Customized Entertainment Center for Housing TV And Media Appliances

A customized entertainment center is the perfect way of accommodating, managing and displaying your TV and other media electronic appliances. It can be the focus around which you can develop the decor of your living room. It will be the centre for fun-times for the whole family. If you opt for modular type units, you can expand it as you add the latest and more advanced equipment to your present collection. A comprehensive entertainment center should optimally house TV/home theatre system, CD/DVD players, game consoles, docking system for MP3 players and stereo system with built-in speakers; it should have integrated wire connection and cord manager, built-in surge protector strip; it must come with drawers, shelves, cabinets for storing remote controls, disks, game cartridges, DVD/CD collection books; may have display shelves, CD racks etc.

There are many options available in the market like utilitarian TV stands, cabinets, armoires, wall-units, and consoles. A free-standing TV stand may be the simplest form of an entertainment unit with just space for your TV with some shelves underneath for CD player and storing your disks etc. If you have a wall mounted TV, having a cabinet underneath to house your other electronic appliances/home theatre etc may make it stylishly complete. Armoires, wall units and consoles are bigger-sized and grander looking units and accommodate a lot more along with all your electronic items as well as large-size TVs. They can have doors like in armoires to hide the equipment or can have open shelves to display all your nice gadgets like in consoles. They can look casual, contemporary, traditional or modern in decor and made from materials like wood, hardwood, wood composite with veneer, or metal and glass.

Do you listen to music a lot or see more movies? Or use the game console more? These choices, your lifestyle and your home size will decide the type of entertainment center that will be best for you. Make a list of your electronic appliances, their sizes and their components etc. Check out what style will suit your living room decor. It is best to seek expert advice from your interior designer so that you can decide on what will suit best your particular needs. Here are some wonderful entertainment units from FURNITURE FROM HOME. Look at the handsome construction of the units. The exquisite workmanship, perfect finish and attention to details make each one of them elegant, beautiful and fabulous looking. Drawers, cabinets and other extra features make them complete entertainment centers.

Go online and check out all the options. Talk to your furniture expert and bring home a beautiful and customized entertainment center to have great TV times.

Regal Looking Unit with Two Side Bookcases
regal-looking-unit-with two-sided-bookcases

Pretty Looking Unit in Antique Finish

Grand Looking Entertainment Unit in Black

Graceful White Beauty with Glass Display Shelves

Fabulous Looking Media Shelf with Side Shelves

Classic Looking Eco Friendly Wood TV Unit

A Wheat Finish Wooden Wall Unit with Bookcases

A Stunning Looking Unit in Solid Wood

An Elegant Wall Entertainment Unit with Side Niches

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Charming Coffee Tables For Living Room


Living room normally gets the best of our furniture. We pick out living room sofas and sectionals with lot of care and attention. We plan for the exact space available and needs of the house and ask the advice from an interior expert or a designer of your choice. We get the best of furnishings and upholstery as well as accessories like coffee tables for the living room.

Coffee tables are accessories and very important additions to living room furniture. Many times we need one extra one for convenience sake over and above what comes with sofas. You can mix and match a new modern looking coffee table with traditional style sofa sets or contemporary style furniture. A glass topped coffee table or side table goes perfectly with any kind of décor.

Most popular coffee tables come as wooden base tables with glass tops. There are full solid wood console tables and coffee tables which add such a nice touch to the entire room. There are metal frame tables also available and look very sleek and elegant. Clean cut designed metal console tables and coffee tables are much in demand.

What size should an ideal coffee table be? The height should not be more than 18 inches. If it is less than 15 inches it may be too low and not very convenient. Higher tables are actually more preferable. Normal dining table high console tables when set against a wall can hold extra glasses etc when you are entertaining guests at your home.

You can choose the coffee table to be nearly the same height or just a little lower than the sofa seat for conveniently keeping the cup-saucer or glasses etc. If you are going to keep the coffee table as central table, it should be about two-thirds of the length of your sofa set to give a harmoniously blended look with the other sofa and accent chairs.

Also you should check for enough moving space in and around the coffee tables for easy movements. Many tables have shelves underneath for storing magazines and other items. Coffee tables are used as display tables also for your photos, curios and beautiful flowers

Here are some beautiful coffee tables and central tables at La-Z-Boy. Look at the beautiful metal frame console table which is set against the sofa. The outward curved side table looks very elegant and imposing. How do you like to have one such in your home?

Tables in a Group of Three
table-in-a group-of-three

Glass Topped Sofa Table

Glass Topped Oval Cocktail Table

Elegant Looking Set of Three Tables

Beautiful Sofa Table

Beautiful Round Cocktail Table

Beautiful Entertainment Console Type Table

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Barcelona Chair Reproduction

You can easily find Barcelona chair reproduction in the market. But, let us first understand the relevance of the same. A very interesting piece of furniture in the history of civilization is the Barcelona chair. Obviously the infamous chair got its name from the fact that it was first produced in Barcelona. Gradually it became popular all over the world. It was redesigned in the year 1950 making usage of stainless steel which was new in the market. Steel being strong and extremely useful in every other aspect of life found its use in the making of Barcelona chairs.

Barcelona Chair Reproduction

Although making use of stainless steel is very useful for Barcelona furniture, it was not really a thing of mass production and hence was quite an expensive thing to possess. The original designer’s designs were expensive, soon the market was full of Barcelona chair reproductions that are equally strong and sturdy, stylish as well as provide longevity to the design. There is a whole lot of innovation in the reproduction segment of the market; you could now find not only Barcelona chairs but also stools, foot stools, sofas etc. in the same theme. These designs available in black or cream color can easily be ordered online too. Giving the furniture market a new looks and appeal these chairs look incredibly beautiful. If you are not lay your hands on the original Mie signature style chairs you can always go for Knoll which sells equally fabulous designs.

Cost-effective and Affordable

Not every furniture dealer deals in original Barcelona chair, since they are quite expensive. But yes, you can easily find yourself an exact reproduction of the chair that not only is cheaper but extremely stylish.  The beauty of Barcelona chair is quite unmatched and distinct. You would not have any trouble blending it with any kind of décor, be it modern or traditional, exquisiteness of these chairs is refreshing.

Redesign your Home with Barcelona Chair Reproduction

If you are one of those who are looking to give your home a brand new look, you can accessorize the home with wonderful Barcelona chair. A chair with contrasting color leather would definitely stand out and look stunning. A barcelona chair would add an incredibly stimulating appeal to your interior. Do not fret if you are looking for blending modern interiors with something classy. Keeping a barcelona chair in your living room would mean a little variation can bring about wonderful change to your boring and old interiors. They are not only simple to look at but also very user-friendly and comfortable. You would not really be spending much on the maintenance. The Barcelona chair brings the 60s look back into your interior décor making it rich and luxurious.  A great addition to any home and a fabulous choice for any décor is a barcelona chair. When you are opting for Barcelona chair reproductions, here are some beautiful choices that would make your decision worth it. These brands are exclusively working on giving you the best selection vis-à-vis Barcelona chairs! Hence wait no more and get your won edition today!


Barcelona Chair Living Room


Barcelona Chair Classic Living Room




Barcelona Chair Glamorous Living Room



Barcelona Chair Living Room with a View



Barcelona Chair White Leather Living Room



Compact Console Tables for Living Room Furniture

When you imagine a well- laid out living room, along with comfy and elegant sofa sets and sectionals you need to picture end tables also – all kinds of end tables like sofa end table, coffee table, side table and console table. The coffee table may be the star of the show – sitting in the center of the room and being the focus; but the other tables are also equally useful and equally important.

Console tables are long, narrow and a little taller than other tables. Console tables are essentially functional furniture – serving as display tables, or flat surfaces where you can keep quite a lot of stuff handy. Console tables are essential in the living room, in the dining area and in the foyer area as well. They are useful but stay out of way – always against the wall so every room can be better with one console table.

Many a time, console tables are themselves ornamental adding to the beauty of the corner where they are accommodated. They have crafted details like scroll work if they are made of metal; carving details if they are made of wood. They can be shaped more artistically than any other end-tables and create a focus area of attention by their beauty and distinct looks.

Console tables can be free-standing or wall supported. Free standing tables are naturally full tables with four legs and stable without any wall support. They can be made of wood or metal and with work details in the legs or full frame itself. They may have a lower shelf where you can keep books etc and sometimes, have small drawers to keep keys etc.

If the console tables are wall supported, they may have the front two legs and have the back portion supported at the wall. Some tables may have a single pedestal-like base and some may have three legs – one at the front and three at the back. Console tops can be oval or rectangular. Sometimes they are quadrants of circles – a segment – looking very pretty.

Here you can see some images of pretty looking console tables from Chelini – an Italian furniture designer firm who create really beautiful and exquisite furniture. These console tables have very beautiful details like scroll work, carved legs and other details. Hope you will like to have some console tables like these at your home?

Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details
Pedestal Base Console With Carve Details

Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work
Pair Of Consoles With Intricate Work

Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console
Nut Brown Wall Supported Crafted Console

Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console
Marvelous Scroll Work Gilded Leg Console

Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf
Lovely Long Console With Bottom Shelf

Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work
Glittery In Silver Console With Scroll Work

Black And Gold Console Table Pair
Black And Gold Console Table Pair

Arresting Console With Gilded Legs
Arresting Console With Gilded Legs

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Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Great

Interior decoration is all about making your home look great. All the rooms in our home are of equal importance when we think of allocating budget for furniture but most of the times, living room gets special attention. Living room is the face of our home – the place all the visitors see first and where all entertainment and partying are done.

Getting a set of good furniture is the first step towards making your living room look great. Lovely looking sofas, smashing kind of sectionals, great coffee tables, stunning looking wall décor and decorations, window treatments including curtains, drapery and other accessories all combine to make your living room elegant and extremely beautiful.

Stunning Sectional with Flared Arms in Faux Leather

Many a time, wall colour can make a lot of difference to the ambience of the room. Getting a warm colour or a light pastel shade can be a good background for all your furniture and furnishing. Light cream or beige colour walls can make a nice backdrop for hardwood furniture especially if your sofa set pieces have a finish of glossy dark mahogany or rosewood stain.

With Tailored Looking Sofa and Toss Pillows

If you like to make a quick splash of colour on the walls – to change the focus from some sober shades of walls like gray, or dull cream, or off white etc, it is best to get on one wall some wall posters or wall decals. Having a wall poster or a wall decal or even putting up wall paper in a contrast shade brings a splash of colour to the living room.

Wide Sloped Arms and Contrast Toss Pillows

Beautiful looking furniture is the most important part of interior decoration and living room is no exception. Three-piece and two-piece sofas, matching ottoman and a sectional can make perfect seating arrangement for the room. Sturdy and smart looking hardwood furniture in a style to match your home style will look good in your living room.

Sofa in White Finish with Pillow Top Arms

Other accessories that are needed will be beautiful and functional coffee tables, side tables, occasional table sets along with some colourful rugs and carpets. Toss pillows in contrast shades in silks, velvets and other colourful fabric will make the room festive and colourful. Window treatments in matching shades also make the room beautiful.

Microfiber Upholstery with Welted Trim

Here are some images of elegant and beautiful looking living rooms from Furniture. Look at the camel backed sofas with matching rug. How lovely the sectional looks with contrast striped cushions and a matching ottoman. I am sure your living room furniture looks this great?

Elegantly Rolled Arm Sofa in Black Chenille

Camel Backed Sofas with Button Tufted Details

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Leather Chairs For Living Room Designs


Leather is one of the most favoured natural products that are used as upholstery for well-crafted furniture. Good quality leather gives a luxurious feel to the furniture, making a style statement of your home adding comfort to looks. And with proper care, leather improves with age, adding allure to the look and enhancing the value of the furniture.

Leather is from skins of animals – a breathing material that is very versatile and quite durable. There are a number of types and grades of leather available – right from the type which has a kind of rustic look and develops a patina that can look really characteristic and charming if maintained well. These are the genuine leather which is greatly fancied by the discerning designers.

Most of the leather that are used for car seats is the kind called corrected leather – which is stained for colour and has a surface coating that does not show the imperfections in the leather. These may cost a little less. But they have been treated. These are resistant to stains and spills. They stay supple and stay in shape despite heave and hardy usage.

But it is always wise to go a reputed furniture store or take the advice of your interior decorator as sometimes discount leather items may not be of real leather at all. There are so many leather look-alikes available in the market, but unlike genuine leather which can be cool in heat of summer and warm when it is cold outside, these are always cold and kind of sticky.

With its unique colour variances and distinct markings, leather upholstered sofa set can be the focus of your living room bring a touch of distinction to your décor. Actually good quality leather needs low maintenance and blends very well with all kind of décor. A clear glass coffee table can look extremely elegant when paired with leather sofas.

Here are some beautiful sofas from Hancock & Moore. Made with high-quality leather, they can add beauty and distinction to your home. All sofa sets are excellently crafted and looking great sofa sets. Button tufted patterned design adds to the beauty. The camel back style looks very elegant as well as the coffee brown two-seater.

I am sure you will love to have one such beautiful looking leather sofa for your living room- either a single accent sofa or a full set. Choose what will suit your home best and enjoy the pleasures of fine quality leather!

Two Seater Comfy Loveseat

Sofa with Floral Patterned Cushions

Coffee Brown Leather Three Seater

Camel Back Sofa with Nail Details

Button Details in Saddle Brown

Beautiful Looking in Brown Leather

Attractive Tan Leather with Quilted Look

Aesthetic Looking in Ivory and Cream

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