custom order your wall decals from your personal photographs – any photo can be converted into wall decal. Most of them have a transparent tone, not blocking light if applied on a glass. Most wall decals do not leave a residue or damage the paintwork/walls when they are removed. Here are some beautiful looking wall decals from WALLTAT. Look at the beautiful wall decals, how lovely they all look? They can be applied anywhere you like. Put it indoors, outdoors, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms, on your doors, verandas or glass partitions. Don’t they look so attractive and pretty?

I am sure you are already planning to refurbish your home with some stunning and beautiful looking wall decals. Aren’t you?

Great Looking Ginkgo Flowers on Wall Decal

Pretty Looking Prairie Vegetation on Wall Decal

Stunning Looking Wall Decal with Skinny Tree

Interesting Looking Garden on Wall Decal
gracious garden-like-wall-decals

Branches and Magnificent Blossoms on Wall Decal

Branch with Beautiful Flying Birds on Wall Decals

Branch with Beautiful Flowers on Wall Decal

Beautiful Looking Bamboo Leaves Wall Decal

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House Makeover Made Easy with Pretty Looking Furniture

When a home looks well kept, neat and uncluttered, the inmates feel comfortable and relaxed in the home. This will happen when you have excellent looking furniture, exquisitely selected furnishing and well planned and nicely lit house. The family and guests both feel upbeat and in a good mood with such a beautiful home

A good looking house becomes great when it feels warm and welcoming to the guests. How do you make a home good looking? Sometimes the house may not look dull because of a not interesting looking wall décor? Or maybe the furniture has a worn out look with old upholstery or the whole furniture needs replacement. So how to make sure that the room looks overall good?

First make an overall plan to make know what needs to be done to make the house look like new and appealing. Check whether the wall décor needs a makeover and whether the furniture and other accessories already present are in need of replacement? And also check how much light – both natural and artificial light comes in each of the room.

Getting a new set of furniture most often brings a great change in the ambiance of your home radically. But if your budget does not allow you to go for an all out change in furniture, you can go in buying one or two accent pieces and focus the décor with that as focus and then check the effect on the overall décor and look.

Changing the upholstery is another easy way of enhancing the look of your furniture as a first step to a home makeover. Many a time mixing and matching the upholstery with matching toss pillows and small colourful throws can bring a fresh look to your home. Rugs, carpets are also other options that you can explore.

With the number of fabric options that are available, you can make the sofa sets look bright and colourful with many details like button details, brocaded cushions and contrast pillows. A colourful runner for the dining table that matches sofa upholstery can look good.

Here are some beautiful looking living room, dining room and bed room furniture from Sitting Pretty Inc. Some of them are accent pieces like the four-poster bed with intricately worked wooden posts with matching bed-end benches. The sofas and dining table-chairs set also look really beautiful. Don’t you think you would make your home look as beautiful?

Sofa Set with Button Details

Paisley Patterned Cushioned Chairs

Overall View of Exquisite Furniture

Luxuriously Upholstered Sofa Set

Elegantly Cushioned Dining Chairs

Camel Backed Sofa in Golden Yellow

Beautifully Crafted Four Poster and Bed End Table

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Gorgeous Homes from Designer Makeovers

A beautiful house needs a good design, a talented architect and skilled construction crew and quality materials. If you are not very happy with the house in the present status, you can think of some changes to make it look better. You can plan for a complete makeover with major construction work involved or you can go for just renovation by giving a new lick of paint, getting new furniture, getting new window treatments and draperies, new furnishings and carpets and rugs etc.

A home does not become beautiful or gorgeous just like that. Making over a house to what you want is a continuous process. Sometimes you may buy a house because it is in a desired locality and it is within your budget. Even after that you may have to do additions and alterations to get the house exactly to what you want. You can get a builder or an interior decorator to get what changes you want done. Whatever kind of construction is going to be undertaken, please check to know what permissions you need from local governing body – like county office etc.

Sometimes you can completely re-build the house, or you have a choice keeping the outer shell and do just interior changes by rebuilding the walls, partition, flooring, ceiling etc. First make a list of what all changes you want to make and discuss with your builder or decorator about it. If it is a major work, sometimes it will be better to move to a temporary home as construction work can be finished off faster in a vacant house. You need to consult a decorator or a consultant to get the exact interior décor changes you want to get in your house.

You need to know exactly what will suit your style and the style of the house. What kind of furniture you will like and what color schemes you are in favor of – for furniture upholstery and drapes etc. You can go online and get a clear idea of how a makeover can improve the house. Imagine how happy you will to come back to a dream home after leaving a house you were not satisfied with!

Here are some images of a house after a major makeover done by Home Building Co. From being a water tower, this is now a beautiful minimalist home.

Relaxing and Refreshingly Done Bedroom

Pristine Looking Dining Area

Pretty Looking Bathroom

Lounge Overlooking the Garden

Innovatively Lit Sitting Area

Impressive Looking Classy Façade

Front Foyer in Two Levels

Foyer Area Leading to Glass Stairs

Bedroom Suite in Two Levels

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Small Kitchen Islands For Smart Looking Kitchens

Adding new furniture is one way of making over your home. If you are not keen to make over the entire home at the same time, you can do one room at a time and get the makeover done in a paced and easy way. You can start with kitchen and then do the dining section and living room and then do the bedroom along with the bathroom. If you are not really thinking about doing a full makeover, you can add some new furniture for bringing a new look to your home. Adding an accent chair to the living room, a new design console table for the patio, a new loveseat or a breakfast table for the bedroom or a new vanity for the bathroom – all are good ideas to bring a fresh look to your home.

In what way you can make an exciting addition to the kitchen? Kitchen is the most important corner of our home – a high traffic area. Here all our meals are cooked and where the family gets together mornings and nights to bond together while having their meals. Here the party times and entertainments are planned and preparations done.

Many of us have small homes and apartments where introducing new furniture may not be easy. Every inch of the space is planned for utilization and any new furniture, especially if they are big ones, certainly they cannot just be accommodated without a lot of shifting around and junking some old furniture to make some space for the new ones. And with the space crunch that is forever haunting the homemakers, whatever furniture we are getting need to serve as extra storage place wherever they are being used. For example an ottoman can serve as foot rest in the living room but need to have storage facility so a small house owner handles space crunch easily.

One of the most welcome additions to kitchen is a small-size kitchen island which can be used as a small table as breakfast table, as a work table or a side table. A small size kitchen island can be generally accommodated without trouble anywhere and it will feel at home as if it has been there for years and be most useful for the homemaker and the family.

Here are some images of beautiful looking small kitchen islands from Furniture Find. See what is your favourite?

Tile Topped Black Island with Seats

Side Board with Open Shelves

Island with Wooden Top and Glass Doors

Island with Views of Bin and Shelves

Island Cart with Cutting Board

Granite Topped and with Drawers and Shelves